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After living my life happily without touching my television set for almost 2 years, I have this  urge to browse through the teletext to look through the program listing to reenact what I always do in the past.

I was pretty late to this whole internet boom where I only got a broadband connection  just 4 years ago. Before that, my only entertainment was to hoard the TV all day long while searching through the TV guide to find anime to watch. That was the day where I would get really excited about anime because they were like the best thing in the world. My perception on anime was so bias, I will most likely think that shit like MD Geist is an amazing piece of art if I had the chance to watch it on TV back then.  I will also not believe you if you told me that there are actually shitty anime out there because that will be impossible.

One of my favourite moments in my life is when my local TV station had this programming slot called Filmart where they will feature animated movie every now and then. That was the time where I will search through the TV guide everyday so I won’t miss any of it. I am able to catch Black Jack and Spriggan and they left such a huge impression on me, I still love Spriggan even though I now know that it might be shit. I never revisit it again because I don’t want my great memories to be ruined.

Another fantastic moment is when the local cable TV provider decided to provide Animax for free for a limited period of time. I accidentally chanced upon it and since then, I had been switching over to that channel even after the free period is over, in hope of being able to catch a glimpse of anime with all those fuzzy signal lines.

That period of time is the best days of my life because I sat down in front of the TV for almost the whole fucking day. Even till this day, I still remember most of the programs and advertisements I watched.  Wolf Rain OVA, DNA2, Saiyuki Reload, Ghost Stories, Princess Tutu, Gundam Zeta, Area 88 to name a few.

But then came the internet and I was spoiled with so many choices, the drive and passion I once had is lost. Never have I been touching the TV for anime since then and never have I been as excited about anime as I was back then.  I still love anime but the anticipation, hype and expectation were all lost. Anime doesn’t look like this best thing ever cool stuff anymore. Contrary to popular belief, I will think that it’s not the fault of the type of anime they are producing nowadays but rather, the overexposure of anime.

This transition of enthusiasm to listlessness is just like getting a new gaming console. Before you got it, you will imagine all the amazing stuff you could do with it. Watching movies with it whole day long, playing those fantastic games and never get bored with it. This is the stage where I am for anime before the internet. After that, we all know the ritual, you got the console, got really excited, pop in one game and after 1 hour, all your passion and enthusiasm were lost because the console wasn’t as amazing as you thought it would be. It was good fun sure, but it wasn’t as awesome as you imagined and you most likely will leave the console to collect dust after a few days. All those thoughts of never getting bored with it were never fulfilled and the gaming console that you thought was once so great was not that cool after all. This is the stage where I am now with anime.

I have been thinking of getting the drive and passion back so I came up with some plans. I decided back to off from the internet and start to browse through the television guide once again in search of anime to watch. I am also starting to flick through channels in hope of catching a few glimpses of Animax or any hints of anime for that matter.

I theorized that TV is the only hope to get the drive back because the scheduled time slots and the inconvenience it caused was the only way of building up anticipation for a show. I actually love the idea of the fixed scheduling of TV programs more than the idea of watch it anytime in the internet. Watch it anytime in the internet will cause you to be too specific in what you watch because you already have an idea of what you want to watch. There’s a high chance that you won’t just randomly chance upon something you watch because you have a control of it.

Compare that to TV where everything is decided by the TV station. There’s a chance for you to be surprised and chance upon something good because you got too bored and decided to flick through the channels aimlessly. You don’t have as much control in deciding what you want to watch and are more willing to watch something randomly because there are no other alternative.

This restriction might look stupid but it definitely builds up anticipation. The act of finding an anime in the TV guide or while you flick through the channels randomly has so much more novelty than just watching it on internet after deciding to watch it consciously. It’s just like finding water in a desert will make you happier than going down some store to buy a can of Coca Cola willingly.

With that, I will now end this post so I could sit in front of my TV to flick through 99 channels aimlessly while reading the TV guide to see if there are any surprises waiting for me.


Important points for those who don’t know Chinese or Japanese for that matter:

Part 1:

Tezuka ignored his health problem after he had a surgery for his cancer and went to Osaka for his presentation . In the presentation , Tezuka talked about the following points and stories:

– Tezuka was made fun of during his childhood due to his weak physical and fuzzy hair cut. However , his manga was appreciated by his friends and that is a source to console and encourage himself .

– There are two important events that moulded Tezuka’s story in manga .

The first event happens during world war 2 when enemy attacks Japan and Tezuka was one of the guard. He escape the bombing but when he reached a river , he saw lots of corpses lying there. This shocked him and make him wonder and appreciate life.

-After the war , Tezuka decided to become a doctor . One day , he found out that one of his patient is going to die soon . After the patient died , the patient’s torment were relieved and he died with a serene expression. This again make him think about life more.

-This two events made Tezuka realise that life isn’t constraint within 100 years or 50 years , it should be infinite like the galaxy . Tezuka wanted to share this message to the children and hence always try to include such theme inside his work .

-He left three messages for the children.

1: Be curious and no matter what , pursue your dream and don’t give up .

2: Remember the things that impact you the most and learn from it .

3:Appreciate life.

Part 2:

-During the 20th Showa year , people are hunting and burning down manga because they are thought to be bad influence to the children .  Parents are offended by manga due to the bad impression they have after hearing articles related to manga from radio and rumours. Their complains mostly surround the fact that manga are lies and delusion  because it contains robot and people flying in the sky. Parents made such assumption without understanding what manga really is . This affected Tezuka . However , after the airing of Astro Boy , it was widely enjoyed by children and the hunting down of manga had subsided . This encouraged and strengthen  Tezuka’s belief in manga . He was also happy that he targeted his manga towards children because it seems to be the right move.

-Tezuka got married when he was 30 and he has 3 children. Tezuka believes that he understand what children wants the best but he was so engrossed with his work , he often neglect his own children .

– Showa 40 , riots happened between students and Japan is surrounded by violence . At the same time, Gekiga , a new style of manga started to emerge. Gekiga manga have bleak views of life and consist of lots of violence . Such themes are totally opposite of Tezuka’s manga style of hope and joy. However , Gekiga style was very popular among children and this causes Tezuka’s popularity to enter a downward spiral . This affect Tezuka a lot and he was in his lowest point for manga at that time . He criticised Gekiga because he believe that it is unsuitable for children however , due to the pressure Tezuka faced , he was forced to move with the flow and started to add in violence in his manga . It was implied that he was upset with his Gekiga works when he look back at it and state that he drew all this during his lowest point.

Part 3

During this lowest point in life , Tezuka was asked by an editor to publish a new work . It was a new work but it wasn’t advertised on the front page of the magazine like how other newest work should be . This is to tell the viewers not to anticipate too much . There are also three rules pertained to this work .

1: All the chapter must be self contained.

2:The style must be realistic like the Gekiga style

3:The manga will get cancel if it isn’t popular after four chapters.

With all these in mind , Tezuka remembered his life when he was a doctor . He went down to bookshops and flipped his old medical notes to research on the matter. During that time , there are lots of debates about the advancement of medical and the way people continue their life using machines . Tezuka uses all these theme and ideas and started serializing the manga . The manga is of course one of the most popular series by Tezuka , Black Jack . This manga went on for a decade when it was originally decided to end within four chapters by the publisher , this shows how this manga really affect people and how it was loved by many. The theme and message of said manga is  what Tezuka always believe in , appreciating life.

-During his last presentation for primary school students during 31 October 1988 , he spoke about this theme of life . He talked about how he is upset that children often come to him and tell him how they want to die because the future is bleak . After hearing such thoughts , he want to show the message of appreciating your life with his manga , he wanted to educate children that life is big and wonderful .


Tezuka’s passion and perseverance warmed me . His  story always stem from his strong belief and his intention of educating children . His message are so strong , it’s easy to get influence by his passion. Tezuka gave his life for manga and anime , he moulded the basic of manga and anime . He is really a wonderful man we should be thankful of and finally , let’s not forget the message he instil in is work : Appreciate Life.

By the way , the italic sentences are my interpretation , which is only one line actually.

Also , interview of founder of Gekiga ,Yoshiro Tatsumi here.

In recent years , we have seen lots of talents in the anime/manga world passing away . Just these 2 years , in the manga/light novel  industry , we lost Kaoru Kurimoto(Guin Saga) ,   Takahiro Yamato (Kaze no Stigma)  , Yoshito Usui(Crayon Shin Chan) and Tadashi Kawashima(Alive) . I have seen some of these authors’ work and can consider myself as a casual fan for them , but even though their death is sad ,  frankly , it doesn’t affect me as much as Satoshi Kon’s death . It’s not difficult to see why . When you talk about animated film, just how many prominent directors are there? On top of my head ,  I can only think of Mamoru Hosada , Mamoru Oshii , Satoshi Kon , Makoto Shinkai , Hayao Miyazaki , Isao Takahata and Katsuhiro Otomo. Man , you can even count the numbers with your fingers! And that’s the whole reason to be sad , we just lost one out of the handful directors who can create such wonderful anime films. It’s like taking away food during poverty or the death of an inventor who has the ability to do much more . It’s devastating .

Now , I don’t consider myself a hardcore Satoshi Kon fan because I have only watched his Tokyo Godfathers but even so , his death had spoilt my day . It’s hard to imagine how his  hardcore fan felt . To be frank , I am planning to watch his other works this coming holiday but now after his death , I actually felt bad  for pirating his work . With that , I decided to delete his works on my computer and went out to search for the original dvds just to show my respect for him . I managed to buy Paprika after much hard work but unfortunately , I couldn’t find Millennium Actress and Perfect Blue , which I doubt  had been licensed here in Singapore . That’s sad and I am conflicted now whether to watch the pirated version or wait till I could import it. This is not about piracy or supporting the industry  , but rather , it’s the only  way I can think of to  show my respect to him  , a way to keep the fond memory of his works.

Now I really wonder what will happen to  The Dream Machine , I really hope that it can be completed since Satoshi seems to know about his pancreatic cancer in May in which I guess it is his wish that it will be finished as well …

I don’t know what to update but recently , after watching the AVGN or rather James Rolfe talk  about filmography , I remembered that one of my childhood dream is to be a director because my mind is so full of shit ideas  and shit ideas are best presented by a movie format because I can’t write but I sure can act, or at least know a bunch of ape men who can act. However as I aged , I lost the passion and my imagination started to degrade . My brain is now so full of rationality , I can’t let it go wild like I did in the past . I am so upright now when I look back at my past , I thought to myself that I really did some dangerous stuff and spoke many outrages words .

Now my life is full of rationality  I always choose the rationale route and don’t dare to risk what I already attained . Information Technology was never my main interest but I knew that I do have a knack for it and can easily get great result without putting much effort . That’s why I choose it and gave up on my ideal major- Chinese and filmography. I know that I can’t possibly win China man in terms of Chinese but sure hell I can win many others with my IT skills.  As for filmography , it is just too risky .

Being so calculative like I am now,  I found out that I lost one of my most beloved skill- being funny .

Long gone were the day where I facilitate jokes on my mind all day long just to think of ways to make others laugh. Now all I can think of is how I should present myself as a mature adult . With realistic issues such as politics and others cramming into my mind , I don’t have any spare room to let my imagination run wild nor have time to think about how to be funny.

In conclusion ,let’s walk down the path of my history and watch one of my stupid idea that actually got materialised. Never will I imagine that I have so much balls and shit to conjure up such effort for such a useless project that gain us nothing . Hell no will I do that now because all that  just seems to be a waste of time . Without further ado , let me embarrass myself by showing how much of a retard I am with the video below .

PS:If you are interested , there are a lot more videos that we made under the related video here. I just embeded the less embarrassing one. Also , guess which retard I am in the video and win a prize . The prize will be me replying your guess with the answer “correct” .

Credits go to CJC [1] from ai-alieninvasion because he was like the vice president for the project . Without him not minding being as retarded as I am , the project won’t work out . Also thanks to everyone in the video who wasted their precious youth just because I have too much time and think too much for a useless project.

[1] Apparantly , he sometimes still does these videos for the lolz.

Before everything , let me share some history of mine on how I got into anime . I always liked cartoon since I was young , started watching it when I was 2 or something to be more specific. At that time , there is this particular type of Chinese cartoon that seems so beautifully drawn and so awesome-ly linear , I liked it more than others . All those Chinese cartoons were actually anime .  I didn’t know they are called anime at that time  , but I do know that they are from Japan because my Brother told me so . I am reading (or rather looking) at Dragonball and loving it at that time as well that’s why I am familiar with their art style and can identify those Japanese cartoon .With  that, I continue watching and enjoying these Japanese Cartoon . Then Pokemon came and like every retarded kid , I liked it a lot as well . It fortified my interest in Japanese Cartoon .

When I was ten , GTO was shown on TV and  thanks to that  , I finally know the term anime and started reading all the tv guide to find more anime to watch . To swing my penis more , I watched some Evangelion , lots of Kindaichi and lots of others obscure Japanese cartoon when all you 20+ years old fucking anime nerds are still sucking milk or something . Ha! Take that! I am the old pro .

However , it is not until 3 years ago that our home applied Broadband . Man , just think of the possibility , if I could access to the internet earlier on , I might as well be the next big thing in anime blogging or something . Well whatever , let’s get back to broadband . So after getting the internet for 2 months or so , I realise that I can watch  my favourite Japanese Cartoon on internet. Then I wasted my soccer potential and everything else and start watching silly Japanese cartoon and became the  anti-social nerd now . Thank you so much , anime .

During that time , my passion is definitely there , so much so that I decided to start blogging my inane views to make myself feels better because I can share my views on anime and earn lots of advertisement money . Then I found out that bans all advertisement  … … !
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If you are interested in knowing why I am not adding more useless dump into the internet shithole these few day , I actually entered a dreamland for two days and was forced back to reality just now . After that , I understand that anime is a dangerous hobby because it actually encourages you to escape from reality  . Even someone as manly and strong like me was deluded by the heat and passion of an anime convention .It is utterly demoralising after knowing the fact that  these 2 day are just a short-lived fantasy .

In the end , I am not any better than all those obese and over enthusiastic loser afterall huh ? Whatever , at least I got a chance to take a photo with my favourite cosplayer – Itasu from Eden of the East.

Obviously , I am the handsome one right?

I always re read my blog post because they are awesome. Thank to that , I found out that I accidentally and ironically define moe really well in one of my early post . Though I mixed up  cute with moe at that time because I am a noob .

Looking back now , I found out that my taste and ideal on anime changed drastically . However  I put in more thoughts and effort for my earlier post though . For one, my favourite post in this blog is that Harvest Moon and Neighbourhood Totoro panties  one . Man , those are  some good old time there!

Oh , and I posted almost 306 post  though 8/10 (more like 10/10? amiright? frequent update is better than no update right?) of them are rubbish that no one read . Also , if you haven’t notice yet , this is a team blog , though no one other than me posted more than 10 post. If you are interested in knowing , 3/5 of the contributor  doesn’t even visit this blog regularly anymore , starting from errr 8months ago. Never mind about that , a few of them are pretentious ***** with bad taste anyway .LOL!

The moe post->

Cross game episode 30 did it . I suck because episode 30 is a recap episode lol , no one fucking cry during an episode that is made up by 99% reused footage!

With that , Cross Game is worth complimenting and a 10 rating in MAL lol , even though most of the time , the baseball match is as interesting as  watching 13years old speaking rubbish in youtube . Ok not that bad , but that is because 13years old speaking rubbish is the worst thing ever .

It is funny how Cross game fare like 10 times better when it doesn’t play any baseball even though it is a baseball series . Something like how FMP is much better when it focus on school life romance comedy rather than robot fighting .

Though I must make it clear that there are lots of anime that nearly brought me down to tears but  the tears aren’t willing to be shed . Cross Game violated my tear duct virginity.

After getting my Mother Tongue script back for Composition, the marks was of such a shocking value that I was wondering if I had taken someone’s else paper.

Well it must be, since I can’t even read the name written on that paper.

Shit. It’s mine after all. Read the rest of this entry »

Let’s walk down my history lane and discover why I like Japanese anime and manga .

For starter , my first experience for manga is actually Dragonball . I remembered that my brother borrowed the whole series from his friend  ,when I am about  3 years old . I started to pick up some volume of it and browse through the pictures. I particularly love the cover page of volume 30 because it shows all the Z warriors and have great pictures of my then favourite hero , Trunk .  I am able to pick up names like goku , freiza , cell , vegeta , bulma and trunk due to some unknown reason and that’s a pretty amazing feat cause  , I don’t even know how to spell my own name at that time.

With that ,I think it subconsciously made me pro japanese as I find their art more appealing than all the American cartoon that I had seen .

Then comes my first anime . I think I am about 5 or 6 by then and to be frank , I forgot  the name of the anime . I just remember that it has a word “斗” in its title . At the same time , my brother borrowed more manga from his friend , and this time round , it is actually captain tsubasa J. So for some dubious reason again , after captain tsubasa , I get to know series such as Yu Yu Hakusho , Slam Dunk , Sailor moon and many more . I think it is because anime is the new cool in that era , that’s why I always thought that anime is suppose to be a popular medium until I found out that it is utterly unpopular in 2007 .
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