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Wanting to test how many anime I know of , I login to a Chinese site that has a whole list of anime for you to download . To my surprise , I found out lots of anime that I never heard of . Before calling me a noob , let’s be honest , have you fucking heard of any anime with the name “Jungle no Ohja Ta-chan”? What the fuck is that? Though it look funny but still who the  hell heard of it? Just to test all of your knowledge , I will list down some anime that I found which I have no idea of .

1. Aka-chan to Boku

2.Jungle no Ohja Ta-chan

3.Super Radical Gag Family aka Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku

4.Asagiri no Miko

5.Ultimate Girl

6.Shippu Iron Leaguer


8.Gendou Otomei

9.Moeru ! Onii-san


10.Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger

I also noticed that my Harem knowledge is really lacking . There are tons of Harem that I have not heard of . Actually , it is more like they are all so similar , you don’t really know what’s what.

Of course , I have no idea for those Yaoi and lolicon fest as well . The Magical Girl genre is another killer while children shows are so massive , knowing all of them is quite impossible.

This shows that my genre coverage isn’t wide enough . Although I am sure that these unknown series stayed unknown for a reason . Though I don’t mind trying show like Aka-chan to Boku ,Jungle no Ohja Ta-chan and Super Radical Gag Family aka Urayasu Tekkin Kazoku because they actually look great.

For your information , I actually watched and know about Kuso Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy and Cho Hatsumei Boy Kanipan in which Cho Hatsumei Boy Kanipan  is quite a good children cartoon where a boy inventor compete in some inventor contest . It is like Doraemon with lots of interesting invention and wacky storyline . I highly recommend it . As for Gulliver , it isn’t the story of Gulliver travel to small human island but rather a boy gain the power of light to fight monster. It is actually quite repetitive like your usual monster per week but the light power were really cool , when I was 9 that is .

Now I have show off my obscure knowledge and done enough masturbation, it is your turn now!  What is the most obscure series you had watched ( complete or not ) and which is the most obscure series you know of ? Know of as in you heard of the name before .

Update: Haha , I found another of my childhood favourite ,”Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger” . I remember that the story turn quite dark during the last few episode where lots of their comrade died . It is a story about the 12 zodiac animal doing something . I am surprise to find that it was actually animated by Shaft . Take that, Shaft fanboy , real fanboy watches every obscure series like this , not those Shinbo wannabe show .

Both YAT Anshin Uchuu Ryokou and Mojaku are my childhood series as well .It is fun finding those cartoon you watched in the past. Man , now I remember why I like children cartoon .



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