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I don’t think anyone will understand this post but I can’t help but vent my frustration here after today’s Bayern match. It will be a disarray of ramble and rumble that may or may not make any sense at all.

Bayern Munich spend million of dollars on transfer but there are some fatal flaws in their plan. First, they don’t have any left back last season so what did they do? They bought a RB and let Lahm, their only competent defender and best player plays on the left. Brilliant idea! Lahm was a natural LB anyway but the reason he switched to RB was because they have none on the right! In other words, the team now only have 1 RB and  0 sub for their RB position. So what if their only RB  can’t play? If that’s the case, the team can only tap on to their shitty reserve(Koz is his name) that were on the relegation zone in low German league. Guess what happen when they do that? People attack the right side and fuck up the defence that is already weak in the first place. Simple shit.

Koz  can’t play. He loses ball every time, he won zero challenge, his tackling gave their opponent a chance to score. Total disaster. To add salt to the wound, our CB don’t fucking understand marking. They spread out wide and leave  space for opponents like some prostitute leaving their pussy open for penis. The CB don’t understand positioning during set piece as well. One seemly harmless corner kick or freekick can make the penalty box a disarray of shit where opponents are free to score. I can’t count how many balls were given away from set pieces last season. That’s clearly our weakness and one season had pass and nothing learned. Fuck it.

Now, we actually just bought some 22 years old German born Ghana CB named, Jerome Boateng , to solve our back line problems. He is promising and definitely the best in our centre defence now. The keyword here though, is promising. He played only a handful of matches last season and mainly played as a fullback for his career. Worst still, he just come back from some injury. What’s the chance of him failing and fuck up? High. Even if he became awesome, what can 1 CB do? Shit, that’s right, the answer is shit.

Though I hope I am wrong, today’s match is just some pre season fun anyway so no big deal. However, if this is their actual performance, I think we will be  3rd or worst again this season. Hey, Bundesliga just got the 4th CL place, we definitely have room to fail right?

Our attack is awesome though, no problem with that… … mostly… … if Gomez don’t fuck up … … if both our Wingers dodn’t get injured… … if Schweinsteiger actually perform like he  should perform.


1) This anime tried to be (a) Ghilbi/ Ghibli-eqsue /Ghibli ripoff

How many times have you heard people calling something a Ghibli ripoff just because an anime has a fantastical setting with bright colours? Every fucking time! Ghibli this and Ghibli that, apparently, Ghibli invented everything anime. How about everyone and everything is a ripoff of IWICSYI?! I am a  human and there are a lot of humans in anime, they fucking ripped off the idea of human from me!

2) This anime subvert this and subvert that.

How about I subvert your ass and turn you inside out to make you a subversion of human yourself! Fucking hate this phrase! Gave me tons of false hope entering a series expecting something special but disappoints me ultimately. If people really care about subversion, Book of Bantorra and Windaria will be huge by now! Subversion my ass.


How about expecting your mouth to be stuffed with shit so you will be too busy wiping off shit to type bullshit like this? How about I slice your life apart to show you the true slice of life? What the hell does slice of life means anyway?! I live a badass life like Onizuka  and run up a wall every single day. GTO is my life! Onizuka is a realistic depiction of me. GTO is slice of my life! Fucking hell.

Now if you can spare me some moments, I need to piss blood till the end of time now because I read my own blog 24/7.  Oh, and if you want to stay awake, drink Chinese Tea. When I was born, I prepared 5 million cups of Chinese Tea and drank them all in 5 second. I have not been sleeping since then.

People always think that I am some internet hunter out there having too much time by giving them too much shit . They always thought that I fucking discriminate their hobby. People always wonder why I lament about moe even though I have mentioned so many times that I am just apathetic about it. They also couldn’t understand why I thought moe is fuckup and sinister.

This is why! This is fucking why! People who go around proclaiming that they are the anime know it all are fucking having this kind of conversation. How the fuck can I just go in and enjoy the interaction of a fandom when the fucking thing is full of fucking people like these.

I am a fan of football and even when there are some retards around, they are likable and passionate. I am a fan of story books and people don’t go around having conversation like these.So why the hell is anime this way? Why the fuck are people watching anime for sex appeal only? WTF happen to “I watch anime because it is cool and have lots of non overly sexual adult themes?”.

Can you honestly not be jaded when almost every fan you met in real life are like that? Can you honestly stop lamenting and be disappointed by how shallow people are when such conversations happen in a daily basis. Can you honestly not be pissed off when 90% of the fandom out there are devaluing your hobby into some sexual tool?

Come on man! Imagine this, you are a fan of film but 90% of those self proclaimed expert are liking shit in the bowel stuff like Epic Movie just because it has sex appeal. If you are a fan of football yet 90% of the fandom care more about the wife of the footballer than the real actual game itself, what will you think?

“If you don’t like it, you can stop reading right?”. As if I can! All these annoying stuff kept on entering into my brain like some shit machine churning out faeces non stop in front of my face. I wanted to ignore and I wanted to accept but every time without fail,there are always there reminding me of their annoyance.

“People who look down on others’ hobbies are the worst kind of people”. Then don’t fucking give me chance to look down on you by stooping so low! You thought that it is fun? No man, it’s not fun, it’s both disappointing and annoying to know that the medium I love are full of fans like these.

Stop discriminating people’s hobby!” You stop devaluing anime into a solely merchandise driven sex appeal tool first.

Really people, you can sometime watch anime for sex for all I care, but never never stoop it down to so low that you are only watching it mainly for sex. That’s what porn and shitty movie are for. Sexual appeal anime are just some side menu and appetizer, don’t fucking make it into a main course and let others think that anime is pornography. Also don’t sexualise your characters! Sometime I always wonder why the hell are people digging their own grave when they post sexy pictures of Nanoha while defending it and say that it has a awesome story and they didn’t watch because it has sexual appeal. WTF?!

Each and everyday, I find it harder and harder to defend the “anime is not pornography” statement when most of what I read are conversations like above. If you think that I am overeacting, look at the pictures I posted above and multiply them by 7 times and that is what I usually get when I try to look at what the fandom is doing. Can you seriously not be bitter? Can you seriously not be anti social and lose touch with the fandom when people are like that? Can you seriously just accept it? Can you seriously just embrace it all and say Halleluya? Sorry I can’t and this is why I am getting really tired and bitter about the anime fandom.

So what can or what shall I do from now on? I guess I should stop blogging now to spare people from reading my bitter whines because I can’t help but be bitter like how you can’t help but be shitty if you are being pour with shit every single second. I guess I will come back to blog every once in a while if I felt like doing it. I guess I will also reply a 1000 words comment every time someone comment on this blog. I guess I will still comment on blogs if I felt like it, though it’s not like I comment often. Of course, I will still watch Japanese cartoons because fandom is totally unrelated to cartoons themselves.

So yea, take this as a semi goodbye. It’s a fun run. Thank you Rocketham, thank you Moe Sucks, thank you Baka-Raptor  thank you totoum ,thank you  the 11 subscribers, thank you the 20 daily visitors and thank you everyone who commented before.

Look forward to next time where blogger IWICSYI and his team mates, Snakey and Vertist talk about the finest Japanese cartoon in a collaborative post where everyone shares their ideas and rip on moe fans. Stay tune next time! Nah, not going to happen.

When I heard that Musashi was going to be animated by Production IG ,I am thrilled because I finally can get to see the epic tale of this master swordsman , more so when it was directed by that Oshii. Even though his name sounds like OH SHIT! , I liked his work with GITS first movie . Sky Crawler even though boring , was awesome at its own right especially the slick animations and sweet dogfights .

As much as Oshii loves to talk bullshit in his film to showcase his awesome knowledge of philosophy which no one cares, he sure knows how to animate , especially the action scenes . Now knowing that Musashi is a badass swordsman who participated in tons of fights and practise Zen , you will expect the movie to be Sword Of Stranger , Musashi version 2 but no , fucking no! Oshii being the oh fucking philosopher made a documentary about some of the battle of Musashi which no one but fucking Musashi nerds understand! That is like less than 5% of the whole population!

Now you know why Musashi wasn’t publicised much even though it looks like some Production IG next big film because it is not .

You know what’s the funniest thing? I didn’t watch the show.

Let’s talk about technology today . It is embarrassing that an IT student like me doesn’t know any of these new techy gadgets. Believe it or not , I thought iPad is a menstrual pad that stimulate the “I” in you when it was first release. If you really believe that then you are a retard. Nevertheless , I don’t really care to read or keep up with all these gadgets because it is a waste of time . Being able to sprout off the newest processor or gadget isn’t a feat because anyone can do that by googling for 5 minute. Not to mention , I am not interested in them because they serve no purpose to me . I do agree that being able to play some iphone games are cool when you aren’t at home but the problem is I am always fucking at home . So why should I play those games when I can find more enjoyment by burning through all those novels and manga that are collecting dust?

Also , the world of technology is progressing too fast , new gadgets are  coming out every few months and things get dull and old very fast. Keeping up with an ever-changing world which I am apathetic about in the first place isn’t my kind of thing . It is like keeping up with local news . If you don’t know yet , reading news on my local newspaper is  insulting because it contains lots of useless and something misleading information that doesn’t affect anything. Seriously I am not interested in some sex scandal or girls jumping off building just because her boyfriend dumped her so I don’t make it a point to read any local newspaper .

I digress but to conclude , I will say that the only techy thing which I truly care about is computer because it is a necessity , a necessity for masturbation.

In the past , I really hated my country , however when I grew up , I come to accept and think that Singapore is really quite a wonderful country to live in. I treated that hate as ignorance , as a mistake of the youth . However , a recent insignificant event reminded me on why I hated my country in the past . I don’t hate my country because of the government or the system they implement , I hated my country because of the people living in here . The absurdities people,  especially retarded teens churn out here were really blood boiling . In school looking at people’s lack of common sense yet being arrogance sadden me , not that I should care about them but the amount of stupidity bother me and that says a lot . Enters a local forum and you see lots of shit , enters a neighbourhood school and you see the same amount of shit again .

Not to mention ,the trend of “paikia” or pseudo gangster is growing really strong . Kids nowadays have sex when they are barely 14 and smoke when they are barely 12 . They also give lots of ridiculous comments about gangs and shit while acting big . Why they do that? Because to them , those are cool and stylish . In other words, those absurdities are fashion for them . Something along this line of nonsense being treated as a definition for cool just show how blood boiling they can be at times.

I am not a moralist ,neither am I a really sane nor intelligent person to place my judgement on them  but the fact that teenagers are getting more and more absurd remain as a fact and it is jarring and offensive .

Maybe the reason why I am happy with my country now is because I have escaped from the hell of stupidity and entered the ruin of stupidity , a lot better than hell though non-blood boiling ignorance still remain. The difference between blood boiling ignorance and non blood boiling one is that the latter will learn one day and is actually a part of growing up while the former is just stupidity without any cure . I am still in the latter group and I know that lots of people are still in this stage because of the lack of experience so all is good and inoffensive .

Hope that one day , I can escape to the haven where offensive stupidity cease to exist or at least , it cease to exist within my sight .

It reminds you that you are middling.

After getting my Mother Tongue script back for Composition, the marks was of such a shocking value that I was wondering if I had taken someone’s else paper.

Well it must be, since I can’t even read the name written on that paper.

Shit. It’s mine after all. Read the rest of this entry »

I found out that blogging really help relieve stress as it provide a medium for you to vent out whatever that is in your mind . I have been using blogging to help relieve myself  since long time ago and it had  proven to be very effective More effective than fapping , reading manga and listening to song .Today , I am writing this post again just to relax myself after just now tense situation , so you can don’t bother reading it . I myself won’t read it after today .

Recently , I found out that I got this virus call bloodhound or whatever not . It is a Trojan that automatically lead your computer to malware site through bookmark when you logon to the internet . My best buddy norton helped me to successfully quarantine it and I thought that all is ok . But the virus just kept coming back and my best buddy keep working very hard to help me remove it . I don’t want to see my buddy working so hard , it hurts me seeing him ingesting virus and using so much detol to clean it , it is like cleaning my ass for me and I don’t like that. So to freed him from this overworking , I decided to do a system restore.

Vola , after the  system  is restored , I got this very nice bluescreen that tell me lots of moonspeak that no one in their right mind will understand . Firstly , I thought this is just your old vista problem so I  reboot my computer . Little to I know , this blue screen became my new best friend and just keep coming to me after I login to my user .To be frank , I   quite like this new blue screen friend so I just reboot again and again until one hour later .

You know , sticking onto your best friend yet she doesn’t give you any surprise but just a blue screen is very dull . So to make things more interesting , I tried pushing F8 before meeting her . I choose lots of new best friend like repairing window , last good configuration and start window normally to accompany my blue friend , but I guess she is very tsundere , she doesn’t want any friend and just keep giving me her old look . By then , I got very angry and told  her that tsundere is overrated and Kugimiya Rie , so please stop it! But as proven by the 13423490342  of love hina carbon copy , a tsundere cannot be scold , as if you scold her , she will turn into a yandere and will try to kill you with her anger .

This yandere is a good one though . She doesn’t give me a quick death but slowly torture me till my mind breakdown . She kept giving me more and more error till I cried.  I cried so hard , my black friend safe mode can’t bear to look at me suffer anymore and decide to help me up . My black friend helped me to restore that yandere back to tsundere . Now that the tsundere is calmed down , I thought of just killing her  away to keep me from having more trouble later on, but my black friend stopped me because he is kind. He perform his magic again and undo the system restore. This magic is so strong , that bitch tsudere finally got beaten down and become my dere dere slave . She is very moe now and keep servicing me well . When she show any sign of tsun tsun , I will call my black friend to scare her . Now she is all good and stop giving that blue look anymore . I am happy , she is happy and everyone is happy .

So all in all , bloodhound suck .


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