I don’t believe in gods but playing acting as one rubs me the wrong way. Domesticating wild life to be pets felt like playing god. If not, what are the rationales behind domesticating them anyway? It all boils down to vanity and wanting to be in control. It’s not a necessity to domesticate them so doing it is all selfish desire . If you want to conserve them, leave it to experts who understand their needs and have infrastructures to make sure they live life like they are supposed to. It’s really fucked up to control their behaviors and forced it to act the ways you want them to. Domesticating wild life is equivalent to eugenics where you kill of what make them wild and force it to play well with human surroundings. We did enough fucked up things with inbreeding dogs already, do we really need another?

It’s a conflicting thought for me because I have no issue with designer child or eating meat. It’s probably because designer child is a decision humans made with their free wills and meat is a necessity for social ecological purposes. Domesticating wild life on the other hand goes against the free will of animals and is an unnecessary endeavor. Unless there’s a necessity, it’s best to just leave it as it is. We already did enough harm, so can we stop now for our selfish desire?