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I started this blog when I was 16, almost 6 years ago. I thought I was smart whenever I posted something. Then I read back after 3 months, or even 3 years later and found them to be utterly embarrassing. It’s difficult to be smart or even coherent by the age of 16, or 17, or 18, or 19 or even 30 for that matter. Luckily, there are large amount of rubbish in here to obfuscate  the more outlandish rubbish.

So I thought to myself, how should I clear this shit up? Then I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t give a fuck because if I do, it will mean that I am taking this too seriously.

In life, there are only a few things you should take seriously. One, your life, two, your responsibilities as a human being and three, other people’s life. I might miss out on ten other more important things in life but I am certain that opinions in anime, blog, games and other form of entertainment are few examples of things that you shouldn’t be too serious about.

Being too caught up on unquantifiable opinions that are all too common for media is unhealthy and judging a person by what they have written on the internet is a terrible practice because you are making too many assumptions from too little information. Light hearted ridicule as you may but never judge.

For example, if someone likes twilight, you might assume that he or she is dumb for not noticing the obvious flaws of the movie but in reality, he or she might just not give as much shit as you in movie. You might argue that they are intellectually lazy but aren’t we all with things that doesn’t seem important to us? I am sure food connoisseurs are utterly disappointed in the rubbish we consume and lament the laziness in our effort of finding good food when they are so obvious in their eyes. We are intellectually dumb to them because only stupid idiot put rubbish in their mouth when good food is just like right beside them.

With that say, I believe that everyone of enough importance or maturity would at least has this level of sensibility so I am not really worry about how people judged me by how or what I wrote on my shitty blog when I was(am?) stupid.

Of course, you can be enthusiastic but if you bring your passion so far that you feel anger and legit mental strains then you know you are in some deep shit.

But how do you know that you are in too far? For example, if you look at the giant bomb quick look of Ultra Street Fighter 4 and felt that they are doing the disservice to it by not promoting the intricate mechanics of the game and get angry enough to response to it, you might be insane.

Why? Because it’s not important. You are just feeling angry because you think that this “sub standard” review will harm the game you love so much and you have the duty to protect with all you got because isn’t protecting the shit you like the ultimate test of love?  Shonen manga( the ultimate barometer for the most important lesson you should learn in your life) teaches us that all the time but if you get out of the realm of shonen manga, you just sounds like a little shit that takes unimportant things too seriously.

However, don’t misconstrue what I just said. Anime, games or other form of entertainment can and do implicates on serious issue and I think that treating these implication with certain level of seriousness is commendable. Yet do suggest or expect that everyone to give a fuck about it might be a little too much. Regardless, what you should do in this instance is to share but not preach because you can’t convince those whose mind are set but you might interest those who are curious.

I think that I would regret this post right after 3, 2,1… …

and thus the endless cycle of pride-> self hatred-> regrets after posting something on the internet begins.


Francois’ Langur is a monkey with a Mohawk. They are cool. I like them.


I have to jump onto this bandwagon because it’s cool.

Questions about Anime

1. Who is your favorite male anime character?

Onizuka from GTO,  Shoryu from 12 Kingdoms, the whole cast of Cromartie Highschool and many others.

But since I can only choose one, I will say Onizuka from GTO. He is awesome because he is a slacker, I like slacker characters that are secretly badass.

2. Who is your favorite female character?

People have a hard time answering this question because they have too many to choose from but I have a hard time doing the same for the opposite reason. There are no female character I like enough to think they are awesome. I like a few, namely Ogiue from Genshiken, Kaname from FMP, Kayoko from Sunred and Haruka from KGNE because I was stupid. But no, I won’t classify them as favourite.

3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack?

I don’t listen to songs. I don’t understand music. I don’t know the reason why Britney Spear sucks.

So I don’t really have any favourtie anime soundtrack. I mostly listen to what I am watching recently. Princess Arete’s soundtrack is pretty cool though.

Kagaya’s Night of the Galatic Railroad’s has cool sounding tracks as well.

4. What is your favorite anime opening + animation?

Nothing sprung to my mind when I think of anime openings. I guess I like songs such as Ai wo Torimodose, Kokoroe, Rinbu Revolution and You Get to Burning but I totally can’t remember any segments of animation from these openings.

5. What is your favorite anime ending song + animation?

This is harder to answer than the previous question.

6. What is your favorite anime scene?

Gungrave’s ending scene.

Wings of Honneamise Shiroi’s final speech.

Millenium Actress final scene.

Mind Game’s scene where they escape outside the whale.

Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku and Seizon Senryaku segment.

Book of Bantorra’s Volken death scene and Collio manly scene in episode 4.

Planetes – Looking down from here, the world has no border speech.

All are awesome but the Planetes’ one gave me goosebumps when I wrote it so Planetes’ scene then.

7. If you could meet an anime character who would it be?

Onizuka, we can share our porn archive.

8. What anime character is most similar to you in terms of personality?

No one. No matter how well written an anime character is, they are still exaggeration and dramatization.

Not to mention, in order for an anime character to work, they need to have a consistent and logical personality. Clearly, real human is good at anything except of having a consistent personality. We always contradict ourself and change our mindset as fast as a virgin cum. I can relate to bit and pieces of an anime character but I can’t identify myself with any of them.

But there is this manga character from Onani Master Kurosawa, named, Kurosawa, which I can relate and identify with because we have similar mindset.

9. What is your favorite thing about anime?

That they are animated, in 2D and have wide range of variations.

I guess it is a habit derive from years of watching cartoons but I just like animated stuff more, especially if they are 2D.  They also try not to constrain themselves with cartoonish genre. You can still enjoy stuff like crime drama, sci-fi, soap opera and other shit without an actual need to watch live action film.

But really, I just appreciate the 2D aspect and how it helps cartoons to thrive in this day and age. Best part is it gave me reason to continue watching cartoon- something which I love so much that I can’t outgrew it-.

10. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

Even though I said that anime has wide variations and doesn’t restrain itself into the frame of cartoonish genre, there are still some restrictions which anime refuses to explore. For one, I am still waiting for an epic, 50 episode of historical accurate depiction of the Sengoku period or something. Also, where are the court drama? The biopic and many other genre?

Actually, if you look at the anime library, they don’t even have a good range of D&D high fantasy stuff or good Samurai/Ninja shit. You will think that there will be an abundance of this shit but I can count good ninja stuff with one hand. What the hell man?

So I guess the refusal to explore more genres is my least favourite thing about anime.

11. Who is your favorite anime couple?

I can’t think of many favourite anime couple.

I guess Kayoko and Sunred.

12. Who is your favorite anime animal

Taisho from Taisho Ramen and Potato from Air. The potato segments in Air are the only thing I can remember from that show.

13. What anime would make a good game?

There’s a reason why the story of an anime is explored with animation rather than game. They don’t mix well.

Sure, you have some cool DBZ fighting games and some cool Gundam crossover with the whole Super Robot Wars stuff but they are still just above average shit in the realm of gaming.

Then you have other stuff like Pokemon and Yugioh which are totally an advertisement for the game itself so it gets kinda murky when deciding on whether to include these shit when answering this question.

All in all, I can’t really answer this question.

14. What game would make a good anime?

I guess visual novel has the greatest medium cross over potential with anime but I don’t play enough of them to think of any.

Other than that, the only good game to anime adaptation is Gungrave and that itself is a stretch since they only took the basic characters and premise and do their own stuff with it.

I also don’t play enough game to know which premise can be made into an anime but I will like a well done Famicom Detective Club anime to promote this criminally underrated gem.

15. What was the first anime you ever watched?

I don’t remember. I was most likely 3 when I first watch anime because my local television do play a lot of them during the morning time slot.

I have watch stuff like Dr Slump, Lupin the third and shit like that. I thought Lupin the third was kinda ok but kinda sucks because there’s no linearity when I was 9 or something. This is why I haven’t revisited any of it when I grew up.

I also know that these shows I watched are from Japan so the whole recognize this is Japanese shit point is kinda moot. I guess you can say my “gateway” drugs are GTO, Kindaichi and Flame of Recca though.

16. Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?

When I get a stable permanent job that needs me to drone for 44 hours per week plus on standby when there is an emergency call.

Everyone I know became a boring person after they got a job. When you got a job, you just don’t have enough time to think about non work related stuff. I can’t see myself being any different from them.

17. What is your favorite genre of anime?

I like true to life drama so I guess the drama genre? Is drama even a genre? MAL classify it as one but I think it’s far too broad to be considered as one. What the hell does a drama genre constitute anyway? Aren’t all anime dramatic in some way or another? I don’t get it.

So I guess I will say sci-fi since they could be true to life and mostly dramatic. My top 10 anime is full of sci-fi anyway.

18. What is your least favorite genre of anime?

Yaoi and yuri. I find them mostly to be very exploitative and I am not the target audience that they are exploiting. I can enjoy good serious non-exploitative stuff with homosexual element though.

Oh and Shoujo-romance. They all suck because their ideas and concepts don’t make sense to my male sensibility.

19. Are you open about watching anime with people you know?

I don’t actively hide it. Everyone who knows me knows I watch anime. I also wear a Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann shirt which totally spell anime regularly.

I don’t think it is embarrassing or what since most people don’t really understand how gross and shitty the anime fanbase actually are.

20. Have you ever been to Japan?

I don’t even go out 50 km away from my house.

I also don’t know what you can do there and all their stuff are in moon speak anyway.

I have a JLPT N4 cert and most like can earn a N3 or N2 one yet Japanese is still moon speak to me.

21. What anime was the biggest let down for you?

Higurashi, heard that it all serious, awesome, well written, deep and best thing ever. What I got is an exploitative cheese-fest with questionable plot elements and boring characters. Oh, and post 2003 Studio Deen directing and animation, god damn they are boring and terrible.

22. What anime was better than expected?

Code Geass.

I expected it to be an ok, enjoyable show that is easy to watch but what I got is something so terrible and incompetent. Then I realise that I hate it. I hate Code Geass. Fuck Code Geass.

23. What is the best anime fight scene?

Kenshin Vs Saito and Ken & Ryu Vs Vega.

Fatal Fury OVA 2 final fight, Sword of Stranger, Kurozuka and FF7 Advent Children have pretty awesome stuff  but I guess Kenshin Vs Saito is my favourite.

24. Who is your anime waifu?

None, I hate this trend and I find it disgusting.

25. What was your favorite video game as a child?

Famicom Detective Club. Best game from my favourite genre(text adventure).

Questions about me


This is my facebook profile.

You can know everything about me from there. You can know my face, my physical attributes, my personality, my real name, my relationship status,where I am from, how old I am and every other shit you can think of from that profile.

I will answer this question though.

Can you count the number of friends you have in one hand?

No, you can’t count zero with your hand, unless you make that hand gesture that you do when you masturbate.

My New Year doesn’t really start until I know I have at least 3 months of vacation ahead of me. This might be the last time for me to have the rights to be a bum for 3 months so I have decided to push away every requests from friends, jobs, schools and family to fully indulge myself  into my own pursuit to rediscover or pick up new hobbies. And of course, constant masturbations.

With that, I have set some goals. You need to have goals in life so you won’t kill yourself because you can’t find any meanings in life. So goals are good and you can go on and kill yourself after achieving them because achieving them will just get you back to a meaningless life. That’s why you should set impossible goals like the one listed down below to delude yourself into thinking that you are constantly pursuing for something, even though what you pursue can’t be attained. It is fun that way like how Millennium Actress teaches us.

Goal Number 1: Finish off the essential UC Gundam.

I want to watch stuff like Gundam 0080 and 08th MS Team but god damn hell I am anal about sequences. I can’t bring myself to play Dragon Quest 8 because I haven’t complete DQ3 after I finished off DQ1 and DQ2. Gundam in this regard is worse because it is a continuing line of linear plot progression. Jumping straight towards stuff like Char Counter Attack is definitely ok but hell you won’t have the full experience without experiencing Gundam 0079 and Gundam Zeta first. I got the same feeling for spinoff ova like 0080 and 08th MS Team as well so I need to fire through the TV series quick.

For now, I have completed the First Gundam TV series. It is dated and very boring but I have to plough through it to understand Zeta. More importantly, I am an elitist fuck so I must earn at least the cred of finishing off the First Gundam even though I am pretty cold with Robots cartoon. Though to give First Gundam its credit, it gets a lot better after episode 30 when all the super saiyan crazy metaphysical bullshit start spewing out from Tomino’s ass.

My plan is to complete Zeta, maybe skip ZZ then go right straight to Char Counter Attack then I am in free range to pick out any other Gundam after that.

Goal Number 2: LoGH Gaiden

A lot of people pretty much gave up on these after finishing the main series because hey, LoGH is awesome but I had have enough of it with 110 episodes now.  I am thinking of just buying the 4 Gaiden novels instead of watching the 50+ episodes of it, I don’t know.

Goal Number 3: Watch more 90s Anime

I always find that the 90s to be strange period for anime because I feel that there are lots of awesome shit in there but when I try to list them all out, my list turns out to be quite empty. There is this strange void with the 90s anime where the actual amount of good shit isn’t quite what you have expected.

For now, I have completed a handful of 90s cartoon that isn’t based on manga. I love all of them and would like to seek more  because I love the 90s art and storytelling style. It is a cool transition period where the line of dated and modern is blurred so you get this piece of mess that look so cool but still kinda corny.

I already have a few targets in mind but I won’t list them out because listing them out will revoke my anime cred. Hint: I didn’t complete Cowboy Bebop… … and I totally skipped the 1995 GITS and have only seen the GITS 2.0 movie.

Ok, I want to complete these series:

Captain Tylor

Crest/Banner of the Star

Giant Robo

Cowboy Bebop

Legend of Black Heaven

Ginga Sengoku


Gao Gai Gar

Mahoujin Guru Guru


Goal Number 4: Watch more Classic Cartoon

I recently wrote a long comment on someone’s blog about how it is very important to know the history of anime and how we should all watch the classic to learn how anime got from point A to point B.  I haven’t seen Rose of Versailles, Harlock, Yamato and Galaxy Express 999. I should go kill myself. I did watch the first commercial Hentai ova called Lolita though. It is very interesting. I should watch Lemon Angel next.

Last Goal: Read all the Manga I Bought

Look at my collections page. I only finished a quarter. They are all now  in my toilet, waiting for me to complete them while I shit.

After living my life happily without touching my television set for almost 2 years, I have this  urge to browse through the teletext to look through the program listing to reenact what I always do in the past.

I was pretty late to this whole internet boom where I only got a broadband connection  just 4 years ago. Before that, my only entertainment was to hoard the TV all day long while searching through the TV guide to find anime to watch. That was the day where I would get really excited about anime because they were like the best thing in the world. My perception on anime was so bias, I will most likely think that shit like MD Geist is an amazing piece of art if I had the chance to watch it on TV back then.  I will also not believe you if you told me that there are actually shitty anime out there because that will be impossible.

One of my favourite moments in my life is when my local TV station had this programming slot called Filmart where they will feature animated movie every now and then. That was the time where I will search through the TV guide everyday so I won’t miss any of it. I am able to catch Black Jack and Spriggan and they left such a huge impression on me, I still love Spriggan even though I now know that it might be shit. I never revisit it again because I don’t want my great memories to be ruined.

Another fantastic moment is when the local cable TV provider decided to provide Animax for free for a limited period of time. I accidentally chanced upon it and since then, I had been switching over to that channel even after the free period is over, in hope of being able to catch a glimpse of anime with all those fuzzy signal lines.

That period of time is the best days of my life because I sat down in front of the TV for almost the whole fucking day. Even till this day, I still remember most of the programs and advertisements I watched.  Wolf Rain OVA, DNA2, Saiyuki Reload, Ghost Stories, Princess Tutu, Gundam Zeta, Area 88 to name a few.

But then came the internet and I was spoiled with so many choices, the drive and passion I once had is lost. Never have I been touching the TV for anime since then and never have I been as excited about anime as I was back then.  I still love anime but the anticipation, hype and expectation were all lost. Anime doesn’t look like this best thing ever cool stuff anymore. Contrary to popular belief, I will think that it’s not the fault of the type of anime they are producing nowadays but rather, the overexposure of anime.

This transition of enthusiasm to listlessness is just like getting a new gaming console. Before you got it, you will imagine all the amazing stuff you could do with it. Watching movies with it whole day long, playing those fantastic games and never get bored with it. This is the stage where I am for anime before the internet. After that, we all know the ritual, you got the console, got really excited, pop in one game and after 1 hour, all your passion and enthusiasm were lost because the console wasn’t as amazing as you thought it would be. It was good fun sure, but it wasn’t as awesome as you imagined and you most likely will leave the console to collect dust after a few days. All those thoughts of never getting bored with it were never fulfilled and the gaming console that you thought was once so great was not that cool after all. This is the stage where I am now with anime.

I have been thinking of getting the drive and passion back so I came up with some plans. I decided back to off from the internet and start to browse through the television guide once again in search of anime to watch. I am also starting to flick through channels in hope of catching a few glimpses of Animax or any hints of anime for that matter.

I theorized that TV is the only hope to get the drive back because the scheduled time slots and the inconvenience it caused was the only way of building up anticipation for a show. I actually love the idea of the fixed scheduling of TV programs more than the idea of watch it anytime in the internet. Watch it anytime in the internet will cause you to be too specific in what you watch because you already have an idea of what you want to watch. There’s a high chance that you won’t just randomly chance upon something you watch because you have a control of it.

Compare that to TV where everything is decided by the TV station. There’s a chance for you to be surprised and chance upon something good because you got too bored and decided to flick through the channels aimlessly. You don’t have as much control in deciding what you want to watch and are more willing to watch something randomly because there are no other alternative.

This restriction might look stupid but it definitely builds up anticipation. The act of finding an anime in the TV guide or while you flick through the channels randomly has so much more novelty than just watching it on internet after deciding to watch it consciously. It’s just like finding water in a desert will make you happier than going down some store to buy a can of Coca Cola willingly.

With that, I will now end this post so I could sit in front of my TV to flick through 99 channels aimlessly while reading the TV guide to see if there are any surprises waiting for me.

Recently  I found out a dangerous trend for my viewing habits … … I had been giving either 9 or 10 for all the series that I watched this past few months . What does that mean? It means that my taste is too good and I couldn’t pick up any above average series to watch nowadays . My latest completed above average series was Nyan Koi and that’s like a few months ago . After that , I have been busy watching really great show , so much so that I felt like if I keep going on , I won’t remember how anime could be above average. So here is my challenge to you.  Recommend me an above average series for me to watch ! Below I will list down  some criteria.

MAL <- My MAL account to refer to as guideline.

1.Episode counts shouldn’t be more than 26 .

2.The anime shouldn’t be highly acclaimed or even great for your standard. (Series below 8.00 on rating site such as MAL and anidb is a great gauge , actually , please use those rating site as a gauge.)

3. Something that isn’t on my MangaList .

4. No sequel or prequel or spinoff or alternate version. If sequel added up to not more than 26 episode then it is ok. If sequel hasn’t air yet then it isn’t ok .

5.No Ovas , Movies or Shorts.

6.If it is a manga adaption , the adaption should be complete with a conclusive ending. Nyan Koi type of ending is considered complete for me.

7. Give me something which I will rate a 7 or a low 8 on my MAL list. Something that ranges from 73.5 to 79 in other words.

8. If it is Yaoi and it isn’t better than Ofuuri then don’t recommend it . If it is Yuri and it isn’t better than F Compo which also means that such series doesn’t exist , don’t recommend it .

9. No Shoujo series as well because they make my penis shrink .

10. Trashy fanservice and retarded Harem are welcome though because I seldom watch them so I don’t hate them as much as others. Though they must be above average . Midori Hibi and Kamisama Kazoku are great guidelines . Something like Grenadier fits in the bill as well.

11. Preferably no moe or little children as the main theme but well , that’s kind of difficult huh?

12. No ongoing series or series that haven’t air.

13. If it isn’t clear enough , any genre ranging from sports to romance to ecchi to harem to visual novel adaption to whatever except for Yuri , Yaoi and Shoujo is ok .

14. Something  that was not listed on my MAL account.

15. I don’t mind old school series .

Clearer guideline of what not to recommend :

Toradora , Code Geass and Bakemonogatari are highly acclaimed series even if you personally disagree  to that.

Clearer guideline of what to recommend :

Kurau Phantom Memory , Niea Under 7, Romeo X Juliet and errr if I  know  I won’t write this post right?

P.S. This is actually a motivation post for me to watch Kurau Phantom Memory or Niea Under 7 because no one will possibly recommend me an anime to watch in the first place since I don’t even have that many readers… … right?  Though I hoped that someone will prove me wrong.

To test out a theory I read in a book, so whoever did read this please kindly answer, thanks.

Which one of the following is more likely to happen?

1. A flood somewhere in America killing over a thousand lives.
2. An earthquake in California, resulting in a flood, killing over a thousand lives.

I’ll post the reason after sufficient answers have been collected. (I think that is about 5 at the very most I’ll have I guess.

Edit : If you don’t know how to leave a comment, just click the “LEAVE A COMMENT” above. under “Just a Question”


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