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Chirin no Suzu, The Spider Thread, Nobody’s boy Remi, Dog of Flanders, Night of the Galactic Railroads and The Little Match Girl have two things in common, they are all old children stories and people die.

Comparing to the old days, we human pride ourselves as being more progressive and open minded but god damn hell we are sheltering our children with crap and not exposing them to the real horror and tragedy in life. There is even a tutorial on how to tell your children about 911 here like it is some big deal.

We should all be like the children from the 19th and early 20th century and get exposed to hardcore shit like Night of the Galactic Railroad and Dog of Flanders so we won’t have all these crap.

In a modern children story, there are always some cheesy shit lessons that are useless like love your friends or be happy and such but what does the good old Little Match Girl teaches us? You will die if you are hungry, and there are no hope in this world if you are poor  You shitty 5 years old have zero asset now so you will be hungry and die  like that girl in the story without my help so don’t be a shitty child unless you want me to send you out in the winter cold to sell matchsticks. That’s the valuable lesson we should instill in our young to make them hardcore and manly and guide them in not being some stuck-up shitty kid.

I suggest that we should propagate hardcore tragedy at the age of 5 so everyone will drop their naive idealistic thought and sprout meaningless nonsense like ” When thing seems more difficult to achieve, you will know that is really what u want to achieve.” Yes, that is an actual quote from one of my “friend” on Facebook and it sucks. Now if she were to be exposed with Chirin no Suzu instead of Hello Kitty, like how all children should be, the quote will be something more awesome and credible and true to life like, “I need to sell my kidney for 5 cent today after I buried my dead father with shitty soil to buy bread and sugar for my sick mother”.

The moral of the story for this post is to watch Night of the Galactic Railroad with your son/daughter and tell them that people will bully you if you are poor and you will most likely die when you are drown. The END!



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