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Inception was a regular thriller pretending to be smart. Interstellar was a film with a smart background for a story that is rather simple and did not necessitate all that smart. It was pretty good.

However, the consultation and adhering to an expert physicist theory stuff felt more like an excuse than a focus to tell a simple story about a family bond. The family bond takes precedent of the science without exploring any fresh concept in terms of our relationship with physic. What does the film teach us about our human relationship with science? That gravity transcends time/space? That black hole has an event horizon? Those are more like plain information than story elements that make us implore our relationship with science. For example, Ghost in the Shell asks the definition of humanity and existence in light of full cybernetic surgeries while 2001 Space Odessey questioned the danger of AI and human morality in light of rationality. I will even argue that Lucy -even though it was an inferior film with its wonky terrible science- implored more interesting sci-fi ideas on how human won the evolution race with its ending 10 mins.

Interstellar can function without any of the accuracies. Strip them all out and replace them with magic. All it will lose is the “based on accurate physic” allure but you will still find the same regular film about family love, which is the biggest issue of the movie because there’s no great story for all that adhering to accurate science. If you don’t care(I care a bit) about the adhering to science aspect, it kinda is just a well done but not excellent movie. Good for science class, but just an all right narrative experience.

Gunbuster and Voice of a Distant Star also did similar time dilation stories so it’s not that fresh or unique of a concept, nothing mind blowing if you are a fan of sci-fi.



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