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Have you ever wonder why there are only magical girls and no manly hair wizard men as a genre or in Madoka for that matter? That’s because it will be too good of a show then!

If Madoka Kaname were to be a manly hairly man, he will definitely pull out his calculator and start calculating with calculus to devise a miracle that allows him to slack for his life. Something like being the ability of being having a huge penis to attract all the women out there to ask them to do your dirty work of fighting filthy witches while having the ability to actually wish for anything, anytime, forever.

Then she(he now?) and her friends won’t get all emo pansy about her crush couldn’t play piano(violin? Whatever) and the show will be half the length.

There’s another thing that I don’t get. Why are they so upset that their body don’t have a soul? Isn’t that awesome? If my body is indestructible, I will run down the road and get hit by a car and ask for medical expenses. I won’t need to steal apples to eat then,  right, Kyouko? But then if I were them, I could wish for anything, anytime, forever anyway so maybe I won’t do that. Maybe I will do it out of spite to disturb Kyouko because her dancing sucks and her head looks like a potato. Actually everyone’s head looks like a potato. No wonder Mami’s one got bitten of.




Magical Lyrical Nanoha is science.

3. Magical Lyrical Nanoha (All 3 Seasons)

Magical Lyrical Nanoha is a deep introspection of the psyche of 30 years old men and 12 years old girls. The vibrant friendship , borderline romance between the female characters gave us an interesting insight of gender roles and causes serious contemplation about homosexuality . It touches on lots of strong theme such as the future of war machineries and talked about how hyper radioactive laser may causes mass destruction . However , the best message it can offer is definitely the idea of transformation . Using complex algorithm , this anime showed us that transformation just might be possible  in near future by showing us the  key to it , which of course lies in nudity during said transformation .

Shakugan no Shana is life.

2.Shakugan no Shana

Life is like a flickering flame , one day you are here , another you are worm’s food . Shakugan no Shana spreads the truth about the after life and is bold and imaginative enough to back up on such unknown theory. However , the best thing for Shakugan no Shana is the well researched human interaction. Shakugan no Shana goes in deep by using 48 episodes to show us the interactions between cretins and how the fought the internal darkness in their heart . It’s a epic lore of introspection , retrospection and anything -spection . One of the must see for your theory research on human life and human connections with one another.

Lucky Star is Jesus Christ .

1.Lucky Star

Lucky Star is a social commentary on the desperate issues of shut in and escapism in Japan. It showed us the horror  by realistically portraying the victims of said issues and gave us lost of viable intelligent solutions to eradicate the problems. However , not all is grim and nasty because in life , hope and optimism still exist.

With 5 years of scrutinies  , Lucky Star managed to come up with the brilliant plan to give hope and smile for the depressed shut ins and escapists . First , they cure the erectile dysfunction of the depressed by carefully planning out innocent looking erotica imageries to stimulate the facilitation of  sperms and penile erection which is the result of a complex interaction of psychological, neural, vascular and endocrine factors, and is usually, though not exclusively, associated with sexual arousal.

Secondly , they planned up what seems to be a cutesy musical dance but is actually the deconstruction of the psyche of shut in where they fought battles with imaginary reptile miscreations. Each movement of the dance is actually a hint on how to  oppugn these unreal monsters . Thanks to this dance , shut ins and escapists will tergiverse no more and become a better man . Lucky Star is the saviour , the hope for all man kind.

The End.

Many might have known that I have been pondering over getting the past few weeks upon getting my own dollfie dream especially getting Morikawa Yuki’s Head Sculpt is my top prior. I will do her on a Seperate post since I really do have a extensive amount of Photos on her thanks to Farid ( Kiwira & Ayatsuji from ).Here are some of the images of super Kawaii dollfies.

Man , now we know what all these creepy dolls are for. Who would have guessed ?

Don’t fucking waste your time to debate these unimportant issues.

Further Readings:

Kukubird , the manlier way to say penis.

Before people think that I am getting a little too pretentious lately because the stuff I am blogging and watching nowadays might seem obscure so I decided to talk about the popular things among fandom now , moe .

If I were to use the broadest definition of moe, the catalogue we are talking about is too large to narrow down. You see , moe in its broadest sense can be everything or nothing depending on your perspective. Not to mention , it seems to me that when a series is connoted as being moe , it’s more of lumping all these cutesy otaku bait series which people don’t enjoy and mark it off as moe rather than actually defining a genre so there aren’t any real guide lines to define what anime is moe.

For example , is something like Suzuka moe? In its broadest sense , yes because it’s sort of wish-fulfilling if you see it that way. However , on another stand point , it can be a simple down to earth shonen romance. The author’s intention is also unclear , especially so when I don’t think he even thought about such issue when he wrote it . Not to mention , it was serialised in a popular anthology rather than something that is targeted towards the moe crowd.

Another murky example will be Aria . I personally don’t think that Aria is moe because its characterisation is innocently cute rather than a commercialised pandering , but then this cuteness may translate to moe for someone who find the characterisations to be wank material for otaku.

So how to I get to write this post? I don’t know but my personal belief is that moe is rather sinister because the main ideals are wish-fulfilling and wanking. However , on the other hand , wish-fulfilling or not depends again on your perspective and anything from a dog picture to a  vagina can be wank materials. In this case , I guess I will just list down series that are popularly connoted as pure moe shit .Or in its simplest term , I will include or exclude stuff just because I felt like it.

The list:

Kanon 2006 and Haruhi .

That’s all folks , thank you!

The less said about this the better it will be because any explanations will just be deem as some idiotic fanboy defence on moe even if they are not . This is like liking Naruto , you don’t need to state any reason other than you enjoyed the fightings because the lesser being said , the better it will be . This is also partly because there isn’t much to elaborate other than saying that they are entertaining so it’s quite impossible to pretend that you are smart when you talk about such show.

However , if you really need a reason , Kanon 2006 has interesting and unique stories with lots “innocent” comedic moments. Innocent because I always thought that the stupidities of the girls are played up for Manzai comedy effect rather than being moe and there are lots of really brilliant lines like” I have long transcend these worldly matter” just so the character can skip homework. Truth  to be told , the word moe ,annoying, creepy , erection ,otaku or I want to protect you never come to my mind when I watched this so who cares. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t bother you or you didn’t think of it that way .

As for Haruhi , I won’t talk about pretentious stuff like subversion of Harem clichés and such because I highly don’t believe in that line of argument. It’s good just because it is entertaining .

Now you know the whole elaborated introduction is there to waste your time .

When you are managing a blog , what do you look up for? Comments or hit counts? For me , I will of course prefer hit counts because I jolly well know that my opinion is the best and is always correct so there is no room for any more discussion in the comment section . Now , silent is consent , so if I have 2million hit counts per day (which this blog is pretty close in getting  if I multiply the hit count by 100000) , it means that 2million people agree with me . On the other hand , if  there are comments that state their own opinion as oppose to yours , that will just mean that he doesn’t care or agree with you and need to restate his  opinion to correct you and show that he is more awesome . I can’t have that because I know I am the best.

That’s not saying that I don’t like comments , I love them actually especially if they are all sucking up to me or admit that their opinion sucks and mine is the best after stating their own views ,but I  prefer hit counts ultimately because we all know that ultima can deal a lot of hp right?

MAN! If you don’t know yet , I am your biggest K fucking on fan ever!!! EVER I SAID!! I buy Mio’s Dakimura and fuck her(it?) everyday , spreading my man juice all over her because that is my testament of LOVE! I also buy her figure and and lick her plastic underwear because licking is true love and my true love is Mio . Defiling your favourite character by buying and promoting merchandising of sexual gratification plastic doll and bolster cover is  the epitome of love . Spreading your man juice all over them is a step higher and I do that everyday , that’s why my love is the epitome of epitome . HA! Celebrating her birthday is weak and superficial , only spreading your man juice all over her product is what you called true love , the beautiful combination that reaches the highest spiritual of enlightenment .

So I am very excited about its season 2 being air this April because that  only mean that they will produce more variation of Mio Dakimura for me to do more dirty thing to test my love . Also , the episode 14 ova is the best thing ever, I anticipated it so much , I only know that it is out recently . I haven’t watch it yet but I know it will be the best because Mio’s Dakimura is really fuckable . In other word , I love K-on and  fuck their dakimura so much , I don’t have time to watch episode 14 and that is how strong my love is . I think I will be too busy with their dakimura for season 2 as well .

No man , I don’t care , I watch every anime in rmvb nowadays anyway . You don’t know about QUALITY until you see those fabulous rmvb encoding  from our china best friend . However , do I care? Small file size> quality  any day man . I rather watch more anime with lesser quality rather than lesser anime with more quality . Only faggots care about quality .  There aren’t any anime that worth 300mb per episode nowadays anyway .

But oh hard disk space is so cheap nowadays , $200 and you can buy one terrabyte , it is so CHEAP ! MY FOOT! US 150 is my $370 and do you know that I can last 3 months with that amount of money? Do you know that if I take the alternative of rmvb , I can save that $360 ? I know US are rich because they are us and all of them pay for their crunchyroll and have 264 times more nuke than anybody else. Therefore they shouldn’t take the cheapo alternative of fansub and scanlation and just pump in more  money for anime so that Japan can create more quality anime. European also . Then I can download more rmvb and watch it for free .

Now , after knowing all that , you should move your fatty hand and donate  US150 to Kyoani then move your fatty legs and write them letters telling them that they suck and please produce better anime with their awesome animation  and stop with all those K-on and endless eight . No one will care about Haruhi and Mio after this year anyway. Only faggots does because they are no one .

Also , don’t donate to Shaft . Otherwise , they will produce more and more photoshop filter , so much so that it lost its novelty and became a cliche , in other words , not cool at all . You need to restrain their budget so that they have to think of more artistic yet static photoshop filter to cut cost . Also , lesss budget means lesser series , lesser series means lesser photoshop filter . This helps to make those photoshop filter stayed cool because it will still considered unique  .

Otherwise , you need to buy lots and lots of great manga and vote for them in shonen jump Japan so that they won’t be canceled suddenly. However , you must practice restrain in order not to make those manga another naruto or bleach .

Lesson of the day , if you saved your US150 , you can make a different for anime and manga . One US 150 may seems little , but 10 million US150 will result in a hefty sum of money .  With that , you can save 10 million one terrabyte hard disk and helps  to reform the shitty anime season this year!!!! BELIEVE IN THE ME WHO BELIEVE IN THE YOU! MINNA NO PEACE ALL RIGHT , LOVE AND ROCK BLAH BLAH OK . UTA WATEVR SONG FOR YOU . LOVE AND PEASU ROCKED MY SONG!

Oh , read the tags as well please , they are as awesome as the fabulous Ayakashi anime created by studio kids . Never heard before? That’s why it is awesome .

The last post is quite good so I decided not to edit it , but now , let me be serious for once and state my top 10 shoujo!!

First up Kazuki from Getbackers!

Omg , just look at her , isn’t she gorgeous? Not only is she pretty , she is also a great fighter that uses weapon that spelt women ! Now just look at her face , the tenderness , the beautiful and flawless complexion just make you want to fap to it . Look at that slender body , that fabulous flat chest ,and those beautiful hairs . How can one not like her ? Now let us look at her hip and see her…….(!) HEY ! Wait !! Why is there a bulge there? WHy does her voice sounds like a man? Why does she have a PENIS!!!! Are you telling me that she is a MAN!!??? WTF WTF WTF , gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay . I hate him now .
Fuck Kazuki , let’s us go on to the next character.

Second up ,Shigeru Kanmuri from Yakitate Japan.
She is that hot pink hair girl below . Now , I always dig pink hair girl , especially pink hair girl that know how to bake bread using food science . We all know that bread is art and only great intelligent girl like her can craft out the most beautiful bread . I love bread and pink hair girl , so she is like the best waifu material for me . Also , look at her fantastic figure and face , she look so cute together with Azuma , dawwwwwwwwww.Her voice sounds wonderful too , thanks to Marina Inoue . Omg such a wonderful character .

Oh , in volume 8 of that manga, that Afro guy made a comment about him … … wait ??!! Him??? This is why I hate tongli , they sucks at translation , how can they make such a huge mistake and can’t differentiate him from her? It is so obvious that she will be the best couple with Azuma .

Ah ha , this is more like it , people are now commenting about him being a clever boy , simply delicious ! Also they finally spelt “her” correctly … … WAIT!!!!! BOY?!!! WTF WTF WTF WTF , gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay . Boy with pink hair??! WTF , now I hate him .

I gave up! All the girls I like are boy.

Everyone must have their top 10 anime girls , so I must have one too . Watch this place for updates as I will be going out to get slaughter by arrays and papers soon . For a sneak peek , I will tell you that this will be a conventional list that includes characters like Fate , Saber , Rin(LB) , Nanoha , Rin (F/SN) ,Shana , Mikoto , Senjourhoasdohhoias( that bakemonblahblah girl) , Hatsune Miku( black rock shooter) and errr Kallen because they are all so kawai and so cute – even though I have not watch any anime that they are in .

Omg , I am so cool because I fanboy anime shoujo. I don’t have a top ten shonen though , because I am gay , I only have a top 100 one . In those 100 shonen , I have the whole cast of bleach , naruto , gundam seed , KHR , D gray man and errr Code gayass because all of them are touching and handsome , I love buttseck .

Oh before I end off , Bleach is TOUCHING and Planet ES is SUCKY and BORING .Fuck all that like PLanet ES and also fuck off those bleach haters . PLease leave Bleach alone !!!


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