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It has been long since I did this because I am always correct with my speculation so that’s no fun in doing this. My speculations are always correct because I forced myself to enjoy series that I anticipated  . In other words , the hype and expectation heighten my mood which allows me to give more leeway to flawed series because I cannot back down from  my speculations . With that , I thought to myself , if I anticipate every series out there , will every series turn great because I will forced myself to  look only at their good? So , coupled with my quest to be very optimistic with anime , I decided to give the most bias , most hyperactive and most positive preview out there. Without further ado , let’s go to and steal his chart.

High School Of Dead: When is the last time you ever heard a zombie anime? From what I could recall , I have only heard of Zombie Loan and if I dig it down further , those awesome 80’s ova with ridiculous plot . With such conventional yet a fresh idea for anime , a new onslaught of discussion of the portrayal of Japanese animated will emerge , hence causing lots of enthusiasm and buzz resulting in a lively blogsphere with interesting thoughts and analysis. I am sure you can compile a textbook by collecting all those beautiful blog pieces , all thanks to this ingenious High School Of Dead.

10/10 Lovely penises awesomeness.

Sekimastu Occult Gakuin: Anime always bears the guilt of promoting misogyny,  however from the lovely poster , we see a girl sitting on a boy! Praise the lord , the Japanese finally love women again . With such an educational series on the upset of the gender balance and giving praise to the almighty woman race ,this will surely become a masterpiece. The rich plot and the subvert of gender balance may as well be yet again compile in a textbook named “Anime Eradicates Misogyny”. I am sure hoard of feminists will be glad to buy it and results in a sudden surge in economy. With such glamorous endeavour in mind , this anime will definitely be a masterpiece.

10/10 THUMBS UP!

Sengoku Basara 2: Sengoku Basara is the hope for game to anime adaptation . It is one of the most well loved anime by the female fans because of its awesome message – girls can treat boys as sexual objects too!

10/10 Analytical analysis on Boy to Boy Love

Shiki: From the author of  epic such as Ghost Hunt and 12 Kingdoms coupled with the fact that it will be air on the noitamA time slot , a rich and mature series is bound to be presented. With an experienced Studio , Daume who made classics  such as DearS and Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na , we are sure to be able to get into more cabbage  discussion with Shiki . Whole new awesomeness is waiting for us , let’s get on board and watch Shiki!

10/10 Real anticipation

Kuroshijitsu 2: The masterpiece which capture the hearts of thousand of fangirls even though it is serialised in a Shonen Magazine . With such out reaching hand , it just means that it is enriched with the goodness of both gender. God is fair to give half of each gender hormones to this series , isn’t that something to be GAY about! Let’s rejoice , toast and anticipate on Kuroshijitsu 2.

10/10 things for we to be gay about.

Mitsudomoe: Remember Chris Handley? If he used this series to stimulate himself , he won’t go to jail! This is the god given series to everyone who loved children ! Let’s thank Japan , our god for this beautiful gift . Thank you!

10/10 Children got raped cared thanks to this series.

Amagami SS: “Fantasize , fantasise and I will grant you your wish” , with such wise word said by wise man , we should abide to it and watch wish fulfilment series such as this. Life is hard and cruel , what’s wrong with fantasizing using wish fulfilment material? NO , nothing is wrong! Enjoy and embrace such material otherwise your wish might not even be fulfilled at all .  Delusional fulfilment is better than nothing , so let’s thanks such work for granting our fantasy .

10/10 I actually might like this series.

The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes: All good things have legend and heroes in their title , no doubt , this one will definitely be a legendary legend together with Legend Of The Galactic Heroes.

10/10 Legend being made!

Okami San To Shichinin no Nakamatachi: Remember Okami Kakushi , the awesome series that teaches and explores the issue of sex and culture through allegory. Remember Toradora? The wholesome family drama in which everyone loves and adores because it is so Toradorable? Having similarities with two such awesome series , this , will bound to be the next epic.

10/10 Friend isn’t enough  to describe us , we are NAKAMA DA!

Last but not least

Osaka Hamlet: Osaka version of the epic Shakespeare’s play which explores taboo such as the love for older women with a father fixation  , bravo , bravo!

10/10 Yea , baby , yeaaaa!

With that , I will end my summer preview . Thanks for reading and bye .


If you know my top 10 anime , you will find that it is full of inconsistency with lots of oddballs such as Kanon 2006 and KGNE popping out like shit among flower bed . Sometimes I am also baffled by my own preference in anime and thought to myself why I liked those show when I usually prefered show that is of their opposite spectrum. Not to mention , I actually agreed on their flaws and complains pointed out by others . If you don’t know yet , one of my favourite hobby is plodding through the internet , searching for flames on Kanon 2006 because it is really fun reading all the criticisms. I guess it is some sort of masochism but well , liking anime and proclaim that you liked anime while wearing a Tengen Toppa Cospa shirt when anime are being looked down at as some dirty nerd entertainment is sort of masochism as well . I guess I am used to it and is able to treat it as something natural or something .

However there must be reasons why I liked such flawed series in the first place and after much contemplation , I came out with some .
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Christmas is coming and let me wishes you a Merry Christmas because if I don’t do it here , I can’t do it anywhere. More or less ,during christmas I will be staying at home feeling isolated , reading all the christmas wishes via email send by bots from forum like how it happened during my birthday . Man , people aren’t even arse enough to send a simple facebook tag or whatsoever , fuck you man fuck you all .


So for this joyous event that every students hate because it added no holiday while hinting you that school term will be starting soon , let’s do the same old same old best of 2009( no decade list because it will be the same as my favouritewhatso list) or whatsoever award!

I remembered that I once said that  I will be doing a best decade hentai or whatever but you know what? After publishing that post , my com went to heaven for some reason . This must be the punishment by buddha and his buddy so I decided to discard away that idea . In return of that , I will copied everyone’s idea and write a reflection about 2009!

To start of , I remembered that I ate some rice and drank some water during the first day of January . I think that is also the official opening date for iwicsyi .I have fun with my  friends and everyone is very happy … … what! This is not ok!

Without further ado , with a very enthusiastic tone , let’s write about anime from 2009!


Best of the Best Anime for 2009 – Evangelion 2.0 because it is epic like that .

Never did I once watch a movie 4 times in  Cinema until Evangelion . If you didn’t know this , it is actually a miracle if I step out of my house to do something so cool and dandy like watching movie . Most of the times , there are only 2 reasons for me to go out – free dinner or buying comics  . Man , what a sad life , maybe I should go out more and do something more cool  like buying shirt from Cospa or go to the busiest street downtown for Kinokuniya and UCC coffee . Maybe picking up figurine as a hobby will be a good  because I will need to go out more after that.

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After replying a tl ;dr to RocketHam and Hoyldreams on Holydreams’s previous post , I realised re – realised that people look for different thing when they watch anime and that’s the reason why people have such diverging opinions.Though it is true that everyone watches anime for enjoyment but what actually contribute to that enjoyment in the first place? With that ,let’s get back to the same old same old and talk about what I look for in an anime! Wooohooo ! What an innovative and fresh topic , I must be  a cool blogger!

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The most important thing that should be presented in all romance genre are conflicts and tragedies. Why is a harem good in the first place? It is good because there are conflicts , choosing one will hurt another. What will the hurt  one do? What will happen in the race against the one you love? Who will finally be with the one they desire? What will then happen to the one that got rejected? All these stuff are unpredictable and get the viewer to be passive with the progress.

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I found out that lots of anime dwell on about life cycle . Some examples will be Sky Crawler and Kurozuka . Both animes create the idea of a recurring dimension . Event happening now is actually a cycle of event happening 1000 or million years ago . These idea or structure show great resemblance to Buddhism teaching. Buddhism believed in retribution and reincarnation , and from the two shows above , especially Kurozuka , plot mostly on vicious life cycle and reincarnation were presented .

Let me give you an idea what’s kurozuka all about , if you do not want any spoiler , please stop reading this now . Read the rest of this entry »

I uploaded this just for snorlax . Ripped from 4chan /c/ by anon.

I uploaded this just for snorlax . Ripped from 4chan /c/ by anon.

You can analyse someone personality by observing which type of anime girl do they prefer. Today , I am going to do an analysis on the personality type of someone that like cute anime girls .

First thing first , we are going to list out common traits or sterotype of a cute anime girl.

Traits of cute anime girls:
1. They are slightly retard . Retard to me is define as no common sense / over clumsiness / act in illogical way /klutzy.  So a sterotype rich lady that knew nothing about the commoner’s life is considered retard to me too. Even those girl with good academic result but have any of the definition above are also considered retard , the like of Kotomi belongs to this group.

Ayu from Kanon is a good example for this trait . Not only dose she have no common sense , she is gullible and naive too . Who on earth will bang into a tree and said uguuu? Who on earth will spin around and around to look for wings on her bag? I will answer that for you , a retard girl .

Although being retard look like like something negative , but you must understand that anime is made in Japan . Japanese have the ability to turn noble ancient warriors into big breast girl for your eye candy. So you must understand that they will also have the ability to made mental retardation into something you will  penchant for.

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NO company can made so much money and survive by supplying free stuff , simple logic. They won’t even bother to sell DVD if it is meant to be free , nuff said. Even non profitable company needs donation , some of them even put the donation into their own pocket !

For those that ask why Japanese can watch anime for free on tv , please ask yourself ,why did you get to watch little Nonya for free .

For those that still whine about the availability and cost of anime , please do whine about not being able to played golf and race in F1 due to your weak financial status and the restricting environment you lived in too.

For those that say that you need to sample before buying an anime , ask yourself , do you watch the whole movie beforehand just to decide on whether to watch it in theater or not.

Final word : Anime is like golf , no money , don’t touch it.

Most of the time when we choose something like say, books, we’d look at its cover page, its title, its price or anything except its summary and synopsis. And sometimes we even buy on impulses. The same reasoning could be applied to animes too. I will share with  you people how I judge an anime by its title, it may not be 100% correct all the time, but it generally has more hits than misses. And do continue  reading for more epic stuffs you never thought of. Read the rest of this entry »


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