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I don’t thinj Attack on Titan is good and I thought One Punch Man is one joke stretched too long and there will never be a satisfying development with that joke. What can they do beside coming out with new enemies and have things resolved with a punch? They tried with the character deconstruction approach and add in new element of jokes with characters like King but eh, it was all right.

The problem with Attack on Titan is I already played Muv Luv Alternative and it did Attack on Titan better in 2006. I also don’t think the mystery is that intriguing, a bunch of characters they didn’t developed much were the Titans that attack the city? Ok. There’s also a basement but the story didn’t lay out interesting clues so it can be anything. What can the ending be? Titans are the natural evolution of human so their purpose is to eradicates the lower tier obsolete humans? Titans are inhumane fucked up human experiments born from political struggles that went wrong so some of them are out for revenge? If I can come out with it then I am not impressed.

I might be impressed if it’s reveal that Titans are actually comedians and they ingest human because that’s the post modern form of comedy and it’s actually a decontruction of how the ultimate purpose in life is similar to getting eaten by Titan because there’s no real purpose in life. Otherwise it’s one huge joke contorted by a master comedian, playing and manipulating people’s life by transforming them into Titans because he thinks the ill of humanity is thinking too much and having too much sex. That’s why he wants to turn everyone into mindless dickless consuming machine because that’s how you reach utopia and it’s also a story arguing for eugenics. See how carefree and liberating these titans are? Be them and you can do the same! Dispose everyone that failed in turning into a Titan after being ingested! We must change the gene in a way that everyone became a Titan!


  • That's the biggest bs on Russia hacking story. They act like it's not normal when we all know USA gov is the most powerful hacker. 9 hours ago
  • The ransomware attacks are build from NSA leak. Every gov is hacking everyone, it's hypocritical to cry Russia when you probably also do it. 9 hours ago
  • The most surprising thing about Tokyo Xanadu is probably the lack of romance. Think a little more of that will make it a lot better. 17 hours ago
  • Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ tags on a sequel bait which might happen since it sold OK. Not sure if I want to play another of it though. 18 hours ago
  • People swear up and down it will never be allowed due to pornographic material when the issue really is no one actually tried. 22 hours ago

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