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The 3rd paragraph onwards is some sort of story setting script I wrote in hope it could be used for my FYP project. If you wonder how I could fit a stupid story like this in a FYP project, please be reminded that I was that stupid kid who some how managed to shoehorn the ending of a stupid anime into my examination presentation about memories. Probably won’t work this time round because as much as I love that presentation, my score for it was abysmal. I won’t want to do it any other way but I do understand why that’s a pretty idiotic move. I doubt anyone is receptive to outlandish shit like these.
No one ever told me my out of left field crazy ideas were ever a good idea. Very discouraging to be honest, I always remember one of my fellow student told me I should rein it in because it’s will only jeopardize myself and it’s very true. My poly day was probably my most restrained period and it’s also my most successful period as a human being. It still destroyed me near the end though because I am tired of it and it was made worst when I realize that my true self in which I strongly believed in is probably very wrong. The soul crushing experience of realizing how the guy you always want to be is the very being the society deemed as selfish. I don’t know man, our society is not very conducive for outlandish ideas, especially outlandish ideas that are very useless monetarily. It’s better to just do it safe and be a normal person thinking about normal productive thing. Going around having crazy ideas just for shit and giggles is very irresponsible. Not giving any fuck and think you could take on the world and live for yourself is very naive.
I still slip in crazy stuff and constantly do what were deemed as unproductive shit out of spite anyway. It got so bad now my whole being is spite personified. It will imminently self destruct one day and at best, I will be a husk of a man and at worst, I probably died being remembered as a human scum.
“It’s the year 2106, full automation is in effect but the transition of of workforce to machine is still an ongoing process. Human labours are made obsolete, and large swath of averaged skilled workers were sacrificed after the advent of the first batch of tireless mechanical workers 50 years ago. The world population suffered mass existential crisis after seeing their life long effort being replaced with ease. The imbalanced yield from the production rates of these tireless machines, heavily bias towards the upper echelon, created a ever consuming vacuum within the wealth spectrum. Middle class is history, the average population couldn’t catch up with the speed of exponential progress, thus the once cog in a wheel turned into mere rust, hindering more than helping. However, promises were made, once the production rates were high enough, even the most poverty will reap benefits from trickle down effect.
Years passed and the promises held true, however, the self esteem of the average populations are in shambles. Productive work that anyone could manage with hardwork is no longer a concept so people recluse into their safe cocoon, only consuming and never producing. Jobs are only available for the top elites and even that is thinning out. A silver lining arises amidst this bleak landscape, in which humans start to realize what it meant to be a human. With such succinct and numerous comparisons with our mechanical companions, humanity was made obvious, and curiosity was the answer. Yes, curiosity was what left to satiate our self worth.
People started to conjure out their own mysteries and set on in solving them for leisure. It’s all irrelevant self satisfaction activities but that’s what differentiate us from robots, they are too optimized in productivity that extraneous activities such as these are their only incompetence. Self made conspiracy theories, the once abhorred activity seen as a stifle in progress is one of the few things left that motivates the creativity in people. The trick is anyone of any level of intelligence could participate in it. However, another group of people, 2 persons to be accurate, have another idea in mind, solving past mysteries that were made irrelevant but had once captivate the whole nation.Be it the real identity of Zodiac Killer, or the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, these two set out to solve any unsolved mysteries from centuries ago. What started as an innocuous journey with an assumption of futility, unravel one of the most heinous crime in human history. It all started in year 2020, inside a medical facility in China… …”
The heinous crime hinted at the end is the real life story of the head transplant surgery that the Italian mad surgeon wants to conduct on a Russian dude. It will be full of bullshit conspiracy theories like how the government will bury the truth of how the operation succeeded in fear of transgression against humanity because the breakthrough is unethical and the technological advancement in CRISPR, that sciency elixir of genetic engineering, which was advanced and used by the operation will redefine society as a whole and they are afraid of that. However, the government used the research of CRISPR with the data from the head transplant surgery to build the robot ai which will take over the workforce and rendered everyone useless later on. They want to keep it a secret because that will be like using human experiment data during the nazi regime to make some life changing good shit and society is not ready for that.


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