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Have you ever wonder why there are only magical girls and no manly hair wizard men as a genre or in Madoka for that matter? That’s because it will be too good of a show then!

If Madoka Kaname were to be a manly hairly man, he will definitely pull out his calculator and start calculating with calculus to devise a miracle that allows him to slack for his life. Something like being the ability of being having a huge penis to attract all the women out there to ask them to do your dirty work of fighting filthy witches while having the ability to actually wish for anything, anytime, forever.

Then she(he now?) and her friends won’t get all emo pansy about her crush couldn’t play piano(violin? Whatever) and the show will be half the length.

There’s another thing that I don’t get. Why are they so upset that their body don’t have a soul? Isn’t that awesome? If my body is indestructible, I will run down the road and get hit by a car and ask for medical expenses. I won’t need to steal apples to eat then,  right, Kyouko? But then if I were them, I could wish for anything, anytime, forever anyway so maybe I won’t do that. Maybe I will do it out of spite to disturb Kyouko because her dancing sucks and her head looks like a potato. Actually everyone’s head looks like a potato. No wonder Mami’s one got bitten of.





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