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Due to the H1N1 case , our school is delaying the opening of class by one week while training us in doing e-learning . I must said that this is a pro active and commendable measure – if and only if their elearning material is of any use .No , no ,no , don’t get the wrong idea here, I am not complaining about how useless the elearning is even though it is true but actually more on human nature .

When I first heard the news of extension of holiday , my first reaction is of course to rejoice . Having more holiday is always a great thing right? But today , when I think back to it , I am quite disgusted by my own selfishness . I forgot the fact that mine holiday is build upon corpse and suffering . Yes , I did get my desirable holiday , but in exchange of that , it means that the H1N1 case is getting so serious , measure such as elearn need to be implemented . Is that really something we should be happy about? Just that it doesn’t affect us , should we really be happily enjoying our extended holiday while people are suffering from H1N1? While we are happy and wishes for more holidays , it actually show disrespect to patient because we indirectly hope that they suffer more so that we can get our fun . Have anyone else thought of that?

You may said that I am stretching it too far or thinking too much but in a sense , if you have not thought of this , it just show how selfish you are. It also show that we human does only cared about ourselves . When we are in joyous occasion , we forgot about others . We only seek our own fun and doesn’t really leave space for others .

That’s why it is safe to conclude that the nature of human is not evil , it’s apathy , and it is this apathy that causes us human to become ugly . We don’t really do evil acts , we just didn’t spare thoughts to the others and think that our act will not affect them much .

Of course there are people that attained nirvana and always put others before themselves , but seriously , are you one of them?



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