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You see , most arcade/rpg video game to anime adaption are bad ,like real bad with shitty animation and storyline that make no sense . Even the much-lauded best game to anime adaption like Street Fighter II the movie and FF7 Advent Children have storyline that were pulled out from someone ass . No , their story isn’t simple like fuck but rather , stupid and make no sense at all . However surprisingly , Fatal Fury ova 2 has at least a coherent story about Terry Bogard standing up again after failure . The Fatal Fury Movie although full of corny lines , tried to have a story that is at least passable . Yes , their story isn’t complex nor good but at least it make sense and that is one great job well done considering their source material . The first ova suck ass though because it was really bad , better than K-on but still bad objectively .

Not only did Fatal Fury win at trying to have a coherent plot , their fight scenes are actually good . Let the video do the talk instead.

now , compare to this shit – Fate Stay Night the anime.

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