I am recording down my manga/novels collection so that if I were  to sell them one day , it will be easier to compile a list. This list is more useful than I thought it will be. I can access it anywhere or I can just ask my friend to help me check when I do some shopping.



井之頭的石像鬼 1- 5 ongoing

Vinland Saga 1-15(ongoing)

Amanchu 1-7 ongoing

Attack of Titan 1-24 (ongoing)

Genshiken Nidame 10-20(ongoing)

Mix -1-6 ongoing

Boku Ga Inai Machci 1-9 end

Otoyomegatari 1-7 ongoing

Beelzebub 1-27 (end?)

Vagabond 1-37 ongoing

Claymore 1-27 end

One Piece vol 1-88(ongoing)

Hunter X Hunter 1-32 (ongoing)

Berserk 1-37 (ongoing)

Oyasumi Pun Pun 1-13 end

Aku no Hana 1-11 end

Amano Kozue Tanpenshuu 1 end

History Strongest Disciple Kenichi 1-61 end

Naruto 1-72 end

Gunslinger girl 1- 15 end

Shin Angyo Enshi 1-17 end

Adachi Misturu ending collection vol 1 end

Good Ending 1-16 end

BioMega 1-6 end

Ressentement 1-4 end

Gantz 1-37 emd

Kimi no Iru Machi 1-27 end

Blade of the Immortal 1-30 completed

GYO 1-2 end

Muhyo to Rouji no Mahoritsu Soudan Jimusou 1-18 end

Katsu 1-16 end

Akumetsu 1-18 end

Eyeshield 21 1-37 end

BLAME 1-10 end

MiXim 11 vol 1-12 end

Bakuman 1-20 complete

GTO Shonan 14 days  1-9 end

Twin Spica 1-16 end

Kekkaishi 1-35 end

Q & A 1-6 end

20th and 21st Century Boy 1-24 end

Video Girl Ai 1-15 end

Sanctuary 1-12 end

Beck 1-34 End

Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae (Asano Inio) 1 End

Miyuki 1-12 end

HOTEL Vol 1 End (Japanese Version)’

Iryuu 1-25 end

Manhole 1-3 end

Omoide emanon 1 end

Dud Hunt vol 1 end

SF Special: Kenji Tsuruta Early Works Collection end

Reset vol 1 end

Rainbow pepper something 1-11 end

Kimigure Orange Road 1-15 end

Souten no Ken 1-22 end

Rookie 1-24 end

Shonan Junai Gumi 1-33 end

Black Jack 1-22+ 1 Special end (Some chapters missing.)

Tantei Gakuen Q 1-22+1 premium end.

Akira 1-6 end

Nausicaa 1-7 end

School Rumble +Z 1-23 end

King of Thorn 1-6 end

Rough 1-12 end

Houshin Engi 1-23 end

Booking Life 1-2 end

Lone Wolf and cub 1-27(eng) end

City Hunter 1-35 end

Rush 1-2 end

Kindaichi Shonen Jikenbu 1-27 end

Kindaichi Short File 1-6 end

Kindaichi Spinoff Minzhi 2 shorts.

Brush God 1-2 end

Kajika 1vol

Neko Majin 1 vol

Mirai Chounakai 1-4 end

Shikeisyu 042 1-5 end

Ribon kishi 1-4 end

Akai Sora Shiroi Umi 1 end

Machikado Hana Da yori 1 end

Hikari no Machi (Asano Inio) 1 end

Mamoru Hoshi Inu 1-2 End

Sand Land something by Akira Toriyama. 1 vol

Jinbe 1 end

Harukana Machi E 1-2 end

Karakurizoshi Ayatsuri Sakon 1-4 end

Cowa 1 end

What a Wonderful World 1-2 end

Full Metal Alchemist 1-27 end

Mushishi 10 vols end

Welcome to Nhk 8vols end

Bitter Virgin 1 -4 end

Cross Over  7vols end

Dna^2   5vols end

Hatsukoi Limited(MY) 5 vols end

Freeman  9vols end

Wild Life  1-27 end

Cooking Master boy – 17vols end

Angel Densetsu – 15 vols end

Rurouni Kenshin – 28 vols end

Monster – 18 vols end

F compo – 14 vols – borrowed(JX)

Chobit – 8 vols end

Mirai Nikki 1-12+2 special end

Kamisama Kaizoku  5vols end

Aria+ Aqua – 14 volumes end

Midori Day – 8 volumes end

Mar + Mar omega – 19 volumes end

GTO – 25 end Borrowed to Vertist

Suzuka – 18 vols – Borrowed(YK)

Samurai champloo – 2volumes end

Behind Master – 6 volumes end

Comic Party – 5 volumes end

Kami Kaze – 7 volumes end

Kami to sensou – 10 volumes end

MO Di – 1 – 13 vols  ongoing

Flame Of recca 33 volumes end

I”s 15 volumes end

Ichigo 100% 19 volumes end borrowed (JZ)

Slam dunk 1-31 end

Yakitate Japan 1-26 end

Cromartie High School 1-17end

Dusk Maiden Amnesia 1-10 end

Drifting Life 1 End

Grenadier 1-7 end

Over Drive 1-17 end

Honey and Clover 1-10 end

Komorebi no Moto de 1-3 end

Poppoya Love Letter 1 end Borrowed (JZ)

Umizaru 1-12 end

Kamigami no Ittadaki 1-5 end

Someday dreamer 1-2 end

Someday dreamer spinoff 1-5end

Itsumo Misora 1-5end.

GetBackers – 1-39 end

Whistle 1-24 end

Eden , It’s an endless world 1-18end

Genshiken 1-9 end . Borrowed(YK)

Dragonball 1-42 end

Touch 1-14end( HK library version)

H2 1-32 end.

Solanin 1-2 end

Holograph 1 end

Pluto 1-8 end

70,000 needles 1-4 end

Yu Yu Hakusho 19 end Borrowed(JZ)

80s Tokyo. 1-11 end

Kizu vol 1 end

Can you Hear Me vol 1 end

Hokuto no Ken 15vol end

Hiatari Ryoukou! 1-5 vol end

Last Champion/NINE 1-5 vol end

Slow Step 1-7 vol end.

Planetes 1-4 end

Ah! Seishun no Koushien 1-7 vol end

114+ series  1428(?) volumes in total. Might miss out some .

Novels and Books:

Non Fiction

Tokyo Vice


Alphabet Of Manliness, Maddox

I am Better than your Kid, Maddox

Men Are Better Than Women, Dick Masteron

Anime Reference Books

Notenki Memoirs

Otaku is Dead

Light Novel


Another S

Sugar Dark

Welcome to The NHK

Negative Happy Chainsaw

English name unknown

Kara no Kyoukai 1 to 3 end

Bilibia Shopkeeper 1-6 ongoing

Bungaku Shoujo 1-8 main series end

Sci Fic

Robot Complete , Issac Asimov

Non Fic:

Tokyo Vice


H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 1

H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 2

H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 3

English Literature

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce

The Catcher in the Rye, J D Salinger

Dubliner , James Joyce (KC)

1984,George Orwell

The Great Gatsby,  F. Scott Fitzgerald

Japanese Literature

Aku noKyoten(up, down)


Sayonara Gangster

Hardboiled Wonderland and The End Of The World , Haruki Murakami

Wind up Bird Chronicle , Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood , Haruki Murakami (YH)

After Dark , Haruki Murakami

Kafka on the Shore , Haruka Murakami

Men Without Women, Haruki Murakami

Cracking Mountain – Osamu Dazai

No Longer Human – Osamu Dazai (on loan)

I am a Cat – Nastume Soseki

Japanese Short Stories, Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Kokoro – Nastume Soseki ( Chinese version)

Light and Shadow

Detective Novel

Last Memories

Who borrowed the Locked Room Key

Gun shot into the door

Minato Kanae



For N


Letters back and fore

Ferris Wheel Night

Flower’s lock




That’s all for novels .  26series .




Mind Game


Love Exposure

Red line


Vandread Season 1 -2

Captain Tylor TV series

Cowboy Bebop

Banner of The Star I and II

Crest of the Star

Wolf Rain


Paprika, Satoshi Kon

Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0, Hideaki Anno

Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22, Hideaki Anno

Laputa, Hayao Miyazaki

Ocean Waves, Tomomi Mochizuki

Only Yesterday, Takahata Isao

Wings of Honneamise, Hiroyuki Yamaga

GITS SAC season 1 and 2, Kenji Kamiyama

Patlabor TV Series

Patlabor Movie 2

Kaguya Hime

Welcome to Hell

Love Exposure

Cold FIsh(amazon)





ff13 asian

Valkyrie Chronicle(Borrowed by Shaun Lee)

Demon Soul(Borrowed by Shaun Lee)

XBOX 360:

Lost Odyssey


Viva Panita


Kingdom Heart 3D

Etrian Odyssey Untold

Super Monkeyball

Ace Combat Assult Horizon

DS flashcart

Last Window

Shin Megami Tensei 4

Fire Emblem Awakening

Kid Icarus

Demon Soul Hacker

Interested in:


Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 14 volumes end

Bokurano 11 end

Shadow Star 12 end

Maison Ikkoku 1-15 end

Hitohira 1-7 end

Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka

Giant Killing (ongoing )


Light Novels

FMP (ongoing , final voumne out soon or so I heard)

12 Kingdom, Ono Fuyumi


Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Magic Moutain , Thomas Mann


Millennium Actress, Satoshi Kon

Last Update: 24/jun/2018


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hey u think u can contact me if u ever plan to sell shonan junai gumi? thanks

    Woh! This is the first time people actually wanted to buy something but there’s some issues with it. Firstly, my version of Shonan Junai Gumi is in Mandarin and secondly, I don’t do oversea shipping.

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