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After watching the first episode of Now and Then , Here and  There , I  found the art and beauty of directing .  The plot of it is interesting per se but what really captivate you is the unique way of how it convey the story . It is totally like watching a movie rather than an tv series ! The scenery , the every action of the characters , they way the story is planned up , it just want you to hunger for more . It is really skillful directing I must said , it made the anime not only an anime but a masterpiece film . It spelled creativeness in all the frame and shoot . Even someone like me that never took up any course in filming know that it is fantastic !  The last scene in episode one is totally breath taking as well , the zooming out just made everything spelled huge and epic production.Not to mention , the ost is totally like epic movie type of ost .  The closest comparison I could find for all those aspect is any of the Ghilbi’s movie .

Now you must know what I am going to say about Gonzo right? Actually , from what I see , for the case of Shangri La , Gonzo didn’t failed in the story , ost , character design , character depth and  animation department . What they totally failed at is their poor directing .  The way the story is conveyed is totally boring and felt uneventful even if there are lots of things happening . The way the story is build up is just lackluster and doesn’t make you feel like wanting to know what will happen next. If you haven’t notice yet , Gonzo is just a decoy for me to continue writing about my view on directing.
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