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Today , my cousin came to my house to ask me some maths questions because everyone knows that I am a smartass . Come on , primary school maths? For some one in a tertiary level in studies? You must be kidding me! I didn’t know how to do because my maths sucks ass ! Oh fuck! How? Someone with a 3.98 gpa in a tertiary level of studies didn’t know how to do primary school maths? Am I going to embarrass myself in front of my 12 years old cousin who didn’t even realise that I am his cousin? Man can’t do that , definitely can’t do that . Lucky for me , I went to a Microsoft Imagine Cup Award Ceremony and they taught us great stuff like solving your problems by creating software . So I went to google and search for the answer keys .

Here are some great links:

Ok, I got lazy but you actually just need to type in the questions on google and it will most likely appears because  everyone and their fathers are most likely doing the same set of psle ten years series for primary 6 homework .  Now you know why Singapore wanted everyone to take PSLE , no , it is not to have a world recognised standard , it is for me to slack off and google the answers. It is all just to cater for me .


Before everything , let me share some history of mine on how I got into anime . I always liked cartoon since I was young , started watching it when I was 2 or something to be more specific. At that time , there is this particular type of Chinese cartoon that seems so beautifully drawn and so awesome-ly linear , I liked it more than others . All those Chinese cartoons were actually anime .  I didn’t know they are called anime at that time  , but I do know that they are from Japan because my Brother told me so . I am reading (or rather looking) at Dragonball and loving it at that time as well that’s why I am familiar with their art style and can identify those Japanese cartoon .With  that, I continue watching and enjoying these Japanese Cartoon . Then Pokemon came and like every retarded kid , I liked it a lot as well . It fortified my interest in Japanese Cartoon .

When I was ten , GTO was shown on TV and  thanks to that  , I finally know the term anime and started reading all the tv guide to find more anime to watch . To swing my penis more , I watched some Evangelion , lots of Kindaichi and lots of others obscure Japanese cartoon when all you 20+ years old fucking anime nerds are still sucking milk or something . Ha! Take that! I am the old pro .

However , it is not until 3 years ago that our home applied Broadband . Man , just think of the possibility , if I could access to the internet earlier on , I might as well be the next big thing in anime blogging or something . Well whatever , let’s get back to broadband . So after getting the internet for 2 months or so , I realise that I can watch  my favourite Japanese Cartoon on internet. Then I wasted my soccer potential and everything else and start watching silly Japanese cartoon and became the  anti-social nerd now . Thank you so much , anime .

During that time , my passion is definitely there , so much so that I decided to start blogging my inane views to make myself feels better because I can share my views on anime and earn lots of advertisement money . Then I found out that bans all advertisement  … … !
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I finally watched an episode of anime!!! I feel so accomplished that I could cry. Albeit that the show is one that I’ve left it unwatched for like, say, 8 months or so.

It sure felt great hearing Enma Ai saying “Ippen shindemiru” once more. Unfortunately, that episode cut away her ‘trademark’ as the side character pulled the red string even before Enma could say finish her usual 45s prose.

And that episode reminds me of how foolish humans actually are. Well, the series does but to most preople, it kinda get boring but I find it interesting that people actually want to send others to hell because of various reasons, be it serious, stupid, in a moment’s rashness…

If only there were an episode that showed the consequences AFTER the person went missing. There had been some, but too brief to be for any real learning lessons. For e.g, when a famous pop star went missing, it is only known that there were searches for her. The episode just ended simply with “A new pop star has been born!” or something like that. I’m pretty interested in the reactions, emotions, actions of people in the missing people’s immediate circle.

Then again, it wouldn’t make much sense for these factors to be in the show.

Just in case you haven’t have a clue as for what show I’m referring to, it’s Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae.

Oh and this post is just to fill up the void IWICSYI left before he come back to flame me.

Sometimes during an examination, one tend to think of things unrelated to the paper in front of oneself. These are a few things on my mind whe I took my final year examinations: Read the rest of this entry »

If you are interested in knowing why I am not adding more useless dump into the internet shithole these few day , I actually entered a dreamland for two days and was forced back to reality just now . After that , I understand that anime is a dangerous hobby because it actually encourages you to escape from reality  . Even someone as manly and strong like me was deluded by the heat and passion of an anime convention .It is utterly demoralising after knowing the fact that  these 2 day are just a short-lived fantasy .

In the end , I am not any better than all those obese and over enthusiastic loser afterall huh ? Whatever , at least I got a chance to take a photo with my favourite cosplayer – Itasu from Eden of the East.

Obviously , I am the handsome one right?

Name : Holydreams
Occupation : Student in a highly competitive a Junior College in Singapore
Nationality : Singaporean
Hobby : Chess (International and Chinese), doing useless things
Status : Single, and not finding a spouse
Interest : Bondage, though I’m against sadism and masochistic.

And chill, I’m a normal student, average in pretty much everything, except my looks? Can’t achieve IWICSYI’s level of awesomeness yet.

After getting my Mother Tongue script back for Composition, the marks was of such a shocking value that I was wondering if I had taken someone’s else paper.

Well it must be, since I can’t even read the name written on that paper.

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I didn’t lost count for my last run, I really did use 20+min to run 6 rounds . I found out that the reason I don’t feel exhausted is not because I have the stamina , it is just that I am keeping myself from being exhausted by running fucking slow . I did not pushes myself hard enough , I don’t even feel nausea after the run and that really show how much a turtle I am . My best rounds today is my first 2 round where I kept a faster pace , but it seems like my fast is not fast enough , I took almost 5min to run the whole 800m. If you do some simple math , I will need like 15 min to finish the run if I am able to keep up that “fast” pace of mine .

It is really very difficult to push yourself to the limit , I am used to not being exhausted , that why my body will unconsciously pace myself so that I won’t be dead tired after the run . I also learn that you shouldn’t look at the time while running , it will just diminish your motivation after you found out how fucking slow you are.

Today run is definitely my worst run out of the three because I felt fatigue in my leg even when I took the same time as my second run to finished the whole course.

Oh and If you are wondering why I am writing all these (which is most likely not ). I am actually reflecting and taking down notes on things that I odd to remember. That will help in knowing my weakness and improve myself. Now I know that my leg are still weak , I need to take a break from running and just train my leg tomorrow . I should should find someone to run with me so that I can pace myself better and not slack too much . My resolution for my next run is to complete 6 round in 18min .

FYI: 20min for 2.4 is near handicap level , only someone that is highly obese or lazy can reach this fukup timing . But the sad truth is that T_T… I am underweight and really doesn’t look like a nerd that need 20mins to complete 6 rounds.

Some irrelevant thoughts

This is why it is great if you are not in any aggregator or what not . You can write rubbish post like this and no one will rage or troll because trolling and raging at a blog with only 30 visitor a day really show how cool you are . I also don’t have the burden of being an “animeblogger” , so I won’t need to promise any great and intelligent content. I won’t be accused of wasting your time as well because I did not clog up any aggregator or your google search .

With that said , I sometimes wonder why certain blog is on animenano in the first place when all the content they can provide are unfunny top ten waifu , useless summary and copy and paste news from English source. Sometimes , people should really know their own place and not embarrass themselves , You can write your rubbish post , but don’t let anyone find it , or openly publicize it , or at the very least , knowing that you are writing rubbish .

As for being accused of writing my own life that no one care , I can only say that I at least didn’t write lIkE 7h15 or use slang such as la li lor lj and e that make you look like a kid.

Lol wtf man , I am really starting to become a real fat nerd . I used almost 20min to run 6/7X400M rounds. I lost count on how many round I run but it still doesn’t change the fact that I am slow . Remember my resolution of running 2.4km everyday? I did follow it but accident happened . On the first day , I got a leg cramp after doing 106 squat simultaneously . So I took almost 4 day to relieve the pain and start to run again today .

I must say that I learn quite a lot with this two runs . After the first run , I found out that my thighs muscle is weak , I got the stamina to run the complete rounds but my thighs get tired and sore easily . Hence I started to train my leg muscle and that explained the 106 squat . The training did help as my leg is able to tolerate the whole 2.4km with only a slight fatigue today. The problem now is that I don’t know how to pace myself. I can run faster but I don’t know how far my stamina can bring me . With that , I believe that I can finished my next run in 15min by hastening my pace , which of course is still slow but at least better than now .

From this runs , I also found out that I got weaker . In the past , without any serious training , I can finish 2.4km within 13+min. With that said , I am not surprise with my current situation as I have not been exercising for almost a year ,thanks to anime . By not exercising , I really mean not moving much at all , all the activities that I did is cruising the mouse while sitting down for 10 hours per day . It is also almost 1 and a half year since I played any sports , to think that I am at least average in most sport I played in the past. Now I think I won’t even have the ability to win primary school children in basketball or football.

Oh , and sports anime is a fraud man , all they need to do to keep moving are motivation speech and drawing more frames . In real life , you will die from dehydration and suffocation after crossing the limit . No amount of manly speech will gain you more power to keep on running .

Ahhh how I wished that montage are real , so I can train for 5minute while playing manly music and it will equate to 3 months worth of training . Oh , and how far can a beginner pitcher threw a paper ball crushed from a A4 size paper? It won’t be that far right? Course I can only throw like 8m at most , which is like not even half the distance between the mount and the home plate. If your average joe without any training can throw a distance of 18.4m , then that means that I sucked .

Let’s walk down my history lane and discover why I like Japanese anime and manga .

For starter , my first experience for manga is actually Dragonball . I remembered that my brother borrowed the whole series from his friend  ,when I am about  3 years old . I started to pick up some volume of it and browse through the pictures. I particularly love the cover page of volume 30 because it shows all the Z warriors and have great pictures of my then favourite hero , Trunk .  I am able to pick up names like goku , freiza , cell , vegeta , bulma and trunk due to some unknown reason and that’s a pretty amazing feat cause  , I don’t even know how to spell my own name at that time.

With that ,I think it subconsciously made me pro japanese as I find their art more appealing than all the American cartoon that I had seen .

Then comes my first anime . I think I am about 5 or 6 by then and to be frank , I forgot  the name of the anime . I just remember that it has a word “斗” in its title . At the same time , my brother borrowed more manga from his friend , and this time round , it is actually captain tsubasa J. So for some dubious reason again , after captain tsubasa , I get to know series such as Yu Yu Hakusho , Slam Dunk , Sailor moon and many more . I think it is because anime is the new cool in that era , that’s why I always thought that anime is suppose to be a popular medium until I found out that it is utterly unpopular in 2007 .
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