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I conclude that I have a ponytail fetish.

Then again, it’s troublesome to maintain a long (about till slightly above waist length) hair, as far as I know. And costly too.


After getting my Mother Tongue script back for Composition, the marks was of such a shocking value that I was wondering if I had taken someone’s else paper.

Well it must be, since I can’t even read the name written on that paper.

Shit. It’s mine after all. Read the rest of this entry »

Believe in your belief that your belief is a believably believable belief which believe in its own belief.   Belief, which you believe, is a belief in its own belief. Believe that belief, and that belief will believe you as a believable believer who believe in his own belief. Believers will hence believe in your beliefs, and their beliefs shall become your beliefs, infusing beliefs together to become a belief. Belief will hence become a new religion named “Belief”. Believe in belief, and belief shall believe you with its belief. Believing Belief’s belief, is like Belief’s belief believing you with believable belief. Believe with a believing heart, open your beliefs to Belief’s belief teaching. Can’t believe all these beliefs? I shall quote what a great man once said :

Dont' believe in the you who believe in Belief. Don't believe the me who believe in Belief. Believe in the belief that believe in its own belief

Dont' believe in the you who believe in Belief. Don't believe the me who believe in Belief. Believe in the belief that believe in its own belief

P.S. This is Holydream’s snatching job from Phoenix to post tl;dr posts that no one will read nor even understand it if they even bothered to read it.

Credits :    For the picture above.

Which  will be the most exciting event that happens in every RPG?

Of course, it would be the part when some badass character join your PARTY!! Orlandu is the most badass character in Final Fantasy Tactic , and today , we are proud to announce that we will obtain our own Orlandu!!! What does that means then?

Everyone knows that once you obtain Orlandu in FFT , the game will be so easy that even noob such as Phoenix can win any battle without much hassle. So, with our new member , the beloved Holydreams fanboi , BLUEZ , running this blog will be like playing FFT using Orlandu , fucking easy!!! Oh , not to mention he made our banner too.

Also, this shows that being a fanboi has its advantage. When your worship one of the main members here long enough, and managed to stalk him until he’s now afraid of stepping out of the house, you’d be given the special privilege to join our exclusive blog! Meanwhile Holydream is cowering at home for  fear Bluzes will stalk him once more. Maybe Holydream could try reading the Hikkimori post. Read the rest of this entry »

Most of the time when we choose something like say, books, we’d look at its cover page, its title, its price or anything except its summary and synopsis. And sometimes we even buy on impulses. The same reasoning could be applied to animes too. I will share with  you people how I judge an anime by its title, it may not be 100% correct all the time, but it generally has more hits than misses. And do continue  reading for more epic stuffs you never thought of. Read the rest of this entry »

This is nerdyphoenix speaking.

I am honoured to be a contributor to this web log. I will be contributing to this log by writing critical articles about mathematics, physics, philosophy and psychology. (Through it will take a long time)

My posts will be based on analytical references of psychological models and philosophical issues on top of the usual maths and physics articles. Through my rate of contribution is low as compared to the other contributors in the web log, I will bring some of the interesting perspectives in the academic studies, on the condition that they does not offend anyone or any particular groups

If you want to know my personality, i can suggest that you goggle INTP and read any one of the articles that it chunked out.

Until then, stay tuned for my first post, due 2 months time at the maxinum.


OK …… here’s a new blog , name is iwicsyi aka I Wish I Could See Your Inside aka ef a tale of melodies engrish lyric. Read the rest of this entry »


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