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Alt right is just a radical group of free speech proponents. They use neo nazi symbols because nothing can be as terrible and offensive as Nazi. In their mind, if they can flaunt Nazi symbolisms, then free speech is alive and well. Whether they truly believe in Nazi value is besides the point. I personally believe they don’t because their activities are limited to the Internet most of the time. They live by the belief that nothing on the Internet is serious, don’t take it too seriously and it’s all for the lulz. This is why they can afford to say all the nasty shit. In fact, being able to say nasty shit emboldened their cause for free speech in their mind. That’s of course, only their perspective and whether it reflects reality or not is another question all together. For me personally, I think they are misguided.

Of course there are real nutjobs but most of them are just people who can’t string an eloquent argument for their lives so they could only follow a group that they know in their head what is in their heart. Too bad, not many can decipher what their intentions are, no thanks to the very real nutjobs that muddied the pool.

They are against PC culture because they think it’s a transgression against free speech. They also happened to believe that anyone who fight for justice online are fakers because they don’t think they do what they said. It’s part projection and part cynicism. That’s the reason why they supported Trump because he is seen as a proponent against PC culture. They can also ignore whatever rhetoric he said because they don’t really believe things people say. It’s kinda ironic that a proponent of free speech, the one who think free speech is powerful because words are powerful, don’t trust anything other people say. It’s an oxymoron of how words don’t matter but free speech matter because words matter and we need the freedom to discuss anything.

That’s their internalized reality. They live in their own bubble like almost every other group. They say nasty stuff because they didn’t realize not everyone takes it the same way they did. It’s however, very difficult for them to break their own bubble because they think they are the enlightened one. This enlightenment is highlighted by their rejection of mainstream media. It’s ironical that they have their own alternative media and they believe in it religiously like how they imagine all the “sheeple”that read mainstream news.

It’s very hard to convince someone who believe strongly that they are better than anyone. If you try to discuss with them, it just enforce their belief that they are better than you because in their mind, whatever you said are misguided liberal SJW shit. They also heard it a hundred times already and had since long made up their mind through misconstruing what “SJW” say.

So how do we deal with it? How do you reach out to someone who will misconstrued whatever you said as smug and SJW shills? By giving them some real actual experience for one. By introducing them to gays, face to face and dare them to shout fags in their face and see the real mental repercussion it has towards the lgbt group. I will admit that’s too cruel but it’s really hard to learn things you don’ believe in when you didn’t experience it yourself. So a better idea will probably be trusting that the alt right are just misguided people and introduce them to gays and Muslim and show them they are just actual normal human being like you and me. In other words, don’t engage them on the internet, they don’t take internet seriously, engage them in real life because they have no other way to escape the reality when it’s facing them in close proximity. I have no fucking idea to be honest. I think that everything I just strike through might be fucking stupid, irresponsible and dangerous. I am in no place to give any advice.



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