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I always stand by the notion of you are free to do whatever you want if you don’t harm anyone .So moe fans , do what you want and go fuck your pillow , fap to moe series , collect loli doujin , buy sissy dolls and be unknowingly creepy for all I care.

To be frank ,  even though I said that ,I have to admit that I do make fun of moe fans because they are easy targets. I don’t know why but most of them get really defensive when someone criticise some moe series even if the criticisms are reasonable . Their reactions are annoying yet hilarious and fun to watch because the things they wrote are all so unintentionally entertaining. It’s like someone getting real excited about some shitty film like Epic Movie and defend the shit out of it when people say it sucks. This is especially so when most of the retaliations are either illogical or  ad nauseum copied and pasted shit like how  you don’t get it because it’s fucking slice of life .

Firstly , they don’t know that calling K-On a “slice of life” somehow degraded its comedy value because eh , it’s slice of life and not what it actually is – a comedy . They also imply that it was meant to be bland and pointless so you shouldn’t be offended  or get bored by it when it isn’t funny or didn’t manage to see any worth of it because “it’s slice of life” makes everything ok.

Secondly ,  do they really think that people don’t understand the charm of stuff with no conflicts? That’s real insulting because people love and understand relaxing stuff with no conflicts like My Neighbour Totoro .It’s not rocket science so don’t go around assuming that people don’t understand mono no aware .

Most moe fans also somehow don’t understand the notion that any criticism is just the writer’s opinion and when they talk about moe otaku exposing their penis to wank while watching Nanoha , they didn’t mean that all moe fans who watch Nanoha masturbate when Fate got naked or something . The writers are just stating that images of otaku fapping to Fate disturb them because some of the scenarios are just outright pandering and scream “Fap at me!” .

In other words , they are not criticising the  moe fans who watched Nanoha for non sexual reason but those who really fap to Fate so don’t get all angry if you are innocent . But then if you watch Nanoha for non sexual reason yet still proclaim that you are the biggest lolicon  , which is something a lot of people do for some reason ,  then you are really courting your own demise.

Another trivia for you , people who have  images of otaku wanking when they watched a moe series are those whose mind are defiled  because they understand that Akihabara is no otaku paradise but a place with buildings after buildings of shops that sell sex toys .Trust me , know enough of such stuff and all those wanking otaku images will appear in your mind naturally.

Finally , it is really hilariously annoying when moe fans get really serious and excited about something as shallow as the shimapan of Mio.

To sum up ,getting excessively excited about minor stuff plus the constant annoying yet hysterical retaliations are the reasons why I can’t take most moe fans seriously. Though I have to make it clear that the annoyance is more of the main reason here.

So the truth is out! You now know my constant deride of moe fans is partly due to their annoying yet hilarious retaliations . Seriously I don’t hate moe for being wish fulfilling or stuff like that as that’s something really self righteous to say . Sure , the images of otaku wanking after noticing some pandering from a moe series does distract me a little but the biggest reason why I dislike moe is because the abundance of pandering that doesn’t work for me . This resulted in a banal and boring experience when a series played up their moe pandering while totally neglecting everything else. It is especially true when I prefer the pandering of decapitated heads and awesome shonen battles because you know , non sissy badass things happen .




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