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I have been watching so much anime nowadays , I am kinda mixed up in my mind . Not to mention , the abundance of South Park episodes didn’t help as well . Now to go straight to the point , I need help in identifying which anime or south park episode did they show people watching the Son of Godzilla film. I remember the Son of Godzilla reference being quite significant because it has something to do with the 1967 era . The scene goes on about how it’s the 1960s and people are watching the Son of Godzilla film . Though it’s just a few seconds scene. Due to that , I am pretty sure that it is not a south park episode but I may be wrong . It’s also something I watched recently . Here’s the list of what I watched recently.

Yesterday (1)
Moonlight Lady ep. 5 Edit Yesterday, 5:39 AM
Tuesday (6)
Major S6 ep. 8 Edit 10-12-10, 10:06 AM
Major S6 ep. 2 Edit 10-12-10, 3:17 AM
Millennium Actress ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 2:18 AM
Man & Whale ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 12:04 AM
Kid’s Castle ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 12:03 AM
Bavel no Hon ep. 1 Edit 10-12-10, 12:03 AM
Monday (5)
Ame no Hi ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 11:43 PM
Karo & Piyobupt: The Sandwiches ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 11:43 PM
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt ep. 2 Edit 10-11-10, 11:14 PM
Perfect Blue ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 5:06 PM
Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime ep. 1 Edit 10-11-10, 2:06 AM
Last Week (10)
Paranoia Agent ep. 13 Edit 10-08-10, 9:06 AM
Paranoia Agent ep. 6 Edit 10-07-10, 4:12 PM
Paranoia Agent ep. 1 Edit 10-06-10, 11:43 PM
Shinryaku! Ika Musume ep. 1 Edit 10-06-10, 7:38 PM
Dai Mahou Touge Omake ep. 4 Edit 10-06-10, 5:07 PM
Dai Mahou Touge ep. 8 Edit 10-06-10, 4:23 PM
Dai Mahou Touge ep. 2 Edit 10-06-10, 4:30 AM
Bakemonogatari ep. 15 Edit 10-06-10, 3:19 AM
Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto ep. 1 Edit 10-04-10, 8:19 PM
Kara no Kyoukai ~the Garden of sinners~ chap. 1 Edit 10-08-10, 10:46 PM
Two Weeks Ago (22)
Bakemonogatari ep. 1 Edit 09-29-10, 10:21 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 13 Edit 09-29-10, 9:24 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 11 Edit 09-29-10, 6:26 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 8 Edit 09-29-10, 4:22 AM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 6 Edit 09-28-10, 8:21 PM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 4 Edit 09-28-10, 1:18 PM
Ookiku Furikabutte: Natsu no Taikai Hen ep. 3 Edit 09-28-10, 12:43 PM
Sentimental Journey ep. 12 Edit 09-28-10, 1:20 AM
Sentimental Journey ep. 12 Edit 09-28-10, 1:19 AM
Karo & Piyobupt: A House ep. 1 Edit 09-27-10, 5:09 AM
Perspektivenbox ep. 1 Edit 09-27-10, 4:35 AM
Hyakka Zukan ep. 1 Edit 09-27-10, 4:29 AM

I have a hunch that it’s one of the Satoshi Kon’s work and it’s highly possible that it’s either Perfect Blue , Paranoia Agent or Millennium Actress. However I maybe wrong . So please do help if you remember which anime or south park episode did the film “Son of Godzilla” appear in .

Or maybe it’s all just a dream?


Bwahahahahaahahahahaha. Brow fetish! Knee fetish! Whats next? I’m guessing stomach fetish soon!

I’ve finished Season 3 today, after 8 months since I started on episode 1.

I don’t think I’ll post much about the show here, but more of my thinking and feelings after watching it. Read the rest of this entry »

It is so funny that I must write it out to make myself feel good.

szsI saw this , got freak up and I closed my media player. Now is not the time to use 30 or more minute to finish a 23 min series. Hence I prefer the everyone favourite earthquake anime that is so easy to watch , the episode finished without me knowing it . In other words , I suck because I have fallen into the trap of those evil director and get manipulated by them when they supply me with contrived emotional storyline that lured me in.

I really want to enjoy Kaiba but my mind is tired and I don’t want to watch it half heartily now . That’s why I paused half way through the show and browse through some sites and blogs . I look at some old achieve and found out that higurashi actually did made quite a ruckus and is rated highly by many .Everyone says that it is full of twist and tragedies . The story is mind blowing and the repetition of plot is actually a masterful way of writing a story . Not only this , they say that the characters are well done and Rika is like the best character around the world .

Now , I wrote my impression of higurashi before and someone is butthurt with it and tried to be a smart alec to tell me off about how Higurashi is not deep . I must have incur his loli wrath . But never mind that , what I want to ask is what so good about higurashi ? I must admit that it is decent but does it really deserve that much love? It the story really that interesting ? Am I a retard for not liking it as much as I like Kanokon? OK , liking Kanokon is retarded but I really , sincerely did enjoy it more than higurashi lol .

Now , me not liking higurashi has nothing to do with genre or what . I am not a big ecchi fans . I can enjoy show ranging from everything to anything . With that , yes , I do enjoy hentai too . I am easy to please you know . I didn’t even rate akasaka badly even though it is really generic. Yes I did watch evangelion , lain , monster and sky crawler while giving them quite a good grade . I am also not a mecha or a naruto hater. My manga collection is full of shonen manga anyway . I can even tolerate yaoi/ yuri nowadays even though I won’t purposefully seek them out . Also , I thought that supposedly shit harem “love hina” is pretty good too . I have taken a liking in sport anime/manga nowadays too and is actively sourcing some great one out .I only have about 3 series that is rated less than 7 in myanimelist in which 2 of them is hentai done so badly and another one is a ona that made no sense at all . Fuck , I am even watching queen’s blade now .

So , finally , to superimpose this question again , I will like to ask , did higurashi really  have so much values , it is worth being in your top ten anime?

Now I don’t really have the right to ask this question when my top four anime are the like of tengen toppa , kanon 2006 , kimi ga nozomu eien and cromartie high school . All those are noob top anime you know? Pro one are the like of naruto , one piece , bleach , prince of tennis and d gray man … Ok I kid , pro one should be , “Legend of the Galatic Hero” , “Ghost in the Shell” , “Touch” , “Gintama” and ” La Maison en Petits Cubes”. Those anime shows that you take a great liking in deep anime , isn’t put off with old school arts and is not a stupid hater of shonen genre while knowing how to appreciate oscar award winning short film.

Animelo 2008 , I am a cheapsakte , no money to buy the $150+ blue ray , that’s why I make do with youtube video. Above is euphoric field , the sister of I wish I could see your insides. Do click the youtube video to find more animelo video in the related video section . Or just search for animelo 2008 . Most video is being uploaded now . Fans of aya hirano , the panting singer is not left out too .

I am addicted to family guy now lol , I watches it while neglecting ef a tale of melodies.

You know , I already knew that Yuuko will get rape and crashed by car even before I start watching it , so yea lol. Recently I even read about kenshin death , but that may be a mistake , so let see if it really happens in the manga. (I am at vol 27 now).

I stop watching wolf rain for a while even though it is the most addicting stuff  because I know all the wolf will die.

I know Nagisa die in clannad but I dunnoe if she will magically got revived or not , but I guess not.

Code Geass , omg , that main guy Lelouch or whatever die in the end.

Chrno Crusade is the only anime that I continue even though I know Chrno and Rosette will die in the end.

In Sola , the main guy and main girl whom name I forgot will die too.

Luckily , I did not know that Kamina , Nia and Kittan will die in TTGL. Another lucky case is Roy Focker from macross , you know , he die , so I thought in Macross frontier , Ozama will die too .But who knows , in the end , the one dieing is Michael.

I don’t want Sekai and Makoto from School Days to die , but too bad.

In Shuffle , hmm , ok , snake is watching it now so I won’t spoil this.

In akasaka , the main guy got together with her sister Minato.

I heard that saber die in F/sn too.

In Saikano , everyone die . That is not a spoiler , cos , the show already state that everyone die in the first 5min.

Oh , and Canvas 2 , that great show about drawing , the main guy got together with Elise Hosen in the last 5min , cool huh?

In Kimikiss pure rouge , that 1st main guy get together with Mao and the next guy get together with the genius girl.

Ayu from kanon did not die though , only our beloved makoto is dead.

In gundam seed , that green hair guy , what is his name? The guy that control Blitz , yea he die while protecting Athrun ,I think. Anew in gundam OO is dead too lol , he return to underworld like what riuva said.

I guess that is enough spoiling huh? Tell you what , I did not even watches half of what I states above , so I am literally a spoiled brat.

~Update: Kenshin did not die in the manga , but die in the anime , so lol.

As of above ,  all you faggots should  go read it.  Ditch all those shitty new stuff away.  You faggots should watch Cromartie high school and family guy too . Faggot.

Between , who wants to watch the movie “DMC” at Plaza Sing? If you are interested , leave a comment please . If you don’t know what DMC is , it means Daddy Mama Care , alternate version of Carebear care . How badass can that be? Very badass.


Item name : Saber Dutch Wife Maid
Manufacturer : Dolfie Dream
Scale : Life sized
Material : Platic that feels like skin
Producer : Dolfie Dream
Original : Fate/unlimited codes

Cost 1769.50 SGD


Item name : Nanoha Dutch Wife
Manufacturer : Dolfie Dream
Scale : Life sized
Material : Plastic that feels like loli skin
Producer : Not Tamura Yukari
Original : Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Cost 1186.83 SGD

Item name : Sexy flat chest
Manufacturer : Made In Japan
Scale : Life sized
Material : Plastic that feels like skin , holes that feels like meat
Producer : Japanese
Original : Original Character

Cost ????

Item name : Slut
Manufacturer : Nihon
Scale : Life sized
Material : Erection alluring plastic
Producer : Not Sony
Original : Whore House

Cost is over 9000 sgd , I don’t know.


Item name : Ilovegirlwithglasses
Manufacturer : Not Konata
Scale : Life sized
Material : Plastic that can make your chin chin kimochi
Producer : Made in China
Original : Girl with spec

Cost must be more expensive than prostitute, you can use it infinitely , that’s why.


Item name : Is this really a doll?
Manufacturer : If so ,
Scale : I am totally going to buy it.
Material : She will definitely make a great girlfriend,
Producer : never will she betray you
Original : or go out with another guy.

Cost : Do they have any china imitate of this doll that cost $5 ? If so , I am going to buy it tomorrow. (+_+)

Our internet BFF reply to our School Days post , that’s why we must reply to his post too. Let’s be BFF !

All picture rip from sankaku complex , but I bet that Artefact guy must have ripped it from some other where else too , so there won’t be a need to credit him at all in the first place.


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