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1) This anime tried to be (a) Ghilbi/ Ghibli-eqsue /Ghibli ripoff

How many times have you heard people calling something a Ghibli ripoff just because an anime has a fantastical setting with bright colours? Every fucking time! Ghibli this and Ghibli that, apparently, Ghibli invented everything anime. How about everyone and everything is a ripoff of IWICSYI?! I am a  human and there are a lot of humans in anime, they fucking ripped off the idea of human from me!

2) This anime subvert this and subvert that.

How about I subvert your ass and turn you inside out to make you a subversion of human yourself! Fucking hate this phrase! Gave me tons of false hope entering a series expecting something special but disappoints me ultimately. If people really care about subversion, Book of Bantorra and Windaria will be huge by now! Subversion my ass.


How about expecting your mouth to be stuffed with shit so you will be too busy wiping off shit to type bullshit like this? How about I slice your life apart to show you the true slice of life? What the hell does slice of life means anyway?! I live a badass life like Onizuka  and run up a wall every single day. GTO is my life! Onizuka is a realistic depiction of me. GTO is slice of my life! Fucking hell.

Now if you can spare me some moments, I need to piss blood till the end of time now because I read my own blog 24/7.  Oh, and if you want to stay awake, drink Chinese Tea. When I was born, I prepared 5 million cups of Chinese Tea and drank them all in 5 second. I have not been sleeping since then.



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