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The following paragraphs are banal.
“Depression is not sadness. It’s almost not even a feeling because it felt like a void. It leans heavily towards apathy because you start wondering what’s the whole point in doing what you are doing thus rendering you incapacitated.
The scary thing is you can’t talk people out of it because they already did everything they could, often with more fervor than you suggest to no avail. The feeling of worthlessness is deafening as it’s very easy to fulfill self prophecies. It’s not difficult to find how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of thing. One look at the news and you see thousands in death count. You often wonder what differentiate you from them and there’s no justification on why they are just a statistical number and you are not. It has high doses of self loathe so compassion doesn’t work because you don’t think you deserve it. Everything looks bleak with no light at the end of the tunnel.
The triggers are always random, you have no idea what started this downward spiral because it’s most likely the accumulation of lots of thing. The problem has too many roots you can’t potential severed them all. There’s nothing you can do beside letting time passes by looking at the hopelessness of it all.”

“The worst question one could ask oneself is “are you happy?” Nothing good will ever come out from that. You will always end up finding yourself knee deep in a rabbit hole with no conclusion. Even if you had moments of happiness, you realize they are feeble and temporary, just a moment of relief before they disappear and you end up wondering if they were real in the first place.

I don’t think I will ever attend my own graduation ceremony. Resorting to a life of soul sucking depressing job for the rest of my life next is probably not an occasion worth celebrating. Probably will feel like killing myself every June because there won’t be anymore month long holidays. Getting found out I have learned nothing useful after years of education and a depressing future of seeing robots taking over my job is everything I see.

Worst of all, there’s no scapegoat to blame, you fully understand the whole problem lies on you, and you are the only person you can blame. Why don’t you have any ambition? Why are you so irresponsible? If everyone thinks like you, our whole society will collapse. Your parents didn’t spend thousands of dollars hoping to see you become a degenerate.

There’s nothing you can do so one day, you decided you had enough. You tried to erase your ties with everyone and thin your existence so no one will be affected when you are gone. That’s the day where you pick up your backpack and travel to somewhere no one could find you. You then turned on your phone and found a Pikachu on Pokemon Go and realize your phone is out of batt. You then return home and charge it before returning to the same place to catch the Pikachu. After that, you got tired and went home to sleep. You forgot about every thing the next day because hey, you got a Pikachu!” ~ Pokémon Go, life saviour for degenerates. Save Pokémon Go, Save People. A PSA to stop the monitoring of Pokémon Go.


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