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I am tired of people complaining about our local manga publisher where lots of people made lost of unfair claims and panned it unnecessary. So to relieve some of these anger , I will try to refute some of these complains but first thing first , I will agree that Chuangyi’s paper quality is inferior to the Taiwan counterpart.

Complain number 1 : Comics Titles

People always complain about how Chuangyi has lesser title than Taiwan Companies while neglecting the fact that there are 5 and more companies publishing manga there while we only have one Chuangyi . Not to mention , the Taiwan companies are more well established and started off earlier so they have early dated manga which most likely won’t sell anymore like Madbull 34 , Houto no Ken and Orange Road while Chuangyi was too late for the game. Not to mention , Chuangyi has to deal with English manga as well so even though it is a fact that Chuangyi carries lesser titles , I think this argument is unfair. This is my personal peeves but I will like to poinnt out that those who complain about this wanted less then stellar work like Lucky Star and those Kodokawa visual novels adaptation manga which no one should even care about in the first place. These people neglected great license such as Blade Of Immortal , Vagabond ,H2 and many others.

However the complain about the limitation of new titles is valid but you need to understand the risk of publishing new titles. Not to mention , they need to calculate whether this title will make any profit when the same new titles are carried by Taiwan company as well . I will reckon that Taiwan can publish new titles like how they do is due to an established fanbase where you know , people buy comics , lots of them . That’s not saying that we locals don’t buy them but do eradicate this limitation of new titles , all we need to do is actually showing our support . Chuangyi has lots of channel for you do give recommendation and such.

Complain 2 : Translation
Funny how people complain about this when you can never know whether a translation is correct or not unless you have the Japanese one . The awkward sentence structure might not be a translation error but actually an error from the Japanese counterpart . Let me assure you , the Japanese make errors as well . That’s not saying that Chuangyi doesn’t make any mistakes , they made a lot as well . Detective Loki is almost unreadable. Flame of Recca was bad as well but surprise surprise , the Hongkong and Taiwan versions have similar problem. I blame it on the early establishment.

Now , people always use the Taiwan version to make comparison ,but then how will they know that it is not the Taiwan company’s error? Oh , because the grass is always greener on the other side and local company always suck ass . Go to Taiwan and people complain about their translation when compared to Hongkong or else where. Go to USA and people complain about how Scanlations have better translation .

Now , I do agree that some of the Taiwan version flows better in translation but on the other hand , some of our local translation flow better as well . Also , let me assure you the Taiwan companies have their fair share of errors as well , lots of them actually . I put Eden; the endless world on halt because the translation was horrendous . It doesn’t make any sense most of the time! Though it might be the author’s mistakes but it is quite impossible to have errors for every 5 page or so . Well , it was a difficult comic to translate so I have no complains.

I am still able to follow like 4/6 of the ongoing titles I have so I am ok with that.

Nearly forgot to mention one point , Chuangyi has their own localisation , same goes with Taiwan Companies and all this is just preferance choice , it is really unfair to complain about it just because you prefer the Taiwan’s one.

Complain 3 : Price

You go to Taiwan and can eat a bowl of noodles with $2 but you need $3 in Singapore . Come on , go complain about that then . Though Taiwan comics are more expensive here due to import fees . Now people say that they are willing to fork out 50cent more for Taiwan company but they forget that the 50cent will compile for every volume you buy . The reason they forget about this must be because they are always reading comics that got axed early on due to sucking too much.

Complain 4: Speed
For Taiwan company , I have been waiting for 7 billion needles for god knows when even though it sucks and also , they are late for GTO Shonan 14 days . Same goes for some of the Chuangyi titles. Both have same speed issue for different titles . It’s funny how people are willing to go to such extend of complaining about a slower release when it was just like a few weeks late . Man , must be cheapo that only follow one title so they can’t read other comics before the new one is released.

Well , all in all , to get the good from both of them , you just need to balance your collection from both different publishers.


The manga that is . Funny how all these work out and how on earth will some one in my phase as a fan gets into Naruto!? Only beginners are into it and supposedly “jaded” fans like me who hates on moe and everything popular won’t even touch it .

Anyway , I completed the first volume just recently and I must say that it wasn’t really that bad . It stayed on to the tried and successful formula of friendship , gut and action for Shonen manga and did it rather well . Also , even though I did laugh at some of the genuine jokes , I can’t help  but to laugh at some of the stuff in which I know will become bullshit during mid series such as the rule of ninja is to hide your presence . Yea totally right, throwing kamehameha during mid series really hide your presence well .

So what’s my verdict for Naruto? Well , it was an entertaining Shonen and the hate for it is unnecessary . If it isn’t so popular or the fan isn’t so annoying , it will just become another Kenichi or Kekkashi – a shonen series enjoyed by many without much hate.

Fuck , now I am a sell-out! I promise that I won’t read Bleach .

I am Zoro , Zoro Roronoa. I might look badass and wield 3 swords but that’s actually all I can do .


I was injured a lot as well but I acted badass even though all I can kill are henchmen and midbosses  .

My mouth has no ulcer .

Americans are amusing , especially so for their anime subculture whereby you can see lots of terms like yaoi paddle and manga cow which foreigners have no ideas of . I find manga cow to be exceptionally funny because people can actually browse the manga before deciding to buy . Compare to our local store whereby by plastic wrapping is treated like gold , I just can’t compute the scene .

It is strange huh? To solve the problem of manga cow blocking the way , just wrap all the manga with plastic and put a big warning sign that says once tore considered sold . Isn’t that easy? Unless if you tell me that American doesn’t have any self conscious and go on tearing the plastic off even with warning . If that’s the case, then I have nothing to say . I guess Singaporean being meekly isn’t such a bad thing after all , at least I am safe from saliva and sweat from those smelly bastard that touches those manga before anyone can make any purchase.

However , to be frank , it will be a rare sight seeing people crowding manga shop in the first place , so much so that I wonder how those comic shop survive.

I am also worried about seeing so many comic shop branches closing down one by one and the shrinking size of comic section in bookstores. I guess not many people buy physical comics now due to the rampage of scanlation and the lack of fan huh. The ratio of people knowing manga like vinland saga is so pathetic when compare to anime like K-on. This is due to the fact of lacking in exposure and people being lazy to even read . Yea, you heard that right , people are so lazy till the extend that reading comics is tiresome . I don’t know about you , but I know lots of people that have never ever read a book outside of textbook . In the first place , if people do care to read up stuff , they won’t even bother you with questions that answer can be easily found by google and wikipedia right?

Other than turning into a pretty boy , I am pretty useful you know? Especially when I take out my  pacifer . No , I am not wrong here , I really did not make a typo on useful.

Other than turning into a pretty boy , I am pretty useful you know? Especially when I take out my pacifier and look scary.

Oh , I heard you screamed late like a bastard there !

Yea , I do admit that I am frigging late because YYH is like over 100 years old now .Regardless , being a 100 years old manga , you will definitely expect YYH to use  shonen formula that shout out cliche  but! Surprisingly , they really do use those without any hesitation . Some times , the power level and sudden revival is just so absurd , you will think that Dragonball is a non fiction . Really , if you  do read the manga , the power level does does not make any sense and the revival is so lame like lol , fan don’t want this character to die so I must make him/her alive and just give a forceful reason for the revival .You know , even the revival in dragonball makes more sense than those stupid one in YYH and that really tell you a lot .

The story also divert away from its origin . From what I see , in the first place, the author wants to create a episodic story about chasing spirit while while using interesting technique to accomplish the mission. Along the way , heart warming drama and morale value are implemented .   But due to popular demand or whatever not , he decided to just made the series into a hot blooded tournament base fighting comedy . I did not say that this is bad but I really think that the author doesn’t  want the story to end up this way . That’s why in the end , he just decided to end the last tournament prematurely and dedicate the last few chapter to something like what he first planned.All in all , not matter which path he choose to go , it will be the same YYH that define badass.
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I went down to kovan today with much anticipation , but I am very disappointed when I saw the small scale event. There are some treasure here and there like Masion Ikkou and New Orange Road but they aren’t any full set of those . The new book is disappointing because as we all know , Chuangyi newest release is actually very limited. A few great deal are the like of pluto and 20th century where you can get 3 volumes for 9.90. But I know that the publishing of pluto will be slow and 20th century boy is like almost out of stock every where  , getting the first 3 volume won’t be of much help .

Now ,the only good thing about the event is the great sale of oldie comics that rust , literally rust . I bought Hojo Tsukasa’s Komorebi no Shita de ,  Nagayasu Takumi’s Poppoya-Love letter , Adachi’s Itsumo Misora and Umizaru . If you know any of the above comic , than you must be pro , cause I myself don’t really know what the hack those are. But I know I can’t go wrong with Adachi and Hojo right? Umizaru is being raved by Tj Han so nothing should be going wrong for that one too . For Poppoya , don’t worry about that , because that is one of the best comic that I have  bought in my life!!!!! I cried a few time throughout the whole reading session , it is really a great touching story.

I am glad that they aren’t any other more series I want to get hold of , otherwise I will wonder where to place all my comic. To sign off , I advice you not to waste your time going there because you will most likely not get what you want , unless you want rusting Poppoya.

Great(?) news , Chuangyi is going to held a comic fest next week from june 1 to june 7 at Kovan heartland mall . I will cry if they sold single volume of slam dunk for $1 because I just bought like 5 first hand volume for $26 . Now , for this fest , I am aiming to buy the whole set of H2 , GetBackers , 20th century boy , dragonball  and Yu Yu Hakusho if there is any . I also need to buy volume 21 to 26 of Yakitate Japan and vol 26 and 27  for Wild Life but that is taiwan version , so I am stating it to remind myself not to spend too much so that I can get hold of those soon . Yes , I finally bought 25 volume of slam dunk for $10 today . Now I am only left with volume 27 to complete the whole set. The so call remastered version of slam dunk is like halted for 1 whole year already. Come on man , chuangyi , what the hell are you doing? So to sign off , my bank account is like left $398 .  My manga collection finally hit over 350 vol . I can’t imagine how the number will grow if I can get a job next time. No one care right? Lol.

Mushishi 10 vols

Welcome to Nhk – 8vols

Bitter Virgin – 1 , reserved 2 to 4

Cross Over – 7vols

Dna^2 -5vols

Hatsukoi Limited -5 vols

Freeman – 9vols

Wild Life – 1-25 , hunting down 26 and 27

Cooking Master boy – 17vols

Angel Densetsu – 15 vols

Rurouni Kenshin – 28 vols

Monster – 18 vols – borrowed

F compo – 14 vols – borrowed

chobit – 8 vols

Kamisama Kaizoku – 5vols -borrowed

Aria+ Aqua – 14 volumes

Midori Day – 8 volumes

Mar + Mar omega – 19 volumes

GTO – china  bootleg , 25 volume compile into 4 volumes

Suzuka – 18 vols – Borrowed

Samurai champloo – 2volumes

Behind Master – 6 volumes

Comic Party – 5 volumes

Kami Kaze – 7 volumes

Kami to sensou – 10 volumes

MO Di – 1 – 13 vols

Flame Of recca 33 volumes

I”s 15 volumes

Ichigo 100% 19 volumes

Some loose volume of dragonball.

Slam dunk 1-31 end

Yakitate Japan 1-26 end

Cromartie High School 1-17end

Grenadier 1-7 end

Over Drive 1-17 end

Kimi no Iru Machi 1-4 ongoing

Honey and Clover 1-10 end

Komorebi no Moto de 1-3 end

Poppoya Love Letter 1 end

Umizaru 1-12 end

Someday dreamer 1-2 end

Someday dreamer spinoff 1-5end

Itsumo Misora 1-5end.

GetBackers – 1-39 end

Whistle 1-24 end

Eden , It’s an endless world 1-18end

Genshiken 1-9 end .


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3 years has passed , student of Izumizaka High’s flim club is having a gathering at Satsuki’ restaurant. Toujou is unable to made it because she need to collect a novelist award in kyoto. One by one, everyone start to gather . Hiroshi is now the owner of his own production company . Chinami is his first rated celebrities while Komiyama is Chinami’s manager . Manaka has earned an award for his documentary and Satsuki is now a well mannered lady .Misuzu is studying in a university in Kyoto , now the president of the university film club. They exhanged some small talks in the restruant  .

After some conversation , they started to move off to the place where Toujou receive her award . They arrived in a hall and Toujou is giving a speech . Her awarded novel is the secret novel she wrote during her secondary school life . The speech goes off as such “(insert your typical touching and motivational speech like how she does it in her high school graduation ceremony.)” Everyone cheers and the crowd starts to disperse . Toujou went out the hall after that . Outside , she was met with her old firend from high school . Manaka step out first , digging his pocket and presented a ring to Toujou . Toujou is delighted and jump off the steps to hug Manaka tightly .

*Switch the scene to somewhere near the hall , behind a tree.

There , Tsukasa is watching them behind a tree . She has a smile in her face and start to turn and walk off to the direction to the airport .In her heart , she is delighted as Toujou and Manaka is definitely a destined pair where even the largest storm can’t tear apart their affinity .

The End!Now , this is just the basic of the whole structure without any dialouge .But with some imagination , I think that you can at least form some image in your mind for this alteration .I will definitely replace the comic’s ending with mine ending to make myself happy. My ending is the true end for now on , period.Now , I am satisfied.

Too bad that I can’t draw , otherwise , I can add in the dialogue to make everything more interesting

Below is not the true ending of Ichigo 100% . It is just my own alteration on chapter 165 onwards. Chapter 166 did occur but Manaka did not say something about choosing Tsukasa over Toujou . The dialouge of chapter 165 is changed so that Tsukasa won’t have the advantage.

This story starts on chapter 165 . Manaka decided to consider his love interest after reading Toujou secret novel .That’s why he decided to sever his ties with Tsukasa and all the other girls . So after explaining his idea and breaking up with Tsukasa when she left for Paris, he decided to work part time for his traveling fee. He wanted to travel because that’s the best way to sever his ties with all the girls and also , a way to brush up his skills .

One year had passed, Tojou published her 2nd novel . The story is the 3rd movie she and Manaka made during their high school life. Tsukasa is still in Paris while Manaka had earned enough money for his traveling. With only a video camera and his passport , he started his journey from Korea to Europe . During his journey , he recorded down life of individual in different countries .

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Aya is the best , Tsukasa suck . Big breast girl for the win.

Aya is the best , Tsukasa suck . Big breast girl for the win.

Thanks to that shitty ending from our beloved ichigo 100% manga , I am losing sleep now due to ample frustration!! Why did Manaka end out with Tsukasa and not Aya?! That is like giving you shit when it promised Fries! Everything is set to gear towards Aya and yet Manaka just need to frigging choose Tsukasa! This is pretty much like the case of canvas 2, choosing someone that just doesn’t sound right at all!
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