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The reason I am not watching Universe Siblings and other good NoitaminA  stuff is because I am storing them to marathon. I believe that’s the best way to watch shows like those. I, however, also believe that Shirokuma Cafe is a show that you need to watch weekly because it doesn’t have any continuity. Watching huge chunk of it at once will be suicidal.

Last week, I believed that Shirokuma Cafe was the best spring season show I watched, which is not a difficult feat since its competitors are stuff like Accel World. Still, I loved the shit out of it because it’s very laid back and I was grinning non stop through out the episode.

Watching Shirokuma Cafe is like watching youtube videos of panda rolling around and acting all cute. The charm of the show is that most of the characters are animals and they act like animals. Polar bear loves to crack shitty jokes because it leaves you cold. Pandas are fucking useless and lazy because they truly are. Turtle can’t be a good waitress because it’s very slow. They all have very charming animal characteristic and they provides you with interesting insights on how animals will act if they have human consciousness.

I was so stoked about it that I can’t wait for episode 2. I rewatched episode 1 like 5 times to curb my enthusiasm, Then I finally watched episode 2 and they dropped the ball.

The problem with episode 2 is that most of the animals have lost their animal characteristics and became too human-like. Now they are just a palette swap . They do shit like drink beers, view flowers and talk about gay stuff that only gay fellows in Kimi to Boku will talk about. You can make all the characters human and not much will change. They are not animals anymore, the plot doesn’t revolve around their animal characteristic, casting them as pandas and polar has no bearing anymore. It has now become K-on with animals and repeated jokes.

There are still some cool minutes of animal brilliance but I don’t think they can keep it up any longer. I hope episode 3 buck up because episode 1 is real brilliance. If not, then they should have just release the first episode as an ova and get over with it.

Oh, and I will also review Nyaruko-san and Acchi Kocchi here because why not?

This is the best scene from episode 1. I like how she articulates Bluray box. Everything else is generic. It was ok.

Acchi Kocchi was ok as well, but I can watch 15 minutes of it before I gave up.


I’ve watch some spring season cartoon to kill time. Here’s is what I have seen.

1. Accel World

Accel World has a pig playing squash and some sexual innuendo of “linking up”. It was ok.

I don’t know how people can feel so strongly about this show to plot out a 500 words post for it. Will you write a 500 words post about a bland youtube video?


It’s about a dog wearing sailor uniform and act like a 14 years old girl. It has 30 second of actual content.

To relive the moment of watching this show, just look around your room for 30 second, it’ll have the same amount of effect and content you get from this show.

3.Kuro Majo-san ga Tooru!!

This show is about some girl who chanted the wrong spell and summoned Paku Romi.

I don’t know what happened next because I close the show after 3 mins. This is a 7 mins show.

4.Medaka Box

It’s Studio Gainax!

So what?

If you watch enough anime, you know that the studio of an anime doesn’t really matter; it’s the staffs behind it that matter. You are right to assume that the same studio has the same personnel so you can expect a certain something from a studio but ultimately, the focus still boils down to the personnel, not the studio.

The group who made Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann can work in Production I.G and the result will be the same because the studio is just a tool, not a creative force.

Oh and Medaka Box has Nishio Ishin.

I personally think that Nishio Ishin is a hack who can only cater to the niche otaku crowd. Place his work at a higher pedestal outside of the anime realm and it will crush and burn because no one gives a shit about self referential “subversive” dialogs on Tsundere. If you like his stuff, more power to you but I am not his target audience.

So Medaka Box. The first few minutes have enough energy for it to be watchable. Then I just couldn’t care after 4mins. I fast forwarded it and found nothing special. It has a Kamina-look alike and some ok fight scenes.

It was ok overall. People say that it will have a tone shift and became awesome afterward but can you believe people?

Nevertheless, I heard that the manga flopped badly on Shonen Jump. It nearly got canceled when it was the lowest ranking manga in the Table of Content for several weeks.

5.Lupin the Third Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

James Bond-esque is a good way to sum up Lupin except Lupin is a morally ambiguous thief and I am not too fond of James Bond.

Lupin the III didn’t leave any good impression on me. I watched the TV series when I was 10 and I hated it. At that time, I felt like it’s anti anime because back then, anime was all about overarching storyline with a definite end. Lupin III has no end because it’s an emotionless, episodic, monster of the week hijinks.

All in all, I am very skeptical about Lupin the III because of this prejudice I have when I was 10. Many years had passed and I still can’t shake it off and this new Lupin didn’t really change my mind that much. In fact, it’s just like how I remember it: James Bond-esque Hollywood action series with lots of explosion and logic defying moments except this time, I can see all the nipples because it’s not child friendly anymore.

They just need to make this new series “monster of the week” again for all my disdain to come back. I hope they don’t since it’s only 13 episodes.

Now, I am not asking for an overarching deep story because that will make it not “Lupin” anymore but I really do hope that this time round, they have more interesting stories with actual emotions.

So yea, the first episode of Lupin didn’t blow me away; it made me more skeptical instead. I guess childhood memories die hard and this Lupin really needs to be very good for me to finally cave in and rubbish away my senseless childhood’s prejudice.

I do remember liking one of its movies so it’s not all bad memories. I can only remember the scene where Jigen fought with some bad guy who can read minds. I would like to know the name of that movie because I kinda dig it but I can’t be bothered to dig through millions of Lupin show to identify it.

6.Shirokuma Cafe

You have seen this kind of comedy before. It’s very generic and base. Place some misfits in a realistic setting and let them do their things to create a discrepancy.

However, sometimes a basic and generic concept is not that bad of an idea at all. For one, I think Shirokuma Cafe did it pretty well here. The panda is very cute and he is a slacker. I love slacker characters.

With that said, I think people wouldn’t like it as much I as did because it’s not edgy, subversive or cynical enough. Not to mention, it relies a lot on fluff and cuteness so I can’t see it blend very well with edgy intellectual elitist anime fans.

Nevertheless, this is still my favourite spring series for now because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is genuinely fun to watch.

Now, even though I love this show but I don’t have much to say about it because I can’t quite explain comedy and I refused to do it because of its contradicting nature.

For example, on one hand, it’s easy to explain how I like edgy and smart comedy like those from George Carlin, Louis Ck, Jon Stewart, South Park and etc. They are good because they make light of very taboo and complex issues on politics, relations and religion. There are deep social commentaries and practical observations layered behind the funnies so it’s easy to deconstruct an act to point out these layers in order to make your point.

However, on the other-hand, the hardest laugh I got is from this video:

Live like a Windrammer as you Fuck

There are no justifiable reason for this to be so funny. Live like a windrammer as you fuck and MA the god are just senseless ridiculous words with no context at all. This is not smart or deep but why can’t I stop laughing? I don’t really know and before I can give you an intelligent and justifiable answer on why I think that video is hilarious, I don’t think I can talk about comedy.

You know, people love Dane Cook, Gallagher and Carrot Top for some reason and I can’t fault them no matter how much of a hack I think they are because I laugh at “live like a windrammer as you fuck.”

YuruYuri Episode 1:

“Hi, my name is I don’t know. I am stupid and I fell down when I woke up. I am a generic pink hair girl. I wear primary school student’s clothing because I forgot I am secondary student now. I am so Dojiko. * Slant head and hit it*”

Your opening song can’t destroy me! I have a strong penis, it won’t go dysfunctional just like that!

” I am wearing the same panties and I am a lesbian” *grab boob. SO HILARIOUS! What? They are 12 years old?… … Shit just got serious.

Yeah, 8 mins in and my brother is still strong as a bull, hopefully.

Yeah,forwarded to 12 min  and they are still in the same room

Yeah! Fast forwarded it to the 20 min and they are still in the same(?) room! Such imaginative settings!

I lasted 8 mins in total before closing the window! I am awesome! Next!

Double J Episode 1

You see, I am lying in my twitter feed. I actually believe that Double J will be a good show! How can the author of Cromartie High School write anything short of genius prose? Eiji Nonaka, I am sorry to doubt you.

Double J is surprisingly funny and enjoyable for a 4min show. It will be funnier if you know the author’s previous work contains mainly of manly rugged delinquents- the total anti-thesis of what Double J appears to be.  This makes you wonder if he is trying to be funny by poking fun of the moe genre or poke fun at himself for being a sellout. Knowing him from Cromartie High School author’s note, it’s more likely the latter which makes the whole situation  so much funnier.

Looking around the internet, no one seems to share my sentiment so don’t take my words on it. Who knows, maybe I am just overly indulging myself by thinking of what’s going on behind Eiji Nonaka’s head when he wrote Double J. Still, I like the absurd dry humour and the flash animation didn’t  bother me.

“You don’t sharpen the end of a toothpick because it is done by machine ” *show angry serious face*.  Awesome.

Good run! I am rolling like some fire man. Wait a minute! Can a fire rolls?

Ryokubu Episode 1

“HOW CAN I LOSE!” Hot blooded moe loli! Atsui Chi Moechata Moe Loli !!!

Such inspirational show! It teaches us that you can play basketball even if you are 122!  Oh, they are primary school children? Sorry, I am too used to high school children looking like primary school children. Good! At least the show don’t lie.

Oh, maid uniform to seduce? Good good good, preparing to become prostitute since the age of 10. – Japanese Education as portrayed by anime

Primary school children have such huge booby?

You don’t like to be called Master? We understood! Onii chan!” – Ryokobu’s dialogue. Nothing short of poetry.

4mins in and I am out.

So, can I conclude that all anime suck and I  hate anime with all my guts so I can now pursue other non time-consuming hobbies like masturbation? No actually, Double J was at least fun for me.  Ryokobu and YuruYuri are so ridiculous yet honest in their whole “titillation with 12 years old girl” concept, I can’t really bring myself to hate them. You just don’t go and hate on something when its whole intention and purpose are made clear to you within 50seconds. Instead, you are to be blame for continuing watching it when you know it’s not your cup of tea. Like Transformer and Pirate of the Caribbean movies,  these moe moe kawaii shows are here to stay if they make money, so quit bitching about it.

The four Young Animator Training Project Specials

Actually, there already exist similar projects like, it’s called the Animax Taisho competition where people are free to submit their own scripts and the best script will win the chance of getting their script animated. Stuffs like Shoka, Super Kuma San, Hotori, and Takane Bicycle are the products of this competition.

Sure, most of them may not be memorable but they are definitely unique and worth watching. For one, Super Kuma San is the story of this possessed teddy bear saving his town while fighting off its inner demon and learning how to coexist with humans.

Sure the writing may be a little weak sometimes and some of its themes aren’t explored thoroughly but hell was it entertaining and unexpected.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Young Animator Training Projects.

The YATP is different from the Animax Taisho because the YATP targets young animators who are already in the industry.

Bannou no Yasai Ninninman is definitely the weakest among the bunch. It does not have any core direction or themes. All we ended up with is a cliche ‘resuce a dog’ story.  In the end, our main characters remained the same and no lesson were learned. Well, that’s pointless. Still, it’s only 24 mins and the vegetable heroes are quite interesting so it’s worth watching.

Tansu Warashi was great, it may be too slow or mundane for others but I like this pathos shit. Its theme and message of being independent is explored well and the characters are interesting enough for you to care. I felt really emotional and heartening when all the little guys in the drawer disappeared after they are done their task. I was glad that it took this direction because this drives home the point they are making. Getting independent learning from others is definitely a good message that we should all learn. I ranked this second among the four shorts.

Kizuna Ichigeki is as purposeless as Bannou no Yasai Ninninman but unlike BnYN, Kizuna Ichigeki at least has likable main characters. Not to mention, it’s definitely the most exciting among the four considering the amount of sweet action scenes it has. Seriously, I have nothing much to say about this except that it was all silly cutesy fun about badass cats and kungfu fighting. Very high in entertainment value and may work very well as a children cartoon that runs forever.

Ojisan no Lamp is my favourite among the four. Getting all so serious and over the top about some silly lantern may seems stupid but I can relate to that. The advancement of technology obsoletes those who are left behind. I am fascinated by this because I have a unexplainable passion for all things old so I know how the characters felt when they have to make the decision to move on.

Sacrificing old, unworkable ideals for newer more progressive one is part and parcel of our life. That being said, we must also never forget about the past as we can learn from histories and keep our happy memories that make us what we are today. The last scene of this anime where people rediscover the history of their grandparent drives home this point and marks a satisfying end point to the message it wants to convey.

Finally, the last anime I watched this season is Tiger & Bunny episode 1.

Tiger & Bunny is one of my anticipated anime for this new season.

The concept of T&B is very novel. 30 years old man trying to do his job and kept on with time in a super hero industry is very interesting. It also takes on lots of superheroes conventions and injects some reality show logics such as product placement into it.

However, as much as I like the first episode, T&B still seems like it will be better off as a 3 episode ova than a whole full length TV series. Sure, the concept is interesting and he show is entertaining but how will the go from here? From the first episode I seen, I don’t get what T&B want to be? A serious drama? A comedy? Or an action series?

There are no foreshadowing for interesting events that would come and gave no reason for you to keep up with the show.

The only solid direction that I can see is to tackle the problem between the generation gap of both the main characters and add some solid back stories. That can definitely provide some dynamic and interesting interactions to keep the show going strong.

With that, I have nothing else to say about this season. I heard good things about Stein;Gate and Hanasaku but I can’t be sure. I will wait for further reviews and reactions from others to decide. In that case, every reviewer will be my dog and slave, working their ass off in order to please me, their king, by telling which shows are worth watching.

Ore Imouto

Comment: Run-of-the-mill but watch-able. Other than that , no strong opinion.

Will I watch it? No.

Will I recommend you to watch it? No

Will people still watch it? Yes and they thought that it was great.

Targeted Audience: Those who actually thought that  unfunny otaku centric meta jokes like “oh, Cross Day appears on-screen , oh so funny” are funny. Moe fans.

True Targeted Audience: People who want a cute and trendy sister who is also an otaku (just like them! ) so they will feel like they are fucking someone of the same calibre when they imagine they are fucking Kirino .

Other Possible Targeted Audience: People with nothing better to do .

Yosuga no Sora

Comment: Run-of-the-mill and slightly less watch-able than OreImo . Other than that ,  no strong opinion.

Will I watch it? No.

Will I tell you to watch it? No

Will people watch it still? Yes , so they can watch an incest ending because they thought that incest ending is cool , or something.

Targeted Audience: For those who have nothing better to do.

True Targeted Audience: For those who want to fuck their sister.

What is it about?

Two young men collaborating to pursue their dreams of being a Mangaka . Lots of friendship , guts , passion and love.


-The Bakuman anime was almost a page to page adaptation of the first chapter of the manga .
-Pointy chins .
-Raw passion of I like this girl so much I want to draw manga until I faint.
-Guts , hot-blooded , friendships and lots of Weekly Shonen Jump trivia.
-Non parody One Piece and Dragonball references that are actually important and realistic .


-Promote tons of sales for Bakuman.
-Lots of Fenale fans.
-Lose to Death Note in terms of popularity.
-People will complain about its popularity or how it was too shonen-ish.
-One of the biggest hit for this season.

Other Facts

-Original work by the Death Note Pair.
-Original work doing pretty well with the WSJ’s TOC. Constantly within the top 10.
-Aired during 6pm Saturday . The non otaku mainstream hour.

Will I watch it:

Fuck no , I don’t see any incentive of watching something I already read.

Should you watch it?

The production values were all right except for the pointy chins .The romance was a little idealistic though because it was a shonen series after all . However , the main incentive here is the insider knowledge of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and how it actually works. Quite educational and enjoyable I will say so do watch it.


Ah fuck , I forgot that people thought that Bakuman was misogynist . Disregard all of what I said above , Bakuman will fail pretty hard in the English speaking community .

to be continue… … not because I don’t feel like watching anymore new show until the season is over so I can post reviews that are one year late .

It has been long since I did this because I am always correct with my speculation so that’s no fun in doing this. My speculations are always correct because I forced myself to enjoy series that I anticipated  . In other words , the hype and expectation heighten my mood which allows me to give more leeway to flawed series because I cannot back down from  my speculations . With that , I thought to myself , if I anticipate every series out there , will every series turn great because I will forced myself to  look only at their good? So , coupled with my quest to be very optimistic with anime , I decided to give the most bias , most hyperactive and most positive preview out there. Without further ado , let’s go to and steal his chart.

High School Of Dead: When is the last time you ever heard a zombie anime? From what I could recall , I have only heard of Zombie Loan and if I dig it down further , those awesome 80’s ova with ridiculous plot . With such conventional yet a fresh idea for anime , a new onslaught of discussion of the portrayal of Japanese animated will emerge , hence causing lots of enthusiasm and buzz resulting in a lively blogsphere with interesting thoughts and analysis. I am sure you can compile a textbook by collecting all those beautiful blog pieces , all thanks to this ingenious High School Of Dead.

10/10 Lovely penises awesomeness.

Sekimastu Occult Gakuin: Anime always bears the guilt of promoting misogyny,  however from the lovely poster , we see a girl sitting on a boy! Praise the lord , the Japanese finally love women again . With such an educational series on the upset of the gender balance and giving praise to the almighty woman race ,this will surely become a masterpiece. The rich plot and the subvert of gender balance may as well be yet again compile in a textbook named “Anime Eradicates Misogyny”. I am sure hoard of feminists will be glad to buy it and results in a sudden surge in economy. With such glamorous endeavour in mind , this anime will definitely be a masterpiece.

10/10 THUMBS UP!

Sengoku Basara 2: Sengoku Basara is the hope for game to anime adaptation . It is one of the most well loved anime by the female fans because of its awesome message – girls can treat boys as sexual objects too!

10/10 Analytical analysis on Boy to Boy Love

Shiki: From the author of  epic such as Ghost Hunt and 12 Kingdoms coupled with the fact that it will be air on the noitamA time slot , a rich and mature series is bound to be presented. With an experienced Studio , Daume who made classics  such as DearS and Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na , we are sure to be able to get into more cabbage  discussion with Shiki . Whole new awesomeness is waiting for us , let’s get on board and watch Shiki!

10/10 Real anticipation

Kuroshijitsu 2: The masterpiece which capture the hearts of thousand of fangirls even though it is serialised in a Shonen Magazine . With such out reaching hand , it just means that it is enriched with the goodness of both gender. God is fair to give half of each gender hormones to this series , isn’t that something to be GAY about! Let’s rejoice , toast and anticipate on Kuroshijitsu 2.

10/10 things for we to be gay about.

Mitsudomoe: Remember Chris Handley? If he used this series to stimulate himself , he won’t go to jail! This is the god given series to everyone who loved children ! Let’s thank Japan , our god for this beautiful gift . Thank you!

10/10 Children got raped cared thanks to this series.

Amagami SS: “Fantasize , fantasise and I will grant you your wish” , with such wise word said by wise man , we should abide to it and watch wish fulfilment series such as this. Life is hard and cruel , what’s wrong with fantasizing using wish fulfilment material? NO , nothing is wrong! Enjoy and embrace such material otherwise your wish might not even be fulfilled at all .  Delusional fulfilment is better than nothing , so let’s thanks such work for granting our fantasy .

10/10 I actually might like this series.

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes: All good things have legend and heroes in their title , no doubt , this one will definitely be a legendary legend together with Legend Of The Galactic Heroes.

10/10 Legend being made!

Okami San To Shichinin no Nakamatachi: Remember Okami Kakushi , the awesome series that teaches and explores the issue of sex and culture through allegory. Remember Toradora? The wholesome family drama in which everyone loves and adores because it is so Toradorable? Having similarities with two such awesome series , this , will bound to be the next epic.

10/10 Friend isn’t enough  to describe us , we are NAKAMA DA!

Last but not least

Osaka Hamlet: Osaka version of the epic Shakespeare’s play which explores taboo such as the love for older women with a father fixation  , bravo , bravo!

10/10 Yea , baby , yeaaaa!

With that , I will end my summer preview . Thanks for reading and bye .

I started watching anime on a weekly basis last Spring Season but I found out that I couldn’t keep up with it due to many reasons . With that , I gradually gave up on watching a series week by week and just marathon the hell out of it after everything is completed .  Similarly , I failed to keep up with the Spring Season yet again even though it was filled with lots of great series that are my cup of tea. So now I decided to create a post about “what if” I did watch the Spring season week by week . It will be a rapid fire reviews with no basis at all , something  like sprouting nonsense when I didn’t even watch the series.

House Of Five Leaves

Manglobe did it again with their unique visual style and slick animation . The plot might be a little shojouish but it was fortified by its great theme . Now , actually , I don’t really know what the hell I am talking about because unlike most anime that I didn’t watch , such as Tatami Galaxy , I don’t even read or know what’s House of Five Leaves is about.


Ah , Rainbow is getting manlier and manlier . The characters dark past are exaggerated but touches me nevertheless. Sometimes it does get corny but the agony felt real .  It still reminds me of Prison of Fire by Chow Yun Fat and that add one more point to the greatness with nostalgia value.

B Gata H Kei

I knew it! The first episode was quite funny  but I knew it won’t be able to keep up with it due to its repetitive theme and formula. You just can’t go long with such plot , similar to Nyan Koi .

Big Wind Up 2

The match is getting started and  hot blooded actions are ensure.

Major Season 6

I told ya , Goro will have a setback and rise up again only after 10 episode . I am never wrong.

Senko no Nightraid

It still bores me with their rapid fire dialogue about some mission that makes no sense but like I said before , I am only interested in this series ending .  The revision of history was done in a conservative way and is not as out there . That’s quite disappointing but it is not like I am interested in this series in the first place.

Giant Killing

Studio Deen kills it . I thought it was still alright in episode 1 but I should know better.

Tatami Galaxy

Half the time , I don’t really know what’s going on but its fast paced dialogue hits my soft spot . I liked it like how I liked Kaiba – I have to say I liked it because this will make me sounds more intelligent. Of course I have my assumption and interpretation  for the plot but I don’t really get it.

Angel Beats

This is boring , but the twist keeps me going .

Arakawa Under The Bridge

First I thought that it was interesting and mildly funny. Now I thought that I should just watch Sexy Commando Masaru San instead.

That’s all folk , de de de de de de de de de de de , de de de de de!

I will see how true my nonsense is when I do catch up with all these series.

Giant Killing:

It takes a Deen to fuckup your anime .

Studio Deen really sucks huh? You can give them the best source material and they can still fuck it up . Long gone is the day where they can create godly and exciting animation like Kenshin ova. I don’t know what happen to them but their execution is always bad and boring . It’s not just animation that they are bad at, everything ranging from music to voice acting to pacing are horrendous .

Though , I am sure that the manga version of Giant Killing is great and the anime is just Deen being Deen . Studio Deen is actually worst than Gonzo because they suck even when they follow the original faithfully .With all that said , the anime did spark my interest for the manga  as I am sure that it will be 100 times better.

That’s not saying that the anime itself was bad though . I guess the source material is just so great that even if it undergoes the raping of Studio Deen , it can still turn out to be quite an above average show . My complain is that it shouldn’t just be an above average show  because I normally dig this kind of sport series and  think that it can actually be really good if another more competent studio adapts it . 3.5/5  Eastern Football Teams + dropped after I buy the manga  .

Arakawa Under The Bridge:

To be frank , I don’t find Zetsubou Sensei that funny but I  liked it . Why? Because it is interesting .  Arakawa Under the Bridge  again belongs to this interesting and mildly funny category .

As usual , you get tons of unnecessary photoshop filter complex thought provoking,  intelligent metaphoric static images stellar art work for you to masturbate to appreciate.This unusual direction works the first time round (Le Portrait de Petite Cossette , EF and Zetsubou Sensei) but it is getting old and add up to nothing is definitely the freshest and brilliant work of a genius that even Einstein couldn’t rival.

Oh and they have a Phoenix Wright parody and I totally didn’t laugh at it . Goes to show that even if I get it , it doesn’t mean that it will be funny .

3.5/5 moments which I  like it more when they happen in Sexy Command.

Mayoi Neko:

WOW ! This show is so average , I have nothing to say . 2.5/5 Funny looking fat cats.

PS: I watched about 6 minutes and gave up because it goes no where. But hey , I closed  that demon shown within 3 minutes so yea. To be frank , Mayoi Neko isn’t terribly bad but it was just too average for anyone to care.


I will  admit that the first minute of solo jamming was pretty good as expected from Kyoani . Then the op played and I laughed at how bad it was. After that , they went on with some useless recap and boring conversation  . I fast forwarded it and saw the  same old pointless conversation going on and on . Then they sing some school song and it sucks really bad . I closed the window and totally gave up . 2.5/5 pointless conversations.

The animation was great but that itself is a problem because why waste so much budget on this kind of show? You know , a Key adaptation rehearse might actually be better than K-on season 2 because at least it has something like a plot going on . I really hoped that Kyoani will do something different next time after earning so much money from all this shit because I do  like them as a studio . You might complain about K-on but you mustn’t deny that their animation is one of the most compelling and detailed one . Also , they can be funny if they want to as shown in FMP Fumoffu and  Kanon but K-ON’s  jokes are so bad , I forgot that Fumoffu -one of the funniest shit I ever watched- was produced by them.

Senkou no Night Raid:

Haha , I don’t know any history , all I know is watch cartoon and eat popcorn . 3.5/5 Funny Mandarin.

Though this is quite an interesting piece especially within the Chinese Fansub Group. Actually , their argument was much more interesting then the show itself.  I am also interested in reading some history guru posts on how wrong or how right Senkou no Night Raid is . It is a big fish and can create lots of controversy so why not?

Now that I have finished Toradora  . I decided to watch some of the Spring series and talk  about them.

I heard great thing about Kaichou wathever maid but like usual , Shoujo series make my penis shrink so I decided not to watch it as it might turn into another Kimi ni Todoke where I bitch at how gay the show is . The B Hata Kei show was bashed by ANN which means that it might turn out to be a great show because we all know that ANN reviews are for the lolz . It had been long since I watched some boobie show so why not?

Ofuri Season 2 :

It is that yaoi baseball show , can’t go wrong . Though it seems like they are building up some romance sub-plot and make it less yaoi now . Nothing much happen in episode 1 but it was still a great build-up  . Though it had been years since I last watched season 1 so remembering the names of the characters and team is quite difficult . 5/5 yaoi penis.

B Gata H Kei:

Haha , this is quite funny . I don’t know whether I laughed at it because it was really funny or because the premise is too retarded . Well , I am someone who don’t differentiate my laughter and goes by guts feeling so laughing for the correct reason or not is still laughing . However , I can’t see how it will keep up with it and span for one whole season without getting boring . What can you do with this kind of show anyway? Seduce then cockblock and seduce then cockblock for one whole season , it will get repetitive soon if it goes on like that . Will wait for episode 2 before deciding whether to continue or not but I can see myself on holding it after episode one for infinite amount of time like I always do . Oh and the main male character is pretty shitty .

It was surprisingly an alright series and it might be alright until the end if they tread on the romcom path and not the Kanokon path . That rhymes huh? 3/5 highlighted sexual terms on dictionary.


HEROMAN!! GO!! That is some funny shit there and Heroman is very evil , he(it?) only save the girlfriend and her papa and let the other drivers go to die .

P.S. Seriously though , how can weeaboo like this show? It is so Marvel Comics and we all know that Marvel is the inferior version of Shonen Jump because we are weeaboo. I am a weeaboo of course. HEROMAN!! ATTAAKK!! Oh and Joey is a girl right? 3/5 Funny English.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimau:

You know how every season , there is this seemly trashy show that got panned unnecessary because no one even give it a chance ala Book of Bantorra?  Ichiban Ushuri no Daimau isn’t this kind of show , it sucks . 1/5 generic character design.

Angel Beats

I told you , teenagers are idiot that don’t cherish life. Even Angel Beats agrees with me .

Episode 1 is boring , it’s like The World Ends With You on boring mode . Though it is still too early to tell as it does show some potential. 3.5/5 Key Can Coffees

Major Season 6:

Come on man , it is Major , you can’t go wrong with this long running dramatic baseball series . Though I wonder what obstacle Goro will faced next(actually I know because I accidentally read some spoiler) . Without watching the next few episode , I can tell you how the plot will go . Goro will lose some important matches and has a setback during the first ten episodes. He will then stand up again and become very manly . After that , he will compete in the World Series with Junior being the last batter .In between , there will be some episodes focusing on his Japanese friends and Shimizu .But who cares about that similar structure ! Major is like rice , we eat it everyday without getting tired of it .

Without saying , the rating will of course be 5/5  99 mph straight balls. Oh and there is no opening song but the ending song is the best I ever heard for this Spring Season . Major finally buck up with their songs .


You know what is a man series? This is a MAN series . Fucking Hongkong Chow Yun Fat gangster film in animated format . MAN! With a great production company Madhouse coupled with a gloomy dark manga which Madhouse is pro at adapting , what you get is this manly series. It is so manly , I shed manly tears during the first episode .  This series is surely one of the best this Spring season just because it tingle my manly sense . Watch and re-watch episode 1 and your manly power level will surely rise . 5/5 Shared Cigarette because MAN shared their saliva by sharing cigarette.

This end the part one of my Spring Series impression . Rainbow , Ofuuri 2 and Major season 6 belong in the god tier just because they are very manly (Ofuuri is “manly” in another sense)  while B Gata H Kei is the surprisingly alright one . Angel Beats is boring but does show potential while Heroman is just lacklustre . What about that Demon show? Let’s just forget that it exists and re-watch Major season 6 and Rainbow instead.


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