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If you want a fresh breath of air from your usual anime series with common animeish plot line , it will be good to just catch some animated movies. Maybe due to its theatrical nature and how anime movie tends to be more mainstream as its purpose isn’t just to please otaku , their style is really different from your usual series . Actually , most of those non fantastical one are similar to any live action movies out there but because it is anime , it became different.

Like how Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 being one of the few natural disaster anime or Highschool of the Dead being the few Zombie Apocalypse one , all those done to death plot from other medium seems to be something new and never done before just because of the change of medium. This is actually due to a belief , a belief from us anime fans that anime could revolutionise and make a difference with these usual plot from other mediums, though I really don’t concur with that because Highschool of the Dead remained as one cliché Zombie Apocalypse flick and even though Tokyo Magnitude was actually different ,  it was way too different to be seem as clever or great enough to subvert the cliché.

In other words , even though I must admit that I have the same belief in the past , but after watching quite a handful of anime , I know that I am expecting too much . In return , I enjoyed these live action like anime with another set of expectation – I just want a simple , inspiring feel good movie but I couldn’t stomach live actions due to many reasons so I have to make do with it using anime . It is just like reading a comic of a novel , different medium with similarities but one is easy to digest than the other so you just have to make do with one of them to enjoy some of the similar experience while not facing those nausea evil stuff like bad acting.

Regardless , I think I have rattle enough and need to talk a little about Nitaboh . Nitaboh is a story of the founder of  of the Shamisen of Tsugaru in which you follow his journey of learning and becoming the master of Shamisen . It was produced by WAO Corporation which little details was known about them because apparently , they only created three or so animated movies so far.  Now I am downloading their next work Furusato Japan in which I was interested in since god knows when . Regardless , Nitaboh is an inspiring movie about following one’s ambition . So what if you are blind , so what if your status couldn’t play Shamisen , so what if ONE MANGA is down ! With a will , there will be a way! Now that’s a simple and common plot line but it was well written and the ost enhanced the mood so well , I was exhilarated by the whole feel of the movie , I actually felt kinda awesome after finishing it.

In other words , it was damn good lah , go watch it .

PS: Apparently , WAO Corporation is an educational business company in which they offer stuff like prep school and err e-learning?  Nitaboh , Furusato Japan and the newest 8-gatsu no Symphony – Shibuya 2002-2003 are educational movies. I sort of have guessed that from the start of Nitaboh but I have to make sure but man , some educational company is creating such high quality movie( ok , not that high in quality bit hey , it is above average)  when Gonzo is dying while Xebec and Bee Train can’t even put out a great show? How embarrassing is that! I have high hope for WAO.


Answering this question might pose to be a challenge for me due to the lack of experience because seriously , after living for nearly to two decades , I haven’t really encounter any real challenges that will put my personality and survival instinct to test. What will I really do if I was in a real pinch? How will I cope with life and death matters. Which character in Infinite Ryvius will I act like? Will I be the leader? Or Will I be the follower or what? In order to answer to these questions , I will try to see how I can relate to the Infinite Ryvius cast.

First thing first , I will admit that I never found anyone in anime who I could relate to . I could identify myself in some situations from series such as Genshiken and Cromartie High School but that’s only some part of the whole scenario and not any of the characters. For example , I can relate to the feeling of building your first plastic model or get irritated if I couldn’t figure out the song I was humming but I couldn’t find myself in characters such as Sasahara or Kamiyama. However , for Infinite Ryvius , I might just find someone I could relate to since the characters are so diversified , almost every set of personalities were showcased  . Not to mention , the scope was narrowed by the scenario ; which character will I most likely act like if I were in the Ryvius. So without further ado , let’s narrow de-construct  the cast.

Stein Heigar: Heigar is a realistic and rational guy , he only care about facts and nothing else. I find it a little cheap that the series gave him a mental breakdown for such a small issue but nevertheless , his realistic mindset of outweighing the pros and cons is admirable . I will consider myself as a rational being but I do have some romantic fantasy such as hoping for miracles and saving the world , which is why I couldn’t totally see myself in him . Though in a pinch , I can still see how I might act like him but I most likely won’t . 45/100 similarity points.

Airs Blue: He is ruthless and will complete  his goal no matter what . From his character design , you will think that he will play a huge role but eh , he sort of got kicked off after mid series . It’s a shame because he is quite badass .He has leadership qualities which I have near to none because I dislike asserting power and forcing others to do stuff so I can’t see myself as him . The only thing I can relate to is getting interested in Juli . 25/100 similarity points.

Yuuki: Yuuki will be my favourite characters if he isn’t so stubborn with small issues. However , I liked him because he is like the cool pilot in war that get things done . Not to mention , he acted with his own gut feeling and think that complaining is stupid while not giving a fuck to most of the stuff. That’s very much like me actually though , as much as he disliked others to complain , he himself complains too much , especially for minute issue like getting in the same room with his brother. If he were to be more composed and attract some nice looking girls other than above average one , I can definitely see myself in him . 70/100 similarity points.

Houjou Lucson: Lucson complains and brag a lot at first but he know his own place later during the series.  Knowing your own place is the only thing I could relate to . I dislike complaining and didn’t really like to have too much attention so bleh. 20/1oo.

Oze Ikumi: Oze loves his sister , ewwww. He is like the party players with his cheerfulness and stuff like that . Though later on , we will realise that his cheerful front is forced in a sense that he tried to be friendly because he doesn’t want anyone to leave him. Though this front stays with him and became a part of his personality in the end. I might be a cheerful person but his cheerfulness is too over for me to relate to . So 30/100 .

Turtleland III Good: He is someone who takes love too seriously , I take it very seriously too but I am to manly too get seduced and get manipulated like he did in the first half . Though taking to the account where I can see myself sacrificing for my love one , I can sort of relate to him . So 50/100.

Kibure Kikki: The dino girl who mind her own business and stayed in the background all the time . Man , staying in the background is just like me. I  love to stay in the background  to keep a low profile  because you know , being high-profile is like asking for attention and that might look arrogant . Also , attention means trouble , it is easier to do things when no one notices you .It is stress free as well and I don’t get emo just because I am alone or stuff like that . Friends and being with a group are overrated anyway . However , not much of Kibure is being mentioned so I don’t know if we have the same reason to stay is the background . Can’t blame though because she appears like 5 seconds for  every episode and 0 seconds during episode 14. So 30/100

Kouji : He is like the normal guy , always doing the most predictable and conventional stuffs . Now that I think about it , the probability of me taking the same course of action as him is pretty high . So , 80% similarity point.

Finally , someone who I can really relate to and even take the same course of actions as she does .

Bahana Juli: Juli became a Zwei just for the scholarship . I took IT because it is an easy way out for me . We are both in a half enthusiastic state for the path we took . Juli sympathise someone who is in the same situation as her , in this case , she sympathise with Pat because  they are orphan . I can see myself doing the same since I can be really sentimental . Juli is wishy-washy , can only lead if forced to , doesn’t like to order people around ,sort of a romanticist , second in command  and always being relied on . Man , that’s like my carbon copy so yes , Juli is like 85% similar to me .

With that I will end my thoughts on Infinite Ryvius. However , I will like to briefly mention about 90’s anime . Infinite Ryvius( although was started in 1999 and ended in 2000 but the style is technically the 90’s anime style so…)  inspired these thoughts below.

I will definitely watch Tekkaman Blade one day

It is strange that the 90’s looks like a void in terms of anime production . Sure we have Slayers , GITS , Evangelion , GTO , LOGH, Slam Dunk , Golden Boy  Flame Of Recca , One Piece , Cowboy Bebop , Lain, Record of The Lodoss War , iterations of Gundam , Macross and etc  ,but it just felt void in a sense that a lot more were produced but not many were well-known . Like say , one will not just dive into a series like “Those Who Hunt Elves” unlike how people might watch some post 2001 series like Maria+Holic nowadays. That’s because more details were known for post 2001 series but no one really talk much about the 90’s one  much . This resulted in people not being exposed to 90’s anime enough to incur any motivation to watch any of it. To think that there are sites that covers lots of 80s series but not many for the 90s  . I find it sad because I personally like the style of the 90’s. The cell shadings ,the spiky haired characters , the vibrant colours , the awesome songs and the huge eyes art style attracted me . All in all , I will like to watch and study more on the 90’s anime so I will be watching a lot of them lately , starting with some Ova and series like Nadesico and Banner of Crest franchise. Also , I grew up with these anime so a taste of some nostalgic trip will be nice.

One day after I woke up , I realise that criticism is bothersome . Firstly , I don’t know how to criticise because nothing actually bothers me enough to invoke any anger  and secondly , there are lots of other criticising anime for whatever cause so maybe voicing  praise only will be a good idea since there aren’t many blog that does that. So from today onward I will be positive and like every anime , good or bad out there and clear off all hatred .I will try to be very bias and only look at the good of a series while neglecting all the flaws . With that , I hope that one day , I can become the happiest human on the earth.

Now , K-on sucks.

The End~~~~~~z

So today I watched “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” during my 4 hours break in school . I watched it with a bunch of friends in a multimedia room with a section for loaning dvds next to it . Yes , I know that it is awesome , my school is like a resort and I felt liking living in a resort every time I went to school. Now the story was really simple but it was made complex with lots of technobabbles , apparently about quantum mechanics of parallel world or something of that sort. However we all know that we don’t really watch Makoto Shinkai film for anything but the ambience the film emits and the novel like dialogues. Ok , and the amazing animation . Maybe the simple plot too . Regardless , the movie was beautiful looking and a great experience but that’s not the point of this post , the point is don’t watch anime with friends – they will just spoil the mood with unnecessary comments . And noises .

After watching the movie , we watched “The Day After Tomorrow”.  Ok , I glanced it more than really watching it because it felt so empty . It was exciting alright but it isn’t something memorable or something that makes you feel anything . You just watch and forget , which is something I don’t really adore especially for movie because that’s too pointless to my liking . In simpler words , I just don’t care what I was watching .

However , watching “The Day After Tomorrow” helped me to appreciate anime more because anime has something that Hollywood movie lack , the ambience and the quiet moments where we just seat back and appreciate the wonderful animation . Watching anime is the only time where I felt like I am looking at an art when normally I just laugh at all the breasts and penises displayed in an art museum . Now , even though I can describe any art piece and what they signified easily because I am great at bullshitting , I don’t feel that there are any layers or great about the art work . I know that they are great due to these layers, theme and messages but I don’t feel great while looking at them because I have no artistic sense. However , watching anime is the only time where I will focus on all the frames and how they transit while generally felt impressed and fulfilling , or so to say , it impacts me .

The quiet moments can only happen in anime because mainstream viewers will sleep during these moment . Anime , being something for the niche can do as many quiet moments as they liked because we will suck it up no matter what . Now , for example , if My Neighbour Totoro is a real life film , it will just fail not due to the fantasy elements but rather , it was too pointless and anticlimactic to keep people on their chair. Now in animated film , the pointless quiet moments became the element to keep us on the chair not because we are sleeping but because the mood makes it  an experience . Of course , depends on your preference , these quiet moments can be a snore or an experience , for example , people enjoyed these moment in Whisper of The Heart but I don’t really care about it and same goes to people finding it a snore for Ocean Waves while I enjoyed it whole heartily.

Now of course not all anime give off the same impression . However,  even for those that didn’t , I am able to be more focus and enjoy it more than live action films or series . As ironic as it is , I can take anime more seriously than drama acted by real human. Now , I don’t think it is hard to find something like  Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien in live action soap opera or such but watching it in animated form just makes me care more . Why and how? I don’t really understand. Same goes with manga , Solanin is a common story but it causes lots of impact which I don’t think I will gather if I watch a similar real life drama or film . Maybe it is due to too much exposure of anime( and too much shitty live action) that causes my subconscious to form this mindset but bleh , that’s that I guess. Now not everyone can become an anime fan because they lack  this similar subconscious/mindset, I supposed.

My friend asked me an interesting question yesterday , ” Is Book Of Bantorra a good series?” whereas I answered ,” No . But I love it”. Unlike something as solid as Haibane Renmei or Planetes , I can’t possibly be insane enough to even say that Book Of Bantorra is a great series because it is not . That doesn’t mean that it was a shitty one but rather , it has too many flaws to be safely called solid in the first place . I always find myself lament about how Book of Bantorra will be one of the best series out there if they have higher production values and more competent storyboard just because of its unique approach in terms of plot . Though ,while lamenting about the lousy animation , I am at the same time impressed by the production team because they always managed to exceed my expectation.

There are two fatal flaws for BoOB(Book of Bantorra) – the pacing and the animation .

Firstly , the pacing is awkward. It felt like a lot of stuffs from the original novel were left out and this causes some of the story arcs to be somewhat anti climatic and make a character look shittier than he supposed to be. Did anyone know that Mokkania Fleur is actually some badass motherfucker who has one of the most touching storyline and  a fujoshi bait personality?  No one does because the anime crammed one whole book worth of material into 2 episodes whereby lots of stuff happened too fast and by the time you make some sense out of the plot , Mokkania was already dead. Yea , fucking dead . BoOB was fucking awesome because it kills everybody . You don’t know who it will kill next ; it might be your Mama , your Papa or even your unborn son who travels back to time. One thing can be sure though; BoOB will always kill important characters and that’s one of the reason why it is awesome but I will leave that on the later part of the post.

However , the shitting of the diarrhoea cake isn’t its pacing as the pacing isn’t so much of a problem when compare to its animation decay . Sometimes  the animation can be so bad , it  doesn’t make any sense! For one , you will find many instances where the enemies just stand there and wait for the characters to finish their words . Not to mention , you get classic lolz like this:

Let's count to 5! 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 , I HAVE FOUR FINGERS!

Yea , how can one take this show seriously when there are decays like these?  Elites sure can’t as only the kindest , greatest human being like me can disregard these four fingers and take the series seriously because I believe the power of love. That’s right , BoOb has the theme of power of love which  is like one fucking cliché that makes everyone puke semen like some reverse engineered  sexual intercourse but BoOB reverses reversed sex and makes it awesome again . In other words , it makes the story of power of love great. If you still can’t conjure out why this is awesome , let me use this analogy to illustrate it for you .

Power of Love is like an asshole , nothing but shit and std infected semen come out of it. However , when an asshole paired together with  BoOB ,  it will become the greatest body part that turns you on . When you look at an asshole , you don’t know whether it is some gay asshole or shit like that . However , when it is together with a BoOB , you will know that it will be one fine ass from some sexy lady . Ok , the lady might not be sexy but it at least won’t make you a gay when you get turned on by the asshole and that’s why Book Of Bantorra is awesome.

That makes a lot of sense all right but let’s move on to the next point – the characters.

Anime Fans  suck because they will drop a show just because of superficial reasons like BOOHOO , my favourite character died or BOHOOOOO the character design sucks . Yea like the purpose of letting a character die is not to let you cry in the first place. What I meant is that if a death of a character incurs so much emotion in you , so much so it makes you want to drop a show , it just means that the show is great because it succeeded in getting you emotional attached to it so how can that suck?  That can’t be suckage so pick up your balls and remember the deceased character you love in your heart and goes on with the show because it might just be another Dragonball Z.

Even if he/she stayed dead , we should cherish their sacrifice and learn from their story and be pleasure when we see them make a  cameo toward the end of the story . That’s true love for anime , true love for characters . It is something that buying some dolls or pillows and literally fucked them up couldn’t compete . Book Of Bantorra gave me that ability to love  and that’s why it is awesome .

With that out off the system , let’s just say that BoOB have lots of interesting characters that may or may not be killed . Not to mention , I kinda like the idea of the lack of main character . If you don’t know yet , Book Of Bantorra doesn’t have a main character because that’s the whole point of the story : Everyone is a saviour and no one is less important than others. With love , everyone will live on and the world will become the most beautiful place ever.

Before you said that the last line was retarded , let’s remember that Planetes conveyed the same thing .

I know a lot of people who watch anime but I couldn’t get into any conversation with them because what I watched is so varying from the majority . When everyone and their mother are watching stuff like To Aru Railgun and Seitokai , I am the lone warrior who watches Book of Bantorra . When everyone and their mother talk about Fate/Stay Night and Nanoha , all I see is an  animation decay and a Card Captor Sakura friend. I know Nanoha is more of a DBZ than Card Captor Sakura but fuck it man , I can’t tolerate the first few Card Captor Sakura clone episodes when I don’t even like Card Captor Sakura in the first place. So I am thinking of writing a list of series that I haven’t watch to show how noob I am.

Shagukan no Shana:

Firstly , it never ends . Secondly , I watched some youtube video of its best fight scene and it look as good as someone taking a diarrhoea and yea,  that diarrhoea line is a blatant ripoff. Not to mention , it felt too anime to my liking . Too anime meant that it plays by the stock stereotype for characterisation and the character design just spell generic and otaku pandering . Man , the brown  haired  main character with an anime prototype face is the best evidence . Also , Shana just looks like a noisy brat .

Zero no Blah Blah Blah Blah :

This is that magic summoning Rie Kugimiya show . Again , totally the same problem with Shana .


Too much hype , I am giving it a chance by not watching it during any hype because I think I can enjoy it . Though it seems like the hype  die down quite quickly for this one.  Maybe it is just a fad.


Oh , I fucking completed this alright and it is so pointless , it felt like I never watch it in the first place.

Code Geass:

Same with Bakemonogatari.


Too many iteration but believe me , I am working hard by starting from the first one . Hey , at least I complete one episode of it , just left 42 episode and a  few hundred more other series to go .


First few episodes are CS clone . It was too pandering for my taste . Lots of people I know with bad taste liked it .

Full Metal Alchemist:

Because I got money to spend .

Cowboy Bebop:

I watched this one on TV and  it looks sucky back then . However , after watching Samurai Champloo , Cowboy Bebob became  my number one most anticipated series that I will start someday .

Fate Stay Night:

Studio Deen .

Higurashi’s original vn might be  as good as others said it is and I am willing to believe in that but the anime adaptation  failed . I am sure it is the same case with Fate Stay Night especially after I watched the “best fight of F/SN”  on youtube .

One Piece:

Actually I did watch the anime until they reached Grand Line or something and wanted to continue it but the local cartoon channel stopped airing it . I also did read the manga till volumes 19 via renting  but yea , shit happened between me and the rental shop so I stopped  . Now it is just getting too massive and long for me to care. I guess One Piece doesn’t fit into the list but  I almost forgot all about it .


I read the first volume of the manga  and quite liked its concept . I also somehow have volumes 1 to 31 with me now but again , the never-ending syndrome warded me off.


Shitty ending , nuff said.

Princess Monoke , Nausicaa and Ponyo:

And I have all of them in my hard disk . I am planning a movies marathon after I finished Gankutsou and Book Of Bantorra to watch all those Satoshi Kon , Shinkai , Mamoru Oshii , Ghibli , Pretentious Studio 4 Degree films which I haven’t watch .


Recently , I found an interesting trend . Lots of people only managed to finish the first season of SAC and left 2nd gig hanging for some reason . Actually I know the reason , GITS SAC is too heavy ; it exhaust the shit out of you and make you feel like you have watched a 2hour film just after one episode.  I personally stalled it on episode 12 for the same reason .

To Aru Railgun:

This was pretty popular among people I  know . However , I can’t be arse enough to care about it and it was too anime to my liking .

Shoujo Series:

Never underestimate the power of fangirls . I don’t know why but fangirls are more rabid than fanboys . They can jack up the rating of mediocre series like Skip Beat , Junjo Romantica and Kimi ni Todoke . Somehow , lots of girls like something as stupid as Sengoku Basara as well . Why and how? I don’t know man but I do know that I have totally opposite taste from them .  I disliked most of the Shoujo series that I watched , the only one that I liked is Library War . That’s why I don’t bother checking up on any of them .

What’s the first anime which kicked you into this gooey perverted slum called anime fandom?

Those who started off this last decade most likely started off with Naruto or Bleach . For the  cool and stylish anti herd , it will be most likely some moe show like K-on or Nanoha . For the fangirls , it will be the like of Deathnote or some shitty yaoi Shoujo.  For those 90’s old kids , it should be either Dragonball Z or Gundam Wing . For those liars , they will say it is Cowboy Bebop or Lain even though the actual one is DBZ but what I am saying is that most people started off with these few series .

Me? Strange enough , I only watched Lain and K-on completely out of all the above because I am cool . The first actual anime that made me really start off this perverted hobby was GTO and it still remain as my number one favourite manga of all time . That might be the reason for my good taste because people tend to try stuff which they enjoyed for their future endeavour . I liked GTO because it was very manly . The jokes are so offensive and vulgar , it shaped my interest in comedy where penis jokes and dirty cheap shot gag fare better for me than those overrated “intelligent” jokes. I found out that the plot was surprisingly creative and great as well and that’s the reason why I am always digging out obscure series that have unconventional plot .

My point is that your starter anime might actually shape your taste in anime . If not , at least it shaped mine so I am interested to find out if others have the same experience as me . It might not be far fetch though because I found out that lots of people that start off with Lain dig complex and dark series while those that started off with Bleach and Naruto continued to stayed retarded . There are also this bunch of people that started off with stuff like Bleach but got into the fandom only after watching those moe show and unsurprisingly  , they most likely stayed as moe fan . The mecha fans have the same syndrome as well so hey , this theory which I bullshitted while writing this post might be correct!

So what’s the first anime that get you into this messed up hobby?   First anime as in the anime that made you interested in this hobby rather than the first one that you watched.

I thought that Senkou no Night Raid  deserve a post itself not because it was good but rather , it was treading on dangerous ground . The setting of Shanghai in 1930/1931 is when the Mukden(918) incident happened . Now , to be frank , I know shit about what happened back then . I just know that it led to the Second Sino Japanese War and that time period is really sensitive for China citizen . Now the complain is that people argued  that Senkou no Night Raid tried to glorify  the 918 incident and propagate that the Japanese are the hero . However from episode 1 , it was still unsure whether the anime is really doing so .  Now what I want to talk about is not how accurate it depict historical facts because I don’t even have any  idea of 918  before this  but I want to ask why did A1 choose such a sensitive timeline  for its anime.

After watching episode 1 , it gave me the impression that they aren’t going to use the setting nor deal with the 918 incident . They just want to make a cool spy action flick with some pseudo historical and political babble to create some [fake] depth . However that’s just an impression and the question of whether they are creating a propaganda series still remained and that’s the problem . First thing first , if they really only wanted to do a action flick , why choose such realistic and sensitive setting? Why not make it happen during other time or uses other setting? On the other hand , if they are going to make good use of the setting , what direction are they going to take? Propaganda or satire? This question is the biggest distraction because it makes you wonder which direction it takes rather than enjoying the show itself. Not to mention , historical accuracy  of the plot can be distracting as well. However , if it ends out being neither of a propaganda or satire , it will just be worse because it failed in expectation and goes back to the question why they choose the setting in the first place.

After saying so much and going nowhere , I never believe that anime have so much balls or revolutionary enough to take on such issue seriously. That’s why I am willing to bet that they aren’t going to touch on the 918 incident in details but rather just tread on safer ground and made a superpower action flick instead . Though A1 might really have enough balls to cast Japanese in negative light or be deranged enough to propagate that they are real heroes , we will never know and that’s why the answer to this question itself , no matter how big a distraction the question  is , gave enough reasons to follow the series till the end .

I was really disappointed by Welcome to The NHK manga version due to its lack of focus and impact . What’s more , they totally forgot about the NHK conspiracy after a few chapters. Not to mention , the way it was panned out in manga form really sucks and doesn’t flow well. The whole tone of the manga can’t get you to treat the character seriously . Their jokes aren’t funny and the character’s motive and personality jumped here and there. There isn’t enough explanation for each character’s inner thoughts and the whole plot is just one big mess.That’s why I don’t have any idea why NHK was so highly acclaimed when the manga – the supposedly superior version sucks so bad . My interest of it depleted after that and I didn’t really give the anime a chance. However , I really wanted to find out the reason why NHK   captivate so many people and that is when I am got interested in the original novel .

Searching high and low for almost a year , I finally found  one at my local Border store. Man ! What an experience it was! After a few pages , I finally understand the charm and the much-lauded dark humour that everybody was talking about . The novel can be easily be one of the best that I read . It is so “human” yet funny at the same time . The strange mix of realistic and bullshit dialogue gave me a good and easy time breezing through it . The short paragraph also helped in easing through pages after pages . Nothing was dragged out and everyone’s motive and action sounds more plausible . All in all , I will go as far as saying that the manga version is an abomination of the original novel . A decayed adaption . Too harsh? Blame the original of being so good then .

That’s why to truly experience the real NHK , you must read the novel .

*The paragraphs below have little to no relevance to NHK. Press read more for fun .

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So after 2 long fucking posts that no one managed to read fully because it is either obscure shit or shit that no one care , I decided to bring post a hot topic that everyone knows- Higurashi . Oh no, not Higurashi again? Yea , it is Higurashi again because I have such a complicated history with it ,I felt like I should once and for all settle with it.

I posted about Higurashi right after I finished it , thinking that it is above average and  the last 3 episodes were good but  not as godly as others made it up to be . Then I finished its second season and honestly thought that the second season was much better due to its higher production values . Still not as great as other said it will be though . Then like every good anime fans , I  started to evaluate why Higurashi failed to captivate me when so many others were awe by it . It is after this evaluation , I found out that  the second season’s plot was quite stupid  and the first season was actually much better . However , it still stands that I enjoyed the second season more because I had never really care about the plot of Higurashi , I am just watching it for the sake of watching it so the better animated  one fares better for me .

That’s it , one simple reason why I never liked Higurashi is because I don’t really care about its plot and the plot is the only thing it could offer. I always heard people praising Higurashi because of how its suspense plot made you think and  excites you . However , for me , I never really care to know what’s happening , I just don’t feel the suspense at all . This might due to my past experience with these kind of mystery psychological thriller . I had watched too much series that I thought was at least 10 times more suspenseful than Higurashi hence its attempt of creating suspense seems weak .

Seriously , any two episodes of Kindachi made Higurashi’s suspense look like egg hitting rock and it only need 2 episodes when compared to Higurashi’s 26 episodes to build up the tension.

Not to mention , I watched Higurashi not long after I finished Monster and the amount of tension I felt during Monster is at least a million times more gripping than Higurashi. I then subconsciously made comparison with both of them and Higurashi just seems so gimmicky when compare to Monster.  Monster used realistic psychological  thrilling plot with mysteries that excite while Higurashi used the somewhat gimmicky and fantastical gore and crazy teenagers to create tension . I prefered realism in mystery  hence I disliked Higurashi’s mystery.

My next beef with Higurashi is that the characters followed your usual anime teenagers stereotype . With those stereotype , I just can’t possibly take them seriously . Even though you might argued that Kindachi is a teenager too  but he showed us his skill in solving mystery. On the other hand , what did Higurashi’s character do to show the hint of ability to be able to solved a somewhat intricate mystery? I will give it as much as the series hinting that the characters were smart but what they did throughout the series just doesn’t seems to make them  have the ability to solve anything .Instead , what they did with all those stupid games and killing people while being crazy helped to show that they are nothing more than you average emotional unstable teenager.

That’s it , I won’t go on anymore and I think I had elaborated enough . Bottom line : Higurashi failed at being what it suppose to be hence it didn’t captivate me like how it captivated others . I won’t even mention about how the last arc of Higurashi Kai was just one big lol deus ex machina that made the unbelievable more unbelievable to support why I thought Higurashi isn’t as good as others made it up to be . Final thing I want to say is that this poison of Higurashi seems to linger on every Ryukishi’s work so similarly , I  didn’t like any of them as well. Studio Deen’s shitty and boring animation doesn’t helped as well .

That’s all , no complaining of Higurashi anymore from me .

Final Stand: Higurashi is an ok series , nothing memorable and nothing godly about it . It failed to excite and it isn’t a must watch . It can be quite a decent fill in but I guess you don’t use a 52 episodes anime to act as a fill in . Final score just to spite fanboy: 76/100 , that’s my average score for above average anime . Something like Nyan Koi and guillty pleasure series such as Grenadier have similar scores .   However , I will recommend you to watch it because I think I am the only one who have such a poor rating for Higurashi and yes , saying Higurashi is only above average makes fans hate you.


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