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I used to be a Pokemon fan. I woke up every Saturday morning to catch a Pokemon episode. School used to force us to attend extra curriculum lesson on Saturday and I skipped all of them because I want to watch Pokemon. I played Pokemon Red/Blue so much that I can complete it within 2 hours by utilizing turbo speed on my Gameboy emulator. I could navigate the dark cave without flash and avoid every trainer battles. I am very hardcore.

I followed every iteration of Pokemon until emerald, then I realise that they are just repeated content with marginal improvement every generations. The mechanic and concept of the game didn’t change or improve much and the new thing you can do now is molest your Pokemon. How can people accept this bullshit when they are outraged by the yearly update of sports game and Call of Duty? Why are the same people that call bullshit on CoD, accept Pokemon so whole heartily? What the fuck is wrong with people? Pokemon is the least improved game from its first generation to its last and Gamefreak had pretty much ship the same fucking game for 18 years. It’s one of the least innovative game in terms of progression I ever see. I personally will not support this bullshit because you are telling the developer that it’s ok not to innovate and we will accept a mere skin change with recycled material.

This is just bullshit to me. I don’t even want to criticize the money grubbing bullshit of releasing different version of the same game tactic. People are livid when Capcom pulls that shit but it’s ok with Pokemon. Why? I have no fucking idea. This lead me to think that Pokemon is the best example of fanboy double standard and how consumer culture can be pretty terrible.I know nerds are ready in arms to counter my points by saying that they added mechanics like element and type and bullshit like that. It doesn’t fucking matter in a Single Player mode when I can just press A and mowed my way through the fucking game while I experience the same old fucking bullshit story of Pokemon thief and fighting gyms. True, if the core mechanics are so good that we shouldn’t touch it, at least make the fucking story different. People notice the bullshit that Rocky and Rambo pulled with their sequels and it became a laughing stock. Now we should gather all the cool kids and start making Pokemon seems like a laughing stock so they might actually give us a different game next time.


Never had a day past without youtube crashing on me. I was watching some huge boobs bouncing around and what do you know? Fucking send error reports and script error ass shit happen.

Hanged my whole computer so I need to restart it. Guess what happened next? Adobe flash player asking for update. Update my ass! It never fixes anything. It just gives me this false sense of security that they have finally fix this broken piece of shit but no! Shit fucking crashes again right before some nipple slip. WTF is wrong with this shit and how the fuck can this product continue on?

I thought now youtube uses html 5 to stream video?  Why does it still ask for a flash player? OH! It’s still on trial? Get on with it already! I am ready for the future and is more than happy to just relegate all Flash products into 3D porn game or something.

1) This anime tried to be (a) Ghilbi/ Ghibli-eqsue /Ghibli ripoff

How many times have you heard people calling something a Ghibli ripoff just because an anime has a fantastical setting with bright colours? Every fucking time! Ghibli this and Ghibli that, apparently, Ghibli invented everything anime. How about everyone and everything is a ripoff of IWICSYI?! I am a  human and there are a lot of humans in anime, they fucking ripped off the idea of human from me!

2) This anime subvert this and subvert that.

How about I subvert your ass and turn you inside out to make you a subversion of human yourself! Fucking hate this phrase! Gave me tons of false hope entering a series expecting something special but disappoints me ultimately. If people really care about subversion, Book of Bantorra and Windaria will be huge by now! Subversion my ass.


How about expecting your mouth to be stuffed with shit so you will be too busy wiping off shit to type bullshit like this? How about I slice your life apart to show you the true slice of life? What the hell does slice of life means anyway?! I live a badass life like Onizuka  and run up a wall every single day. GTO is my life! Onizuka is a realistic depiction of me. GTO is slice of my life! Fucking hell.

Now if you can spare me some moments, I need to piss blood till the end of time now because I read my own blog 24/7.  Oh, and if you want to stay awake, drink Chinese Tea. When I was born, I prepared 5 million cups of Chinese Tea and drank them all in 5 second. I have not been sleeping since then.

People always think that I am some internet hunter out there having too much time by giving them too much shit . They always thought that I fucking discriminate their hobby. People always wonder why I lament about moe even though I have mentioned so many times that I am just apathetic about it. They also couldn’t understand why I thought moe is fuckup and sinister.

This is why! This is fucking why! People who go around proclaiming that they are the anime know it all are fucking having this kind of conversation. How the fuck can I just go in and enjoy the interaction of a fandom when the fucking thing is full of fucking people like these.

I am a fan of football and even when there are some retards around, they are likable and passionate. I am a fan of story books and people don’t go around having conversation like these.So why the hell is anime this way? Why the fuck are people watching anime for sex appeal only? WTF happen to “I watch anime because it is cool and have lots of non overly sexual adult themes?”.

Can you honestly not be jaded when almost every fan you met in real life are like that? Can you honestly stop lamenting and be disappointed by how shallow people are when such conversations happen in a daily basis. Can you honestly not be pissed off when 90% of the fandom out there are devaluing your hobby into some sexual tool?

Come on man! Imagine this, you are a fan of film but 90% of those self proclaimed expert are liking shit in the bowel stuff like Epic Movie just because it has sex appeal. If you are a fan of football yet 90% of the fandom care more about the wife of the footballer than the real actual game itself, what will you think?

“If you don’t like it, you can stop reading right?”. As if I can! All these annoying stuff kept on entering into my brain like some shit machine churning out faeces non stop in front of my face. I wanted to ignore and I wanted to accept but every time without fail,there are always there reminding me of their annoyance.

“People who look down on others’ hobbies are the worst kind of people”. Then don’t fucking give me chance to look down on you by stooping so low! You thought that it is fun? No man, it’s not fun, it’s both disappointing and annoying to know that the medium I love are full of fans like these.

Stop discriminating people’s hobby!” You stop devaluing anime into a solely merchandise driven sex appeal tool first.

Really people, you can sometime watch anime for sex for all I care, but never never stoop it down to so low that you are only watching it mainly for sex. That’s what porn and shitty movie are for. Sexual appeal anime are just some side menu and appetizer, don’t fucking make it into a main course and let others think that anime is pornography. Also don’t sexualise your characters! Sometime I always wonder why the hell are people digging their own grave when they post sexy pictures of Nanoha while defending it and say that it has a awesome story and they didn’t watch because it has sexual appeal. WTF?!

Each and everyday, I find it harder and harder to defend the “anime is not pornography” statement when most of what I read are conversations like above. If you think that I am overeacting, look at the pictures I posted above and multiply them by 7 times and that is what I usually get when I try to look at what the fandom is doing. Can you seriously not be bitter? Can you seriously not be anti social and lose touch with the fandom when people are like that? Can you seriously just accept it? Can you seriously just embrace it all and say Halleluya? Sorry I can’t and this is why I am getting really tired and bitter about the anime fandom.

So what can or what shall I do from now on? I guess I should stop blogging now to spare people from reading my bitter whines because I can’t help but be bitter like how you can’t help but be shitty if you are being pour with shit every single second. I guess I will come back to blog every once in a while if I felt like doing it. I guess I will also reply a 1000 words comment every time someone comment on this blog. I guess I will still comment on blogs if I felt like it, though it’s not like I comment often. Of course, I will still watch Japanese cartoons because fandom is totally unrelated to cartoons themselves.

So yea, take this as a semi goodbye. It’s a fun run. Thank you Rocketham, thank you Moe Sucks, thank you Baka-Raptor  thank you totoum ,thank you  the 11 subscribers, thank you the 20 daily visitors and thank you everyone who commented before.

Look forward to next time where blogger IWICSYI and his team mates, Snakey and Vertist talk about the finest Japanese cartoon in a collaborative post where everyone shares their ideas and rip on moe fans. Stay tune next time! Nah, not going to happen.

To be honest, I never know what the hell Halloween is or care about it because if you want to talk about the special day relating to ghost, we pretty much have 1 whole month of “7th month” where parents scare the shit out of their children by telling them spooky mystical tales on how ghost will do nasty things to them if they disrespect the deceased or stay out late at night during the 7th month of lunar calendar. That of course is the Chinese way of imparting good values through scare tactics but damn hell does it works. Due to all those scary stories, I am always wary during the 7th month and live life in distress and anxiety because I am a fucking coward.

I however also learned the deeper meaning behind it and the good virtue it imparts. The 7th month originated from a story about a filial son finding out that her dead mom is a hungry ghost in hell. To free her from the suffering, he tried to feed her but failed. Buddha told the son that he needs the power of other luohan to succeed. After some hardship and rituals, his mom finally got freed and reincarnated during the seventh month. With that, people celebrate the “7th month” where they believe that the hell gate will open and ghost will gain freedom from hell during July to remember the importance of showing our respect to the deceased and the filial piety shown by the son. That of course is the simplified version of the story where I skipped lot of crucial plot points.

Sure , even though it may look idiotic or delusional with our vibrant concerts and grand ceremonies to celebrate with our deceased one just because of some bullshit religious story that may or may not be factual, the thoughts and messages behind it are true and sincere.

So as you can see, with such a cultural and big event like the “7th month”, no one in the past really care about Halloween because it really isn’t a part of our life. To be frank, it isn’t until recent years when all those obnoxious teen shout and getting all annoyingly excited about Halloween that I actually recognise its existence. However, before I know it, the “7th month” is pretty much gone in the mind of teenagers as table has turned and Halloween became the big ghost event while the “7th month” is chucked aside where only the older generation cares about it now. Most of the teenagers pretty much forgot all the great values imparted by the “7th month”. They are swept by the Halloween wave because Halloween supplies them with more fun and parties to widen their social circle (nicer terms of finding more sex partner) while “7th month” is dull and uncool. It’s all about fun nowadays and less about the value behind the special day.

It’s ok if teenagers understand and appreciate Halloween while partying but that’s definitely not the case. We just don’t have the culture of Halloween here and it is definitely not an integral part of our life like how “7th month” is. Most of us don’t know the epic lore of Halloween, nor do we know the implicit meaning behind it. People are celebrating it because it is cool and everyone is doing it.  People are celebrating it because nightclub and pub promote special events that are fun and exciting for teenagers with raging hormones. Now it’s more like some fashion parade using the name of Halloween to promote and motivate horny teens to party and look at weirdly dressed chick than a traditional holiday. That to me is insulting, insincere and really shows how shallow most teenagers are.

With that and being a traditional Chinese man who uphold great moral and cultural values like sex after marriage and receiving red packets with a smile , I can’t help but be disappointed with shallow teenagers again. I can now only pop in some Japanese cartoon to comfort my bitter soul.

Don’t fucking waste your time to debate these unimportant issues.

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Anime fan can’t get their priority right

Like any media out there , anime has its own glamorous side such as seiyuu and merchandises . Sometimes people are too caught up with those , they neglected the most important aspect of anime – the anime and the whole production behind it  . It really sadden me when I see those self-proclaimed otaku didn’t even mention or know about Satoshi Kon’s death , when Satoshi Kon is like this big thing that any anime fans with enough worth will know his name .  This happen becasue most of them are too caught up with their merchandise and seiyuu , they can’t further improve their knowledge of how anime actually works or at least , who are the ingenious mind behind all these stuff.

Now , merchandise and seiyuu aren’t the one who create all these wonderful work , they can’t really control how good the work will be and it is actually ok without them . We watch anime because the anime is good , not because the seiyuu are beautiful or because the merchandises look nice . It’s like you don’t watch movie such as Inception to buy an Ellen Page figurine do you? The whole principle behind anime is to tell you a story , the whole video is the main focus and those toys and idols are just extra  products .

I get really dishearten when people actually care about the merchandise more than the show itself , if that’s the case , that anime isn’t anime anymore but rather , advertisement . So fuck off and don’t call yourself an anime fan because you aren’t even watching anime .

I also get really sad when idiotic fans talk about how companies should produce more merchandise to cope with the lost of dvd sales and such . No man , some anime just can’t be merchandised and shouldn’t be merchandised because its purpose isn’t to sell toys. Those who rattle off such outrageous comments just reveal the fact that they are confined in watching  moe series which could be merchandised and this is actually the next point .

Anime fans are restricting themselves within one genre – Moe

I think I mentioned this lots of times  but people still misunderstand me as someone who hates moe. I don’t hate moe , I just couldn’t be bother about it . I actually like moe fans who know how to balance their anime viewings with non moe series more than pure moe haters . It’s those fans who watches nothing but fanservice and moe show that get on my nerve. People enjoyed different stuff , I myself like some bad things . I can see how you can enjoy K-on and it’s ok to like it , but liking and watching only stuff like K-on while ignoring exceptional works like Legend of the Galactic Heroes  or even similar work of the same vein like Aria? Sorry but I can’t help but to get annoy by that because I am too much of a busybody to care about what others like .

I can’t take people who only love and watch moe series and call themselves anime fans seriously  because that’s like calling yourself  a movie buff  when your favourite movies are Epic Movie and Vampire Sucks . Ha! Worst still , you call yourself an otaku when your knowledge of anime is as shallow as the toilet bowl water.

I can’t help but to wonder whether they love lousy works  because they only watch lousy works or is it because their taste just sucks? I guess it will be the former since I still believe that other than Holydreams , there’s still hope for those with sucky taste and it’s not entirely their fault that they aren’t exposed to other great work to know what actual quality means .  You will have a higher chance to find something you enjoyed so much , it changes your life and perspective or even deepen your passion for anime if you open up to more variety . It’s not possible to learn about anime  just by watching moe series .

You called yourself an anime fan and that’s why you should embrace or at least have a taste for every part of it and not restrict yourself to one thing. You can’t call yourself a movie fan just because you like one Transformer right? I will think that it’s only natural for a fan to dig in deeper into the stuff they love .

Everyone watches anime to enjoy , but why watch something you enjoyed a little when you can watch something that has ten times the ability to entertain you?  I know it’s hard to believe but you can actually deepen your anime knowledge while enjoying a series immensely at the same time. Understanding and knowing more anime knowledge is part of the enjoyment as well.

Anime Fans Get Too Enthusiastic About Things They Love

There are two type of enthusiasm . Type  one, a positive enthusiasm that doesn’t annoy others . Type two , the over-hyping of  things you like and you can’t stop harping on about it , it backfires and annoys the hell out of people . This is especially true if that thing isn’t even great or impressive in the first place . You like K-on? Good but stop bothering me with your shitass figurines every single day and act as if they are the most impressive things in life. Like Naruto? Sure go ahead , I like it as well but please don’t over exaggerate its worth while wearing a head band and climb up trees  to show how annoying and retarded you are .

I will be the first to admit that I had knee jerk reactions and hyped things out unnecessary in the past(TM 8.0 and Durararara to be more specific) but I stopped doing that because I understand the fact that forcing stuff down people throats will only give people a bad impression about it . The best thing to do is just mention it slightly or outline lightly the greatness of it with awesome reviews (if you can) to get people interested in something . The key is to balance the right amount of enthusiasm without exaggerating the awesomeness of something. Sometimes , you just need to expose the thing you want to recommend to your readers and they might just get interested and start watching it. Even a slight mention of the interesting title can get people interested in stuff .

All in all , don’t harp on too much about things you like as it will heighten people’s expectation and we know how high expectation can ruin things sometimes , actually high expectation ruins things most of the time.

It’s dumb to dislike something just because there are too much noise about it , but like david michel once said ,” people are dumb” .

I am tired of people complaining about our local manga publisher where lots of people made lost of unfair claims and panned it unnecessary. So to relieve some of these anger , I will try to refute some of these complains but first thing first , I will agree that Chuangyi’s paper quality is inferior to the Taiwan counterpart.

Complain number 1 : Comics Titles

People always complain about how Chuangyi has lesser title than Taiwan Companies while neglecting the fact that there are 5 and more companies publishing manga there while we only have one Chuangyi . Not to mention , the Taiwan companies are more well established and started off earlier so they have early dated manga which most likely won’t sell anymore like Madbull 34 , Houto no Ken and Orange Road while Chuangyi was too late for the game. Not to mention , Chuangyi has to deal with English manga as well so even though it is a fact that Chuangyi carries lesser titles , I think this argument is unfair. This is my personal peeves but I will like to poinnt out that those who complain about this wanted less then stellar work like Lucky Star and those Kodokawa visual novels adaptation manga which no one should even care about in the first place. These people neglected great license such as Blade Of Immortal , Vagabond ,H2 and many others.

However the complain about the limitation of new titles is valid but you need to understand the risk of publishing new titles. Not to mention , they need to calculate whether this title will make any profit when the same new titles are carried by Taiwan company as well . I will reckon that Taiwan can publish new titles like how they do is due to an established fanbase where you know , people buy comics , lots of them . That’s not saying that we locals don’t buy them but do eradicate this limitation of new titles , all we need to do is actually showing our support . Chuangyi has lots of channel for you do give recommendation and such.

Complain 2 : Translation
Funny how people complain about this when you can never know whether a translation is correct or not unless you have the Japanese one . The awkward sentence structure might not be a translation error but actually an error from the Japanese counterpart . Let me assure you , the Japanese make errors as well . That’s not saying that Chuangyi doesn’t make any mistakes , they made a lot as well . Detective Loki is almost unreadable. Flame of Recca was bad as well but surprise surprise , the Hongkong and Taiwan versions have similar problem. I blame it on the early establishment.

Now , people always use the Taiwan version to make comparison ,but then how will they know that it is not the Taiwan company’s error? Oh , because the grass is always greener on the other side and local company always suck ass . Go to Taiwan and people complain about their translation when compared to Hongkong or else where. Go to USA and people complain about how Scanlations have better translation .

Now , I do agree that some of the Taiwan version flows better in translation but on the other hand , some of our local translation flow better as well . Also , let me assure you the Taiwan companies have their fair share of errors as well , lots of them actually . I put Eden; the endless world on halt because the translation was horrendous . It doesn’t make any sense most of the time! Though it might be the author’s mistakes but it is quite impossible to have errors for every 5 page or so . Well , it was a difficult comic to translate so I have no complains.

I am still able to follow like 4/6 of the ongoing titles I have so I am ok with that.

Nearly forgot to mention one point , Chuangyi has their own localisation , same goes with Taiwan Companies and all this is just preferance choice , it is really unfair to complain about it just because you prefer the Taiwan’s one.

Complain 3 : Price

You go to Taiwan and can eat a bowl of noodles with $2 but you need $3 in Singapore . Come on , go complain about that then . Though Taiwan comics are more expensive here due to import fees . Now people say that they are willing to fork out 50cent more for Taiwan company but they forget that the 50cent will compile for every volume you buy . The reason they forget about this must be because they are always reading comics that got axed early on due to sucking too much.

Complain 4: Speed
For Taiwan company , I have been waiting for 7 billion needles for god knows when even though it sucks and also , they are late for GTO Shonan 14 days . Same goes for some of the Chuangyi titles. Both have same speed issue for different titles . It’s funny how people are willing to go to such extend of complaining about a slower release when it was just like a few weeks late . Man , must be cheapo that only follow one title so they can’t read other comics before the new one is released.

Well , all in all , to get the good from both of them , you just need to balance your collection from both different publishers.

Why? Because the whole fandom is embarrassing . Seriously , how can you feel proud of a fandom where people said outrageous comments like 2D is better than 3D and buy sexy plastic toy while wearing some black rock shooter shirt  shamelessly? How can you feel proud of a fandom that watches and loves series where a bunch of cute girls doing cute things to satisfy one’s desire? How can you feel proud of a fandom where people openly admit that they love gay porn and fap to little cartoon girls? I always laugh when people complain about loli material being ban because when you complain , you aren’t defending your right but rather , show that you dig cartoon children because we all know that only those who are affected will care to complain about such stuff . Those who aren’t interested won’t even spare a thought about it . If people really care about freedom of speech , why don’t they complain about Singapore banning porn sites instead? I would think that that will be a more pressing matter and it  definitely affects more people .

I always thought that some of the defence  of  how anime is not porn are hysterical too. I often see fans defend on how anime isn’t porn while happily watching MOSTLY or even ONLY fanservice series like Ladies Vs Butler or scream when Mio showed her fake shimapan. Not to mention , get really excited by watching cartoon girls doing moe stuff .

Anime isn’t for kids ; I do agree because it isn’t for kids , it is for the twisted mind .  Just look at the amount of anime fans with awkward behaviour . Really , do you like being grouped with them?

That’s not saying I don’t dwell on the dark side( like some star war or something) of the fandom but long story short : I became a fan not because of such which sadly is what constitute the  majority of the fandom or at least the majority of anime fans I know or met.

You know what’s bullshit?! Ants , ants are bullshit . Before going into why they are bullshit, let us definite a certain kind of personality . What do you call someone who can’t dance but dance on top of the building and fall down to their pathetic death regardless? Retards and egoistic bastards . So what do you call ants that love to die in your water pot when they can’t fucking swim? Fucking ants of course! Calling them retards and bastards are like calling shit from bull bullshit ! It is too obvious for you to waste your breath!

I don’t know why , I seriously don’t know why . I have this  big red pail full of water like some big ass comforting spa where naked ladies bath  with me in my bathroom but ants don’t want to die there . They always fucking choose the nasty looking water container filled with drinkable water to die in !WHAT?! WHY!?

I also have one huge cans of overdue yet big and attractive sweets for them to die in but they don’t die there , they rather die in some drinkable , full filled and precious water just to piss me off!  I placed my container in mid air and unreachable table   but they just fucking love to die in it not matter how hard it was to reach! It is like dying to die !

That’s why ants are bullshit . The simple fact that they make me waste a whole lot of drinkable water just because of their dead bodies makes them bullshitter than bullshit. Before calling me a pussy for not drinking water just because ants die in it , let me tell you that those fucking ants come from shithole and dirtied  their bodies with shit . Hence when you drink that water , you are drinking shit! I rather being call a pussy than drinking shit laden water.


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