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Recently, I rerouted my internet connection to obtain an USA IP address. Don’t ask me how because it concerns some nuke threats and political terrorism.

After days of negotiating and working with Mr Obama, I sat down, naked and sweaty, stared at my computer screen and started watching some Japanese cartoons. Now Hulu kicks ass but I have some idea(s) to make it more badass.

Do TV programming, have a list of pre-planned episodes on channels like how you do it on TV.

When I visit the Hulu page, there are like almost 5 million shows on there. So instead of me choosing what to watch, Hulu can set up a Channel mode and choose it for me by planning programming slots. With that, people can still choose what they want to watch or just go to something like a channel mode where you can flick channels and let Hulu do the job of deciding what to watch for you. Of course, they can insert commercials break like how they are doing now for videos. I will actually like that because that will further emulate the feel of watching television, something which I haven’t do for god knows how long. It also helps us to discover new shows or shows that we wouldn’t have watch so it might garner a new wave of fans.

Sometimes, shows expire to prevent the abundance of free alternative that may affect DVD sales. However, if we can put all this expired shows onto these channels, where there will be only certain amount of episodes shown in a week on a certain timeslot, it might nullify the effect of abundance of free alternative because you have to actually wait for a show to air and doesn’t have that much freedom to just click and watch.

Why it can’t work? There are just too many shows out there; doing programming scheduling will be a hassle. For one, should we mix different mediums such as Japanese cartoons and American TV serials together? Or do we do them separately? If we do them separately, how to we deal with dub and sub if both are available? Not to mention, it will be a lot of works. You need someone to do the scheduling for god knows how many channels every day. If not, you need to devise a new algorithm to automate the process which is as difficult as it sounds. Worse still, all the effort might not payback at all.

Also, the reason why people go to the internet for their entertainment is due to the freedom it provides, so I don’t think a restricted programming schedule will garner any attention. I also won’t be surprise that people find this idea totally stupid because you can always watch the television instead of going on to the internet for that. Last but not least, I bet that there are some legality concerns and such as well.

Thanks to my experience of live streaming for football matches, I kinda like the idea of watching television programs on restricted schedules. I got to watch some interesting obscure German drama and some weird German commercials thanks to that. That’s why I kinda wish that Hulu will spoon feed me on what to watch rather than me clicking on something to watch.

To make it clear, I don’t mean to discard the current system of Hulu but rather, add a new system that emulates the feel of watching TV while keeping the old “choose what you want to watch” option.

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I had times where I don’t understand why people praised Studio Ghibli so much and thought that it was that bit of overrated. I knew and could related to some of my friends who shared the same sentiment where they are baffled at the popularity of Totoro when it was so mundane .  However that was the past as in recent years , I started to understand and appreciate Ghibli and know where the praises all come from.

It all actually boils down to the technical side of things. Ghibli is the master of animation and can do amazing feat with anything about making animated films from techniques to screen play to well written script . All these are indisputable facts that no one can complain .It’s something objective and concrete where you can easily highlight any part of the film and provide factual support on why it was a well written film. This is why Ghibli films work well with critics and film major because they love to rationale their thoughts on a film and they look  at the more technical side of things .

For example ,when they look a string of animated frames ,they don’t like subjective thoughts on how these frames resonate well with their emotion just because . They look at how good these frames are drawn and other technical aspects to support the emotion they felt. Same goes with the plot . When they see a film ,they look for depth and decide whether it relates well with social issues and such because they are strong backups to support what they say .

However as someone who doesn’t really appreciate films with such regards , I don’t really subscribe to the complete rationale and objective ways of doing things .For one , I love what I love due to solely subjective reason , I have no objective means to justify why I love cartoons so much and why I prefer to watch Sword of Stranger than to like say ,Godfather .All I can say is that I prefer cartoon over live action film . That’s not saying I can’t tell you why I love Sword of Stranger more but all the reason I gave are really subjective and  technical side of things doesn’t factor in much .

This is why as much as I can understand and appreciate the technical facts about why Ghibli is one of the best studio out there ,I couldn’t really say that I love their films or place them as a favourite .For one , the only Ghibli film that resonate well with me was Ocean Waves , which ironically is one of the cheapest and hastily produced TV special by a bunch of young and unpolished animators from Ghibli which went over budget and hence causing it to be one of the least successful work from Ghibli that took the longest time to break even(Though please be aware that the least successful work of Ghibli still earn more than some of the top grade works from any other studio).Not to mention , even as a fan , I agreed that it was the least inspired film from Ghibli where the story is something everyone had seen before .

However , even with such facts , I can’t help but mellow when I watch Ocean Waves. It was so pure and subtle, it appears to be very realistically written even though the animators themselves know that it was too  pure to be true. Even so ,I think it resonate well with teenagers like me where it depict the non overarching realistic ideal of romance . Realistic ideal is a contradiction but it is this contradiction of half fantasy and half realism that make it so appealing because the story might really happen even when the possibility is small .

People love to make comparison of Ocean Waves and Only Yesterday due to similar style and similar fate of being the few works of Ghibli that weren’t licensed for release in America or so I heard. I haven’t watch Only Yesterday so I can’t comment on that but I will believe that Whisper of the Heart was the better choice for comparison .

If you had watch the documentary of  Ocean Waves produced in 2003,  long time Ghibli producer  ,Toshio Suzuki speculated that the reason why Hayao Miyazaki was furious after the test film of Ocean Waves was because he know he can’t produce such work .Suzuki also speculated that Ocean Waves is one of the reason why Whisper of the Heart was produced . The 5 main animators for Ocean Waves also think that the reason why Hayao Miyazaki green-lit Whisper of the Heart is to put an end to the whole realistic romance story from Ghibli and is some sort of challenge to Ocean Waves. The whole premise and feel of Whisper of the Heart also compares well with Ocean Waves too. Even before I watch the documentary , I always thought that Ocean Waves was the big sister for Whisper of the Heart because they are so similar and I guess I am sort of correct with that .

It’s widely accepted that Whisper of the Heart is better in terms of technical side of things because holy fucking god, Miyazaki helmed the scripting task and Yoshifumi Kondō [1],the promising animator revered by Miyazaki and many directed it .With such superior production value, it is normal for you to think that I should like Whisper of the Heart more right? Unfortunately , that’s not the case really.

The dialogues and personality of the characters of Whisper of the Heart just doesn’t work well with me. They don’t have the semi realism of Ocean Waves and they are just too mundane for my taste. When I watch Rikako being a bitch in Ocean Waves , I can relate to it because my image of a teenage girl fits in well with that . However on the other hand , when I watch Shizuku , I can’t think of her as a junior high girl because no realistic people act that way.  Same goes with the comparison of Taku and Seiji.  Not to mention , in Whisper of the Heart , there aren’t any memorable scenes that moved or impressed me because it just felt flat.

I will think it is my problem with Hayao Miyazaki’s script because as much as I admit that Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are well written, I felt that they are too technical and isn’t “human” or sentimental enough  . That’s still ok for Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away because they have fantastic plot and amazing action to make up for that but I felt that Whisper of the Heart is all about immersing in the sentimental side of things and enjoy the relationship of the characters so if you could not get into them , half the battle had already lost . However , all these are of course all subjective preference because others actually find Whisper of the Heart to be touching while Ocean Waves being a snore feast.

This is why as rationale as being objective with facts about production value can be , I still think that subjective views of whether a film touches you is much more important . That’s not saying production value and such aren’t important because most of the time , they are important elements that reach out to pull your heart string .

Side Notes:

[1]Unfortunately ,Yoshifumi  died at the age of 47 in 1998 before his career reach another highpoint when Miyazaki decided to let Kondo be his successor to lead Ghibli. [<-]

People always thought that I hate everything , little do they know , I gave Kanokon a 7/10 in MAL because it was the first and last of its kind that I ever watch. Thanks to its wide coverage and condensation of all your usual trashy fanservice tropes plus fanservice crap being a one dimensional genre which only has  one boring and meaningless way to be presented with no more value added or any other enjoyment incurred by watching other different variation of it because all of them are the same , I don’t need to watch anymore of its kind.

However ,you may say that this is applicable to other genre such as the sports genre as well but why do I have enough of fanservice crap yet on the other hand , finding myself wanting more sport series? Here’s my reason ,  genre like sport series even though have similar plot, evoke feelings such as passion and manliness  which I can never get tired of like how I can never get tired of being happy .  Trashy fanservice on the other hand only do as much as giving you one or two boners and nothing else in which I can do without with so I have enough of it. In other words , they have different levels in terms of enjoyment limit and trashy fanservice series has a limit that is easier to be satisfied when compared to sport series . Here’s a illustration , double click for bigger size.

Regardless , why choose Kanokon as your one and only trashy fanservice series then? Why not something shittier like To Love Ru? First , To Love Ru is shittier . Second  , Kanokon was so mind numbing and stupid , it was rather funny . Third, it is as short as a series can get with 12 episodes , and finally , it was one of the most erotic one during its time . It has balls to push the fanservice limit for tv series , resulting in more erotic series such as Queens Blade and Seikon no Qwaser to be produced. All these  add up to it being the epitome of the epitome for mediocre  fanservice crap and thanks to that , my taste got an upgrade because I don’t need to be bother with this kind of series anymore as I more or less watched the best I could find.

You might think that it will be better if I don’t even try this genre in the first place but I am glad that I did because I honestly  enjoyed what I watched due to it being such a fresh idea for me. It felt just like watching your first anime or liking your first idiotic series such as Love Hina or Inuyasha. Not to mention , it took zero effort to watch it .

The recent comment by Rocketham has prompted me to check up the first chapter of High School of the Dead and it reminds me on why I was never a fan for horror movie – they are too exploitive with their gore. Gore is like moe , the right amount of it can be an icing of the cake(I am totally apathetic about moe though)  but purely gore is like purely moe – a waste of time .

Like how moe elicits  fluffiness and fantasy , gore elicits grittiness and realism . It shows the ugly of mankind and the tragedies caused by violence . However , with horror movie , the gore has nothing that backs it up , it is like the sex from eroge , the sole purpose of it is because people love it and my problem with it is that I don’t really adore it as much as others in the first place hence , it serves no purpose to me and the whole experience felt meaningless .

Not to mention , when gore overshadowed the whole series , people will be too hung up by the “awesome” gore and forget about the plot , it is like the plot is there to comply with the gore , not the other way round . Elfen Lied is a great example , a lot of people remember Elfen Lied as a series with badass blood shed where organs and bodies are ripped apart rather than a dark series which dealt with issues such as outcast and human experiment . Same goes with Higurashi for me , no , I don’t remember it as a mystery series , I remember it as ripping off finger nails . Of course , that’s just me and others might not be as distracted as I am but distraction is my whole point here.

Before you think that I am criticising High School of the Dead , I will make things clear  first . HSotD reminds me of exploitive horror movie and the first chapter does give off the impression of being such but just by reading the first chapter is too early to make any assumption so my complains is not totally applicable  to HSotD. Not to mention , I do like some of what I saw , especially the part where the main character’s friend(for a lack of better word) turned into a zombie and the main character needs to finish him off . I dislike how the girl is so clingy and whiny though .

All in all , even though I find that pure gore series is a waste of time , I do understand the appeal  and why it is so popular , it is just like how I will watch and enjoy anything with awesome animations /actions no matter how dumb they are.

Recently , I watched two movies , Future X Cop and Ip Man 2 and they make me ponder the state of Chinese Cinema . Before going deeper into both movie , I will like to share some of my thoughts for Chinese film. The Chinese film Golden Age to me is definitely the 70’s  till the end of the 20th century. After that , we will only get the occasional Internal Affairs and Red Cliff .  Other than that , Chinese films are underwhelmed by the big budgeted Hollywood.

Before the 21 century, there are 3 types of Chinese films that allowed it to gain its golden age status : Kungfu/Wuxia action films , Gangster films and Mo Lei Tau comedy . The gangster film loses out because Hollywood can make bigger gunfight and bigger explosion while the Mo Lei Tau comedy was deemed to be too low-brow and cheap to gain any recognition . With that,  only our hand to hand combat action film remains better than the western counterpart. Though that’s like saying  a professional  pianist is better than a green horn one; we have been doing these kungfu film since the black and white era and have thousands of years of kungfu culture to support it so how can we even lose at it?! This point led to the discussion of Future X Cop and Ip Man .

Ip Man is a revisit to the Kungfu films . Yes , it is true that the Kungfu films are the shit in the 90’s thanks to stars like Jet Lee , Jackie Chan and others , however , there is a lack of these films during the 21th century . This is due to the mentioned actors expanded their career in Hollywood and the advent of CGI . With CGI , fight scenes can be great even without real martial arts . The Hong Kong cinema coped with CGI pretty well in the late 90’s and early 00’s with acclaimed movie like Storm Raider and Shaolin Soccer . However , CGI is a competition of technology and budget , the one with more of them wins . With that , Hollywood created movie like Terminator 2 , Matrix , Spiderman and such while refining the CGI usage to a matured level while Chinese Film struggle with cartoonish special effects and finally lose out . When comparing to their western counterpart , the CGI just look cheap and jarring so the result wasn’t too much of a surprise. The recent Future X Cop just strengthen this fact. It is like why should I watch Future X Cop when I can watch Iron Man 2? They are providing the same service and one is way more superior than the other!

Now , Future X Cop sucks , it really sucks . However , I must praise it because if there are no movie like Future X Cop to become the stepping stone for the refinement of CGI in Chinese films , the technique will stay stagnant and it will just lose out more. But then again , looking at those CGI , I lamented at why the hell do they waste their time and money do make this crap and not do what they are good at instead? So it was quite complicated , should Chinese films remain stagnant with their CGI and stay by the old formula that may become obsolete  any day or should they do otherwise? That’s for producer to decide and for me to find out.

Now on the other hand , Ip Man is great . It is simple ,touching and exciting at the same time . However , as much as I enjoyed the film , I hate to say that this won’t last long .  The kungfu films formula haven’t change since the Bruce Lee era. The basic premise follows: A great kungfu master with exceptional moral imparts and impacts people with their spirit and Chinese culture values. They are often being oppressed by a bigger power – mostly Japanese or Westerners due to the occupation by  both of them during the early 20th century .  Then they will fight the greater power in some form of martial art fights to impart Chinese culture and the importance of respect .They often played around with the ideas of underdog and how Kungfu is more than brutal fights for their theme . Jackie Chan added more to that by having interesting stunts but the premise more or less remained similar(Though he did try and succeeded with innovative plot as shown in Shijuku Incident and some other films of his).

The above mentioned formula is a winning formula but it will fail one day . Why? Did you noticed how those actors are all in their forties?  How can it keep on going when such talents are one in a million? Not to mention , the idea will get old one day . It might still be a joy to watch  Fearless and Ip Man thanks to some biography of well known real life Martial Artist and awesome choreography  but how many more Kungfu masters are there for you to depict and how exciting and innovative the choreography will get when the same premise is rehearsed a million times? The Jackie Chan formula is a long-lasting one though but there is a problem , it had been so many years and there is still only one Jackie Chan . If Martial Artist stars are one in a million then Jackie Chan will be one in a billion so how long will his formula keeps out? Not long  I guess.

So now they can either nurture another Kungfu star and keep the formula going or try another winning formula . Both of them take the same amount of time to succeed but the latter is of course more lasting . However  it will be more risky and take more tries to warm up the audience as shown in Future X Cop .

Of course , there are still some occasional gems like Red Cliff and such but compare these to the more widespread and frequent Hollywood/Western productions, how will the Chinese films keep up with it is still unknown . They are now coping with their interesting plot and rich histories and culture but how long will this last is still something that we odd to be careful of .

With that , I will end my thoughts . As for Singapore films , let’s just say that we are too young to be worth anything .

I find it funny that people brought up the number of rape cases to support their case that loli manga shouldn’t be banned . Sometimes they even argued that porn help relieve your sexual urge and stop you from becoming rapist. That’s why Japan has so few cases of rape because of their porno . Bullshit ! You know why Japan has such low rape cases? No , it is not because of the amount of pornography they produced every day but rather their culture  is still consider conservative and Asian treat scandalous act more seriously than other part of the world . We Asian love to “save face” where we treat one status and reputation really seriously . That’s why we have so many overblown custom during funeral and such just to preserve our pride. That’s why  we will always think twice before we act just to save our reputation . Not to mention , I am sure our conservative nature helped to cover up many other unreported rape case but I won’t be making such a sweeping statement .

Similarly , whether porn breed rapist or not is still debatable but it remain as a fact that it is something awkward and perverse within our “normal” society. You don’t see people openly admit that they watch porn because it is really embarrassing . Anime viewers should understand that their thinking is quite twisted thanks to the amount of fuck up thing they are exposed to .  Seriously , putting a cute moe girl as your avatar or desktop background isn’t cool , it is disgusting .

P.S. The title is a blantant ripoff of James Rolfe aka AVGN – “You Know What’s Bullshit”.

Singapore is really a quiet and conservative country , we seldom have any tabloid news that causes lots of wave . That’s why when there is one big fucking tabloid happening like some highly acclaimed director having an affair , people sensationalize the hell out of  it and make a hill out of a mole . The funny thing is that before this scandal , everyone gave praise for this director . There isn’t any criticism for him generally. However when shit happened , everyone took the chance to take him down and attack him at all cost . People started to nitpick every single issue and make him look like a Satan reincarnation. Why did this happen? That’s because we have too much time in our hand and  our views are narrow as fuck  thanks to our peaceful time .

Hence to eradicate this narrow views , I had devised a cure for it – watch more anime . If you don’t know yet , anime viewers have the broadest mindset as we are exposed to lots of taboo subject such as bondage , lesbian , gay and incest . We watched so much of those , we are desensitized by it .We had also seen so much emotional drama about betrayal and emoness , something like affair look so minor . To be frank , we won’t even care if some political figure have an affair because we had already seen a fictional simulation via some sick ass doujin .

Not to mention , we are so preoccupied by our dakimura , we can’t be arse enough to care about some director having an affair . The only director we care are people like Shinichiro Watanabe and Nakamura  Ryosuke and even if they have an affair , we won’t care as they are people who make tv , not educator that teaches us not to have an affair . Even if their anime shared with us some educational moral values while they are having affair , it doesn’t matter as those values still stand if it is totally unrelated with having an affair .

So does anime helped to make the world a better place ? Sure hell it does as it make us mind our own business because we are too preoccupied by our hobby .

To end off , I will like to say that even though I don’t really like the director’s work due to his often deus ex machina shitty ending pulled out from someone ass and ate it back and pull it out again for every subsequent movie he made , I still have respect for him as it remain a fact that he sort of paved a path of film making in Singapore and all his award for his merit are still rightly deserved. Let’s not forget and deny all his good just because of a mistake he made.

PS: I never know that having an affair have anything to do with feminism . I guess feminist just love to dug any hole when they get the chance to stir some muddy shitstorm out of it even if that hole has little to no relation with their views. I always believe that feminist should start their activities within their own gender  to eradicate the sexism issue rather than attacking the other gender. Hey , all your fellow female are the one who love  Twilight ,the tale of wanting to be protected you know? We men are more of being apathetic rather than being true sexist . At least I am the apathetic one because I am a real man .

I don’t blog in bad english because I wanted to , but rather I don’t know English well enough to blog fluently. Strange enough , lots of people out there are better than me in English but choose to write like 12 years old because to them , blogging isn’t a platform for you to share your thoughts but rather , a diary where you should write incoherent internet speak . To them , they have never spare a thought for their readers as they treated blogging as writing a personal diary , if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it.

I always thought the “if you don’t like it ,then don’t read it”  retort  is the most lazy and cliché defend seconded to “Do better before criticising”   . I believed that the reason why one will post on a public domain is  that he/she wants to share their thoughts to the world and is prepared for any disagreement because you literally ask for it when you made your thoughts public . For one , if I don’t read it , how do I know that I won’t like it? Also , if I really don’t like it , what’s the reason ? Like I said , you write a public blog to share your thoughts , in other words , you are sort of writing for the readers . That’s why if a reader dislike it , their reason should be valued because hell , you are writing for them in the first place . Unless if they are trolls  .

To end off , I think that everyone should tried their best in writing coherently because publishing their thoughts to the public is a testament that you are blogging for the readers . If you are blogging it like a diary ,then MS Word will be enough .

My inspiration for this post

Here is the specific excerpt that inspired me .

I am currently  18 years old(19 this year) male XD ^^;

this blog made mainly  to share my though, and I study overseas atm so I can’t show you my collection no not for now!

-if you asking why this blog name moemoekyun I am not K-ON! fanboy or mio big fan  ^^;; I use mio catchphrase hahhahaha I make this blog when re-watch K-ON! eps 4 lol >_> and sudenlly ritsu and yui said moemoekyun and my fingers ninja type moemoekyun in seconds LOL hahhahahha but I like mio in maid uniform form^^

and scarlet devil mansion is taken from touhou  my main love for now

the main reason I start blogging ‘I want to get rid from and’ XD

people act him like as “otaku emperor” that’s why I am try to get my own world with blogging

call me an otaku if you think me as otaku for now I can’t call myself as an otaku yet!

for now : otaku just word that danny used to call himself. if businessman/capitalism/celebrity like danny choo consider himsef as an otaku I have no idea what Is the meaning of otaku @_@ I must admit he have charm and nice community but he isn’t otaku XD

collection career :

I build gundam since I was 8,and start collecting figures since 3 years ago not so many since i don’t have so much money ^^

I mainly go with manga,anime  and game I am not really influenced for now only few H game and touhou

sorry for my lack of English language ^^

I know , me criticising on other’s english is the biggest joke but man , seriously. My English can’t possibly be any better than him/her( Most likely him because anime is porn and boys like porn while girls hate it because they shit pink shit) , my friends can definitely attest to that. Hell , the amount of grammar mistakes that I couldn’t spot in this post should be more than enough .

Oh , and I really hate emoticon .

If you know my top 10 anime , you will find that it is full of inconsistency with lots of oddballs such as Kanon 2006 and KGNE popping out like shit among flower bed . Sometimes I am also baffled by my own preference in anime and thought to myself why I liked those show when I usually prefered show that is of their opposite spectrum. Not to mention , I actually agreed on their flaws and complains pointed out by others . If you don’t know yet , one of my favourite hobby is plodding through the internet , searching for flames on Kanon 2006 because it is really fun reading all the criticisms. I guess it is some sort of masochism but well , liking anime and proclaim that you liked anime while wearing a Tengen Toppa Cospa shirt when anime are being looked down at as some dirty nerd entertainment is sort of masochism as well . I guess I am used to it and is able to treat it as something natural or something .

However there must be reasons why I liked such flawed series in the first place and after much contemplation , I came out with some .
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Before everything , let me share some history of mine on how I got into anime . I always liked cartoon since I was young , started watching it when I was 2 or something to be more specific. At that time , there is this particular type of Chinese cartoon that seems so beautifully drawn and so awesome-ly linear , I liked it more than others . All those Chinese cartoons were actually anime .  I didn’t know they are called anime at that time  , but I do know that they are from Japan because my Brother told me so . I am reading (or rather looking) at Dragonball and loving it at that time as well that’s why I am familiar with their art style and can identify those Japanese cartoon .With  that, I continue watching and enjoying these Japanese Cartoon . Then Pokemon came and like every retarded kid , I liked it a lot as well . It fortified my interest in Japanese Cartoon .

When I was ten , GTO was shown on TV and  thanks to that  , I finally know the term anime and started reading all the tv guide to find more anime to watch . To swing my penis more , I watched some Evangelion , lots of Kindaichi and lots of others obscure Japanese cartoon when all you 20+ years old fucking anime nerds are still sucking milk or something . Ha! Take that! I am the old pro .

However , it is not until 3 years ago that our home applied Broadband . Man , just think of the possibility , if I could access to the internet earlier on , I might as well be the next big thing in anime blogging or something . Well whatever , let’s get back to broadband . So after getting the internet for 2 months or so , I realise that I can watch  my favourite Japanese Cartoon on internet. Then I wasted my soccer potential and everything else and start watching silly Japanese cartoon and became the  anti-social nerd now . Thank you so much , anime .

During that time , my passion is definitely there , so much so that I decided to start blogging my inane views to make myself feels better because I can share my views on anime and earn lots of advertisement money . Then I found out that bans all advertisement  … … !
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