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It is like the sister of Whisper of the Heart , albeit less boring and less draggy.  I might be manly but one of my favourite genre is actually the romance genre because I believe that having a sensitive side actually make me , the manly man manlier.

Ocean Waves is special to me because it is my first legitimate Dvd that I bought and watched on tv . You know , the show is so ordinary , I have to chunk in excuses to make it “special” . Why do I need to make it special then? Because I thought that it is really great but if you ask me the reason why , I can’t really pinpoint down any because it is really very simple and normal . Flip any guide to Writing Romance 101 and you might as well see lots of similar premise of but there is this certain charm that grabs my attention .

Maybe it is the interesting characters and maybe it is the subtlety but I don’t really know why I like it so much . It just felt like a romance done right where you will feel a warm fluff after the show end .

One thing I am sure about though is that the realism of the series without your usual fantasy fluff epic elements Ghibli’s is renowned for breathed in a fresh air into me , just like the waves of the sea I heard .



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