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Food is art, it’s the basis of survival and the craft for top rated cuisine requires talent and passion. Food is essential for society. A piece of bread in a poor man’s hand portrays deep social commentary of suffering. Cuisine requires lots of heart and a good sense of taste to appreciate. A good cuisine is open up to criticisms and interpretation in how good it tastes. Food is beautiful, noble and speaks to everyone.

This is why food is one of the truest art-form. People should take it very seriously and dissect, interpret and analyze the shit out of it.

I always lament when people are satisfied with shitty Mac Donald food. What kind of uncritical imbecile are they for not taking food seriously and understand that a top rated French Toast which cost the same is of better quality and class? Why do they like shitty Mac Donald food so much when it’s objectively shitty and stupid? Why will someone stuff shitty fatty food that give you diabetics and heart attack down their mouth?

There are no talent and redeeming quality behind Mac Donald’s food. Any 13 years old part timer with no experience in cooking can cook up a Hamburger. These Mac Donald foods are made out of cold, passionless and shit quality meat churn out in some factories from China to pander to the lowest denominator. It’s a fucking pandering machine that exploits the primitive nature of human being.

Why don’t they see that a handmade, top quality French Toast made of the best wheat grain and organic eggs are better than that shitty Hamburger? These imbeciles have no class at all and are not critical with what they are eating. They are noobs who can’t provide good and rationale reason for eating Mac Donald’s food.

As a connoisseur of good taste, I should write up long critical essay to tell you how the food you are eating is shitty and why you are a lesser human being for liking what you like. I also demand critical and logical reasons on why you like shitty food.

You suck for not taking food seriously. You are a stupid, lesser and uncritical conforming human being who is easily content with all the shitty food you eat.

Fuck You.

– By a better human being than you.


Chirin no Suzu, The Spider Thread, Nobody’s boy Remi, Dog of Flanders, Night of the Galactic Railroads and The Little Match Girl have two things in common, they are all old children stories and people die.

Comparing to the old days, we human pride ourselves as being more progressive and open minded but god damn hell we are sheltering our children with crap and not exposing them to the real horror and tragedy in life. There is even a tutorial on how to tell your children about 911 here like it is some big deal.

We should all be like the children from the 19th and early 20th century and get exposed to hardcore shit like Night of the Galactic Railroad and Dog of Flanders so we won’t have all these crap.

In a modern children story, there are always some cheesy shit lessons that are useless like love your friends or be happy and such but what does the good old Little Match Girl teaches us? You will die if you are hungry, and there are no hope in this world if you are poor  You shitty 5 years old have zero asset now so you will be hungry and die  like that girl in the story without my help so don’t be a shitty child unless you want me to send you out in the winter cold to sell matchsticks. That’s the valuable lesson we should instill in our young to make them hardcore and manly and guide them in not being some stuck-up shitty kid.

I suggest that we should propagate hardcore tragedy at the age of 5 so everyone will drop their naive idealistic thought and sprout meaningless nonsense like ” When thing seems more difficult to achieve, you will know that is really what u want to achieve.” Yes, that is an actual quote from one of my “friend” on Facebook and it sucks. Now if she were to be exposed with Chirin no Suzu instead of Hello Kitty, like how all children should be, the quote will be something more awesome and credible and true to life like, “I need to sell my kidney for 5 cent today after I buried my dead father with shitty soil to buy bread and sugar for my sick mother”.

The moral of the story for this post is to watch Night of the Galactic Railroad with your son/daughter and tell them that people will bully you if you are poor and you will most likely die when you are drown. The END!

Worst show ever? Not worthy for that title.

Mars of Destruction is stupid, weak and a waste of time but worst show ever? Man, people from MAL disappoint me. Do they even watch anime? How can Mars of Destruction be the worst show ever when it was so tame and not really that boring? I can easily name 30 series that are worse than MoD.

Now we all know that” the worst show ever” have two meanings. The first being that it is so boring that it’s bad and the other one being that it is not actually terrible because it is the most awesome thing in life. In other words, so ridiculous awesome that idiots who think that they are sophisticated can’t comprehend. Some called the second type of worst “so bad, it’s good” but I don’t buy that because I think they are genuinely good because they entertain. Not to mention, it’s paradoxical and illogical for something bad to be good.

Anime like Hoshizora Kiseki, Mizuiro, Yotsunoha, Kowarekake no Orgel and Del Power X belong to the first definition of boringly bad. They are boring because nothing substantial happen. They are too tame and mediocre but they are so meh, you don’t even have any expectation for them to be disappointed or get angry about.  These mediocre series are also not morally corrupt or popular enough for you to hate because nobody likes them and they tanked like they are supposed to. For one, Del Power X is so obscure that the fansubber tried really hard to get a LD version of it. For the other shows, have you even heard of them?

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First , some history of mine where I talk about my anime convention experience.

Singapore do have lots of smaller fan made conventions such as Cosfest and EOY which I never attend  because their main attractions are cosplay,  which to be frank, is something I kinda dislike about the anime community. However 2008 came and we finally got our first official anime convention. AFA 2008 is actually the best event since its inception because they are just starting up and so they try a lot of things out without catering to any crowd of people. During the event, the thing I liked the most is that we have a panel room where we actually hosts Japanese industry guests like Koji Morimoto, Eiko Tanika and Kunio Okawara.

Too bad, I was pretty ignorance back then and missed up the chances of attending most of their panels to hear wonderful stories about their works. I do however luckily attended Eiko Tanika’s panel and managed to listen to interesting anecdotes about Studio 4°C and animation studio in general. That one panel that is so educational and interesting, it pretty much became the freshest and biggest event I remember for AFA08. I can still remember the things Eiko Tanika said even if it’s 2 years ago when I know nothing about anime and that should sum up exactly how much of an impression it left me with . To be frank, even May’N’s concert doesn’t leave such a vivid mark in my mind.

I also attended another panel of Imaginary Friends which isn’t as interesting as Studio 4°C one but it did leave quite an impression for me where I felt like listening to more of such experience. With that, the thing I really anticipate for subsequent AFA is actually the panels and interview of industry guest.

There is also a live screening of Genius Party Beyond apparently but I failed to attend it because I didn’t know they are screening it.

Then AFA09 came. I just started IWICSYI and if you read the pre 2010 post, it isn’t hard to conclude that I am someone who don’t know what the hell I am talking about. I am still in the stage where I am not exposed to enough ideas and opinions about anime to formulate my own stand so I just went on and attended AFA09 he experience while taking everything at face value. It’s after the recent announcement of AFA10 that I notice that the seed has been planted since AFA09 and now the convention will most likely spiral into something that I don’t particularly like.

First thing first, during AFA09, the panel room was removed and the only worthwhile Japanese guest is actually Mamoru Hosada. With that, it means that there are no more industry insider panels, no more aspiring experience sharing from individual and lesser interviews and talks that I look forward to the most in an anime convention. There are no live screening of special anime too.

Another disturbing trend is that there are a huge amount of focus on cosplay and otakuish trends like moe seiyuu and maid cafe. 3/4 of our guests are made up of seiyuu, cosplayer and moe related guest like Danny Choo. There are also lots of booth with moe merchandising .Sure, there are still studio booths like Production IG and such but they are just some pathetic exhibition with no host attending to it. Worse still, no attendees even go near there. I know that because my friends and I camped near there to read manga because other areas are too fucking crowded to even walk. I also pretty much stand there for hours, looking and having nostalgia trip when I watch the interesting trailers of Production IG’s work being shown. I came to know of the existence of this crazy Mamoru Oshii project called Tachiguishi Retsuden where Shouji Kawamori and Kenji Kawai starred in due to the trailers.

Moe areas/booth and events like the Maid Cafe, K-on live dubbing and cosplay skids are well received though. People have made it clear that they are willing to fork up triple of the entrance fee to attend them. These moe related events garner a lot of hype even before the convention starts.Sure, Mamoru Hosada’s talk did garner quite a crowd in the end but it is definitely not as heated as the K-on live dubbing or the cosplay skids . Not to mention,  I never heard of anyone getting excited about Mamoru Hosada before and after the event . It’s also pretty clear that K-on is pretty much the big thing here and from the things people do and like, it isn’t hard to notice that fans here are geared towards the moe fandom.

Then the final blow came when people are getting real high with the elaborated youtube video of Hatsune Miku . I should have notice something weird from that but it never crosses my mind that I am looking at something that I will hate in later part of my life.

So now the seed has been planted. It’s clear and obvious now that people want moe and cosplay. Large amount of people also couldn’t care much about animators since they are willing to fork up more money for AFA09 than in AFA08 even when there is a lack of industry insiders. People hyped up moe stuff, affiliated blogs that promotes AFA are mostly moe oriented. People are buying more dolls and figurines than dvds. People talk more about K-on and moe series than they talk about Aoi Bungaku. So in the end, what’s the result? A total event all relating to moe and cosplay.

Look at the fucking guest lists! There are no more animators coming down. All of them are frigging moe seiyuu and cosplayers. The concert wasn’t too bad but the only thing that has a hint of manliness is JAM project. Not to mention, not only do you have a Maid Cafe, you also have a fucking Butler cafe now. What has the world come down to? What the fuck is this shit? Why are they catering to the moe crowd now? Why the fuck are they leaning so towards cosplay? How the hell can they not bring anime insiders to educate about the process of making anime? Why are there no more panels for people to share their experience and discuss interesting anime topics?!

There is one thing that they did right though and that’s live programming of special anime that no one has seen yet. Too bad, it’s Gundam OO movie and The Disappearance of Haurhi Suzumiya. Out of the vast amount of stuff such as King of Thorn, Colourful, Redline, Mardock Scramble, Uchuu Show e Youkoso , Karigurashi no Arrietty , Lopus=Garous and such, they just have to fucking screen Haruhi and Gundam OO.

I hate to say this but it is obvious that the state of the anime community here has definitely became moe oriented. People are buying merchandises like moe dolls and figurine than dvds with actual contents. People are more interested with the latest niche moe trend and series than the next landmark series to hit the mainstream. People are more interesting with the glamorous side of seiyuu and singers than the real production staff behind it. People are getting into anime now with K-on rather than Eden of the East.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Gundam was pretty huge here as well and it constitutes another half of the anime community  other than moe and cosplay, all thanks to the vast amount of toys it has. Most of the fans are in for the gunpla and character design than the actual show itself though.

Of course, the guest and event lists aren’t finalised yet but I don’t believe that there will be any major change when it is only 19 days away from the event.

It’s funny that I am the minority now because I don’t watch much niche moe show.

People don’t understand why old timers keep complaining about how they don’t make anime like they used to . I didn’t understand it as well , that is until I found out the charm and atrocity of  older anime.

People always use the argument on how 80s anime are actually god awful to back up the fact that anime back then is not any better than anime now , which is true but they don’t really understand that the awfulness itself is one of the charm . Yes , a lot of older anime fail, but they have the balls to fail so hard , it became a charm which you can’t find nowadays .

I will think that the 80s to early 90s is still in the stage of trial and error , coupled with the fact that companies and sponsors have tons of money to spare for anime , lots of works are really experimental in a sense as they don’t follow any guide lines at all. The plot of old anime are bold , imaginative , extreme and most of the time crazy.  These qualities in return give people surprises and variations , even if they suck .

Whereas nowadays , the anime industry has matured and most animators understand the basic of how to create a show to sell . This however resulted in too many anime following the guidelines too closely and hence producing tons of generic show . You just can’t find the absurdity of like say, Dog Soldier in anime nowadays when it was aplenty during the 80s and 90s . If you think of it , Anime that suck  nowadays aren’t really that sucky. Akane iro Somaru is just generic and mediocre to the extend of being boring and it wasn’t bad in the sense of ridiculous bad .  This lack of boldness and originality  fail to appeal .People love variations , they prefer to watch 9/10 failed curve ball than 10/10 generic safe straight balls.

If you really pay attention to the talks between older fans ,you will come to realise that as much as they love to celebrate the true great works , they always never fail to mention about the absolute garbage as well . Sure , they might enjoy them ironically but they sure did have more fun with the garbage then than with the garbage now.

Other than the garbage being produced then is better than the garbage now , it’s also a fact that lots of animator start their directing début before they hit the age of 30 during the 80s . This is how bold anime are willing to be whereas you most director nowadays are either veteran or over the age of 50 . Even Satoshi Kon at age 47 is considered young when Hiroyuki Yamaga début with Wings of Honneamise when he was 24. This is yet another charm that you can only find during the early days.

To add on , the lack of strong niche fanbase during the early days helps to minimise the number of pandering series . Nowadays , most show must either have bishonen to attract fujioshi or girls that look like 12 years old to pander to lolicon . I am not saying that older anime don’t pander but the ratio of pandering series is definitely higher now as the fanbase to pander to are more obvious and solid than they used to be.

That’s not all but I will stop now.

Regardless , as much as I understand the “They don’t make anime like they used to” complain , I will still say that I enjoy modern anime as much as the older one . But now I am too conformed with the art style of 80s and 90s anime , post 2000 series are a little hard to follow. Not to mention , lots of series aren’t as extreme as they used to be . For example , I couldn’t see myself watching Highschool of the Dead when there are so  many other exploitative ova and films from the 80s that are more extreme and more entertaining yet have a shorter running time than HotD .  I don’t know about you but I rather watch real sex and more creative beheading in 1 and a half hours than the restricted and tame  6 hours HotD. Yes! HotD is tame when compare to the craziness of Yoshiaki Kawajiri , Kazuo Koike and Go Nagai . That’s how ridiculous yet charming anime are during the early days , all thanks to the thriving oav market.

On an unrelated note , Wolf Rain and Evangelion are old school? Ha! Even though I used the term “old anime” for 80s and early 90s anime in this post for convenience sake, I still believe that real old school are those from the black and white era.

Fuck reviewers , I fucking hate them because they suck . Every time I read any reviews about Mind Game ,they always spend too much time talking about how Mind Game has awesome visual and go on and on with their useless analysis and interpretations of the visual symbolism and shit like that , hence resulting in the lack of mention for the best thing about Mind Game – the theme, the message and the plot .

As interesting as the visuals are , they aren’t  really subtle at all .The things that the visuals want to convey are clear cut , obvious and complement well with the plot . It’s easy to understand and it’s not pretentious. Also, a lot of the exaggerated imageries are just there because they are fun and exciting to watch and it conveys the uplifting mood very well . So really , there’s nothing complicated there so people should shut their gap and don’t make Mind Game sounds as convoluted as they made it up to be because that will only deter viewers away.

Mind Game is the antithesis of Kite because it has a strong theme . It doesn’t  laze out with its theme by making it unnecessary dark and grim . Rather , the theme is really optimistic and we all know how optimism is harder to convince since most people think that the real world resides more on the pessimistic side . So the ability of backing up the optimism with vibrant colours and uplifting plot on how the world is so wonderful because there are so many possibilities out there is brilliant. The redemptions and development of the characters are so well written , it really lift up your mood and makes you believe that the world is a loving place and how your life really is the result of your own decision.

I especially adore the second final sequence where the characters run for their life. The segment shows us how the characters’ past actions of love and kindness helped them to escape. One such example is Yang took care of a dog and the dog tag helped her to escape. It was also shown that not only the affection you gave can help you , the affection you received from others may save your life too . This is shown by how Nishi fractured his bone when he remember that he didn’t drink any milk when her mom told him to do so, but then the fractured bone repairs itself when it was shown that his mom add in milk to his food. These sequences again further fortify the theme and message of the film .

The ending is great as well because it ties in with the beginning . At first , the movie boggles you with bombardment of images . Then when all these images repeat themselves during the ending , everything was clear that they are some sort of flashback of the characters. Then extra scenes were added in to show other possible decisions made by the characters . I also like the foreshadowing during the start of the film when Nishi is messaging “Your life is the result of your own decision”.

The comedy is funny as well because it does what Japanese does best , visual gags with a hint of perversion. The constant references to football and World Cup were great too even though 2004 , the year in which this film premiers is actually during European Cup , not World Cup . You know why is that so? Because Yuasa worked on Mind Game for 2 years and 9 months.

Disclaimer: I had only read/watched less than 10 shoujo titles so my views may seem narrow minded or off tangent.

I always seems to deter myself away from shoujo/josei series because I know that I can’t enjoy them . This assumption was further fortified when I put the highly acclaimed Honey and Clover’s manga on hold after 3 volumes because the plot felt uneventful and I don’t understand what the author is trying to do because she is always jumping around with her stories.

The only chapter that I like is the one where one of the main character went back to his hometown and met his new dad . That chapter is the only chapter that felt like some kind concrete plot is going on . Even the much  lauded chapter where the guy with spec piggybacked that girl didn’t affect me at all when it was supposed to be emotional . With that I am curious of the reason why I felt that way. So I decided to list down some problems I have with shoujo series.

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People always wonder to themselves why the fuck are they going back to Adachi’s work every time a new one come out even though all of them look and feel the same . It’s a joke that even Adachi himself knows , his character designs have remain the same for almost 30 years and the setting is almost always the same old  slice of life . Though unlike everyone else , I always believe that all of his works have different focus but I do agree on two things – the ambience and the interesting interaction between characters of his works remain the same throughout .It’s just like what others had said ,”  You don’t fix something that isn’t broken and if it works well , why not keep using it ?”

Though it’s not easy as it sounds , people will get bored when stuff  became repetitive. However ,  if that the case,  then how the hell can Adachi’ work be so refreshing every time I read it? I have seen almost 80 +volumes of his work and I still can’t enough of it . Why? The reason is clear after I finished Rough just recently , the root of this addiction is in the ending .

Newcomers may be upset by Adachi’s ending because all of them have this conclusive yet inconclusive conclusion . Yes , you know who’s going out with who and  the characters’ life goes on happily but you really wanted to know what’s next .Unfortunately , you can’t because all of them end with such a high yet subtle note , it makes you yearn for more . So what can you do to cope the urge? Since the thing you wanted more is the same ambience , feelings and interesting character interactions , you can only find it from his other works , and after another conclusively inconclusive ending , you can only read his other work , then another work , then another work and the cycle just goes on and on and on .

It also helps when all his character design looks the same so it’s easy to get into with his another work due to familiarity . To give you a final blow , his works are full of sceneries panels and every dialogues are so interesting , you will  burn through 70+ volumes just like that . “Whew” and you finished everything before you notice it. Perfect , awesome and you will be finding yourself searching for his other works . It’s a vicious cycle , a cocaine powder created specially by  Adachi Mitsuru himself .

In the end , I can’t help but wonder , did all this happen because we are shallow humans who wanted to feel the same great emotion every time or is it because of Adachi’s sheer brilliance in writing? I will always believe that it is the latter .

Try it now and start with any of his longer work like “Touch”. I am interested to see whether you will be caught into the same situation like many of the Adachi fans out there .

I am tired of people complaining about our local manga publisher where lots of people made lost of unfair claims and panned it unnecessary. So to relieve some of these anger , I will try to refute some of these complains but first thing first , I will agree that Chuangyi’s paper quality is inferior to the Taiwan counterpart.

Complain number 1 : Comics Titles

People always complain about how Chuangyi has lesser title than Taiwan Companies while neglecting the fact that there are 5 and more companies publishing manga there while we only have one Chuangyi . Not to mention , the Taiwan companies are more well established and started off earlier so they have early dated manga which most likely won’t sell anymore like Madbull 34 , Houto no Ken and Orange Road while Chuangyi was too late for the game. Not to mention , Chuangyi has to deal with English manga as well so even though it is a fact that Chuangyi carries lesser titles , I think this argument is unfair. This is my personal peeves but I will like to poinnt out that those who complain about this wanted less then stellar work like Lucky Star and those Kodokawa visual novels adaptation manga which no one should even care about in the first place. These people neglected great license such as Blade Of Immortal , Vagabond ,H2 and many others.

However the complain about the limitation of new titles is valid but you need to understand the risk of publishing new titles. Not to mention , they need to calculate whether this title will make any profit when the same new titles are carried by Taiwan company as well . I will reckon that Taiwan can publish new titles like how they do is due to an established fanbase where you know , people buy comics , lots of them . That’s not saying that we locals don’t buy them but do eradicate this limitation of new titles , all we need to do is actually showing our support . Chuangyi has lots of channel for you do give recommendation and such.

Complain 2 : Translation
Funny how people complain about this when you can never know whether a translation is correct or not unless you have the Japanese one . The awkward sentence structure might not be a translation error but actually an error from the Japanese counterpart . Let me assure you , the Japanese make errors as well . That’s not saying that Chuangyi doesn’t make any mistakes , they made a lot as well . Detective Loki is almost unreadable. Flame of Recca was bad as well but surprise surprise , the Hongkong and Taiwan versions have similar problem. I blame it on the early establishment.

Now , people always use the Taiwan version to make comparison ,but then how will they know that it is not the Taiwan company’s error? Oh , because the grass is always greener on the other side and local company always suck ass . Go to Taiwan and people complain about their translation when compared to Hongkong or else where. Go to USA and people complain about how Scanlations have better translation .

Now , I do agree that some of the Taiwan version flows better in translation but on the other hand , some of our local translation flow better as well . Also , let me assure you the Taiwan companies have their fair share of errors as well , lots of them actually . I put Eden; the endless world on halt because the translation was horrendous . It doesn’t make any sense most of the time! Though it might be the author’s mistakes but it is quite impossible to have errors for every 5 page or so . Well , it was a difficult comic to translate so I have no complains.

I am still able to follow like 4/6 of the ongoing titles I have so I am ok with that.

Nearly forgot to mention one point , Chuangyi has their own localisation , same goes with Taiwan Companies and all this is just preferance choice , it is really unfair to complain about it just because you prefer the Taiwan’s one.

Complain 3 : Price

You go to Taiwan and can eat a bowl of noodles with $2 but you need $3 in Singapore . Come on , go complain about that then . Though Taiwan comics are more expensive here due to import fees . Now people say that they are willing to fork out 50cent more for Taiwan company but they forget that the 50cent will compile for every volume you buy . The reason they forget about this must be because they are always reading comics that got axed early on due to sucking too much.

Complain 4: Speed
For Taiwan company , I have been waiting for 7 billion needles for god knows when even though it sucks and also , they are late for GTO Shonan 14 days . Same goes for some of the Chuangyi titles. Both have same speed issue for different titles . It’s funny how people are willing to go to such extend of complaining about a slower release when it was just like a few weeks late . Man , must be cheapo that only follow one title so they can’t read other comics before the new one is released.

Well , all in all , to get the good from both of them , you just need to balance your collection from both different publishers.

Answering this question might pose to be a challenge for me due to the lack of experience because seriously , after living for nearly to two decades , I haven’t really encounter any real challenges that will put my personality and survival instinct to test. What will I really do if I was in a real pinch? How will I cope with life and death matters. Which character in Infinite Ryvius will I act like? Will I be the leader? Or Will I be the follower or what? In order to answer to these questions , I will try to see how I can relate to the Infinite Ryvius cast.

First thing first , I will admit that I never found anyone in anime who I could relate to . I could identify myself in some situations from series such as Genshiken and Cromartie High School but that’s only some part of the whole scenario and not any of the characters. For example , I can relate to the feeling of building your first plastic model or get irritated if I couldn’t figure out the song I was humming but I couldn’t find myself in characters such as Sasahara or Kamiyama. However , for Infinite Ryvius , I might just find someone I could relate to since the characters are so diversified , almost every set of personalities were showcased  . Not to mention , the scope was narrowed by the scenario ; which character will I most likely act like if I were in the Ryvius. So without further ado , let’s narrow de-construct  the cast.

Stein Heigar: Heigar is a realistic and rational guy , he only care about facts and nothing else. I find it a little cheap that the series gave him a mental breakdown for such a small issue but nevertheless , his realistic mindset of outweighing the pros and cons is admirable . I will consider myself as a rational being but I do have some romantic fantasy such as hoping for miracles and saving the world , which is why I couldn’t totally see myself in him . Though in a pinch , I can still see how I might act like him but I most likely won’t . 45/100 similarity points.

Airs Blue: He is ruthless and will complete  his goal no matter what . From his character design , you will think that he will play a huge role but eh , he sort of got kicked off after mid series . It’s a shame because he is quite badass .He has leadership qualities which I have near to none because I dislike asserting power and forcing others to do stuff so I can’t see myself as him . The only thing I can relate to is getting interested in Juli . 25/100 similarity points.

Yuuki: Yuuki will be my favourite characters if he isn’t so stubborn with small issues. However , I liked him because he is like the cool pilot in war that get things done . Not to mention , he acted with his own gut feeling and think that complaining is stupid while not giving a fuck to most of the stuff. That’s very much like me actually though , as much as he disliked others to complain , he himself complains too much , especially for minute issue like getting in the same room with his brother. If he were to be more composed and attract some nice looking girls other than above average one , I can definitely see myself in him . 70/100 similarity points.

Houjou Lucson: Lucson complains and brag a lot at first but he know his own place later during the series.  Knowing your own place is the only thing I could relate to . I dislike complaining and didn’t really like to have too much attention so bleh. 20/1oo.

Oze Ikumi: Oze loves his sister , ewwww. He is like the party players with his cheerfulness and stuff like that . Though later on , we will realise that his cheerful front is forced in a sense that he tried to be friendly because he doesn’t want anyone to leave him. Though this front stays with him and became a part of his personality in the end. I might be a cheerful person but his cheerfulness is too over for me to relate to . So 30/100 .

Turtleland III Good: He is someone who takes love too seriously , I take it very seriously too but I am to manly too get seduced and get manipulated like he did in the first half . Though taking to the account where I can see myself sacrificing for my love one , I can sort of relate to him . So 50/100.

Kibure Kikki: The dino girl who mind her own business and stayed in the background all the time . Man , staying in the background is just like me. I  love to stay in the background  to keep a low profile  because you know , being high-profile is like asking for attention and that might look arrogant . Also , attention means trouble , it is easier to do things when no one notices you .It is stress free as well and I don’t get emo just because I am alone or stuff like that . Friends and being with a group are overrated anyway . However , not much of Kibure is being mentioned so I don’t know if we have the same reason to stay is the background . Can’t blame though because she appears like 5 seconds for  every episode and 0 seconds during episode 14. So 30/100

Kouji : He is like the normal guy , always doing the most predictable and conventional stuffs . Now that I think about it , the probability of me taking the same course of action as him is pretty high . So , 80% similarity point.

Finally , someone who I can really relate to and even take the same course of actions as she does .

Bahana Juli: Juli became a Zwei just for the scholarship . I took IT because it is an easy way out for me . We are both in a half enthusiastic state for the path we took . Juli sympathise someone who is in the same situation as her , in this case , she sympathise with Pat because  they are orphan . I can see myself doing the same since I can be really sentimental . Juli is wishy-washy , can only lead if forced to , doesn’t like to order people around ,sort of a romanticist , second in command  and always being relied on . Man , that’s like my carbon copy so yes , Juli is like 85% similar to me .

With that I will end my thoughts on Infinite Ryvius. However , I will like to briefly mention about 90’s anime . Infinite Ryvius( although was started in 1999 and ended in 2000 but the style is technically the 90’s anime style so…)  inspired these thoughts below.

I will definitely watch Tekkaman Blade one day

It is strange that the 90’s looks like a void in terms of anime production . Sure we have Slayers , GITS , Evangelion , GTO , LOGH, Slam Dunk , Golden Boy  Flame Of Recca , One Piece , Cowboy Bebop , Lain, Record of The Lodoss War , iterations of Gundam , Macross and etc  ,but it just felt void in a sense that a lot more were produced but not many were well-known . Like say , one will not just dive into a series like “Those Who Hunt Elves” unlike how people might watch some post 2001 series like Maria+Holic nowadays. That’s because more details were known for post 2001 series but no one really talk much about the 90’s one  much . This resulted in people not being exposed to 90’s anime enough to incur any motivation to watch any of it. To think that there are sites that covers lots of 80s series but not many for the 90s  . I find it sad because I personally like the style of the 90’s. The cell shadings ,the spiky haired characters , the vibrant colours , the awesome songs and the huge eyes art style attracted me . All in all , I will like to watch and study more on the 90’s anime so I will be watching a lot of them lately , starting with some Ova and series like Nadesico and Banner of Crest franchise. Also , I grew up with these anime so a taste of some nostalgic trip will be nice.


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