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Many might have known that I have been pondering over getting the past few weeks upon getting my own dollfie dream especially getting Morikawa Yuki’s Head Sculpt is my top prior. I will do her on a Seperate post since I really do have a extensive amount of Photos on her thanks to Farid ( Kiwira & Ayatsuji from ).Here are some of the images of super Kawaii dollfies.

Man , now we know what all these creepy dolls are for. Who would have guessed ?


My favourite hobby is to visit Riuva’s Koizora post and read all the funny comments. It is like smoking cocaine , you just can’t stop it .

Hall Of Fame for 2010: Wonderful comment by BAKA-YAROU( Self proclaimed half Japanese )

  1. wth?
    japanese male actors suck they just try to look good
    um, noooo! guess what? they are alot better @ acting then you basterd, and look alot better then you.
    yes this made 11million people cry because of its touching stroy that gives you another look at cancer. i cried because of that too. on the other hand, maybe you cried because you were so touched and so jelouse at the same time, and because watching the beautiful actors/actress’ with their mavoulse acting skills that you, as an ugly, retarded human just had to write this “review” to hide it all.
    you need to crank up the volume bcuz hiro isnt after s3x, becuz his sister says, hiro has dated alot of girls, but this is his firt time being serious about it. hiro LOVES mika.
    gosh are you just jelouse because hiro and mika make a child becouse the LOVE eachother and NOBODY wants you? i thought so.
    mika goes to the field becuz her and hiro are going to go on a date. she gets there too early, the friken hired rapers find her, hiro gets to the bus stop neat the field, oh no, mikas not there, he calls and calls, but mika cant reach her phone, later after shes raped, hiro is STILL looking. her phone rings hiro finds her, and the viewers cry. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. and if u ever find a sad raped girl and try to do her, shes going to smack your ugly face and walk away.
    the baby dies, they bulid a tomb. HIRO FINDS OUT ABOUT HIS CANCER. he KISSES some random girl so that mika gets mad, so that he dosent hv to tell her and make her sad.. HE CARES.
    yu and mika go out for like 1 and a half years!! not 15 minutes. wat? u really think theyre going to show every minute of 1 and a half years?? dumb a$$
    wat? u really think hes going to loose his eybrows because he has cancer, and u really think that hes going to have no hat on and just be bald. have you ever seen a person WITH CANCER hv no hat??? donkey butt.
    oh ya, when he says lunch, he means lunch.
    your versions of the show are jelously put into words. mayb you do take ecstacy.
    and yes, his hair is professionaly styled becuz they dont want their touching, charming chatecter to look sloppy and descusting…like you.
    so how about you just stop your stupid, freaken annoying hallucintations that disgusted me so much it ahs me constantly moaning, grumbling and slamming you and your words. I shook my head so much people must have thought i was just like you! luckily im not *phew!*
    lastly, shut up and make your own movie! i cant wait to make a review about your movie just like this one :DDDDD!!


When you are managing a blog , what do you look up for? Comments or hit counts? For me , I will of course prefer hit counts because I jolly well know that my opinion is the best and is always correct so there is no room for any more discussion in the comment section . Now , silent is consent , so if I have 2million hit counts per day (which this blog is pretty close in getting  if I multiply the hit count by 100000) , it means that 2million people agree with me . On the other hand , if  there are comments that state their own opinion as oppose to yours , that will just mean that he doesn’t care or agree with you and need to restate his  opinion to correct you and show that he is more awesome . I can’t have that because I know I am the best.

That’s not saying that I don’t like comments , I love them actually especially if they are all sucking up to me or admit that their opinion sucks and mine is the best after stating their own views ,but I  prefer hit counts ultimately because we all know that ultima can deal a lot of hp right?

I don’t blog in bad english because I wanted to , but rather I don’t know English well enough to blog fluently. Strange enough , lots of people out there are better than me in English but choose to write like 12 years old because to them , blogging isn’t a platform for you to share your thoughts but rather , a diary where you should write incoherent internet speak . To them , they have never spare a thought for their readers as they treated blogging as writing a personal diary , if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it.

I always thought the “if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it”  retort  is the most lazy and cliché defend seconded to “Do better before criticising”   . I believed that the reason why one will post on a public domain is  that he/she wants to share their thoughts to the world and is prepared for any disagreement because you literally ask for it when you made your thoughts public . For one , if I don’t read it , how do I know that I won’t like it? Also , if I really don’t like it , what’s the reason ? Like I said , you write a public blog to share your thoughts , in other words , you are sort of writing for the readers . That’s why if a reader dislike it , their reason should be valued because hell , you are writing for them in the first place . Unless if they are trolls  .

To end off , I think that everyone should tried their best in writing coherently because publishing their thoughts to the public is a testament that you are blogging for the readers . If you are blogging it like a diary ,then MS Word will be enough .

My inspiration for this post

Here is the specific excerpt that inspired me .

I am currently  18 years old(19 this year) male XD ^^;

this blog made mainly  to share my though, and I study overseas atm so I can’t show you my collection no not for now!

-if you asking why this blog name moemoekyun I am not K-ON! fanboy or mio big fan  ^^;; I use mio catchphrase hahhahaha I make this blog when re-watch K-ON! eps 4 lol >_> and sudenlly ritsu and yui said moemoekyun and my fingers ninja type moemoekyun in seconds LOL hahhahahha but I like mio in maid uniform form^^

and scarlet devil mansion is taken from touhou  my main love for now

the main reason I start blogging ‘I want to get rid from and’ XD

people act him like as “otaku emperor” that’s why I am try to get my own world with blogging

call me an otaku if you think me as otaku for now I can’t call myself as an otaku yet!

for now : otaku just word that danny used to call himself. if businessman/capitalism/celebrity like danny choo consider himsef as an otaku I have no idea what Is the meaning of otaku @_@ I must admit he have charm and nice community but he isn’t otaku XD

collection career :

I build gundam since I was 8,and start collecting figures since 3 years ago not so many since i don’t have so much money ^^

I mainly go with manga,anime  and game I am not really influenced for now only few H game and touhou

sorry for my lack of English language ^^

I know , me criticising on other’s english is the biggest joke but man , seriously. My English can’t possibly be any better than him/her( Most likely him because anime is porn and boys like porn while girls hate it because they shit pink shit) , my friends can definitely attest to that. Hell , the amount of grammar mistakes that I couldn’t spot in this post should be more than enough .

Oh , and I really hate emoticon .

Most of  DC’s post were short and simple , nothing more and nothing less . However he will always get a legion of fanboy commenting his post . People asked why and I will give my interpretations for the reason why today . Before anything , I will be first to admit that I don’t read his post regularly and seriously don’t find them any good . Though , there is this one great post about Mircosoft , and how he earn money through anime blogging  . That one is a must read because it is quite insightful , economic wise .  It teaches you about business trick and so on.

Well , to get back on track ,there are  lots of reasons for his popularity and I will share some of my deductions today .

Reason number 1 :

He is some sort of a celebrity  . He gained lots of exposure after he dances on Tokyo street with his Stormtrooper suit on . This helped him to get attention from the media and  got the chance to appear on television . This exposure than in return helped to generate lots of reader . Liking a blog is something really subjective , I always thought that this blog really sucks and I do think that lots of others thought of that too but strangely , RocketHam seems to like it here . What I want to say is that, even if  you think a blog sucks , there will be readers for it if it hit the right spot .Hence , if only 10% of the readers that DC gained from media exposure or his stormtrooper videos  liked his blog,  Danny had already gotten himself quite a lot of readers .
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Wohooo ,I finally have this blogroll category on my side bar .  Now , I do read lots of other blogs ,   but you see , most of the time , I just skip most of their content even though some are good . However , those blogs in the blogroll have contents that I read fully , not once , not twice but maybe a few hundred times .

Now with the prevalence of google reader , I don’t really think that there is a need for a blogroll  , I for one never click any blog links from my site after using google reader anyway . But you must understand , not everyone know about rss feed and how wonderful they are . Most people only use the internet to surf porn and poke mushroom  . The only Wikipedia page they read is the naruto and IWICSYI page. Youtube + facebook are the only other sites that they know of. That’s why, being the defender of justice , I have this obligation to  do them a favour by recommending them blogs that  are as wonderful as mine  LOL!

Do read them , they are great for lols and informations. Below , I will supply some informations about them.

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There you have it , Kamichu is great in so many ways that it reminds me of spirited away – The animation , the novelty , ,the character ,the suspension of disbelief and how everyone seems to accept everything so easily .

Nevertheless , Kamichu is one of the best animated series that make me goes “wow! This is awesome because every single strand of hair is moving” type of animation since …… errrrrrr when?? TTGL? Serei no Moribito? Clannad??? Kanon 2006??First episode of Hanada Shonen shi ?? Now and then , Here and there??? I don’t know . The animation reminds me of the reason why everyone seems to be complaining about how anime series nowadays suck , because seriously , there is a lack of great animation recently . It is like Eden of the East, TM8.0, Haruhi 2 and Kurozuka are the few anime that I can think of to warrant a decent animation this past few season . Guin Saga isn’t bad too and Basquash got off stream after episode 10. Whereas ,Shinbo style is just stylish , not awesome animation whereby every single strand of hair is moving .

Another thing that is great about Kamichu is that , it shared the awesome stuff that can be found throughout all the brains base series – the wonderful script . I know I have repeated this many times before ,but please bare with me here so that I can make this post longer to give myself an excuse on why I haven’t start a single page of revision for my today exam yet .

It being a original series also surprises me because I thought Brains Base are only good at adapting novel .

Now with that , I am confused on why did Akikan’s animation sucked so much. However , in order to sound smart, I need to make my stand in explaining why Akikan’s animation sucked .Therefore I will mimic what all the anime blogger are doing nowadays – equates research with finding name of directors in ann and name drops them while making the readers think that they are familiar with those name . Therefore , I like to say this , Yuji Himaki sucks .

Also , why is Shinbo getting all the credits when Shin Oonuma has done a fair share of photoshopping himself as well?

AH HA! Now I am a smart anime fans because I know names that are behind everyone favourite anime even though I don’t exactly know them well . With that , I also know Hayao Miyazaki , Anno Hideaki , Tomino , Shouji Kawamori , Akitaro Daichi , Hideyuki Kurata , Range Murata ,Yoshitoshi ABe ,Mamoru Oshii ,, Kenji Kawai , Iwasak Tarou , Kanno Yoko , 鸟山明,安西 信行, GB 山本, 浦沢直樹, 瀬尾公治, 井上雄彦 , 手塚治虫 ,小畑 健 ,Tsugumi Ohba and etc.

Now I am really awesome because I even know some of their kranji name . Please disregard the fact that I am actually withholding the information of me , knowing only their Chinese names rather than their actual kranji one because I read Chinese manga .

Also , you need to thank me for making the effort to google up all those names , because most of the time , I don’t bother remembering names and just call them that shaft guy , that ghilbi guy , that flame of recca guy , that lain guy, that sexy commando masaru guy ,that macross guy , the original gundam guy, that Brains Base guy and such .

miku loliThis is a picture of a cute penis looking melon ice cream banana sucking Miku Loli . Insert some bullshit like oppai and vagina .  You can visit the pixiv artist profile for more similar arts . You can also see more  delicious Miku from this channel .

Blogging made my picture folder exceeded 30gbs!!

Blogging made my picture folder exceeded 30gbs!!

Note: Blogging here doesn’t only includes writing your post on your blog but also reading up others blog .

The normal word count for a single blog post is within the range of 500 to 1200 words. If you translate that into a proposal , it will take up about 3 to 4 pages of word document when using font 12 . Now , if you blog regularly , doing a 500 or even a thousand words essay or report isn’t difficult anymore since you do it like everyday . Also , do make your post more interesting or clear , you will try to use different expression and borden your vocabulary to convey your idea using the best word you can find. This increase in the amount of words you could use for your proposal . When you write editorial post , your tone and word use will be formal and that gave you more practice in formal writing .

I don’t know about bloggers but wordpress did expose me to what I am learning now . I get to see the tip of the iceberg on topic like css and html through wordpress. Hence when I am taught about ideas lingering on those topic , I have already experience some of it and how it works . WordPress also teaches me about servers and domain name which again happens to be in my module . Now , my english is improving day by day thanks to regular blogging . For your information , I can’t even construct a sentence just one year ago . All the expression I know of are something along the line of “happy” , “sad” , “angry” and “jibai” Now , I can simply churn out more profound words like ” escalating” , “rueful” ,”infuriated” and “vagina”.

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Cute Chick first result.

There are 4 phases for a blog .

1st stage : Due to it being your first time experience , there were lots of stuff to be discovered . This result in tons of updates per day because you were excited to speak out everything in your mind. I call this the start up stage. This is like the starting of window , using lots of memory power to boot and load all the running program . That’s why it is always full of energy . But like a computers , the blog won’t run smoothly when it first start up. This result in lots shit post being generated like how lots of shit program runs when your computer boot up . But this shit is like fertilizer , it is the nutrient for your second phase . If you don’t have enough shit , you won’t grow up to the 2nd phase .

2nd Stage: Due to everyday increasing in blogs hit , motivation level is high and ideas keep branching out from one post to another . This phase is like finishing the staring up of a computer , it will sail smoothly and run effectively . At this phase , you will spend hours to edit your post , reviewing it times after times to make it more interesting . I call this the golden age phase, but beware , you may never reach this phase if no one read your blog at the start up phase. Iwicsyi had some golden age time , just that it is not as golden as other blog .
During this phase ,you will be more aware of what you post unlike in the start up phase . This is because ,there are more than enough shit to make you smelly.  That’s why even someone with bad nose can smell the stench . In other words , you know that it is time to improvise in your post and stop those shit from churning out anymore . High chance of great revolutionary post to be generated during this phase

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