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hello iwcsyi readers~

yea, rejoice, the 1337est of all in iwicsyi is back~

at least for the moment.

n im back for a good cause. to clear ur monday bluzes(well, tts tml, but yea). k, i think im actually abusing the blog, but yea,

for a person as 1337ness as me, i’m back wif a 1337ness lucky draw or w/e u call it, 1337 prizes to be won by razer~

jus sign up, i wonder if i’ll get scolded for doing dis -.-“

1337ness truly,


P.S. shoryu, if dis post is unacceptable, jus remove it -.-“


Ending for Dragon Quest 1, there , I spoilt it for you.

Want to be a Dragon Warrior , the true descendant of Roto? Wearing that cool blue armour and getting to date hot princess? Being a king in the end where evil swamp bloom into beautiful flowers? Grinding easy to defeat 6hp metal pieces to reach top-level? What are you waiting for! Come on down and download the Dragon Quest I+II SNES version to enjoy all the above services ! You get to fight dragon and save princess , the upper most dream of every little boy .

We might not have the latest CG interactive cut scene but we have our proudest 16 bit sprite with cute slime drawn by the famous Akira Toriyama! With beautiful 16bit rendered background and tiny cute little figures , travelling around the world  fighting slimes and dragons , we can ensure a fantastic treat for every hardcore gamer out there. To play , just go to any rom site and shamelessly download it . It’s just so easy!!

Download now and you will get not one but two games into one! So go here and here now to download the best game in the world .

Membership registration each sold separately.

Ending for Dragon Quest 2 , there , I spoilt it for you , again .

Christmas is coming and let me wishes you a Merry Christmas because if I don’t do it here , I can’t do it anywhere. More or less ,during christmas I will be staying at home feeling isolated , reading all the christmas wishes via email send by bots from forum like how it happened during my birthday . Man , people aren’t even arse enough to send a simple facebook tag or whatsoever , fuck you man fuck you all .


So for this joyous event that every students hate because it added no holiday while hinting you that school term will be starting soon , let’s do the same old same old best of 2009( no decade list because it will be the same as my favouritewhatso list) or whatsoever award!

I remembered that I once said that  I will be doing a best decade hentai or whatever but you know what? After publishing that post , my com went to heaven for some reason . This must be the punishment by buddha and his buddy so I decided to discard away that idea . In return of that , I will copied everyone’s idea and write a reflection about 2009!

To start of , I remembered that I ate some rice and drank some water during the first day of January . I think that is also the official opening date for iwicsyi .I have fun with my  friends and everyone is very happy … … what! This is not ok!

Without further ado , with a very enthusiastic tone , let’s write about anime from 2009!


Best of the Best Anime for 2009 – Evangelion 2.0 because it is epic like that .

Never did I once watch a movie 4 times in  Cinema until Evangelion . If you didn’t know this , it is actually a miracle if I step out of my house to do something so cool and dandy like watching movie . Most of the times , there are only 2 reasons for me to go out – free dinner or buying comics  . Man , what a sad life , maybe I should go out more and do something more cool  like buying shirt from Cospa or go to the busiest street downtown for Kinokuniya and UCC coffee . Maybe picking up figurine as a hobby will be a good  because I will need to go out more after that.

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Giant X LOL!  Daicon films started it all! Macross’s Itano Cirus(started as early as 1st Gundam though but no one care) , Gainax’s crazy anime , Sadamoto and emo Hideaki Anno , everything! Every anime fan should at least know the legendary Daicon film because it is what made Gainax “Gainax” today .

Also , Otaku no Video is a god creation , that is if you know the intention of the series .

Fat Krilin running

Oh , and to every Singaporean out there , NUS Comic is the best comic dealer , fuck tenchi and comic connection . Why the  best you asked? Today , I bought a set of second-hand FMA volume 1-18 for 22 dollars( about 14 US dollar) and you know what? Volume 8 and 9 is missing . Oh my god , what to do ? Don’t worry , being the best comic dealer , they provided me with superior , first hand unwarped version of it ! Not only that , they throw in a brand new volume 19 and two short extra volume into it ! All for just $22! Can you believe that?!

Also , they helped me to get hold of Eden ,it’s an endless world , Genshiken , Wild Life , Bitter Virgin and Suzuka when every mother fucking comic dealer said that they are out of stock !Not only that , they provide home delivery for your comic without any extra charges!  When you ordered books from them , you won’t need any deposit! They have an impressive list of second-hand comic for sale as well . They are very generous in giving free plastic cover for their books too!

Not to mention , their owner/dealer , I called him uncle Sam is a very amicable man .  It must be the first time I used the word amicable , that show how friendly and awesome he is .

It is because of dealer like them , I don’t read scanlation at all! Why hurt your brain and eyes , reading bright computer screen when you can get hold of , affordable , convenient and comfortable physical comics? What are you waiting for? Click their link under the “Hobby Site” category in this blog and start buying comic! Delete away every scanlation you have and unfavourite fucking ONE MANGA!!!


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