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I browsed through some blogs  and forums  and the opinions of episode 39 weren’t as bad as I thought it will be . I thought it will be worse considering that it look so out-of-place and the animation sucks so much . Seriously, there is this one scene where everything is just one static picture for 5 second without anyone moving even when they are talking . People may think that it is cutting corner before preparing for the last epic arc but I beg to differ .

Although it might look like I am deluding myself but I thought that Bones is just paying an homage to Captain Tsubasa by degrading the animation to suit the style of the retro soccer anime .It might sounds like an excuse but the animation sucks so much , I don’t believe that it wasn’t deliberate.  You see , Eureka Seven do have some animation decals but the whole animation is still consistently high . However episode 39 look no better than an enhanced version of  Akikan  animation wise.  There isn’t much frames used for movement and lots of thing were being looped . Not to mention , lots of panning of static image to save cost. Even their soccer match was full of dull animation . Though they still managed to keep their character in proportion. In other words , the animation really sucks like Studio Deen level of sucks. Actually , it sucks too much to be true .

Irregardless , episode 39 really show how funny Eureka Seven can be .  What’s with the shouting of move name before shooting and the old classic exaggerated Captain Tsubasa moments such as tearing nets and combined power shoot .Not to mention , “Panther Shoot” and ” Golden Falcon Shoot”? Tell me that those aren’t the blatant ripoff of Kojiro’s “Tiger Shoot” and Tsubasa’s “Golden Eagle Shoot!” .  Also , there are lots of moments where they used lots of  budgeted animation trick  which can be found in Captain Tsubasa . One instance is the goalkeeper scene where Jobs failed to save the ball by jumping toward the totally opposite direction. How I laughed at that . Now that I remember , Jobs is actually parodying the bald head keeper from RJ7. This  added another layer of the comical fest.

In conclusion , episode 39 look more like a deliberation of sucking in animation to create jokes while paying homage to Captain Tsubasa. As much as I agree that Captain Tsubasa is repetitive and suffered heavily from the sport series cliché , it was my childhood .  I grew up shouting “Thunder Beast Shoot” while imagining electrical beast coming out whenever I kick a ball . It also exposed me to soccer which still stay as one of my hobby until this day . I might be some shit that doesn’t bath and go out now but I must say that I am pretty good at it when I was young . If I just strive a little harder and become less racist , I might make it big one day but well , I can dream .  With such nostalgic and genuine comedic moments , I will say that Eureka 7 episode 39 is one of my favourite episode of Eureka 7 .



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