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Christmas is coming and let me wishes you a Merry Christmas because if I don’t do it here , I can’t do it anywhere. More or less ,during christmas I will be staying at home feeling isolated , reading all the christmas wishes via email send by bots from forum like how it happened during my birthday . Man , people aren’t even arse enough to send a simple facebook tag or whatsoever , fuck you man fuck you all .


So for this joyous event that every students hate because it added no holiday while hinting you that school term will be starting soon , let’s do the same old same old best of 2009( no decade list because it will be the same as my favouritewhatso list) or whatsoever award!

I remembered that I once said that  I will be doing a best decade hentai or whatever but you know what? After publishing that post , my com went to heaven for some reason . This must be the punishment by buddha and his buddy so I decided to discard away that idea . In return of that , I will copied everyone’s idea and write a reflection about 2009!

To start of , I remembered that I ate some rice and drank some water during the first day of January . I think that is also the official opening date for iwicsyi .I have fun with my  friends and everyone is very happy … … what! This is not ok!

Without further ado , with a very enthusiastic tone , let’s write about anime from 2009!


Best of the Best Anime for 2009 – Evangelion 2.0 because it is epic like that .

Never did I once watch a movie 4 times in  Cinema until Evangelion . If you didn’t know this , it is actually a miracle if I step out of my house to do something so cool and dandy like watching movie . Most of the times , there are only 2 reasons for me to go out – free dinner or buying comics  . Man , what a sad life , maybe I should go out more and do something more cool  like buying shirt from Cospa or go to the busiest street downtown for Kinokuniya and UCC coffee . Maybe picking up figurine as a hobby will be a good  because I will need to go out more after that.

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