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To be honest, I never know what the hell Halloween is or care about it because if you want to talk about the special day relating to ghost, we pretty much have 1 whole month of “7th month” where parents scare the shit out of their children by telling them spooky mystical tales on how ghost will do nasty things to them if they disrespect the deceased or stay out late at night during the 7th month of lunar calendar. That of course is the Chinese way of imparting good values through scare tactics but damn hell does it works. Due to all those scary stories, I am always wary during the 7th month and live life in distress and anxiety because I am a fucking coward.

I however also learned the deeper meaning behind it and the good virtue it imparts. The 7th month originated from a story about a filial son finding out that her dead mom is a hungry ghost in hell. To free her from the suffering, he tried to feed her but failed. Buddha told the son that he needs the power of other luohan to succeed. After some hardship and rituals, his mom finally got freed and reincarnated during the seventh month. With that, people celebrate the “7th month” where they believe that the hell gate will open and ghost will gain freedom from hell during July to remember the importance of showing our respect to the deceased and the filial piety shown by the son. That of course is the simplified version of the story where I skipped lot of crucial plot points.

Sure , even though it may look idiotic or delusional with our vibrant concerts and grand ceremonies to celebrate with our deceased one just because of some bullshit religious story that may or may not be factual, the thoughts and messages behind it are true and sincere.

So as you can see, with such a cultural and big event like the “7th month”, no one in the past really care about Halloween because it really isn’t a part of our life. To be frank, it isn’t until recent years when all those obnoxious teen shout and getting all annoyingly excited about Halloween that I actually recognise its existence. However, before I know it, the “7th month” is pretty much gone in the mind of teenagers as table has turned and Halloween became the big ghost event while the “7th month” is chucked aside where only the older generation cares about it now. Most of the teenagers pretty much forgot all the great values imparted by the “7th month”. They are swept by the Halloween wave because Halloween supplies them with more fun and parties to widen their social circle (nicer terms of finding more sex partner) while “7th month” is dull and uncool. It’s all about fun nowadays and less about the value behind the special day.

It’s ok if teenagers understand and appreciate Halloween while partying but that’s definitely not the case. We just don’t have the culture of Halloween here and it is definitely not an integral part of our life like how “7th month” is. Most of us don’t know the epic lore of Halloween, nor do we know the implicit meaning behind it. People are celebrating it because it is cool and everyone is doing it.  People are celebrating it because nightclub and pub promote special events that are fun and exciting for teenagers with raging hormones. Now it’s more like some fashion parade using the name of Halloween to promote and motivate horny teens to party and look at weirdly dressed chick than a traditional holiday. That to me is insulting, insincere and really shows how shallow most teenagers are.

With that and being a traditional Chinese man who uphold great moral and cultural values like sex after marriage and receiving red packets with a smile , I can’t help but be disappointed with shallow teenagers again. I can now only pop in some Japanese cartoon to comfort my bitter soul.



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