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Recently , I have been contemplating about what  moe really is . As we all know , moe is an abstract idea , vague and used without any rules . The origin said that it is a type of feeling , an affection  , or like what Ken Akamastu said ” a feeling of wanting to protect , a “brotherly love” ” towards character. These affection are mostly causes by attributes of a characters . These attributes mostly are flaws that helped in inducing sympathy or relatability(do we even have this word ? says yes but well… …)/approachability due to being on similar  ground/level . Beware of the word mostly here , there are other attribute as well but this one is one of the few prevalence one .Let’s provide some examples.

Example 1: Makoto from Kanon is moe due to her flaws that helped to induce sympathy . Her weak body , failure in  interacting and other flaws  put herself into a level that is lower than losers . This inspired sympathy from losers because they have similar flaws albeit , not as bad . The “not as bad” helped in turn ,inspired the spirit of wanting to protect because loser understand the characters very well and they know that they wanted that kind of protection they are providing to the characters . Then this understanding of the character and having the sense of protection then again  give them a sense of self-confidence.

This type of moe is  having someone more flawed than you  while the next example although is also about flaws , but the flaws are there to bring someone of a higher ground lower till the extend of approachable.
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I will let you in to a secret , I actually thought that K-on is a good show when it first aired ! OMFG! How wrong was I  after knowing what was installed for the subsequent episodes . Seriously though, K-on episode 1 shows lots of potential : Band started out weak but get awesome after sheer determination and training . Manly tears inducing material such as  hard work winning all . A test of friendship through dramatic conflict . Awesome music and awesome concert scene that rock my socks and so on .

However , from episode 2 onwards , we know that none of that happened . Everyone is fucking lazy and doesn’t practise . All they did were pointless shit like eating cakes . Yui acted like a fucktard friend during episode 2 . The music are shitty fluffy songs that weren’t even good . The concert is no “God Knows” at all and finally , there isn’t any tension and drama  . What we got in the end was a fairly well animated pointless series that somehow appeal to the mass . No shit get me as annoyed as I will than being pointless . I dropped Seitokai because it was pointless as well .

I always set my expectation of a series after episode 1 . I speculate what will be installed  in the later part of a series and this often help me not to get disappointed by a series because my speculations were almost always correct .  Even if it was wrong , if it exceed my expectation in a good way , I will like the series even more! Hey , no harm at all doing that right? However there were 2  problems for this – firstly , when a series  turns into shit when it has so much potential and secondly  , your expectation  was shaped by others( prejudice before entering a series or halfway through the series/bias) .

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How to enjoy anime!  Wohoo , frigging creative post I am going to churn out here , the never done before :”How do enjoy your cartoon! Belated New Year Edition.”

Now , I am blessed with awesome taste , I like epic 10/10 series like Kanokon, Grenadier and Sacred Blacksmith because they are epic like that . Stupid plot? Disgusting pandering?  Fuck cliché? Ha! I have this more than godly ability to change them into something enjoyable just by a tiny tweak in my perspective of them  .

Although you see how I always say that K-on sucks , Higurashi is meh and Seitokai isn’t funny , I actually mean it! Because those series are the abomination of hell , no matter how I tweak my views toward them , I can’t seriously say that I liked and enjoyed them . When this happen , I will put on the “economic glasses” and view these series as a product rather than an anime to enjoy it for a totally unrelated reason .Now if you see K-on as a product and research on how it was able to appeal to such mass even though it is arguably bad , you can actually see that it is the pinnacle of merchandising . Its positive effect of pushing sales for  loosely related merchandise such as guitar and headphone is something of legendary status .Interesting isn’ it?
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First thing first , it will be fucking chinese again because my english fail so hard , I can’t do justice to this wonderful piece . The difference is though , for my ” No Longer Human” post , I concentrated on the novel  more than the anime series itself , like totally novel material there . However , this time , I will write about the anime series because amazingly , it is better than the original due to the parallel it drawn . For your information , Takada’s story is not inside the original “Run, Melos”  , not even one tiny ounces of it . That’s why I am very impressed with the original content from this episode. Man , Nakamura Ryosuke , keep up the good work . I have high hope  in him .

Of course , like all my post , I treat it as if you had seen the series already  .

太宰治一向来的作品都带这哀伤与绝望 , 但原作中的 《快跑、梅乐斯!》却是一部充满希望的短文。我想那是因为如动画里所描述的一样,太宰治在述写这部作品时处于在最平稳,最从满斗志的时期,因而这些素质便在《快跑、梅乐斯!》 中自然的反映出。 好了,做了些微无谓的介绍后让我们来谈谈动画吧。

首先,动画巧妙的加入了自己原创的插曲。这段插曲描述了高田与城岛间的友情,背叛,愧疚与原谅 , 深切的画出与 《快跑、梅乐斯!》的平行而表现出了人物的喜怒哀乐。如要从始而终的描写本人对这部作品的看法与感想的话,那会十分的长闷。所以我就些微的提提动画中的要素。


    高田经历过城岛的背叛,而《快跑、梅乐斯!》却是一部充满友情主意的作品。可想而知,当他在写《快跑、梅乐斯!》写的剧本时, 一定有把自己和在其中的角色对比。但问题来了,他到底和谁做了对比?萌sucks叙说高田与每个角色都有对比但除了国王的对比以外,我不以为然。 我认为高田只和赛里努丢斯做了对比。赛里努丢斯相信梅乐斯会回来救他, 这不就和高田在等待城岛一样吗?原作的最后有提到赛里努丢斯有对梅乐斯怀疑过,这不就是高田对城岛的想法吗?动画里根本没描述赛里努丢斯的想法,那是因为高田已在自身的经历中表示了赛里努丢斯的心情。
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After years of researching , I have come up with the fundamental steps of being awesome . Being awesome like I am , I must share this valuable result to my precious readers .

Step number 1 – Appearance (Guy)

Unless you are a gigolo or retard , you don’t need to be handsome . It is funny how we love girl with good appearance but find that all those handsome guy are fucking annoying and will like to bash the hell up of them . I guess it is just that those arrogant guy without any substance tend to be more handsome because they are bound to be a failure that leech of money off from women and women being women , willingly cringe on them even until their blood got sucked dry .

Not to mention , your face shouldn’t be a face that say ” I am a retard , please beat me up ” as well. You know it when you saw those kind of face and naturally , you will exploit  and make them your slave while beating them up . Funny how that work but there are just some face that ask for bullying .

Knowing that , an appropriate appearance is to look a little above average. The best is that your look emit the aura of humbleness or inconspicuous so that people won’t get annoyed by it . I am best at doing that . For one , I look down at all the people around me but everyone is not angry about it because with such an innocent and humble face like mine , people won’t believe that I am someone vile and evil . Otherwise , my inconspicuous make them not aware of me .

Milestone test/question : Are you invisible even after getting a full GPA? Does no one care about your project proposal even though you gave the best and most interesting ideas that get an A for you individual project?  Do you appear to be someone who can’t archive much even though you are one of the smartest person around? Can you blatantly show your arrogance yet no one get annoyed by it ? If yes , then you are along the same level as me.

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Update: This post doesn’t make any sense lol . Now I know that I shouldn’t post anything when I am half awake , especially when the post has 1000 words . To be frank , I am still half awake now , everything I read and write doesn’t make sense  , even this little update exhaust 50% of my brain power . I can’t even construct any sentence well !

Unlike summer season whereby lots of series are cater to fanboy of Shinbo , 07th expansion and lesbian  , fall season has a better balance in term of diversity of genre except from mecha genre of course . I have this feeling that nowadays , mecha series will only be successful if it is gundam or have pretty boys . Yes , I do agree that the genre do have quite a large group of loyalist but let just admit that most people are turn off by  mecha ,especially the super robot genre . It is like how many people watched Shin Mazinger Z right?

Sorry , I digress , let us get back to the topic.

If I remembered correctly , Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is the only series that didn’t have any obvious moe archetype or  pandering . You see , it is not wrong to pander to fanboy but not everyone is a fanboy of said category . For once , I don’t orgasm when I watch Shinbo’s photoshopping or lesbian . I hated 07th Expansion due to Higurashi as well , hence what else can Summer offer me even if it is full of great series like what others made it up to be?

That’s why ,  in order to make sure that everyone has a series that pander to them , it need to have  diversified genre. For once , I am not the targeted audience for summer season because the target scope is not wide enough , unlike the fall season .

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If you follow this blog 24/7 , you might notice that I wrote an impression post about Samurai Champloo before , but after a few hours , it was taken down . I took it down because that post is a disgrace , a big discredit  for the series .

Samurai Champloo caught me by surprise and show me something that I least expected it . I always have this prejudice of it being some mindless random samurai flick but I was wrong , it is more than that . The plots hold depth under the disguise of wacky humour and I must say that those depth are definitely concepts that people can  gain something from . There are underlying values , concepts and theme that the series wants to convey in every episode . One such example is episode 6 that talks about that funny Holland guy . Shinichiro Watanabe cleverly used slapstick humour to touch on issues such as abnormality and acceptance of minority in that episode. Clearly , I can’t give more examples because I am only at episode 6 now but let me just say that except from episode 1 , some of the dialogues from the other episode convey interesting ideas that are unique and hold some depth , like that villan theory in episode 4.

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People are complaining about Yuuki’s spirit being unrealistic and destroyed the whole series . I disagree that it destroyed the series . That’s because I didn’t treat Yuuki’s spirit as a realistic portrayal for Mirai’s mental illness but treated it as an exaggerated  metaphor to  convey what it want to convey  , family value .  With that , I don’t question about the realism in the depiction of  Mirai’s mental status because that isn’t really important. To me , it seems like the production team isn’t really trying to go down on details about Mirai’s mental illness but more about how to convey family values through Mirai’s delusion .
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Recently , the fall season list is updated and there are lots of interesting kid show being added . Now , I love kid show because I don’t have this strange ego of an adult or teenager whereby I will get embarrassed if people know that I am enjoying them.  Actually I don’t read understand this ” it is for kid” stuff” in the first place . If it is enjoyable , why care about if it is for kids? Why when Ghibli do a kid movie , everyone  praises it ? Where did their usual ego went to? With that , I want to make a point that even  even if the series is targeted towards kids , if it is well done like The Iron Giant , Ups , Totoro , Cross Game , Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ,Pokemon season 1, Digimon , Major , Mahoujin Guru Guru or Ponyo , it will still be great .
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After talking about some anime stuff with some of my friends just now , I finally come down to a conclusion on what criteria you need in order to call yourself as an anime fan . Now , I bet that you heard a lot of people saying that they are fan of anime just because they watched some bleach or naruto , but are they really fan of anime or fan of that specific series? You may like Transformer 2 a lot , but just because of that , can you say that you are a fan of movie? I guess not , so it is quite obvious that being a fan does not only consist of liking something from that particular medium but actually embracing the whole lots all together . With that , it is clear now what are my criteria for being an anime fan .I will include some checklist and you tell me if those are applicable criteria or not .

Oh , if you don’t feel like pressing the more button to read a whole chunk of 1300 words , just do the opposite of what this guy does and you will be alright . Links below.

LOL I SUPPORT the industry!!!!


LOL I am awesome because I LOVE RUBBISH SERIES!!!

I also LOVE ANIME GIRLS because they are CUTE and TSUNDERE , but I CAN’T APPRECIATE the passion of MANLY MAN .LOL I am also a weeaboo that spelt GIRL AS SHOUJO because I took JAPANESE 101 in SCHOOL!!

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