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Bleach is the best anime in the world ! It is fucking touching !

Bleach is the best anime in the world ! It is fucking touching !

LOL ! Most bloggers that did episodic summary have this certain guideline for rating anime that no one care . So to follow the trend , I must do it too !

How I rate my anime

BBQ awesome-  Bleach , Death Note , D-gray man , Hitman reborn and  Code Geass.

Those are my top 5 anime .

Decent- K-on, Rosario to vampire , K-on, to love ru and one piece .

I like Naruto but bleach pawn it ass anytime!  BANKAI!! Bleach is fucking touching. I wrote K-on two times because I caught an attraction to it since episode 1 and I have high reason .

Above average – All the gundam!! I like freedom gundam and Kira Yamato because his name rhymes with my favourite JAV, Kirara Asuka.

MACROSS SUCKS ASS  because fighter jet is ugly ,  not like my awesomely wonderful gundam that help me stimulate my penis every night.

Mediocre – Kurenai , Seirei Moribito , Kaiba  , Sexy commando Gaiden, Lain and FLCL .

All these are ok , but they are not as touching as bleach , so they are meh! I love shinigami .

Suckage – Planetes , kanon 2006 , KGNE , TTGL , Cromartie High School , Ef – a tale of memories , Oofuri and Cross Game.

All these anime is meh , I watched 1 second of it and close my window directly and get back to watching my gundam so that I can fap to those machine.

For manga , I follow the same guideline , the only difference is that I have the BEST category , thanks to our almighty moe moe loving awesome bbq with so much adjective to describe it , “Saving Life”.

Other epic manga are the like of pokemon and Dear, not that DearS Dear but that Dear Dear.

Now I am a cool blogger.



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