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It had been really long since I wrote anything. So in order to rub some oil on the gear of my rusty writing skill which is always rusting in the first place, I will write some short snippets of thoughts I have.

#1 I don’t like the idea of romance harem series taking the route of doing episodes that separate every girl’s arc and restart it after every arc ends. I rather they converge everything together like how they did it in the past. The previous formula of converging every routes at least has this tiny hint of decency where the guy choose only one girl and stay faithful to her. That’s the only redeeming value you can squeeze out from this genre but now they destroyed it by doing the 4 episodes per girl’s arc. This genre is really taking a huge dive with this when they are already falling so hard  in the first place. But why do I care, I pretty much have outgrown this genre and is not willing to try any of it any more.

#2 The more I think about it, the more I dislike Haruhi the movie. Yuki Nagato is definitely the silent moe pandering type but at least she was quite a badass with her crazy skills. So what the movie did to her? They pretty much gave her feelings where she felt angst to show that she’s becoming a human. That’s all right actually but they render her into this helpless girl and strip all her badassness off like how you strip of a helpless loli. Pathetic.

Now I am ok with the notion of damsel in distress and being weak in the first place because we know that girls are almost always useless so it at least is a reflection of  true life but I dislike the idea of  letting someone strong becoming weak for lousy reason such as upping the moe factor for a character. The whole movie felt like an excuse to show us the cute blushing of Yuki Nagato and her alternate persona of helpless moe.

#3 Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 aka First Gundam is really an influential piece. I know because so many episodes are so boring and generic  because other subsequent real robot series  clearly ripped off tropes from it, hence rendering the First Gundam to this uninspired “I have seen it” robot series .

Due to that, I guess I should give shit to all the subsequent real robot series instead but it still remain as a fact that the first Gundam does not hold up well because you probably have already seen similar plot else where, that is unless you are not familiar with your usual mecha anime.

Other problems I have with Gundam is its shitty romance where people fall in love with one another with not build up. The Mirai X Steggler case for example was just awkward and I can’t help but feel like it is a cheap attempt to make Steggler’s death more spectacular.

Speaking about deaths, there are lots of cheap deaths in Gundam. The worst I have seen is Garma’s fiancé’s death. She died after slipping off a ship because she trembled too much. Matilda’s death isn’t any better. She crashed into a Dom for no reason and guess what, the Dom killed her of course. Slegger and Ryu deaths are the few that actually make sense and work.

Of course, there are also lots of positive for Gundam such as its brilliant comedy. I particularly like Dozle Zabi because he is one of the funniest character in Gundam. There is this one instance where the enemy is attacking him and he got really hype up and command his troop to advance. Pretty standard stuff but that’s not good enough for the magnificent Dozle Zabi . For someone as badass as him, you just need to end your commands by asking for more coffee. Yea, coffee. I agree with him that coffee  is definitely the thing you should be thinking of during a life and death matter because you definitely can enjoy it when your ship is shaking due to enemy attacks.

Now talking about comedy, what about episode 14 where your enemies are so friendly, they can wait for you to deactivate the bombs they planted and act as civilians to say hi after that because they are so enamored by your skills? Brilliant, just brilliant.

Not to mention, the G parts bullshit is very useful and hilarious as well because it allows the  creators to mock you by wasting your time because they know you definitely cannot do without the Gundam transformation/separation scene when it will be totally all right if the Gundam is already separated from the G parts in the first place.

Well, that’s the 70s for you but I do have to say that the final few episodes where they reveal the New Type super saiyan shonen powerup awesomeness were very interesting. Some of the manly scene from the Zabi’s families and others where they fought to their bitter end were well done as well. The robot fights are surprisingly spectacular even with its dated animation.

As for those who are interested in the Gundam Franchise, I really recommend you to stick with the Trilogy movies  as 43 episodes can be really gruesome to plow through.  Not to mention, the movie touched up a lot of retarded problems I mentioned above. They also discard the whole G parts bullshit as well. Generally, it’s accepted that the movies are better but they do discard some really great episode such as episode 8 so well, you decide.

With that, I will end off by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Before people think that I am getting a little too pretentious lately because the stuff I am blogging and watching nowadays might seem obscure so I decided to talk about the popular things among fandom now , moe .

If I were to use the broadest definition of moe, the catalogue we are talking about is too large to narrow down. You see , moe in its broadest sense can be everything or nothing depending on your perspective. Not to mention , it seems to me that when a series is connoted as being moe , it’s more of lumping all these cutesy otaku bait series which people don’t enjoy and mark it off as moe rather than actually defining a genre so there aren’t any real guide lines to define what anime is moe.

For example , is something like Suzuka moe? In its broadest sense , yes because it’s sort of wish-fulfilling if you see it that way. However , on another stand point , it can be a simple down to earth shonen romance. The author’s intention is also unclear , especially so when I don’t think he even thought about such issue when he wrote it . Not to mention , it was serialised in a popular anthology rather than something that is targeted towards the moe crowd.

Another murky example will be Aria . I personally don’t think that Aria is moe because its characterisation is innocently cute rather than a commercialised pandering , but then this cuteness may translate to moe for someone who find the characterisations to be wank material for otaku.

So how to I get to write this post? I don’t know but my personal belief is that moe is rather sinister because the main ideals are wish-fulfilling and wanking. However , on the other hand , wish-fulfilling or not depends again on your perspective and anything from a dog picture to a  vagina can be wank materials. In this case , I guess I will just list down series that are popularly connoted as pure moe shit .Or in its simplest term , I will include or exclude stuff just because I felt like it.

The list:

Kanon 2006 and Haruhi .

That’s all folks , thank you!

The less said about this the better it will be because any explanations will just be deem as some idiotic fanboy defence on moe even if they are not . This is like liking Naruto , you don’t need to state any reason other than you enjoyed the fightings because the lesser being said , the better it will be . This is also partly because there isn’t much to elaborate other than saying that they are entertaining so it’s quite impossible to pretend that you are smart when you talk about such show.

However , if you really need a reason , Kanon 2006 has interesting and unique stories with lots “innocent” comedic moments. Innocent because I always thought that the stupidities of the girls are played up for Manzai comedy effect rather than being moe and there are lots of really brilliant lines like” I have long transcend these worldly matter” just so the character can skip homework. Truth  to be told , the word moe ,annoying, creepy , erection ,otaku or I want to protect you never come to my mind when I watched this so who cares. It doesn’t matter if it didn’t bother you or you didn’t think of it that way .

As for Haruhi , I won’t talk about pretentious stuff like subversion of Harem clichés and such because I highly don’t believe in that line of argument. It’s good just because it is entertaining .

Now you know the whole elaborated introduction is there to waste your time .


No , I did not do that on purpose, it just happened.

Report report …. …. ok , recieved , got it ,over .

We just received a report from our spy saying that one of our group member will undergoes transgender operation and severe plastic surgery in order to become the next Haruhi . He( She in future) also decided to buy a wii  to play the Haruhi dancing game in order to learn every posture of Haruhi . It is always his dream to become a lesbian  and perform lots of Haruhi’s tsundere moment. For now , he is a gay that uses gay emoticon like a gay. But don’t worry , after transgender operation , he will be a lesbian . Report also said that he will not cut away his dick , so you  can enjoy some funatari action from him , especially that anime girl with penis guy.

Prove of wanting to be haruhi

He is synchronising with the clock.

Update here

A television advertisement for the March issue of company Kadokawa Shoten magazine has reportedly revealed that the “true” relaunch of the Haruhi Suzumiya anime series will premiere on television in April. The March issue will ship on February 10, and the television advertisement can been for now on Nico Nico Douga website. (Nico Nico requires viewers to register in Japanese.)

According to the cover, the magazine will detail the staff and story of the new anime project based on Nagaru Tanigawa Noizi ItoHaruhi Suzumiya light novels. The issue will also have an interview with “Brigade Leader’s Assistant” Yasuhiro Takemoto. Takemoto was an episode director on the first television series, while the Haruhi Suzumiya character is the fictional “brigade leader” of the franchise

Tanigawa wrote the original light novels about an eccentric, assertive girl who creates her own school club (“S.O.S. Brigade”) to plan and execute her strange antics. America’s Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will publish the light novels in English starting this April, while Yen Press is publishing >Gaku Tsugano manga version. The first television anime series aired in Japan in 2006, and Bandai Entertainment released it in North America in 2007.

Since the first series, the creators have been dropping hints about more anime projects. One of the first indications came in a cryptic December 2007 website update that listed Takemoto as the director of a new project and hinted at a story based on the fourth light novel, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Another web update last May relisted Takemoto as the “brigade leader’s assistant.”

Two spinoff manga, PuyoSuzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yūutsufour-panel gag manga and Eretto’s Nyorōn Churuya-san parody manga, are being adapted into web anime that will premiereon February 13.

Source: 2ch

Update: More background information added.

~Via ANN~

Summary and thoughts

Please do read the article above or the link provided to sankaku complex . I just can’t bear to perform anymore  Italian culinary skills now . But the summary of the article will be what the post title said . Newtype announce that Haruhi season 2 will commence on April . More detail , visit the links please. I will rejoice if this news is real due to some reason. I will watch it still , but I won’t anticipate it like some fanatic fans.


I have enough of haruhi season 2!!! Can everyone shut up and just go along without commenting about haruhi season 2 when kyoani decide to do some other stuff? It has been going on for frigging 3 years!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Everybody must have watched an anime so epic that they can’t really seem to get over it. Something like Kanokon? Damn those pantyshots and big boobies. Why can’t I be like that Kouta bastard? Curse and swear, real life is so unfair! *Ahem* As you can see such hangovers is very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost. In this post, I shall teach you how to get on with life after watching epic anime(s). Animu animu fap fap Shouryu loves fapping.

Shouryus lovin it

Shouryu's lovin' it

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Most of the time when we choose something like say, books, we’d look at its cover page, its title, its price or anything except its summary and synopsis. And sometimes we even buy on impulses. The same reasoning could be applied to animes too. I will share with  you people how I judge an anime by its title, it may not be 100% correct all the time, but it generally has more hits than misses. And do continue  reading for more epic stuffs you never thought of. Read the rest of this entry »


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