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In the end , I still don’t get some of the stuff because I am stupid but what can I say other than it being well done? I know what I can say : it really knows how to take its own sweet time and Dominic is useless . Now onto the N moments of Eureka 7.

Favourite Characters:

1.Axel thurston

2. William the Farmer

3. The Beams Couple

Crowing moment of awesome:

1.Axel Thurston sending the ref board to the new Nirvash.

Best episode

1. Episode 39

Best Song

1. Canvas

2. Sakura

3. First ending song

Other thoughts:

Woah , the show somehow understand me really well and did what I hoped  on many instances . When I hoped that Talho will change her outfit because it was getting too disturbing especially when the camera shots are so focused on her riduculous outfit , then boom ,on the same episode , she cut her hair and changed into a more ridiculous  outift.

When I felt that Axel Thurston isn’t getting enough screen time ,a chain of episode that focus on him happened.

I hoped that the Beams family will appear soon after Renton left them then boom , there are 3 episodes focusing on them after that and they died.

When Eureka grew those digusting green  shit , I hoped that they will disappear soon and true enough , they disappeared not long after .

Unexpected events

They  always unravel important plots when I least expected.

I never expect Eureka to be able to change form so many time.

In conclusion , I guess I am late for 5 years huh? Oh and : I CAN FLY!!!! I don’t know how nor don’t know why but I knew he will say that.



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