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Have you ever wonder why there are only magical girls and no manly hair wizard men as a genre or in Madoka for that matter? That’s because it will be too good of a show then!

If Madoka Kaname were to be a manly hairly man, he will definitely pull out his calculator and start calculating with calculus to devise a miracle that allows him to slack for his life. Something like being the ability of being having a huge penis to attract all the women out there to ask them to do your dirty work of fighting filthy witches while having the ability to actually wish for anything, anytime, forever.

Then she(he now?) and her friends won’t get all emo pansy about her crush couldn’t play piano(violin? Whatever) and the show will be half the length.

There’s another thing that I don’t get. Why are they so upset that their body don’t have a soul? Isn’t that awesome? If my body is indestructible, I will run down the road and get hit by a car and ask for medical expenses. I won’t need to steal apples to eat then,  right, Kyouko? But then if I were them, I could wish for anything, anytime, forever anyway so maybe I won’t do that. Maybe I will do it out of spite to disturb Kyouko because her dancing sucks and her head looks like a potato. Actually everyone’s head looks like a potato. No wonder Mami’s one got bitten of.




If you fap to this or think that this is some sinister shit that can be made into pillow, then you are really fuckup.

People always wonder why moe hater can like Azumanga Daioh when it’s just cute girls doing cute things , isn’t that like moe? No , Azumanga Daioh doesn’t quite fit the moe mould, it’s just innocently cute like Aria . You can’t evoke any sinister desire of wanting to draw hentai doujins or wanting to protect.

Seriously , can you imagine some otaku fapping to Osaka or Chiyo while watching the show? Can you imagine Osaka being made into oppai mouse pad and dakimura? I can’t and if they do that , I will puke in disgust . Will I feel the same when you see Mio from K-on became an oppai  mousepad then? No. Why so? That’s because Azumanga Daioh is not there to pander and there are no scenario to evoke the paedophile in you . It’s really what it is , an innocent naive light hearted comedy without any sinister pandering . Yes , I said that while knowing the existence of Kitamura and how devilish Azumanga Daioh can be .

Still , I don’t quite adore Azumanga Daioh but I don’t mind watching it .

With that in mind , Shinryaku! Ika Musume is the 2010 answer for Azumanga Daioh . It’s the same naive and innocently light hearted comedy with more hints of evilness all over again . The only problem is that it was aired during midnight 2600 , the dark otaku hours. Other than that , there’s nothing really otaku-ish about it , except maybe a few references that I didn’t catch.  It actually can work well in a children timeslot because it’s just a cartoon about a  evil squid girl who wants to conquer earth while getting a little too distracted because she’s too stupid .

This cartoon is split into many parters in an episode , each took up about 8 minutes. The comedy timing was good , if not better than Azumanga Daioh because the director is none other than the genius behind Magical Witch Punie-Chan , Dokoro-Chan , Genshiken Ova and the oh so moe Ookiku Furikabutte . He is the one and only director that understands the true meaning behind moe , the one and only director that can make moe comedy funny because he don’t mind choosing excessive violence over cuddling cute women showing their school swim suit because he knew how moe is truly evil. He is awesome and his name is Tsutomu Mizushima . Remember that you bitches .

That’s not saying I really adore Shinryaku! Ika Musume though as I still prefer seeing the all out evil cute magical witch using human slaves to operate trains than cute naive girls doing light hearted comedy with some hints of evilness . However , it’s easy and  fun to watch and I can see myself wasting 20 minutes per week and dwell in the sometimes evil fluffiness because I have nothing better to do.  However , I think it will be a big hit with others since I will consider myself as being quite strict with comedy series .

Moe is evil and Tsutomu Mizushima understands that.

This fuckup scenario is considered innocent for me because I am dead inside:

Bones is like the recent Germany National Team , always almost the winner but lack that extra push . Due to that , people are either disappointed at them for being a runner up or appreciate their effort for almost being the winner. For me , I belong to the latter group and actually felt that Bones is one of the better studio out there because of their original works and consistency in quality , even if none of their show is in my top favourite list if I were to make one.

I always appreciate original works because they have little restraint and they don’t need to fulfil  unnecessary promises  to please the fans . I especially like how you don’t know what you are getting because there are no clues or reference to back up any speculations . You won’t even know the simplest things like what the genre is or what’s the theme behind it when they first start. For example , Star Driver might appear to be a sci fic robot show but you will never know whether will they will change their direction after that . The path is unclear and the act of finding out which path they will take is interesting itself . With that , let’s talk about Star Driver in an episodic fashion like how I promised.

First thing first , the experiment of episodic blogging had already failed because everyone is doing it already and I can’t add in any other value to it. Sure , I am always doing non value adding stuff like posting impression of shows from 20 years ago or writing unfashionable stuff like Bakemonogatari when everyone had said their piece but at least no one but me does that. It’s not like there are 20 blogs out there writing about Bakemonogatari after one year of its airing right? At the very least , late impression posts are stupidly funny to me because it’s like a crazy man getting excited about play station 1 and raving about it very seriously like there are people listening to him . It’s masturbatory but I enjoy pleasuring myself so there is at least some worth out of it .

However , I will still try to at least do one Star Driver episodic post for the sake of doing it .

Plot Synopsis:

Star Driver is a story about how 9 droplets of sea water can earn you a kiss.

The main character is a fucking bastard because he ate at least 7 plates of meal  in a stranger house!

The setting is a magical one because you have four loaves of white bread here.

One second passed.

Now you are left with 3 .

They also don’t add mayonnaise to their chicken balls .

The main character needs to compete with a death metal band, TELBS( The Elaborated Light Bulb Stand).

Look at the ‘A’ sign , it’s facing <  yes? The head of the character is facing the left side right?

Now look at that ‘A’ sign again! Shouldn’t it be facing the opposite direction(>) when the character now is facing right?

Actually no , I am just fucking with you and hope that you actually waste some time trying to visualise it .

Oh , and the theme is about ass . If you don’t know mandarin ,  the translation actually says that there are four special asses in the world and they are called the square asses.


This show is fucking stupendous!

It's a DATING SIM adaptation so only disgusting people will like it... ... not?

There isn’t a lot to say about Sentimental Journey even though I liked it a lot . Though this isn’t the case of Wings of Honneamise or Planetes where there are too many things to talk about , rather it’s because there isn’t really anything special to talk about in the first place.

Sentimental Journey really is just a simple drama anthology about simple things in life . A good analogy of it will be the anime version of Chicken Soup of the Soul. Though  please take that with a pinch of salt because I  based that on my impression for Chicken Soup of the Soul .In reality , I don’t really know what Chicken Soup of the Soul is all about because I only know how to watch cartoons. If not then I guess you can describe it by using the forbidden slice of life though I always thought that the word slice of life got bastardise too much because a lot of god awful , empty pandering comedy were lumped into this genre , hence giving it a negative connotation .

Well ,to simplify things ,  I guess I will call it a feel good episodic drama series with a common theme then.

The reason I liked it so much is hugely due to my recent track records with anime .Recently , I watched so many experimental shorts , all those weird designs seemed  too common for me now . The last straw broke when I played Genius Party for 5 minute and my mind told me that all those unique designs looked so fucking generic and I am kinda tired of it . I guess that’s what you call  over exposure . So in order to recuperate from this , I decided to watch some tv series with normal designs. I have Sepharim Call and Sentimental Journey in mind but I decided to watch Sentimental Journey because my memories tell me that Sentimental Journey was more well received based on a couple of reviews I read in the past. Not to mention , I preferred Sentimental Journey’s synopsis  .

With that , I am here now , enjoying this hugely flawed episodic series . It’s flawed because every story lacked any real build up due to its short length. Sometimes ,you really have to take it at face value and believe in everything that was presented. Don’t worry though as it wasn’t as bad as I made it sounds to be . They were really just minor issues and wasn’t something really jarring .Though , I won’t say the same for my next problem.

Like what I mentioned with my previous post , the animation was quite lacklustre and the animators just couldn’t get the eyes right . This is funny though because it’s always the main character who had eyes that were wide apart but other minor characters seldom have this problem at all . This error was so common throughout , I really asked myself whether if it was just  a stylistic choice . In the end, I am convinced that it was animation errors because this series was obviously budgeted . I did forgive it though because it was produced in 1998 . I remembered that Infinite Ryvius which was produced one year after with a bigger budget  have quite a lot of non stylistic choice off model arts as well .

However , as much as I am willing to forgive it , it still kinda bothers me how the arts were not up to par with what the stories were doing . Here you have this wonderful story about outgrowing the bind of your past and the scene that complements it was a close-up short of a character with eyes that were wide apart . It can be quite disturbing actually because you don’t know whether you should get sentimental with the story or laugh at the awkward eyes. I chose the path of enjoying the storyline while laughing at the arts with mixed feelings of pity and cynicism.

Regardless of all its flaws , this series was really up my alley because as much as I enjoy watching weird things with unique plot , I also like the simple, heart warming and down to earth stuff .  Sentimental Journey albeit with weak animations , supplied me with really great and simple stories that I like. It didn’t have annoying pandering or risqué scenes and the cliché dialogues were quite minimum . Yes , the writing wasn’t good enough to be call a masterpiece but it wasn’t bad enough to be generic as well. All in all , the writing was kinda above average .

I am also surprised by the dialogues because I am always expecting generic corny lines .

Another thing worth mentioning about is that it doesn’t have your usual unfunny romantic comedy tropes because firstly , it was more of a character development piece with a little hint of romance than romantic comedy and  secondly , each story was so short  ,they didn’t really have time to dwell with unnecessary scenes.

Last but not least , I liked how fast Sentimental Journey progresses with its stories . The pacing was really efficient and the story progress so much within one scene , there weren’t a lot of dull moments. The build up was a little rushed sure , but other aspects such as the introduction and ending didn’t feel fast . The pacing really seemed to be quite natural so whenever I look at the time counter , I am amazed that 3/4 of the show had gone when I thought that at most only 8 mins  had past. It really was easy to watch in a good way.

All in all , I do recommend it if you can get over with the art because not only is it good for a change of pace , it also serves well as a quick watch if you are in the mood for something simple . Last but not least , don’t let the origin of Sentimental Journey fools you because it didn’t really focus on things that you expect from a dating simulation adaptation .

The manga that is . Funny how all these work out and how on earth will some one in my phase as a fan gets into Naruto!? Only beginners are into it and supposedly “jaded” fans like me who hates on moe and everything popular won’t even touch it .

Anyway , I completed the first volume just recently and I must say that it wasn’t really that bad . It stayed on to the tried and successful formula of friendship , gut and action for Shonen manga and did it rather well . Also , even though I did laugh at some of the genuine jokes , I can’t help  but to laugh at some of the stuff in which I know will become bullshit during mid series such as the rule of ninja is to hide your presence . Yea totally right, throwing kamehameha during mid series really hide your presence well .

So what’s my verdict for Naruto? Well , it was an entertaining Shonen and the hate for it is unnecessary . If it isn’t so popular or the fan isn’t so annoying , it will just become another Kenichi or Kekkashi – a shonen series enjoyed by many without much hate.

Fuck , now I am a sell-out! I promise that I won’t read Bleach .

I have a penchant for  story with Taoism/Buddhism  attributes  ,  if a series dealt  with them  , I will be hooked immediately.  With that said , I entered Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai without knowing a single thing about it (ok , I know that there is a Gurren Lagann lookalike episode that inspire Gurren Lagann the series itself . Oh , and also DBZ Super Saiyan parody) . That’s why when this series introduce about Yin Yang spiritual and later on , Taoism about the four directional beast[Four Symbol] , I am very impress and shock . Coupled that with wacky over the top Gainax comedy style and fun to listen Osaka dialect  , I know that I will like this series for sure .

Not only that , the series execute its over the top comedy very well . The exaggerated facial expression  and unrealistic movement are really comical and engaging. Not to mention , the random encounters like people turning into mushroom and dragon appearing are just comedic gold . I always liked random plot anyway .

Though this style of comedy doesn’t work for everyone as shown in people’s reaction  toward Gurren Lagann’s jokes . I am surprised after I found out that   many of my friends whom I introduced Gurren Lagann to  didn’t find its comedy  funny .  Rather , they find that it lacks of any appeal and thought that it is shit . Funny how that work because I laughed my ass out for the first few episode of Gurren Lagann . I thought that it resemblance FLCL and those super robot references were genius! It is so intentionally cliché that it turns really unique . Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai shares similar comedic style (no super robot reference as for episode one yet though) but that is to be expected because both have similar staffs working on it.

To end off , even though I think it is enjoyable , it might spiral down into something bad because if they keep it as consistently as episode 1 is , there will definitely be lots of raving reviews about it . However  , in truth is that most people said that it is heavily flawed .

Well , if it being heavily flawed is a fact, then  I am interested in finding out the reason why . Also ,popular opinions even though are mostly always right (not joking) , there is still a chance that they are wrong . I am willing to bet for that chance . I enjoyed the first episode anyway , so why not?

Update: FUCK MAN ! Anyone that say that it is heavily flawed can go and die. Episode 2 is frigging rpg parody! Legitimate and canon rpg parody! The best type of parody in the world man! It is Mahoujin Guru Guru again!

Next episode will be Gurren Lagann ancestor.

Man , I love this show .

Update 2: You know how I always wish that there is this kind of show whereby the director goes crazy and anyhow mix and mash every random thing about robot , knight and anything else  to create the most unique and random series in the world while obviously having lots of fun screwing around? My wish finally came true .

Man , I love this show .

This is why I love Brain’s Base . They have the ability to create such seamless and engaging dialogues . You know , the characters aren’t talking about anything serious or whatever , it is actually mundane rattling but it felt so natural , I am like watching a real life interaction between friends . The humour is also subtle and not forceful .  I can enjoy the whole series just by watching the dialogues .

However , Durarara isn’t about dialogues only , it has great execution and characterisation . Yes , they have a huge cast of characters but each and everyone felt different and identifiable . Of course , you can’t possibly remember everyone by episode 1 , I definitely can’t but I am sure with 5 more episodes , every characters will be memorable . This is as of expected by Baccno creator . I admit that I have a hard time remembering Baccano’s characters at first ,  but unknowingly , I remembered everyone and their characteristic after 4 episode or so . I can’t remember all their names now but I know what have they done and what’s their attributes . This is really a feat considering the large cast . For one , I already forgot who’s who in Ookami Kakushi .

Beside the large cast , the animation is really great as well . Though the outsiders and crowd were discoloured but that was to be expected so you can identify which characters belong to the main cast and which isn’t . They have many characters afterall . The action scene and the jazz music makes you hype up about it and all in all , there is little to nitpick about .

The plot is intriguing as well , so much so that  I actually care about it . Though I have little to no comment about the story as it is just starting , but I can see lots of potential for a fun ride .

I can go on rattling about how great it is but I won’t . It isn’t fair because I liked it so much , I can’t pinpoint down any flaws about it.

Do catch it , it simply is the best series this winter season .

PS: People only notice the Spice and Wolf reference but actually , before the Spice and Wolf segment , Baccano’s opening was played on the huge screen . I think I am one of the few that saw the Denpa Teki Kanojo reference in Akikan! as well because at that time , not many people actually know about it .

I will let you in to a secret , I actually thought that K-on is a good show when it first aired ! OMFG! How wrong was I  after knowing what was installed for the subsequent episodes . Seriously though, K-on episode 1 shows lots of potential : Band started out weak but get awesome after sheer determination and training . Manly tears inducing material such as  hard work winning all . A test of friendship through dramatic conflict . Awesome music and awesome concert scene that rock my socks and so on .

However , from episode 2 onwards , we know that none of that happened . Everyone is fucking lazy and doesn’t practise . All they did were pointless shit like eating cakes . Yui acted like a fucktard friend during episode 2 . The music are shitty fluffy songs that weren’t even good . The concert is no “God Knows” at all and finally , there isn’t any tension and drama  . What we got in the end was a fairly well animated pointless series that somehow appeal to the mass . No shit get me as annoyed as I will than being pointless . I dropped Seitokai because it was pointless as well .

I always set my expectation of a series after episode 1 . I speculate what will be installed  in the later part of a series and this often help me not to get disappointed by a series because my speculations were almost always correct .  Even if it was wrong , if it exceed my expectation in a good way , I will like the series even more! Hey , no harm at all doing that right? However there were 2  problems for this – firstly , when a series  turns into shit when it has so much potential and secondly  , your expectation  was shaped by others( prejudice before entering a series or halfway through the series/bias) .

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Sawako said that  Kazehaya will show her lots of different feeling and I am thinking that it is damn right , especially the feeling of his penis.

Again , Kimi ni Todoke is a series about emotion and feeling like the other 1000 shojou series out there but I guess it is quite ok . For once , Kimi ni Todoke is my second shoujo anime after Toshokan Sensou, so I guess you can say that I find it quite refreshing . There are lots of cute chibi moments that seems to be  prevalance in shoujo series , I like chibi and think that that is the only saving grace that ever comes out in shoujo series . I don’t know what else to say except from praying that it will get a concluive ending because apparantly , I can’t tolerate shoujo manga .

The animation is quite stylish I guess . Nothing much , can’t judge it well thanks to my lack of experience in the shoujo genre . I felt that , unlike Skip beat and Itzurana Kiss , male audience will like this series as well , especially so when sissy man is everywhere now . 8/10 deflowering penis.

With that , I will be following like 100 series this fall , compare it to the summer lone warrior TM8.0 , I guess this fall season suit me quite well huh?  Still need to watch DTB2 , Trapeze , Blue literature and Gokyoudai Monotagari . Also , need to complete season 1 of Tentai Sunred Fighter.

You see , sometimes, manga serialization is very evil as there is this rule that says that ,the more chapters you draw , the more you earn . Just so happen,  Clamp is a money hungry group full of women drawing manga for fangirl to ogle at , that’s why they drag out Kobato story and make it look as pointless as K-for the first few chapters . However , Madhouse is manly , they produce manly show like One Outs and Maple Story , that’s why they can’t condone that . Hence what they do is skip all those pointless stuff in the manga and go directly to the point by advancing the plot straight up . That’s why Kobata anime > Kobato manga .

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