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I am an introvert. I hate being in situations where I will need to interact with another human being. I hate big parties. I have no idea why would people enjoy being together with a bunch of strangers just to celebrate their birthday.

I hate school. Not due to academic reasons, but social. It is clear that people approach the ‘elites’ so they can suck off them by copying homework, getting help with tutorials and tests. But are they friends? The lonely scholar considers them as friends, while the popular scholar sees them as ‘acquaintances-with-potential-benefits’.

To be honest, I have no idea what the above two paragraphs are supposed to be about.

As much as I hate interaction between humans, I am fortunate enough to have at least some friends. Frankly, I am surprised that I have friends… at least I deem them to be my friends and hopefully this friendship is mutual. Though I could count the number of people with both of my hands.

So what are friends? I do not know. But I do know I need them. I tend to feel negative and lonely easily, and I will always send random messages to my friends to save myself from the negative spiral of negative emotions I am always falling into. I am usually satisfied even with just a few sentences of conversation.

^wow I sound like some depressed fuck. Maybe I am, who knows.

Not sure if it is weird, but most of my friends are from my primary school days. The total number of friends I made since then could be counted with just a hand. And I think I will lose interaction with them sooner or later too.

And the amazing thing was that I had a girlfriend of four years. I have no idea how or why but she was willing to hang out with me. In the end we broke up, mainly due to me as I handled the conflict between her and my parents very poorly. I still regret it up to this day, thinking what would happen if I handled it differently every night.

After a few months, I then began to think, am I missing her, or am I missing the relationship? Would I forget about her if I were to enter another relationship? Or was it her that made the relationship special? I doubt I would ever know, for I doubt I would ever be able to have a fresh start once more, given my personality.

Then I thought about my friends. I am also amazed that I have friends, considering that I committed hideous acts to some of them in school. Are they my friends because they are them (as a person), or because of the interactions that we have? You can say that it is the person who does the acts, but the acts are also dependent on the person (No idea what this suppose to mean). And I think this is getting too philosophical.

But I am eternally grateful to my friends. I doubt anybody I know would read this anyway (other than the master of this page), but I thank them from the bottom of my heart. My actions may not reflect so, but I do appreciate being with them.

I suppose this is just a random rant by an incoherent drunk author with a poor command of the English language. Feel free to delete this post if you want to.


Don’t fucking waste your time to debate these unimportant issues.

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Man ,  Gungrave is awesome .

One day after I woke up , I realise that criticism is bothersome . Firstly , I don’t know how to criticise because nothing actually bothers me enough to invoke any anger  and secondly , there are lots of other criticising anime for whatever cause so maybe voicing  praise only will be a good idea since there aren’t many blog that does that. So from today onward I will be positive and like every anime , good or bad out there and clear off all hatred .I will try to be very bias and only look at the good of a series while neglecting all the flaws . With that , I hope that one day , I can become the happiest human on the earth.

Now , K-on sucks.

The End~~~~~~z

So recently I watched a series called Bleep Bloop from College Humour where the whole show is about a bunch of people playing and talking about games . The one that I watched was on a Japanese Dating Sim game. Now , I have seen so many of those and played some of it for the lolz , I have forgotten about how awkward , weird and embarrassing these games are . Similarly , the amount of Harem series out there makes me neglect that the plotline and formula are something that gave Japanese the name of having a weird culture. However for us , Harem series is a cliche . Wow , that’s dangerous don’t you think? After so much exposure of these supposed weird stuff , the weirdness has turned so bland  that we treated it as something so common  . It is no wonder how we find it strange that people get turned off by anime when it was this “awesome” because we are the strange one in the first place.

For example , when we watch Ghost In The Shell where the first scene is Major being naked and jump of the building , anime fan will be awed by it due to the well set up of the GITS world by showcasing their technology which is something something camouflage by reflecting something and something which needs you to be naked because your clothes can’t turn invisible. No , we won’t find it strange that she is naked  . On the other hand ,for normal people , they will be awe by it because anime is all about nudity and  then they will wonder  why the girl needs to be naked.

Ok , that actually put us in the good light by showing that we aren’t retarded so it isn’t a good example. Ok , how about this.

While watching Kanon , anime fans will criticise it heavily by stating it to be demeaning to female and how moe is evil while normal people will just watch it , like or dislike it without caring about moe or anything else.

Ok , that actually shows how nerdy and moral anime fans can be and nerd is like a badge of honour so this example put us in the good light again because stupid commoners don’t know moral values orhow moe is evil . Also , neglecting the fact that only those who know anime well enough will know what the hell moe is in the first place shows how knowledgeable we are because something as complex as moe is so common to us ,so much so we forgot that stupid commoners don’t understand. Or we actually forgot that no one cares. Regardless , we are  still in the good light.

Man ,I am too morally upright and don’t mix or pry around with the weird and dark side ( like some Star War) of the fandom so I can’t think of any example that put us in the bad light or even show how weird we can be . So the first paragraph is nullified , we are not weird at all .

May summary is the hottest topic now so I need to jump onto the bandwagon to make it seems like I am updating regularly . Now , as you can see from my previous post , anime viewing is epic and can be considered a journey . So when a journey is going to end , brave warriors and sissy mages will gather together , have some milk and do a flashback to their journey – the journey of Spring season . So it had been 9 weeks , what a long 9 weeks . I braved through ocean , shithole and everything possible and what did I watch for the Spring season? Nothing , yea , that’s right , nothing .

The End~!

I always thought that ending something suddenly is very funny .

I conclude that I have a ponytail fetish.

Then again, it’s troublesome to maintain a long (about till slightly above waist length) hair, as far as I know. And costly too.

The internet is for storing naked pictures.

IWICSYI , chatroom for no lifer.

One fine day ,Kanokon waked up early and messes with the Saturday 10 am  happy children time slot .



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