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I conclude that I have a ponytail fetish.

Then again, it’s troublesome to maintain a long (about till slightly above waist length) hair, as far as I know. And costly too.


Oh this was a blank. Some technical errors? Sigh, heck.

the first sentence of it is ” Everyone is entiled to their own opinion “.

Major is really a great depiction on what is happening to grade 4 children nowadays . Those sport’s club members will all be like that football bastard and put up an air just because they think they are great . Most of the time , they are short temper and do silly immature stuff . That’s why I always despise them . On the record , I haven’t find any honorable guy that came from the school sport’s club . But what can we do? Children being bastard is the trend now , that’s why you get so many retarded teenager  and all this stemmed from their bratty childhood .  Oh , the future is bleak but luckily , there are still rational people like me . HAHAHAHAHA!

UPDATE: After I finished episode 8 , I take back my words . Although I cried  during Sakamura redemption scene but grade 4 student will never act like that ! They will only say that I don’t want friend you anymore!! I don’t even expect a 16 years old to reflect their action , so how can a 9 years old brat be so mature?

Oh , and major is a very very bad name for a series . It is difficult to search for things relevance to the anime in youtube or blogs because there are too many stuff associated to the word major. They should renamed it and call it the Manliness of Honda Family –  MHF.  Now  , that will a great name .

…… the spelling.

Konata basudei

So yea , I want Adachi’s comics “touch” and “H2”, otherwise , getbackers isn’t that bad too . Cromartie high school and genshiken are ok as well . If not , at least slam dunk volume 27 .  So now you know how to present . KTHXBYE . Oh , chinese version please.

If you don’t get it , it means that you don’t love me , because the opposite of love is not hate , it’s apathy.

Last but not least , pikachu is back to us ! 100daily views commence , yet again .

Believe in your belief that your belief is a believably believable belief which believe in its own belief.   Belief, which you believe, is a belief in its own belief. Believe that belief, and that belief will believe you as a believable believer who believe in his own belief. Believers will hence believe in your beliefs, and their beliefs shall become your beliefs, infusing beliefs together to become a belief. Belief will hence become a new religion named “Belief”. Believe in belief, and belief shall believe you with its belief. Believing Belief’s belief, is like Belief’s belief believing you with believable belief. Believe with a believing heart, open your beliefs to Belief’s belief teaching. Can’t believe all these beliefs? I shall quote what a great man once said :

Dont' believe in the you who believe in Belief. Don't believe the me who believe in Belief. Believe in the belief that believe in its own belief

Dont' believe in the you who believe in Belief. Don't believe the me who believe in Belief. Believe in the belief that believe in its own belief

P.S. This is Holydream’s snatching job from Phoenix to post tl;dr posts that no one will read nor even understand it if they even bothered to read it.

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