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Tomomi Mochizuki stated before that it will be difficult to kick start your career with Studio Ghibli because they don’t produce smaller scale TV series for directors to gain experience with . Suzuki refuted that by saying that it is all about talent and used Takahata Isao(Only Yesterday ,Grave of the Fireflies ,Jarinko Chie), the highly acclaimed director but somehow got overshadowed a bit too much by Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli as an example where he stated that Takahata début with a full length movie and did really well with it .This début movie of his was so highly acclaimed ,it was revered as the first Japanese animation that  was better than Disney production . This legendary movie is of course Horus : Prince of the Sun .

Horus: Prince of the Sun is a 1968 animated film by Toei about a young man named Horus/Hols trying to go back to his village that was once destroyed by a devil after his papa died. His mission is of course to defeat the evil devil .

The story is pretty straight forward and nothing out of the box actually . However as a 1968 film , it features animations that are so fluid , it makes stuff like Akikan and 11 Eyes look like the 1960s production instead. That’s not saying that it doesn’t use loops or static images to push the story forward though but I will say that at least 70% of the animation still holds up well for today’s standard.

Though as great as the animations were ,the plot and the structure are too dated for contemporary standard. For one ,it was very simplistic where a lot of stuff happens without any explanation. Characters are heroic or evil just because they are heroic or evil ,there isn’t any motivation behind them and everything was touches upon too lightly. There are no great theme other than your usual work together and fight the evil found in your usual children adventure stories.

I did however enjoyed it hugely due to being awe by the fluid animation where I can’t believe that I am watching a 1968 film . Though, it was still hard for me to put in my full 81mins of attention into it .This is why I won’t recommend anyone to watch it unless you find it to be historically interesting. If you do watch it for its historical values ,you can really see how it influences subsequent Ghibli works where similar character design and personality( like how little girls love to show their cute little white bloomer for no apparent reason) were used. Not to mention ,everyone favourite , Hayao Miyazaki contributed a lot for this movie and it does show.

That’s really about it , I don’t know what else I can say except that there are talking animals ,a big ice elephant and a very scary yet badass giant golem who somehow has this legendary badass sword plunged in his big bold manly rock shoulder for the main character ,Horus to pull out and reforge it to claim the title of Prince of the SUN!

What can I say to that? You just look at it and laugh while feeling all the awesomeness swelling inside you.

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