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I love ova because it reminds me of eggs. Eggs are cool so ova are cool as well.

People have very interesting concepts and ideas but most of the time, these concepts and ideas couldn’t be drawn out enough to support a 13 episode TV run. That’s when movie,ova, tv special and web series play a part. They’re also great mediums for independent animators and amateur studios to come in and show off their skills and make it big.  This is where we get people like Makoto Shinkai and studio like CoMix Wave. All in all, ova, tv specials,movie and the interweb are good venues for hard sell concepts and interesting experiments. That being said, sometimes, hard sell concepts are unmarketable for a reason so do proceed with discreet.

Movie #1

Nasu: Summer in Andalusia

Nasu is an adaptation of a 3 volumes manga of the same name directed by Kitaro Kousaka, some important animator from Ghibli. You see, Ghilbi has a part to play and everyone love to their Ghilbi-esque ( more like Ghibli’s ass right?) so it should be very popular right? Fuck no man, Nasu is as hard sell as it can get. No one really want to watch a bunch of 20 something years old buffed guys, riding their bicycle down a Spanish route for 47 min because  bicycle race is as boring as it sounds. However, thanks to my past experience of reading the manga, Over Drive, I know some of the tactical approaches for a bicycle race so I could appreciate the thoughts behind some of the actions the cyclists took.

Regardless, Nasu is a story about Pepe Benengeli, a cyclist from a rural country side of Andalusia, racing in Andalusia. He is a whiny bastard who left his hometown to become a cyclist  because his brother stole his girlfriend. So in this movie, we are shown his struggle and his love/hate relationship while he races through these familiar street. It’s a story about acceptance, reminiscence and the warmth of your hometown. Most of the enjoyment comes from the support of his hometown members and the sense of nostalgia, or adolescence nightmare if you may, of Pepe Benengeli. It also uses some symbolic motif relating to eggplants to show the growth of Pepe .  Anime fans love their symbolic motif so there you go.

The combination of awesome substantiate symbolic motifs that are actually cool and Ghilbi-esque animation standard, I don’t know why no one really wants to give it a try. It’s a cool little movie and I liked it more than Madoka. Man, Madoka is this uber cool genre busting, motifs shitting, head busting anime of the highest caliber and I like Nasu more? That’s some seal of approval there.

It also has a sequel ova which I haven’t watch.

Tv Special #1

Kawamo o Suberu Kaze

You see, I care a lot about woman rights and such so I watch cartoon that caters to 30 years old women.

Kawamo o Suberu Kaze, if you are interested, is a TV special for the Otona Joshi no Anime Jikan (Old Bitch Cartoon Time) time slot on NHK, aired just not long ago.  It is an adaptation of a  novel about some 30 years old MILF going back to her hometown with his son from USA.

If you haven’t notice the trend here, I have a soft sport for stories about people going back to their hometown because the setting itself gives a lot of off screen back stories and character growth. By that, I mean you can fill in the character development and drama of how the characters felt when they leave and return to their hometown by yourself without much exposition from the anime. It also gives off the sense of nostalgia which appeals to me a lot.

The plot of Kawamo is very straight forward. It’s about a 30 years old woman, wanting to see her old lover again because she is struggling with her current marriage. With that, you should be able to know what to expect because if I write any more than that, I will have spoiled the whole anime for you.

To say the least, it’s pretty awesome and I love it a lot. It’s the bitter sweet mature romance between 30 years old adults. People always complain about teenagers romance and yearn for romance pertaining to adults so there you go, 27 min of awesome adult romance. Short and sweet.

Web Series #1

Meguriau no Sekai

I don’t think you can find a entry in ANN or MAL for this short web series because it is like this doujin production. Meguriau no Sekai is a story about a girl, thinking back about her past relationship with a boy. It’s about remember and and cherish the past and look forward to the future, a classic coming of age theme that never gets old. I love it when it happens in Mind Game, Millennium Actress, Only Yesterday,Ocean Waves, Sentimental Journey and I love it when it happens in Meguriau no Sekai.

To sell Meguriau no Sekai is very easy because it’s totally like a Makoto Shinkai’s work. The poetic dialogs, the amazing arts and great music are all very similar to works like Voice of a Distant Star and some of the early one shot works from Shinkai. I liked how the arts are depicted with a wide ranges of animation technique and style. It’s hard to describe it so just look at the screen shots above to get a feel on what you can expect.

All in all, it’s only a 15 min sweet anime so do watch it. If I didn’t hear wrongly, they used Hatsune Miku to sing the ending song. It’s Hatsune Miku in an anime man, what more do you want? If you are a Miku fan like you said you are, you have to watch this.

Hastune Miku sucks.



Worst show ever? Not worthy for that title.

Mars of Destruction is stupid, weak and a waste of time but worst show ever? Man, people from MAL disappoint me. Do they even watch anime? How can Mars of Destruction be the worst show ever when it was so tame and not really that boring? I can easily name 30 series that are worse than MoD.

Now we all know that” the worst show ever” have two meanings. The first being that it is so boring that it’s bad and the other one being that it is not actually terrible because it is the most awesome thing in life. In other words, so ridiculous awesome that idiots who think that they are sophisticated can’t comprehend. Some called the second type of worst “so bad, it’s good” but I don’t buy that because I think they are genuinely good because they entertain. Not to mention, it’s paradoxical and illogical for something bad to be good.

Anime like Hoshizora Kiseki, Mizuiro, Yotsunoha, Kowarekake no Orgel and Del Power X belong to the first definition of boringly bad. They are boring because nothing substantial happen. They are too tame and mediocre but they are so meh, you don’t even have any expectation for them to be disappointed or get angry about.  These mediocre series are also not morally corrupt or popular enough for you to hate because nobody likes them and they tanked like they are supposed to. For one, Del Power X is so obscure that the fansubber tried really hard to get a LD version of it. For the other shows, have you even heard of them?

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Tomomi Mochizuki stated before that it will be difficult to kick start your career with Studio Ghibli because they don’t produce smaller scale TV series for directors to gain experience with . Suzuki refuted that by saying that it is all about talent and used Takahata Isao(Only Yesterday ,Grave of the Fireflies ,Jarinko Chie), the highly acclaimed director but somehow got overshadowed a bit too much by Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli as an example where he stated that Takahata début with a full length movie and did really well with it .This début movie of his was so highly acclaimed ,it was revered as the first Japanese animation that  was better than Disney production . This legendary movie is of course Horus : Prince of the Sun .

Horus: Prince of the Sun is a 1968 animated film by Toei about a young man named Horus/Hols trying to go back to his village that was once destroyed by a devil after his papa died. His mission is of course to defeat the evil devil .

The story is pretty straight forward and nothing out of the box actually . However as a 1968 film , it features animations that are so fluid , it makes stuff like Akikan and 11 Eyes look like the 1960s production instead. That’s not saying that it doesn’t use loops or static images to push the story forward though but I will say that at least 70% of the animation still holds up well for today’s standard.

Though as great as the animations were ,the plot and the structure are too dated for contemporary standard. For one ,it was very simplistic where a lot of stuff happens without any explanation. Characters are heroic or evil just because they are heroic or evil ,there isn’t any motivation behind them and everything was touches upon too lightly. There are no great theme other than your usual work together and fight the evil found in your usual children adventure stories.

I did however enjoyed it hugely due to being awe by the fluid animation where I can’t believe that I am watching a 1968 film . Though, it was still hard for me to put in my full 81mins of attention into it .This is why I won’t recommend anyone to watch it unless you find it to be historically interesting. If you do watch it for its historical values ,you can really see how it influences subsequent Ghibli works where similar character design and personality( like how little girls love to show their cute little white bloomer for no apparent reason) were used. Not to mention ,everyone favourite , Hayao Miyazaki contributed a lot for this movie and it does show.

That’s really about it , I don’t know what else I can say except that there are talking animals ,a big ice elephant and a very scary yet badass giant golem who somehow has this legendary badass sword plunged in his big bold manly rock shoulder for the main character ,Horus to pull out and reforge it to claim the title of Prince of the SUN!

What can I say to that? You just look at it and laugh while feeling all the awesomeness swelling inside you.

More technical information which makes me wonder why the hell I am blogging this when I can always find the stuff I want others to know else where :

It’s strange that there aren’t that many good old down to earth Samurai/Ninja anime that exploit your usual hack and slash tropes when it’s like the Japanese thing. I can only name Sword of Stranger , Ruroni Kenshin ,Shigurui ,Ninja Scroll and maybe Dagger of Kamui off the top of my head. That’s pretty sad because I have soft spot for historical action flicks of ninja and samurai. So what to do? I stooped down so low by watching Kage .

So what is Kage? To put it simply , Kage is an original 4 episodes ova produced in 2004 by studio APPP who brought us classic like Jo Jo Bizzare Adventure(2000) , Project A-ko and Robot Carnival .

To be frank , I don’t really know any of the production crew but most of them did some all right stuff . Marco D’Ambrosio did the music ,  Takahashi Shinya , the veteran who did a whole lot of animating for family series that run forever and some other great stuff did the character design and Masashi Abe who directed a bunch of run-of-the-mill stuff directed it. Pretty all right crew as far as I know .

Now first thing first , even though Kage was labelled as a hentai ,  it doesn’t really fit with what you call hentai . Well for one , it tried to be really classy by showing little to no genitals .Not to mention , as random as the sex can be , they are sort of justified because women ninjas kill their target while having sex or being rape right? They are really just like the slightly extended sex scene from Ninja Scroll so it wasn’t really fair to call it out right porn . Though it was pretty misogynist but whatever , that’s what I am looking for anyway .

As for the story itself, Kage was exceptionally coherent even though it has a hentai label . Though it was because it’s so simple and bare bone , there isn’t anyway to fuck it up . It’s just a hack and slash ninja flick with lots of decapitated  heads , random sex , revenge and nothing else . It’s a true “it’s what it is” series where you get what you asked for and it did what I asked it to do pretty well done. That’s not saying it was good or what but considering the lack of watch-able series with such genre , it was pretty decent.

The story follows a ninja girl who hides on a roof and see some hot girl having sex with a man . Then she threw a needle down but the hot girl dragged the man to dodge it then proceed to use a string to decapitate his head , implying that she was a ninja as well . Blood flows and the hot girl suddenly turned into a blond and have a small confrontation with the hiding ninja girl , naked! After the hot girl escape , the scene shows the hot girl bathing and getting all excited about blood while a man washes her body . The story continues by following the link behind the ninja girl , hot girl and washing body man’s past and missions. Simple and easy .

Though when they are not having sex or fightings , the plot meanders around some of the most useless characters ever . They are frigging boring but it was only a 4 episode ova and so the runtime for those boring characters add up to about 15mins . Totally tolerable.

The action was aplenty but it wasn’t really phenomenal. It was good enough to satisfy me though so all is well . The production value was quite high as well and the pacing was really fast because there are little to no heavy boring dialogues. All in all , pretty above average production .

Now don’t get me wrong , as much as I enjoyed it , it’s sub par if I wanted to be objective . It just so happen I had the urge to see some blood and ass so it was decent . So if you expect too much out of it or didn’t have the right mood , it can easily be the most laughable and offensive anime you watched.  Even as a ninja/samurai flick , it wasn’t top grade stuff like Sword of Stranger but it was decent enough for me to invest my time with .

All in all , I will still say that it was a pretty good addition for the far and few between down to earth ninja/samurai flick out there so if you are a fan  then well , you really have nothing else more to choose from .

Paranoia Agent looks like a critical commentary about moe but then  sort of whizzes out in the end and became a story solely about facing the reality . Yes , it’s ok to have a cute cat but not a cute dog because now the designer isn’t using the cute dog to escape her childhood trauma . Does that imply that moe is ok if no one use it to escape reality? I guess so .

Well , that’s all right and I pretty much agree with that but I will prefer it to be totally one sided and show that Tokyo was destroyed due to that moe dog because all you fucking moe otaku watching this show are relying too much on the false peace to escape from your trouble.

Nevertheless , it was still bold and spectacular. Even without the moe commentary that I pulled out off my ass while I watch the show to pleasure myself with my “intelligence” of being able to get the deep message , the plot itself was solid and gripping . The life of the characters are also pretty fucked up and we all know how fucked up characters are really interesting to watch because everyone is a sadist deep down inside . If not , we won’t think that the rape jokes of DMC are badass nor will we laugh at episode 8 of Paranoia Agent because they made suicide hilarious , right?

That’s all folk as I don’t think I need to mention how animator is such a shitty job , everyone and their mother are hoping that some kid will swing their bat to knock them out of this shit .

How do you become a good moe series? You ditch all the moe jokes and moeness and become Fist of The North Star deep down inside.

Here’s more details on how you do it .

First , the bad example:

The Façade:

What it Truly is:

Now you have seen the bad example , this is how you do it correctly.

The Façade:

What it Truly is:

That’s so fucking moe ! How I wish I can just buy the pillow of Punie Chan so I can worship her all night long while she teaches me how to be as awesome as she is.


I couldn’t really bring myself to hate on moe when I really like some moe show. Sure , they come few and far between and if you dig in further enough for any moe show out there, it isn’t hard to find a sinister message that you find objectionable behind it. However sometimes there are really other strong elements such as a tightly written plot and great dramatic scene for you to kinda forgive and forget such sinister message . The recent example I have for such case since Kanon 2006 was Bakemonogatari.

Bakemonogatari in its purest form is just otaku nerd wank/fantasy . If you think of it , Araragi is just a kind hearted average guy that no one notices . He doesn’t have that many friends , fails in romantic relationship and average in personality . Sounds familiar? Yes , that’s pretty much the characterisation of your generic self insert guy found in other harem anime .

One day something  happens . Araragi didn’t initiate any of this but he just so happen to chance upon an easy target , another troubled loner who has a problem which Araragi just happens to know how to solve . Now,  Araragi didn’t do something really impressive , he just introduce said target to someone who can help her . However , said target is  really sensitive and noticed the kindness of Araragi , something that not many people notice because Araragi is just an average guy with no other outstanding personality traits. With that and Araragi being the first one willing to go so far to help her , she fall in love with him.The said target is of course Senjouhara and the scenario presented above is your  usual Sudden Appearance Girl Friend.

Sure they are self aware of these but me being aware that I am a jerk doesn’t make me a non jerk right?

However ,from the many posts I read recently on Bakemonogatari , not many people mention about the Sudden Appearance Girl Friend trope and I remember that some even say that the romance was realistic  . Other than being enamoured by Bakmonogatari’s self awareness while masturbating to how smart you are because you thought that Bakemonogatari is not  your stupid otaku nerd wanks/fantasy because it is self aware , another reason why people did not talk about the SAGF trope might be because of the unique visual imageries which make all things look like a well thought out piece when in truth the imageries are just randomly inserted and doesn’t really mean more than what it is . Using normal animation will do the job of conveying the same message as well.Not to mention ,  all those imageries are really cheap and give off really obvious hints that they are cutting corners.  The dramatic eye shots especially when the animators only need to draw the eyes and nothing else.

However , people thought that Bakemonogatari is an expensive work just because it looks nice . Sure it looks nice but look hard enough and you will notice that those nice pictures doesn’t move much . It’s easy for an artist to draw a nice static picture but it is hard to be consistence when all these nice pictures need to be string together to form a fluid sequence . However , not many people seems to notice that so I guess those imageries did the job well as a deception.

I digress but let’s get back to how Bakemonogatari is otaku wank/fantasy . People might not notice this but Bakemonogatari has a lot of really calculated moe fanservice.  They are calculated because all these shots always happen during those pointless conversations between characters. Happening during all these conversation give off the idea that these shots are part of the whole story progression when in truth , if you pay attention to it , they aren’t really necessary and the sole reason why a character is portrayed with a moe expression is because of fanservice .

Take the saucy scene from episode 2 for example , what the reasons why Senjouhara didn’t wear any clothes after showering? Because she forgot to bring in her clothes and warping a towel is what poor people do . Haha ok , that’s pretty funny not because of what Senjouhara say but because that’s a really good reason for fanservice . However , the real meat comes when you see people arguing that such scene flesh the personality of Senjouhara and give the foreshadow of Senjouhara liking Araragi because she wants to seduce him . That’s exactly what Shaft wants you to believe but if you think hard about it , there are other appropriate ways to show such qualities . So in truth , the whole reason why the scene needs Senjouhara to be naked is to give you a boner. ( To clear all doubts , I am just talking about the animation/scene/movements/actions itself and not about the conversation during said scene.)

Is that bad or good? I guess it is good for the fans but my mind will automatically get bored when I see an act of moe fanservice . I will think that that is better than being disgusted because you know someone is wanking at those shots.

Another example . So moe .

However I really enjoy Bakemonogatari because of its compelling and unique plots and story . That reason itself is enough for me to like a show .

Bakemonogatari did well with its plot and story . Stories dealing with a semi magical/spiritual setting always promises some sort of innovation because with magic , you can do almost everything and all ambiguous plot or plot holes can be explained by a wizard did it . That is  if you do it well enough so not to give off the idea of lazy excuses.

Another reason why I like Bakemonogatari is due to the atmosphere .As much as I don’t care about the imageries and visuals , I actually like the technique of constant quick cuts and dramatic focus. It builds up the atmosphere well . The strong instrumentals which are very common for Shaft also help in creating tension and drama to further enhance the atmosphere as well.

They did the two things I ask for an anime well enough for me to ignore the constant pandering to moe fans so I will say that I liked it .

As for the word plays , self awareness and otaku centric dialogues , I will say that I am not amazed or impressed at all . They are just distractions to create an empty masturbatory depth for people to fall into .

I guess that is enough and I will stop after I say the following . I must be the last person on earth to watch Bakemonogatari ,especially so when Bakemonogatari seems like something that moe fan hyped for a certain amount of time and then forget all about it when the next hot moe show came out . Maybe a sequel will help but I rather they don’t do it because if it really is a great work , people will remember and talk about it even when there are little to no new product/merchandise , just like Cowboy Bebop and Legend Of the Galactic Heroes. I want to see if Bakemonogatari is like that or will it be relegated to a forgotten moe show so come on moe fans , let me believe that all of you are not just following the fad and stay strong with something that you people hyped so much. Though I heavily doubt that it will happen .

Fuck! There’s already a prequel. Now I can’t act all accepting and embrace the love of moe fans because the main reason why I don’t want a sequel or prequel is because I have enough of it and I couldn’t possibly stomach another season .

Unrelated note:

The previous experiment post that I deleted is to show the process of how I blog . I thought it will be fun to see the process of how your raw thoughts form into a post . Also , I want to show how an anime can gradually change one’s opinion when it progresses .  However I am not satisfied with the end result because it’s a mess and raw ideas are better off in notepad.

And that fanboy is not you or me but Hideaki Anno .

Watching Gunbuster , I can totally imagine how he wanted to create his own Macross and fulfil all his childhood dreams of bouncing boobs and incomprehensible technobabbles with Gunbuster . The whole experience of Gunbuster is  like observing a very enthusiastic fanboy having fun drawing aliens , huge robot , big explosion and everything else because he thought that all those are fucking cool . Apparently ,  Robots doing push up to build their machine muscles is very cool to him as well .You know , the whole show is so full of vigour and passion , it’s like the outburst of a hyper active kid after years and years of swelling up. Imagine the release of 10x Kamehama after Goku stored and shouted for 10 episode and you will know what I think Anno felt during the production of  Gunbuster.

Anyway as for the show itself , other than the time lapse concept which is totally well researched as shown in the science omake episodes because we all fucking know that space is made up of ether and some military is now condensing Jupiter into a black hole bomb , there isn’t as much manliness as I like it to be . The Gunbuster machine appears and kickass for 20min and nothing else other than that . The pacing  was fast but awful at the same time because it lacks of any real build up . The  guts and passion were not as hot blooded as I like it to be because there are no tension at all. Actually , things happen so fast and smoothly , I could not feel or see any ounce of people living in a dire situation at all .

I didn’t get any references from Aim for the Ace as well because I didn’t watch it but I do know that the cheesiness and annoying pettiness of the characters were intentional , I just don’t know whether they were  intentionally funny or not . Also , even though this is a well known fact , I have to add in that the black and white last episode was intentional and it actually costs more than doing a colour episode .So the allegation of Gainax not having enough money for the last episode is false. Though I don’t understand the purpose or see the deep artistic message behind it because I couldn’t care less.

Regardless , it was a neat ova with interesting concept .

I will say no more because I don’t really have a strong opinion for it . I will say that I enjoyed it but it didn’t really live up my expectation.  That might be due to the after-effect of Wings of Honneamise because everything pales in comparison with Wings Of Honneamise .

Now I can see people hating me for not liking or caring for their favourite show enough.

Ai Monogatari is a 90 mins long anthology ova with 9 different love stories, each directed by a different director, totalling the director count to 8. For the math idiot, it means that there is one director who directed two stories. If you are interested, one of the directors is Tomomi Mochizuki, the guy who did Ocean Waves (Umi ga Kikoeru), Orange Road and House of Five Leaves together with tons of other works.

The original source material is by Kaiji Kawaguchi , the author of highly acclaimed political manga such as Spirit of the Sun and Zipang , both of which I didn’t read because they added up to almost 60+ volumes . I doubt anyone reading this blog had finished the original manga so I can just bullshit on how both of them are hard hitting political manga so Ai Monogatari is a fresh breath of air and show the sentimental side of Kawaguchi . Then if you use the anime to tell me how wrong I was, then I will just say that the anime isn’t a faithful adaptation just because I know you won’t burn through 43 volumes of Zipang to prove me wrong.

Anyway, Ai Monogatari has almost zero character development because you won’t get to understand how the character start or how did they progress because you can only do so much within 10 minutes. However, the characters stayed interesting because they aren’t something you see normally; all of them are adults. Not to mention, because they are short, none of them have the time to go through all those romance cliché found in your usual shonen romance. They all go straight to the point.

There are just that many ways of doing a romance series , as shown from the countless KOR and Love Hina copies but (Most of the stories from) Ai Monogatari managed to differ from them by having really interesting and unique plots , ranging from tragedy to down to earth to goofiness. However, one may find some of the stories to be unbelievable because it lacks of any real development, which is valid but hey, it’s just 10 minutes so you really need to take it at face value.

To illustrate how the story can be really interesting, I will spoil one of them for you. One of the more interesting scenarios is about a salary man hooking up a Yakuza’s wife. The lady then called his Yakuza husband after she had sex with the salary man to tell him where they are. Then it’s an interesting car chase which ends with the Yakuza plunging into the ocean. It was revealed that the lady is actually testing the love of his husband rather than really wanting to elope with the salary man. So the salary man got double pawned, end of story.

For fans who just want a simple feels good romance, there are stories that cater to that as well so this ova is actually quite a blessing for romance fans. Actually, I will think that this ova is the best litmus test to test whether you actually enjoy romance series or not because I can’t see anyone who hates romance to enjoy this ova. However, it doesn’t have any teenage angst or the shoujo’s “love you till the thunder claps just because I touched your hand” problems. Most of characters were somewhat adult like where they took things very naturally so non fan might just be able to enjoy it anyway. I highly recommend it if you want to see a short, adult romance series. There’s a high chance you will like one of the story but even if you don’t, one story is just 10 minutes anyway.

To illustrate how the story can be really interesting , I will spoil one of them for you . One of the more interesting scenario is about a salary man hooking up a Yakuza’s wife . The lady then called his Yakuza husband after she had sex with the salary man to tell him where they are . Then it’s a interesting car chase which ends with the Yakuza plunging into the ocean . It was revealed that the lady is actually testing the love of his husband rather than really wanting to elope with the salary man. So the salary man got double pawned , end of story .

For fans who just want a simple feels good romance , there are stories that cater to that as well so this ova is actually quite a blessing for romance fans. Actually , I will think that this ova is the best litmus test to test whether you actually enjoy romance series or not because I can’t see anyone who hates romance to enjoy this ova. However , it doesn’t have any teenage angst or the shoujo’s “love you till the thunder claps  just because I touched your hand” problems. Most of characters are somewhat adult like where they took things very naturally so non fan might just  be able to enjoy it anyway . I highly recommend it if you want to see a short, adult romance series. There’s a high chance you will like one of the story but even if you don’t , one story is  just 10 minutes anyway.

Director List:

Since even ANN doesn’t have the full director list , I will do it for you instead.

    Title: I Want to Hold Your Hand/I Want to Hold You (抱きしめたい)

    Director : Mochizuki Tomomi (望月智充)

    Other Notable Works:Ocean Waves , Kimagure Orange Road , House of Five Leaves

    Title: Hero

    Director: Morimoto Kouji(森本晃司)

    Other Notable Works:Memories(Magnetic Rose) , Robot Carnival (Franken’s Gears)

    Other Details: One of the founder of STUDIO4°C

    Title:Let’s Spend the Night Together (夜をぶっとばせ)

    Director: Hamatsu Mamoru (浜津守)

    Other Notable Works:Ronin Warriors(Yoroiden Samurai Trooper) , Glass Mask(2005) ,Crusher Joe:Assistant Director

    Title:Stop the Time(時間よ止まれ)

    Director: Hamasaki Hiroshi(浜崎博嗣)

    Other Notable Works:Shigurui , Texhnolyze

    Title: Betrayal in The City/The Street Corner of Betrayal (裏切りの街角)

    Director : Mochizuki Tomomi (望月智充)

    Other Notable Works:Ocean Waves , Kimagure Orange Road, House of Five Leaves

    Title: I Can’t Stop Loving You (愛さずにいられない)

    Director : Oomori Hidetoshi (大森英敏)

    Other Notable Works:Robot Carnival(Deprive) ,Government Crime Investigation Agent Zaizen Jotaro (LOL) and a lot of Key Animations and Animation Director for Mobile Suit Gundam Trilogy Movie , Zeta ,Inuyasha ,Natsu no Arashi and etc.

    Title: Those Were The Days/I Want To Return To Those Days (あの日に帰りたいれない)

    Director : Anno Takashi (安濃高志)

    Other Notable Works: Maison Ikkoku, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou(OVA), Spirit Of Wonder:Scientific Boys Club , Kamichama Karin

    Title: Lion and Pelican(ライオンとペリカン)

    Director : Sawai Koji (澤井幸次)

    Other Notable Works: Ranma 1/2 (Season 2 to 5) , Tekkaman Blade:Unit Director , Patlabor The Movie :Animation Director

    Other Comment: He and Koichi Mashimo are best friends and they brought us amazing anime like the .Hack series .Not to mention ,they are the main staff for the best studio of the world ,Bee Fucking Train. To think that Lion and Pelican was actually an amazing work.

    Title: White Christmas (ホワイトクリスマス)

    Director : Suzuki Iku (铃木行)

    Other Notable Works: Yoshinaga-san’chi no Gargoyle (TV) , Moonlight Mile Season 1 and 2,Yumeiro Pâtissière (TV) , Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako (OAV) , Happy Lesson ,Dears

    Other Comments: What a stellar resume he has with AMAZING innovative OVA like Training with Hinako. Must be one of the best director out there to date.

Citations: The Ending Credit of The Ova

Most of them are renowned directors/animators of the 80s and 90s . Makes me wonder why the hell am I the first one who make this director list.

I need to insert picture(s) to earn hits from image search.

Kite Liberator is better than Kite just because it doesn’t force half-assed theme down your throat . However it does have its own share of problems as well .

Problem 1: Moe

The characterisation of Monaka uses the easy way out of being moe . Even though it’s lazy characterisation , it doesn’t really bother me much . Though I will rather they flesh out more of Monaka past and how she got into the assassin business than watching her fall down . Oh and for some reason , Monaka doesn’t wear any bra under her shirt because if she wore a bra , you won’t get to see her nipples when she took off her clothes right? Regardless ,Monaka isn’t obnoxious and she has some badass moments so I don’t really mind this problem.

Another reason why I mentioned about moe is because the ova love to emphasize on how their characters were under-aged. I don’t what’s their problem but it seems like they are constantly reminding you that the characters were minor. Not only that , those girl who got raped and molested are either high school girl or 12 years old . There’s something fishy here right?

Problem 2: Plot that need some refinement.

So you will turn into a monster and lose all your human nature just because you have enhanced bones. Must be due to the radiation because we all know that too much radiation won’t give you cancer but rather , make you a monster right?

Umetsu watched too much The Hulk.

There are other little flaws here and there but these two are so in your face , I can’t help but to mention them even though I am not really bothered by them.

Even with all these problem , Kite Liberator is still good entertainment. For instance , the action scenes were well done and some of the character designs and animation were nice to look at . The simple and entertaining drama of a female assassin , hired and trained by some secret agency to kill criminals and fight her monster father is pretty awesome as well . There’s also this conspiracy theory of mine on how Mukai is actually Sawa from the prequel because both of them have red eyes. Man ,so deep.

All in all , I enjoyed both the Kite ova and don’t mind watching more of it , even though they can be creepy sometimes.


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