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I uploaded this just for snorlax . Ripped from 4chan /c/ by anon.

I uploaded this just for snorlax . Ripped from 4chan /c/ by anon.

You can analyse someone personality by observing which type of anime girl do they prefer. Today , I am going to do an analysis on the personality type of someone that like cute anime girls .

First thing first , we are going to list out common traits or sterotype of a cute anime girl.

Traits of cute anime girls:
1. They are slightly retard . Retard to me is define as no common sense / over clumsiness / act in illogical way /klutzy.¬† So a sterotype rich lady that knew nothing about the commoner’s life is considered retard to me too. Even those girl with good academic result but have any of the definition above are also considered retard , the like of Kotomi belongs to this group.

Ayu from Kanon is a good example for this trait . Not only dose she have no common sense , she is gullible and naive too . Who on earth will bang into a tree and said uguuu? Who on earth will spin around and around to look for wings on her bag? I will answer that for you , a retard girl .

Although being retard look like like something negative , but you must understand that anime is made in Japan . Japanese have the ability to turn noble ancient warriors into big breast girl for your eye candy. So you must understand that they will also have the ability to made mental retardation into something you will  penchant for.

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