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Gen Urobuchi’s popularity is weird considering years ago before Stein;Gate and Fate/Zero(a novel derived from visual novel that make people who diss Fate/Stay Night re-look at it), people don’t really take visual novel seriously. They are seen as porn games and nothing good will ever come out from it. Then Gen Urobuchi took what were great in visual novel(the line crossing melodrama and brutality) to anime and people start to love these visual novel tropes.

It’s weird because the things he brought in are always present in Visual Novel and the same people who look down on it before are now embracing and loving the shit out of this guy. Before Fate/Zero and Madoka, Nitro+ has already been doing brutal shit like Kikokugai and Saya no Uta. Hell, besides Nitro+, the whole visual novel scene is full of crazy brutality you have never seen in anime like Muv Luv Alternative. If you thought Madoka was brutal, Muv Luv Alternative is at least 10x darker and edgier. Pretty sure the Mami head biting stuff was inspired by Muv Luv Alternative as well.

People’s fascination with visual novel like brutality continues on with Attack of Titan and people again love how brutal it was without realizing that Muv Luv Alternative is the inspiration of the manga and was way more bleak and brutal than the manga will ever be.

So am I implying that people who once look down on visual novel are ignorant? Yes, definitely, they wrote off everything about it(like how people wrote off anime as pedophilia bullshit and DBZ) and ended up loving tropes and element that were introduced to anime by it. It’s the same as light novel because people don’t realize that Twelve Kingdom is a light novel and there are too many great light novels to write the whole medium off. Light novel is a marketing label anyway and they can turn everything that you once identify as real literary work into a light novel. For eg, if Murakami’s novels were adapted into anime or publisher think his work suits the light novel crowd and it’s a great idea to publish it as a light novel, they will fucking do it. Happened to Hyouka and Another by the way.

However, that’s not what I want to discuss today. What I want to say is that, as someone who’s renowned for his edginess and brutality, Gen Urobuchi is pretty weak in terms of human suffering and edginess. I can easily list down tons of things that are way more brutal than works that he had done.

This might stem from the fact that Gen Urobuchi writes concept better than he writes characters. How brutal a work is is directly related to how attached you are with the characters. So when I see people head got bitten off, I will feel more desperation when the character is someone that I like instead of someone that I barely even care.

I don’t like any of Gen Urobuchi’s character in Fate/Zero and Madoka except for Waiver and Rider. They are all generic anime characters with generic anime motivation that aren’t even cool like Onizuka. I need something relevant to real life or over the top anime-ish awesomeness to care about a character. Waiver and Rider with their larger than life personality are what I am looking for. Boring Fate and Madoka are not.

I can’t even remember much about most of his characters. Kyoko’s plight and motivation is because of something that has to do with her father, who I might add is someone that was only introduced through exposition so I don’t really know or care. Madoka’s plight is what? I have no idea. Akemi’s whole motivation is that she wants hot lesbian sex with Madoka but disguise it as friendship and all of these were build up with 1 episode. They are all weak characters that I can’t attach to because they aren’t realistic or awesome.

I did say Urobuchi is better with concept than characters but then again, not saying that they are bad but the concepts of Urobuchi aren’t that bleak anyway. His world destruction and human sufferings are pretty tame. Take Sayaka from Madoka for example, her plight is all anime-ish melodramatic girly relationship issue and the whole end result of being magical girl is just turning to a witch for balance of energy.

There are too much hope and positivity with that scenario of entropy(shitty wrong science by the way) being unbalance. It can be easily solved with a lot less sacrifice that won’t affect the world population. In my eyes, that’s not nihilistic or brutal enough because I am too savvy with Bokurano’s manga. Bokurano have characters that were raped, being bullied for having a prostitute mother and family crumbling down. The end result of Bokurano’s characters? Annihilation of a whole parallel universe and imminent death. What the character needs to go through? Commit fucking genocide of the whole population while vomiting to keep their own universe safe. That is fucking brutal and beautiful.

All these just make the plights and suffering of Madoka look weak because Bokurano dealt with realistic issues with true bleakness that has no hope or anyway out. Maybe people like Madoka for other reason but I am looking for real brutality and hopeless situation but it failed to deliver consider all the rage and hype about it.

People also bring up all the talk of deconstruction of magical girl show as if they have seen more than one magical girl show in their life. This is why I don’t buy the deconstruction allure to it because I know of the fact that people who brought it up have not seen enough magical girl show to even be qualified to make that fucking statement.

I actually don’t even know what deconstruction means because I have never seen a good, easy to understand example of it. I read the wikipedia and its all complicated literary jargon that seems difficult to understand without taking real literary lesson. Hell, the wikipedia page of it list “This article may be too technical for most readers to understand.” as an issue so I doubt people who use the word deconstruction even know what it means. They just take it as taking apart common elements of a genre and give an idea of what will really happen in real life if they attempt that. For example, when a harem main try to peek in the woman bath room, he will most likely be caught and send to court trial instead of getting away with a punch. But I don’t think that’s even true because I don’t want to assume what’s right or wrong when I have no idea what it really means.

Then again. if you want to assume that deconstruction means that, I think Magical Punie Chan did the whole deconstruction of magical girl stuff better with more satirical edge and it’s actually funny and mean spirited in a good with pretty realistic character’s personality. Like if you have real magical power, you will be Punie Chan and abuse it to make people as your slaves to power your train. At least that’s what I will do.


I saw a chicken cross the road today.

I have devised a formula on how to determine whether a show has bad dialogs. All you need to do is quote the dialogs of a show and say them out loud. If you are embarrassed by it then the show has shitty dialogs.

For example, try this:

So how about we become monsters together…
And turn this world upside down?
So that… nothing bad… or sad… would remain.
Destroy, destroy, destroy it all!

I felt like an asshole after saying that. Now I want to kill myself.

Now, try this:

Fuck you

Now I feel good and cool. Clearly, fuck you is the best quote and dialog that any human being can devise.

Anime vs Manga and Light Novel There are no comparison isn’t it? Anime has colour, moving pictures, sound and everything while manga and light novel are mostly static pictures and words. There is even a up and coming trend with proclamations of anime > manga using the same argument here, surely dynamic moving frames are definitely better than static picture, yes?

However, after reading the Another novel and thinking back on some of the manga I read, I realize something , anime even though has more tools in their hand, it still has restrictions that is absent in manga and novel.

Have you ever seen an anime with a first person perspective? The Another’s novel is told in the first person view but why didn’t the anime do the same?  The mystery and intrigue works so much better with a first person view because the character can only grasp and know what is in front of him. It also makes the character more believable and relate-able so why did the anime choose to deviate from it? Is it because anime doesn’t work at all with first person perspective? Or will a first person perspective just end up in a exposition mess?

List me some anime episode or long segment of film told in a first person perspective. I sure that it exists but I can’t name any off the top of my head. The only one that came to mind is something I heard of about Seraphim Call and how there’s this episode where everything is told from the perspective of a teddy bear or something. Other than that, I can’t think of any because first person perspective is very hard to capture and sustain in anime.

However, it’s very prevalent in manga and novel because their medium allows it and this is just one of the many examples of how anime lacks the literary devices that manga and novel have.

What I am saying is that, sure, manga and novels lack the free range of colour and sound but they gain the free range with literary tools. I have seen so many manga that make up a scene with just scenery shots and beautiful poems just because they are allowed to do that . It’s hard to pull that off in an anime without looking lazy.

Not only that, in terms of practicality,  light novel and manga aren’t restricted with a budget. Name one large scale complex army battle in anime. Again, there aren’t that many and most of them are done with battleship and full of static frames. There aren’t that  many sword to sword, man to man army battles like those you see in film because Anime just doesn’t have the budget for it. On the other-hand, manga has no problem with large battles since the cost of an epic grand battle is hardwork.

The budget issue is really the final blow to the guts for anime because in turs of it,  it  loses out when compared to the wide variety of range allowed in manga. Anyone can make a manga with minimum cost. Authors wouldn’t lose millions of dollar if a manga didn’t sell so they are more willing to try. What you get from this is tons of wonderful works and tons of matured adult stories that were so sparse in anime. For every Only Yestarday in anime, you will have 10 stories about adulthood and the struggle of salary man.

This is undeniable fact and the reason why you can’t compare anime and manga because they are different.

Sure, theoretically, anime can have tons of stories about salary man and pull of episodes told in a first person view but will it happen? No, because anime needs to be marketable. Art house stuff elements in anime is always a risk.

For example, there’s a reason why Planetes deviate from its source material because Planetes after volume 3 gets really meta and art house like. If you were to animate that, it will have 3 whole episodes of Hoshino, floating in space, asking questions about life and poems by Kenji Miyazawa. No one will watch an anime about that.

Manga can gets really abstract and transcendent sometimes. I have experience it so many times while reading stuff like Planetes and Asano Inio’s work.  Shit can get so introspective and transcendent, it brings you to weird places. Contextually, the stuff they wrote can be abstract and makes no sense but mentally, you feel out of this world. This sounds so goofy and corny and high on cocaine but it’s true.

It’s not something I can feel with anime because it’s too passive. Anime lacks the activeness in manga to be so engrossed that it makes you feel surreal. Passive vs active is yet another major difference between anime and manga. I find it easier to pick up manga than anime because it’s easier to get into. You are also more lenient when people stand around talking because you are the one who control the pacing, another advantage anime doesn’t have.

I can understand when people say that anime is better than manga when the anime is a page by page adaptation of the manga with some other value added scene. Surely, now the manga has nothing over anime right? In fact, I felt the same for some of the series but that’s because they are masterfully pulled off.

You will think it’s not that difficult to pull off a page by page adaptation but look at Bakuman, I don’t think it’s weird that people grade the manga so highly while thinking the anime is shit.  What happened there? Maybe because Bakuman isn’t suit for an anime because it loses its meta-quality of manga about manga? Maybe it’s because Bakuman has tons of people standing around talking and anime about people standing around talking is boring?

I guess what I am getting at with that Bakuman example is that sometimes, manga stays the best as manga and a masterful page by page adaptation like Cross Game, Black Lagoon, Major and Genshiken may just be an exception to the rule. Not to mention, sometimes, just like the Another anime, you can’t pull off the same execution found in the source materials because it’s difficult to make it works. In the end, the differences in execution make them feel like totally different work that should be assess differently even if they have the same gist.

Chirin no Suzu, The Spider Thread, Nobody’s boy Remi, Dog of Flanders, Night of the Galactic Railroads and The Little Match Girl have two things in common, they are all old children stories and people die.

Comparing to the old days, we human pride ourselves as being more progressive and open minded but god damn hell we are sheltering our children with crap and not exposing them to the real horror and tragedy in life. There is even a tutorial on how to tell your children about 911 here like it is some big deal.

We should all be like the children from the 19th and early 20th century and get exposed to hardcore shit like Night of the Galactic Railroad and Dog of Flanders so we won’t have all these crap.

In a modern children story, there are always some cheesy shit lessons that are useless like love your friends or be happy and such but what does the good old Little Match Girl teaches us? You will die if you are hungry, and there are no hope in this world if you are poor  You shitty 5 years old have zero asset now so you will be hungry and die  like that girl in the story without my help so don’t be a shitty child unless you want me to send you out in the winter cold to sell matchsticks. That’s the valuable lesson we should instill in our young to make them hardcore and manly and guide them in not being some stuck-up shitty kid.

I suggest that we should propagate hardcore tragedy at the age of 5 so everyone will drop their naive idealistic thought and sprout meaningless nonsense like ” When thing seems more difficult to achieve, you will know that is really what u want to achieve.” Yes, that is an actual quote from one of my “friend” on Facebook and it sucks. Now if she were to be exposed with Chirin no Suzu instead of Hello Kitty, like how all children should be, the quote will be something more awesome and credible and true to life like, “I need to sell my kidney for 5 cent today after I buried my dead father with shitty soil to buy bread and sugar for my sick mother”.

The moral of the story for this post is to watch Night of the Galactic Railroad with your son/daughter and tell them that people will bully you if you are poor and you will most likely die when you are drown. The END!

My mal says that I spend 56 days on anime with 380 completed series and people are telling me how I am spending too much time on anime and don’t have a life. Now take out your calculator and do the maths to see if that’s true or not.

I got my broadband in 2007 so technically, I have only been watching anime for 4 years even though I did watch anime before on TV but those only added up to at most 20 completed series and dozen others non completed one that I don’t bother listing such as Godannar ( to think that I am so near to completion for it except for a few episodes. I have no desire to rewatch the whole series to find which one I missed though.)

So I completed 360 anime in 4 years and spend let say, 53 days on anime. Out of this 1460 days, let say I spend an average of 8hours sleeping per day so technically, I am awake for only 973 days. I spent another 1460 hours in school, having social life and fucking mother bitches since the age of 10, so you can say I spend about 53/913 days on anime in my free time which is 5% of my 4 years life. 5 %! In other words, I spend 95% of my life without touching anime! That’s lesser time than I used for studying! Which is kinda pathetic when I think of it.

So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is that I have a life! Let’s not dwell on too much on how I spend the rest of the 95% because I couldn’t believe that jerking off can take so much time.

Also, don’t dwell on too much on how I can complete 100 more anime than you even though you spend like 20 days more on anime than me. I don’t want to let the secret of me stuffing my list with shit like hentai, 1 min specials, 1 min ova and such to be known.

Most of  DC’s post were short and simple , nothing more and nothing less . However he will always get a legion of fanboy commenting his post . People asked why and I will give my interpretations for the reason why today . Before anything , I will be first to admit that I don’t read his post regularly and seriously don’t find them any good . Though , there is this one great post about Mircosoft , and how he earn money through anime blogging  . That one is a must read because it is quite insightful , economic wise .  It teaches you about business trick and so on.

Well , to get back on track ,there are  lots of reasons for his popularity and I will share some of my deductions today .

Reason number 1 :

He is some sort of a celebrity  . He gained lots of exposure after he dances on Tokyo street with his Stormtrooper suit on . This helped him to get attention from the media and  got the chance to appear on television . This exposure than in return helped to generate lots of reader . Liking a blog is something really subjective , I always thought that this blog really sucks and I do think that lots of others thought of that too but strangely , RocketHam seems to like it here . What I want to say is that, even if  you think a blog sucks , there will be readers for it if it hit the right spot .Hence , if only 10% of the readers that DC gained from media exposure or his stormtrooper videos  liked his blog,  Danny had already gotten himself quite a lot of readers .
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First thing first , it will be fucking chinese again because my english fail so hard , I can’t do justice to this wonderful piece . The difference is though , for my ” No Longer Human” post , I concentrated on the novel  more than the anime series itself , like totally novel material there . However , this time , I will write about the anime series because amazingly , it is better than the original due to the parallel it drawn . For your information , Takada’s story is not inside the original “Run, Melos”  , not even one tiny ounces of it . That’s why I am very impressed with the original content from this episode. Man , Nakamura Ryosuke , keep up the good work . I have high hope  in him .

Of course , like all my post , I treat it as if you had seen the series already  .

太宰治一向来的作品都带这哀伤与绝望 , 但原作中的 《快跑、梅乐斯!》却是一部充满希望的短文。我想那是因为如动画里所描述的一样,太宰治在述写这部作品时处于在最平稳,最从满斗志的时期,因而这些素质便在《快跑、梅乐斯!》 中自然的反映出。 好了,做了些微无谓的介绍后让我们来谈谈动画吧。

首先,动画巧妙的加入了自己原创的插曲。这段插曲描述了高田与城岛间的友情,背叛,愧疚与原谅 , 深切的画出与 《快跑、梅乐斯!》的平行而表现出了人物的喜怒哀乐。如要从始而终的描写本人对这部作品的看法与感想的话,那会十分的长闷。所以我就些微的提提动画中的要素。


    高田经历过城岛的背叛,而《快跑、梅乐斯!》却是一部充满友情主意的作品。可想而知,当他在写《快跑、梅乐斯!》写的剧本时, 一定有把自己和在其中的角色对比。但问题来了,他到底和谁做了对比?萌sucks叙说高田与每个角色都有对比但除了国王的对比以外,我不以为然。 我认为高田只和赛里努丢斯做了对比。赛里努丢斯相信梅乐斯会回来救他, 这不就和高田在等待城岛一样吗?原作的最后有提到赛里努丢斯有对梅乐斯怀疑过,这不就是高田对城岛的想法吗?动画里根本没描述赛里努丢斯的想法,那是因为高田已在自身的经历中表示了赛里努丢斯的心情。
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Let’s talk about the reason why Dragonball is so successful because that is the only serious thing anyone can come up with when Dragonball is the topic .

Americans hate Dragonball , they think that it is the abomination that incarnate from hell and should be burn to death by the hellish fire or something . However ,I grew up with it and respected it as the classic that brought me up . It is my Twinkle Twinkle Star nursery rhyme and more than conventional fairy fable . Once I grew up and was able to understand its flaws and how idiotic the plot are , I don’t hate it , I don’t complain about it but I felt nostalgic and embrace it like a gay.

I started reading Dragonball when I was three like yea , three .Of course I don’t know what the story was about but I could enjoyed it due to the simple yet attractive fighting scenes(not Bulma’s boob of course. … … Really no!) . If you actually care about Dragonball enough which most likely not because it is the abomination that incarnate from hell and should be burn to death by the hellish fire or something , there isn’t actually much details in each panel . This is because Akira Toriyama is one big lazy bastard that watches television and plays with cats while working . His laziness was actually shown everywhere like barren background , lines to showcase fast movement and discoloured hair . However , thanks to this simplistic design , children love it . They could stay focus on it and actually start flipping through pages to look at those interesting fight scene and comical drawing until they got attracted to it .Dragonball definitely has the charm for viewer’s to get attracted to , coupled with the fact that it is easy to read and you can go on and on non-stop , it will be weird if it doesn’t appeal to children (5 to 14 years old).

Give the children detailed background and they will go to sleep but give children some cute and simple design and they will attach to it . The first step for success is to appeal to children as children are gold mine like women .Just look at how successful Yugioh or Pokemon or Digimon are ,children are  stupid like that as they fell into the merchandising trap easily. What’s more , they are easy to be please .I know because I am a children once and is a man-child now .
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Everyone has different taste , but to differentiate your taste with others so to appear to be more superior in watching cartoon , the top 5 list is the most important aspect. So how to construct an awesome top 5 list then?

Easy , firstly , in order to showcase your unique taste and how you are more superior in watching  better  anime than others , all your top 5 must be series that no one fucking heard of . This added to the effect of you having the best taste because you know and appreciate unknown and underrated series . People will also get intimidate by it because the unknown factor is the biggest weapon against veteran anime fan that can sprout off names of 1000 over series . Not only that , unknown series means that noob won’t have a chance of watching it , in other words , you won’t be grouped together with a noob . It is safe as well because people can’t critic and expose your lie because most likely , they themselves have not heard or seen any of those unknown show in the first place.

Now you know that , you need to go through the process of elimination . Popular series like TTGL , Eden Of The East , GITS and FMP isn’t applicable anymore because a lot of noob and narutard like those as well. Not to mention , the usual top 5 contender like Haibane Renmei , LOGH and Mushishi shouldn’t be inside as well . This is to again , showcase your awesome taste which is suppose to be superior than your usual anime fanboy .

The second round of elimination is that the series shouldn’t have your usual trope/fare/whatever , that’s why any hindsight of moe , shonen fighting and harem should also be eliminate . But hey , every series has some usual trope! That’s why you need to pick a series that no one heard of! With that , no one will know whether that series you choose contains any trope of whatever . Hence , something like Romeo no Aoi Sora will work greatly.

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