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I expected it to be some shitty harem at first but I was wrong , but that doesn’t make it an awesome show though. It do exceed my expectation because my expectation for it is -100 . So if the show  end up as 0 , it is still considered exceeding my expectation .

Now , for the show itself ,  it is definitely easy to watch . The idea although is generic , but the execution is refreshing .I have a good impression with the parody and comedy because they are so ignorable , I don’t care even if I miss a dialogue . Coming from someone who cringe on every single words in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei  ,  it is quite conflicting . For one , ignorable dialogue means easy to digest , easy to watch , but on the other hand  , why do I ignore them in the first place? To be more precise , I didn’t laugh at all during the whole show , but on the other hand , I feel like I should be laughing .

At the end of the day , am I enjoying that show? Am I having too much prejudice for that show , so much so that I can’t admit that I liked it? Or is it that it is really so uneventful , I can’t even give a conclusion for it . You know , this anime is so  un-anime like , it is more like observing people walking around in a town when you wait for someone rather than watching anime . For one , can you say that you enjoy observing people walking around the town? Why do you even observe people walking in the first place? Do you feel anything seeing people walking around? This is what I feel like when I watch the series , so void yet not that void, not to mention , conflicting  .

I might watch episode 2 without reading any blog to give a conclusion whether I like this series or not .


April fool in the internet are the best kind of thing , but too bad , tommorrow I will miss it . Need to go to somewhere for a brainwash . Ya , nothing more lol.


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