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The reason why I don’t watch stuff like Naruto , Bleach and One Piece is not because I hate them but rather , they are too long for their own good . You see , if I take the time of watching Naruto to watch other shorter series , it will sum up to quite a lot of series . This in return diversify my enjoyment and allow me to get exposed to lot of better series. It is like giving up a big chicken that I won’t be able to finish in my lifetime for lots of bite size nuggets that have different tastes that might be more delicious than the big chicken .

Also , for long series with no end at sight , what if they get boring? Should I just drop it and waste the huge amount of time that I had invested or continue to grind the shit out of it when I can use those time to watch better series? And this is actually my dilemma with Gintama .

Gintama was pretty good and it acted like Doraemon or Family Guy where you can breeze through a few episode at once . Not to mention , you can randomly watch any episode and not lose out on anything most of the time . However , it wasn’t that awesome enough for me to waste 100 of episodes time because I can use those time to watch series that I enjoyed more. For one , I am at episode 31 now and to be honest , I didn’t laugh out loud at all . It has its moment but its moment isn’t that “moment” than the moment of the other series like Eureka 7.

So what now? Should I just drop it or continue with it? I am thinking of buying the manga but comedy work better with animated form most of the time because of the voice over and movement . For now , I will wait and if it ever end at lesser than 250 episodes , I might pick it up again . If it went never-ending like One piece or Naruto than I will have to drop it .

One of my biggest flaw as an anime fan is that I suck at marathoning anime . I used up lots of energy just by watching one episode.Also , I have too many hobbies , for one , I have about 200+ volumes of manga  and 8 to 10 novels left unread.

In the end , I wished for more series  like Major – condensing 60+ volumes of material with only 130 episode while having a good pacing . That’s what I called making good use of time .


Recently , the fall season list is updated and there are lots of interesting kid show being added . Now , I love kid show because I don’t have this strange ego of an adult or teenager whereby I will get embarrassed if people know that I am enjoying them.  Actually I don’t read understand this ” it is for kid” stuff” in the first place . If it is enjoyable , why care about if it is for kids? Why when Ghibli do a kid movie , everyone  praises it ? Where did their usual ego went to? With that , I want to make a point that even  even if the series is targeted towards kids , if it is well done like The Iron Giant , Ups , Totoro , Cross Game , Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ,Pokemon season 1, Digimon , Major , Mahoujin Guru Guru or Ponyo , it will still be great .
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Bleach is the best anime in the world ! It is fucking touching !

Bleach is the best anime in the world ! It is fucking touching !

LOL ! Most bloggers that did episodic summary have this certain guideline for rating anime that no one care . So to follow the trend , I must do it too !

How I rate my anime

BBQ awesome-  Bleach , Death Note , D-gray man , Hitman reborn and  Code Geass.

Those are my top 5 anime .

Decent- K-on, Rosario to vampire , K-on, to love ru and one piece .

I like Naruto but bleach pawn it ass anytime!  BANKAI!! Bleach is fucking touching. I wrote K-on two times because I caught an attraction to it since episode 1 and I have high reason .

Above average – All the gundam!! I like freedom gundam and Kira Yamato because his name rhymes with my favourite JAV, Kirara Asuka.

MACROSS SUCKS ASS  because fighter jet is ugly ,  not like my awesomely wonderful gundam that help me stimulate my penis every night.

Mediocre – Kurenai , Seirei Moribito , Kaiba  , Sexy commando Gaiden, Lain and FLCL .

All these are ok , but they are not as touching as bleach , so they are meh! I love shinigami .

Suckage – Planetes , kanon 2006 , KGNE , TTGL , Cromartie High School , Ef – a tale of memories , Oofuri and Cross Game.

All these anime is meh , I watched 1 second of it and close my window directly and get back to watching my gundam so that I can fap to those machine.

For manga , I follow the same guideline , the only difference is that I have the BEST category , thanks to our almighty moe moe loving awesome bbq with so much adjective to describe it , “Saving Life”.

Other epic manga are the like of pokemon and Dear, not that DearS Dear but that Dear Dear.

Now I am a cool blogger.


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