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I find it funny that people brought up the number of rape cases to support their case that loli manga shouldn’t be banned . Sometimes they even argued that porn help relieve your sexual urge and stop you from becoming rapist. That’s why Japan has so few cases of rape because of their porno . Bullshit ! You know why Japan has such low rape cases? No , it is not because of the amount of pornography they produced every day but rather their culture  is still consider conservative and Asian treat scandalous act more seriously than other part of the world . We Asian love to “save face” where we treat one status and reputation really seriously . That’s why we have so many overblown custom during funeral and such just to preserve our pride. That’s why  we will always think twice before we act just to save our reputation . Not to mention , I am sure our conservative nature helped to cover up many other unreported rape case but I won’t be making such a sweeping statement .

Similarly , whether porn breed rapist or not is still debatable but it remain as a fact that it is something awkward and perverse within our “normal” society. You don’t see people openly admit that they watch porn because it is really embarrassing . Anime viewers should understand that their thinking is quite twisted thanks to the amount of fuck up thing they are exposed to .  Seriously , putting a cute moe girl as your avatar or desktop background isn’t cool , it is disgusting .

P.S. The title is a blantant ripoff of James Rolfe aka AVGN – “You Know What’s Bullshit”.



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