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I have a conversation with my friends, we talk buisness. Our buisness ideas were masturbation game with a fleshlight controller and sex toy humanoid. With motion technology being so mature now, it won’t be surprise that there exists a controller that acts like a flesh light where you can insert your penis and make thrusting actions to control ingame action. By ingame action, I of course meant ingame sexual intercourse.

Otherwise, we can utilize kinect motion censor where it will detect your hand stroking your dick and display you having sex with hot woman… …

Getting back to Un-Go. Un-Go has the most realitisc potrayal of AI. Instead of saving the world or question about humanity while trying to conquer the world, AIs in Un-Go are sex toy humanoids.  If you think about it, this would most likely be the outcome for AI technology.

I wouldn’t be surprise if such products will surface after just one year when AI became ubiquitous. For one, it is easy to justify its existence and secondly, programming something for a single purpose of sucking your cock is definitely easier than programming it to clean your house.

If said AI sex toy humanoid doesn’t surface, I would be sure to make it happen. My parents would hate me but I would most likely outlive and earn more money then them after I change my name into Changdotnet and monopolize the industry of sex toy humanoid by patenting tons of shit and sue anyone who remotely infringe my patent.

Un-Go gave me the idea, it also supplied me with the justification of sex toy humanoid and how to go about it programming android to pleasure you. Blame Un-Go because people fall.

I deserve a noble prize by saving children from pedophile with this AI Loli Sex Toy


Whenever I watch anime now, I will compare the character’s dialogue to Shinjuurou by asking myself, “What will Shinjuurou say in this instance”. “People fall, we grovel and desperately strive to keep on living our undeserving life.” or something along that line is what he will say and when you think about it, is the ultimate badass dialogue that can handle very single situation out there.

For example, let’s take the one and only dialogue that is close to remotely good from that “exposition dump, tell don’t show because I am a VN writer Madoka” when they talk about killing animals. Kyuubey, the most reasonable character in that cartoon who eats his own remaining like how dogs eat shit, told Madoka about how humans kill animals and don’t give a shit because animals are stupid. Of course, Madoka being a pansy ass can’t give a good argument and plays the card that all women play when they are overwhelmed by logic, which is of course cry and shout “SHUTUP, don’t hurt me, I shit pink shit” like a faggot.

Now, substitute Madoka’s reaction with Shinjuurou’s ultimate badass dialogue and see what happen.

Kyuubey: Humans kill animals and don’t give a shit because animals are stupid.
Shinjuurou: People fall, we grovel on ground and struggle to live out our undeserving life.
Kyuubey: Err, whoa, totally didn’t expect that, I love you, let’s conquer the world… … with SCIENCE!

And they fly off to the universe and shout GATTAI and robots fly everywhere while nuclear missile are shot from your ass to destroy every planets out there.


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